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What/🦉is Five Eyes?
Where it started and why?
What is it used for?
Are there only 5? 10 ? 14? Even Moar?
The connections to #Bigtech & #BigPharma
Let’s take A 👁️
#FVEY #Obamagate #UK #NZ #AUS #Canada #US #FISA #MOS #RedPilled💊
🔴Thread 1/45
It stems from the UK USA agreement of 1946 and was expanded in 1955 #FVEY #RedPilled #ClownWeb

History of 5-Eyes… Image
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#California is NOT updating #VoterRoll UNLESS you barrage them with calls and emails for months, & personally send proofs. And even then it appears one has to fill out a special FORM and MAIL it to County Voter Registrar Office.
@POTUS @GavinNewsom #Election2020
My mother passed away in Nov'19. In Jan'20 I submitted #DeatCertificate to #SSI. Checking on her #VoterStatus I saw her still #active in the #VoterRoll. So I started sending emails and making phone calls to the CA Commissioner, to the County Voter Registrar. #VoterFraudIsReal
The first email I sent in May'20. No reply. I resent it. Automated reply came in July'20. I Called the County Voter Registrar Office (CVRO). Left a voice mail. No returned calls. I sent an email cc-ing everyone in the CVR office. #VoterFraudIsReal
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So it turns out that not only is @zoom_us' #FacialRecognition #algorithm so #racist it chops black people's heads off...

..but @Twitter's image processing #algorithms are #racist too:

It's getting to the point where we need an industry reboot; if #SiliconValley genuinely wants to build '#EthicslAI', it must delete 'em all and start again. Respecting #HumanRights this time.
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⚡️ “Business Insider’s Global Trends Festival is coming to India — and it's gonna be huge!”

#BIGTrendsFestival #BIGlobalTrendsFestival #itscomingtoindia @businessinsider…
Welcoming @reedhastings, the man who built @netflix to #BIGTF2020!

#BIGlobalTrendsFestival is a global online experience lasting for 5 days with more than 60 hours of content: live, on-demand, dedicated workshops.

More deets on #BIGTrendsFestival here: Image
@reedhastings @netflix #BIGTrendsFestival | Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel)
to speak at the #BIGTF2020

In 2006, he warned of an impending recession. His predictions came true in 2008, and the world was plunged into a financial crisis.…

#BIGlobalTrendsFestival #itscomingtoindia Image
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#TikTok doesn't provide data to the Chinese government. #Facebook does.

Actually not only does it cooperate with #CIA, it's more CIA than CIA. It plays James Bond itself & spies on its users. It's darn proud & brags abt it.

Meanwhile #TikTok is punished for what Facebook does
Besides being a spy hub for #US government, #Facebook is also racist.

A Chinese engineer was fired in 2019 for lack of judgment bcz he joined a protest for the suicide of a Chinese colleague who suffered harassment. Persecution of Chinese scientists will destroy #SiliconValley
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Simon touches on a key point in his first item.

As with #falsifiability in #science, in #practice '#ethics' only work in the context of a #profession or #community *from which one can be #excluded*.

Those wishing to be #trusted as #ethical must stop issuing '#principles' and...
..setting up #EthicsBoards like @Google's or private courts like @Facebook's @OversightBoard (both demonstrating how poorly #BigTech grasps basic concepts like #justice, let alone #ethics, and how both - as #sovereign powers - have utterly misconceived #community) and start to...
...genuinely #professionalise.

Not in the shitty, self-serving, #cartel-like fashion of many companies & industry bodies in tech, advertising - and yes, DP & privacy - but in broader, deeper, more #connected ways that *could* deliver the #trustworthy #institutions of the future.
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Greedy, anti-American, foreign student tuition-dependent, cheap foreign labor-addicted universities, 1.
#AmericaFirst, American students, American workers, 0.
Dear @realDonaldTrump : DUMP JARED & IVANKA. #FindSomethingNew
While we're smoking out #AmericaLast traitors, here's GOP Sen. Sonny Perdue of Georgia selling out American doctors & nurses & perpetuating #OpenBordersInc lies with Dick Durbin==>…
The biggest #OpenBordersInc tool of anti-American universities & Silicon Valley embedded in the White House is Jared Kushner operative & Tim Cook pal CHRISTOPHER LIDDELL. I've been tweeting about him for months. #KnowYourEnemies ==>
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Mega Boom! #RobertMaxwell invested 1.666M+.333M in #Romney’s #BainCapital. Bain also has a partnership w/ #Branson’s #VirginVoyages who’s on the board of international center for missing & exploited children. #Biden also has a submarine accessible island 🤯
This ties in #NXIVM as well which branded #SexSlaves and owned by the #Bronfman family. The Bronfman family also has huge stakes many #MSM companies like #CNN #TimeWarner #Vivendi #MSDNC and so many more. Bronfman’s also founded Mega Group w/ Epstein’s handler Wexner & Spielberg
KABOOM! #Soros #Trudeau #Hillary #Schumer #Branson #Maxwell #Epstein biggest sting is being played out in history before our eyes!
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#CrackYourBible's official position on #PlandemicDocumentary

