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LOOK: Day 2 of “Paaralang Leticia Ladlad” commences its educational discussion and journalism skills training program attended by campus journalists from Southern Tagalog.

#DefendTheCampusPress ImageImageImageImage
College Editors Guild of the Philippines - Southern Tagalog (CEGP - ST), in partnership with UPLB Perspective, led the 2-day event.

Today, Brell Lacerna of CEGP started the training, tackling Advocacy Journalism and Press Freedom situation.

Culture Writing, Data Journalism, and Investigative Journalism will also be discussed today.

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The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines is in solidarity with workers in the struggle for better pay and working conditions and the call for government action to lower prices and rein in inflation.
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Whether because we cover the Labor Day protests, are on duty on this holiday, or because we ourselves have experienced how difficult it has been to make ends meet with that we are paid for the amount of work we do, we remind ourselves this Labor Day that we are workers too.
Our economic and labor rights are as much press freedom issues as the continued attempts to harass and silence our colleagues and threaten media independence as much as the attempts to censor us.
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HAPPENING NOW: UP students gather outside Plaridel Hall to start today's commemoration of the Maguindanao Massacre.

Tune in to this thread for updates.

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Riri Lizardo of @R4E_CMC calls to #EndImpunity and give justice to victims of the Maguindanao massacre and other slain journalists such as Percy Lapid.

.@UPCMCFSTKonse Chairperson Mia Capule expressed solidarity on behalf of the freshies, shiftees and transferees of the college.

"Maraming mamamahayag ang nangangamba dahil sa panganib na destino na naka-abang sa amin."

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Rappler CEO @mariaressa and lawyer Francis Lim hold a press briefing on SEC decision. #DefendPressFreedom #CourageON #HoldTheLine

Watch here:
@mariaressa Lim: With due respect with our friends in the SEC, we disagree with the decision. Fortunately for us, we have legal remedies available.... At the end of the day, we shall prevail.

@mariaressa “It’s not the end of the world for us." Lim says Rappler can still appeal up to the Supreme Court.

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READ: The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (@nujp) slams Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque for “denying censorship of the Philippine press.” #DefendPressFreedom ImageImage
@nujp This comes after Malacañang congratulated Rappler CEO @mariaressa on receiving the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, but denied the attacks on Philippine media that had been the premise of Ressa's fight for press freedom.

@nujp Ressa and Rappler currently face a number of active cases. Rappler reporters are still barred from going to Malacañang, or anywhere near Duterte.

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#DefendPressFreedom #FightTyranny Living in the dark. A martial law baby’s story. (Thread)
The newspapers disappeared and the television went on the blink when I was in grade 3. Dad didn’t know how to explain events to kids who had learned early to be news junkies.
Why? we kids asked. How will we know what’s happening?
Dad, a journalist, groped for answers. He said Marcos could be hiding something or wanted to do things he wanted to keep secret.
Something bad? we asked.
Bad things?
We learned anyway from the people who came daily to consult with our parents.
Of people disappearing.
Of men strung up on poles as a warning to others fighting for the right to own land.
Of officials stealing public funds.
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Refocusing my energy to some followers who deserve to be followed too. (I need to do some vetting first to check if you are a troll or not) A thread 1/3
Your #TeaSommelier approves #Merci Image
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2016 was another turning point in our nation’s history. We had tasted small victories after the long reign of Madam Glory so most of us demanded for MORE, opening the door to false prophets that promised everything and anything. #BakitMoKamiInaswang
One of them created his own myth, a bubble of lies that fooled many. He was framed to be the savior by his cult for they believed he was genuine and cursed a lot. #DDS101

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I would like to start this Friday with a worthy hashtag and I will nominate someone to give his/her entry. I'll start #IfIWereThePresident I would veto #TerrorLaw and begin #MassTestingNow. What's your entry, @jcpunongbayan?
Another one: #IfIWereThePresident I would allow #ABSCBNFranchiseRenewal and #DefendPressFreedom. What's your entry, @mariaressa?
Another one: #IfIWereThePresident I would end the #DrugWar against the poor but catch the big 🐟. What's your entry, @ChelDiokno?
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I was still in 3rd year college when I started documenting the government’s campaign against corruption and illegal drugs. Every time people ask me why I put myself in that situation, I always tell them that I don't know - at first. #DefendPressFreedom
However, I always told myself that all these things will be worth the while - not for myself, but for the future.

