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1/10 (ff) #Palantir - gewusst?
"...zu den Kunden gehören Regierungen, Polizeibehörden, Geheimdienste – aber auch Privatbetriebe."… ImageImageImage
2/ Beleg "..Der einzige Investor und Kunde war während Jahren die CIA.."… Image
3/ Beleg: "..Kundenliste von Palantir Technologies hat es in sich. Die CIA, das FBI, die US-Air Force und die NSA.." Image
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This is a #THREAD about propaganda, right-wing populist nationalist Christian authoritarianism, @BBCr4today, Sebastian Kurz, your health records, the NatCon conference, & Libertarian billionaire, Peter Thiel. I know this sounds like the introduction to an Adam Curtis documentary. Image
Radio 4’s Today Programme has lost 800,000 listeners in the past year as they switched to podcasts & rival talk radio shows.

It has also had to deal with Rishi Sunak’s government cutting access to government ministers as part of a deliberate communication strategy. Image
An expert on right-wing authoritarianism, Ruth Wodak's February 2023 article, 'Analyzing the shift to the far-right: the Austrian case', is Open Access (free to read), & helps explain @BBCr4today's loss of listeners, & recent developments in #propaganda.…
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#NHS data specialists have warned against the rollout of libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel's #Palantir’s software across the organisation, as the US tech company vies for a £480mn contract to build the UK health service’s operating system.…
Palantir, led by chief executive Alex Karp and co-founded by Peter Thiel, the unhinged libertarian tech investor and prominent backer of Donald Trump, became the #NHS’s go-to data analytics provider during the pandemic.

Several data specialists familiar with its software, including three at the #NHS, told the FT they were concerned that #Palantir had become the frontrunner to win the British health service’s lucrative “federated data platform” contract due to be awarded later this year.
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1/. Today marks 3 years since the govt INSTRUCTED hospitals to send people “who may have #COVID19” to care homes WITHOUT TESTING

The govt KNEW about asymptomatic transmission in Jan/Feb 2020

Tens of thousands died

Which minister signed this off…& why?

See #CareHomeScandal👇
2/. “They cover-up crime with scandal & cover-up malice with incompetence. They want to project an image of being inept, instead of as having a cruel & well-defined plan” @sarahkendzior

Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of the US “nursing home scandal”

Parallel strategies?👇
3/. The evidence of a parallel UK/US #COVID19 strategy was striking, but it was circumstantial

👉an unscientific herd immunity strategy
👉soaring death rates
👉ignoring WHO warnings
👉delayed lockdown
👉lack of PPE etc

Then details of parallel contracts with Palantir came out👇
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules); and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A kraken strangling a coin-operated judge automata whose rob
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible:… 2/
The Golden Rule (them what has the gold makes the rules): Dobbs, SVB, the Internet Archive, antitrust and the law's foundation in norms, not consistency.

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Leaked emails show Matt Hancock ignored advice to test all people entering care homes during the pandemic

On 13/5/20, I broke the #CareHomeScandal👇

Three years on, these leaks reveal Hancock decided not to make it mandatory to test those entering care homes from the community! Image
“We stuck to the science like glue” @BorisJohnson

“We were guided by the science. We didn't always follow the science" HANCOCK

Cod behavioural science gave us “behavioural/lockdown fatigue”

Asymptomatic spread was ignored

Many errors were made…but these weren’t ‘mistakes’👇 ImageImageImageImage
The NHS is the most trusted brand in the UK

Cambridge Analytica is the least trusted

Yet #Palantir reportedly taught CA how to scrape data

Is the big plan deregulation in order to allow the hoovering up of genomic data to give levels of power & control only ever dreamed of?!
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1/ #OPSEC STOP ALL CONTRACTS w/ #Palantir (Boldend) - Peter Thiel, FB #Fascism #DarkMoney