#Followthemoney - do you trust a friend of Hillary Clinton to fund a documentary to expose globalists?

#Plandemic #Plandemic2020… Image
Rrmember when the CCP had daigou buy up all the masks in Western countries to ship back to China?

Funny how police drones have CCP tech on them & they're promoting uncovering your face

Too many people want to shoot the messenger, but how many of you have read the #ArtOfWar? 🤔 ImageImageImage
While the CCP had their daigou buy up all the western masks to send home to China, Westerners, masks are tyranny - uncover your face in public.

The CCP needs to get a good scan of your face so that they know who to focus on to be their Manchurian candidates on western soil. Image
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If there's a large migration of talented people from SF and NYC to Austin, Austin has a shot at being the next Silicon Valley.

#SF #NewYork #SiliconValley #technology #Austin #Texas


Remember: Texas actually has a long tradition of innovation.

For example, the integrated circuit was invented at Texas Instruments.…

#technology #tech #Texas ImageImage

More recently, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple have announced major campuses in Austin.

Google is building a new riverside building, and Facebook already has one.… ImageImage
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Did #China Intentionally Set the entire World to Fall financially using the #COVID19 Virus?

Did #China work with #WHO #WTO #UN to Collapse the #USA?

Who else was involved?

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ ... Did @realDonaldTrump & #QAnon always know that China was Taking Advantage of the #USA? ... 👉🏻4.10.20👈🏻 = DJT = April 10th
💥💥💥Good Friday 💥💥💥
3/ Sorry, I linked Wrong Q Drop I meant to post #QDrop35 this one which references Good Friday - April 10/20 & DJT #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Q says [they] speak frm secret acnts, burner phones & games but how do [they] decipher msgs to each other?

I allowed logical key words guide me as [they] do?

I tied #Madonna’s #coronavirus #Quarantine #6 video to #Hillary #China #COVID19 #BillGates, close to #Adrenochrome
1️⃣Panicked typewritten msg: “it’s getting too close”
3️⃣ Jazz album to her left-‘Parker With Friends’ by #BillyParker

These took me 2 directions. Direction #1 first:

I looked up PARKER WITH FRIENDS & found💥children’s💥book “FRIENDS” by #TheronParker abt 2 boys..
...who meet in an ally, 1 deaf & they “WORK TOGETHER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE”

What are the odds?

#Madonna #coronavirus
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#Covid19 #CoronaVirus Fellow #SiliconValley people get educated and monitor the county health department pages on the #Pandemic. Protect yourselves but also be aware of those at higher risk of death. Bookmark this page and follow updates…
Also check out the State Health Department page…
Also check out the US Government Centers For Disease Control page. Fortunately the politicians haven't taken this down and still has good advice and updates…
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As we close this year and think about the decade ahead, nothing has impacted us more than technology. Arguably, social media platforms have become the central nervous system of our communication worldwide.
It’s so important that we understand how these platforms that were created to connect us are being weaponized against us. We need to understand how our data is being monetized, how micro-targeting for political ads works, who has our information and how they are using it.
We’re coming into 2020 with tons of new information to keep the conversation going. Thank you to everyone who has watched the film and created awareness in your communities.
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In the past five years, a mixed picture of SoftBank-funded construction-tech firm Katerra has emerged. A thread: (1/21) 💵🏗…
The $4B firm has struggled to complete some projects, has a corporate structure that raises potential conflict of interest concerns, and has had hiccups in its roll out of tech-based #construction. (2/21)
.@KatieBrenzel and @DavidJeans2 discovered a questionable series of relationships among executives. (3/21)
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#Resister | Face à #Google, #Facebook et aux géants de la #SiliconValley : la révolte qui vient ? Les #GAFAM sont confrontés depuis quelques mois à des grèves et des pétitions émanant de leurs propres salariés, des appels au démantèlement et des amendes.…
#Google 3000 employés exhortent leur PDG à abandonner le projet Maven, un outil d'#IA pour l'armée🇺🇸
#Microsoft Des salariés dénoncent la fourniture de technologies à la police des frontières
#Amazon Des salariés contre la vente d’un logiciel de reconnaissance faciale à la police Image
Néanmoins, le mouvement reste encore minoritaire au sein de la #SiliconValley. Pour @fabienbenoit « il faudrait que cette révolte de l’intérieur soit épaulée par l’ensemble de la société civile, par les utilisateurs des #Gafam. Et que les États jouent, enfin, leur rôle ! » Image
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#SiliconValley Copycats #China's Orwellian Social Credit Scheme… #VodkaPundit via @PJMedia_com
In China, digital social control is being built by the State, for the State. In the West, progressive-run #BigTech is doing the job the government can't.
The endgame is to control what you can see, do, and think.
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#ElizabethWarren's bill reminds me of Romney's advice to youths in 4/2012, "Borrow money, if you have to, from your parents. Start a business... [Jimmy John Liautaud] borrowed $20K from his dad..."