Watching Alyx Arumpac’s ‘Aswang’ brings back all the horror I have witnessed, all the blood I have seen, the cries and weeping I have heard during the drug war.
And to be honest, they still haunt me until today.

Seeing some Facebook posts, Instagram stories and Tweets after watching the documentary, I realized that a lot of people are still unaware or have no idea of what happened.
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A Filo #BrightWin AU where Win tries to mooch off of someone else's WiFi just to finish his presentation online. He jokingly puts his own name in as the password and much to his surprise, it actually works. Not knowing that he's now connected to Bright's WiFi, his sworn enemy.
- The story, views, opinions, and characters' personalities are purely fictional. It doesn't reflect who they are in real life.
- Made out of imagination for our indulgence.
- Credits to all of the of the pictures used in this au.
- ❌ reply only Qrt please!
- Enjoy!
▫️ fluff/crack au!!
▫️ slight angst 🤔
▫️ DON'T mind the timestamps [unless stated otherwise]
▫️ our first time making an AU so pls bare with us 🥺
▫️ two people (🌻 & 🌹) owns this account
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1 of 12. In the week since Judge Montesa’s decision—“uncomprehending, unconstitutional, unjust”—found @mariaressa and Rey Santos guilty of cyber-libel, there have been at least three types of response. A thread. (Prep for column-writing) #HoldTheLine

2/ First came the immediate outrage over the decision, for its obvious ignorance of the work of journalism and its deliberate undermining of the constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of expression and a free press. #HoldTheLine
3/ Then there was (and still is) a deliberate, defensive campaign in support of the decision and the judge; the decision’s summary of the facts and its creative interpretation of the law were hailed as a victory for the private citizen and an indictment of reckless journalism.
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Here's a map of the Twitter accounts that spoke up for ABS-CBN on the day it was shut down. See how fan groups dominated the conversation, dwarfing political networks, including the DDS.

Use your voice, it matters.
While they typically keep to themselves, there are rare instances when fandoms step into spaces outside entertainment and pop culture. This usually happens when their idols speak up, or when they're under attack.

Read the full story here:…
For example, #KathNiel fans' recent anti-trolling campaign:…
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Let there be no mistake: a huge amount of information could be as powerful as any bomb that a terrorist can deploy.

#JunkTerrorBill #UpholdHumanRights

READ:… Image
History has taught us over and over that repressive regimes can and will abuse any power they can get, even to the point of using it against persons who are merely exercising their legitimate rights and freedoms that are the very essence of democracy:
the freedoms of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

#UpholdHumanRights #DefendPressFreedom #NeverAgain
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Local and international media organizations condemn, express alarm over court’s conviction of Rappler’s Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos Jr. of cyber libel today. A thread. #DefendPressFreedom
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Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation to cyber-libel judge: "KAYANG I-GOOGLE 'to, Your Honor." In joint statement, national network of journalists, academics & civil society reps condemns guilty verdict, says reasoning is based on falsehood, ignorance #DefendPressFreedom
"The Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation condemns the unjust, uncomprehending, unconstitutional decision in the cyber-libel case against Maria Ressa, Reynaldo Santos Jr., and Rappler."
"The decision was UNCOMPREHENDING, because the language of the decision proved that the court failed to understand how journalism works and what its role in a democratic setting is." #DefendPressFreedom #HoldTheLine
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[THREAD - Tinagalog ko na para mas ma-gets]

Mahalaga sa isang demokrasya ang kalayaang magpahayag. Magkaugnay ang FREEDOM OF THE PRESS at ang ating FREEDOM OF SPEECH bilang bahagi ng demokratikong lipunan. Pagtapak sa mga kalayaang ito ang ginawa nila kay Maria Ressa.
Dahil sa desisyon ng korte, nabaluktot na ang pagpapatupad ng batas.

Sinulat ang sinasabi nilang libelous na artikulo sa Rappler bago pa man maging krimen ang cyber libel sa ilalim ng Cybercrime Law. Kung nagawa nila ito sa isang batas, maaari na rin nilang gawin ito sa iba.
"Regular" libel man o cyber libel, madalas ito ang ginagamit ng mga tiwaling pulitiko para patahimikin ang media na nag-uulat ng mga kagaguhan nila.
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The decision to convict CEO Maria Ressa and former Rappler researcher Reynaldo Santos, Jr. for cyber libel (while certainly appealable) is but another demonstration of the Duterte government's weaponization of law against those who dare speak truth to power. [1] Image
Jailing me for over three years now is only one of the thousand sinister ways they are causing fear in the hearts of Filipinos who fight for what is just and right. [2]
They will not stop at going after critics and human rights defenders. To them, journalists too must be silenced. But we will not allow it. [3]

#HoldTheLine #DefendPressFreedom #CourageON
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Rappler's @lianbuan tweets portions of the 37-page decision of Judge Rainelda Estacio-Montesa in convicting Maria Ressa and Reynaldo Santos Jr of cyber libel charges, sentencing them to 6 mos 1 day up to 6 years. They are entitled to post-conviction bail under same bond.
@lianbuan Judge Montesa affirmed that the update in 2014 constituted republication, which made the article fall under the Sept 2012 Cybercrime Law. Article was written May 2012, or before law, but a typo error (evasion spelled as evation) was corrected Feb 2014. | via @lianbuan
The Court did not accept Rappler's assertion that what was corrected was just a typo error, and faulted them for not presenting Rey Santos on the stand to testify that no substantial change was made on his article in 2014. | via @lianbuan
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FAILURE OF JUSTICE, FAILURE OF DEMOCRACY: Rappler statement on the conviction of Rappler CEO and Executive Editor @mariaressa and former researcher-writer Rey Santos Jr. for cyber libel

#CourageOn #DefendPressFreedom #HoldTheLine
@mariaressa Today is a day of grief, mourning, and rage. Manila RTC Judge Rainelda Estacio Montesa convicted Rappler CEO and Executive Editor Maria Ressa and former researcher-writer Rey Santos Jr of cyber libel. #CourageON #HoldTheLine #DefendPressFreedom

@mariaressa They were sentenced to jail for 6 months and 1 day up to 6 years, and allowed bail. She completed the trial in only 8 months, possibly the fastest libel trial in recent history. #CourageON #HoldTheLine #DefendPressFreedom

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BREAKING NEWS. The Manila Trial Court convicts Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa and former researcher-writer Rey Santos Jr of cyber libel.

Soon on #DefendPressFreedom #CourageON #HoldTheLine
How did we get here? Here’s a rundown of the events surrounding Rappler’s cyber libel case.…
Here are frequently asked questions and answers regarding the case.…
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Poverty is our blackness. If the experience of blackness can be translated into terms that Filipinos can understand, it is the experience of poverty. The Filipino experience of poverty is the lifelong and intergenerational experience of disempowerment, subjugation, (1/10)
disenfranchisement, and the inability to determine your own personal destiny.
As a society, we have fully committed ourselves—consciously or subconsciously—to the perpetuation of a system that continuously subjugates the poor and takes power away from them, (2/10)
only to hand it back to them in the form of dole outs and maintain this relationship of toxic dependency.
Gusto natin utang na loob nila sa atin ang buhay nila. Why? What for? Because we are greedy. Gahaman tayo. (3/10)
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Ang administrasyong Duterte lamang ang magpapasara ng isang kumpanyang malaking katuwang natin sa gitna ng isang malubhang pandemic at magtatanggal ng libu-libong trabaho.
Paulit-ulit din na sinasabi ni Duterte na wala na tayong pera pero pinasara nila ang isa sa pinakamalaking taxpayer sa ating bayan. Samantala, muli nilang binuksan ang mga POGO na hindi nagbibigay ng trabaho sa mga Filipino at hindi nagbabayad ng buwis.
Hindi na nga nagawa ng gobyernong Duterte na mag mass testing, naisipan pa nilang mag mass firing. Kung kailan pa napakarami ng nawawalan ng trabaho at nagugutom, naisipan pa ng gobyerno na dagdagan pa sila.
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EXPLAINER: Following the NTC‘s cease and desist order, ABS-CBN TV Channel, DZMM, and MOR went off the air on May 5, 2020 at exactly 07:52:08 pm — a historic moment for Philippine TV.

From KBO, tax issues, to foreign ownership, here's what you need to know about the media giant.
The Alto Broadcasting System - Chronicle Broadcasting Network (ABS-CBN) is the biggest television network in the Philippines and is the oldest in Southeast Asia.
In 1995, the network was granted a renewal of franchise through RA 7966 that gave ABS-CBN a 25-year authorization to broadcast until May 4, 2020.
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