The loan was c. 7/82 and was actually $25K.
$25K in 7/82 = $59K in 4/12
In the first half of 2019, the nat'l average #rent increased by 2.6%.…
Warren declined to be interviewed for this story. In May, at request of media, her campaign released a summary of her outside work. As a senatorial candidate, Warren released a shorter version, which omitted her work for Dow Chemical.

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@cszhu Me in #tech 1990s:
Done Distributing processing 1994
found the 1st PCI bus bug
1st person completed 1.3M gate Emulation project on time & within budget
just to name a few

Me today:
3failed murders, suspects are #USPTO coworkers
Avoid being killed by patriarchy or 1st gen Asians
@cszhu Me late 1980s:
Written an AI program using C when C was used for AI
EE adjunct Instructor (typically use Adjunct Prof b/c most ppl didn't know what Adjunct instructor was)
Applied Physics researcher while pursuing a PhD at the same time pursuing a 2nd Master's in Computer Science
@cszhu An example of why Emulation was such a bleeding-edge tech, take Distributed Processing at it’s infancy in 1994-5 when I started using it to get around an outdated workstation IPX, and to speed up my compilation

Emulation required extensive compilation, synthesis, Place and Route
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR
8️⃣ ➖ 1️⃣4️⃣ Aprile 2019
Inizia con #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
🔴 #Sadomarx
Continua con #larasparla
🔴 La professoressa di antropologia in vacanza ai tropici
@ArditaLara @MegliodinienteR
🔴 Chi ha paura della famiglia
Di @lupecchioli
#differentiprospettive @MegliodinienteR
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I'm listening to the @USPTO Business Method Partnership Meeting (the 16th event). Anyone interested in a live tweeting?
Go to to get all the partnership data for the various technology areas. This these all the Business Methods groups.
Social networkings, planning is included under business processing.
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So for those keeping score:
💥Facebook/LifeLog was sued by HUD today for unfair housing practices in advertising.
💥RealClearPolitics just exposed Twitter's business affiliation with a division of FusionGPS, Dem Project as a 'bot detector" to ban Con accounts.
💥@RepAdamSchiff Put on the RECORD all of his salacious lies from the last 2 years in the face of GOP demands for his resignation.
💥Feds are looking into the dropping of charges against Jussie Smollett
💥Nellie Ohr's testimony transcripts were released!
💥Jussie's demanding an apology from Chi Mayor Rahm Emanuel (fat chance)
💥CNN, MSNBC ratings nose dive continues, Tater blames slow news week. (no seriously he did)
💥Trump Rally Tonight. Whatever will POTUS have to discuss??? 🤣
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11 “Beta Tells” That Signal To Women You Are a Beta Male [in any room]

#HTGHFAOTR {Don’t twitter search this hashtag if you’re not a cs Major. It’ll be like cramming John Woodens brain into your sophomore brain bcc Wyatt Earp}

My thread at a lowest common denominator. #Ch4
1/ Thirsty Beta Male Eyes. #CTCFTR

When I am by the river of puddy, I do not eyeball the GNO. Girls Night Out participants scan and archive every thing you see and focus on.

Focus on the group you’re inside of. And truly listen. This listening leads me into my next point
2/ Listening.

Betas are so starved that they cannot focus on the people in front of them.

Show me a person who can’t pay attention for 25-40 sec to 3-5 minutes and I’ll show you a person who cannot accomplish tasks on a 5hr makers schedule. #cs183puddy…
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