THIEL - Musk, Koch #KochNetwork Milo, Ton-That, Giesea, Thiel protégé, Cernovich, Breitbart & T. $ startup “White Nationalist Hate Group” & Palantir pushed by Flynn…
2/ “Pence again spoke at #HF DC of #KochNetwork

#Koch & White Nationalist Hate Groups Bankrolled by #DonorsTrust prominent conservative #DarkMoney fund favored by #GOP - #Koch Mercer & Devos biggest known backer of 2 #WNHG #Fascism $ #Jan6 #DISCLOSEAct…
3/ Koch advocacy group courts far-right Republicans it vowed to thwart
Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP - Koch family political network - #KochNetwork)
recently invited two politicians who tried vigorously to overturn the 2020 presidential election…
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OMG I am so over the massive corruption and collusion. If you scratch DC you'll find: a Liar, a Traitor and a Thief coincidently, of course. 🤬
I have found a level of collusion like I never thought possible. Seriously I don't know where or how to begin it but the information needs to get out so I have got to somehow sort this mess out for the world.
Okay for starters, people have to have some understandings. #1 The CIA has an investment arm called In-Q-Tel. They are involved in numerous companies and technologies. Of note are: Google, Nokia, Palantir, and National Resilience.
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In scenes reminiscent of the January 6 Capitol attack in the US, supporters of the defeated President #Bolsonaro, have marched on #Brazil’s Presidential Palace & Congress building, invading the floor of the Federal Senate & the Supreme Court👇#BREAKING
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Nah. This is another puff piece on the #WaitingList pilot, details of which @NHSEngland published - without daring to mention @PalantirTech - over ten months ago...…
To be clear, 30 individual NHS Trusts* are using #Palantir #Foundry to manage elective care waiting lists, not patients' entire medical histories - largely by what Ministers have called "cleansing" the data:

*Though @NHSEngland won't say which ones...
The timing (and placement) of the piece is, however, quite obvious - with the tender for @NHEngland's "#FederatedDataPlatform" imminent.

And the #FDP - whether awarded to #Palantir or otherwise - is most definitely something people will have concerns about, especially given...
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This headline 👇 will be no surprise to anyone who's been following @NHSEngland's plans (and actions) for a while.

But @JonUngoedThomas's article reveals some crucial details about what's intended for your #NHS #HealthRecords that are worth unpacking...… Controversial £360m NHS Eng...
First, and possibly most significantly, is @NHSEngland officials' confirmation that its '#FederatedDataPlatform' will incorporate patients across England's #SharedCareRecords: Health officials confirmed ...
Why is this so important? Because #SharedCareRecords - which every new #ICS* is supposed to have - include your #GPdata, which @NHSEngland has been trying to get hold of for years (most recently last summer)...

*#IntegratedCareSystem explainer here:… Map 1: The 42 integrated ca...
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Read #Palantir CEO Alex Karp's Letter to Shareholders:
"The number of new customers that are purchasing our software has more than doubled in the past year."

"The metaverse and other idiosyncratic pursuits of the technocratic elite may be luxury goods. But foundational data platforms are not.­­­"
"Our approach, however, to the acquisition and onboarding of new customers has changed significantly, a shift made possible by a far more systematic and mechanized sales operation."

"A pure software business has now emerged."
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🇺🇸 "@elonmusk est en train de construire une puissance géopolitique formelle, complémentaire des prérogatives actuelles des États-Unis."

Enrichissant article de @AsmaMhalla pour @Grand_Continent.…
"De la 'post-truth politics', @elonmusk nous fait entrer dans l’ère de la 'post-truth economics' à travers l’invention d’une capacité de nuisance inédite sur le plan économique."
"Le #trolling économique lui permet de disrupter les codes du marché financier mondial et les institutions qui l’encadrent. @elonmusk peut déstabiliser le marché financier de la Tech [...] : un tweet et le marché, irrationnel, peut, théoriquement, s’effondrer."
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So let’s talk about where things got up to with your #HealthData, before Rishi Sunak started talking about the need to generate trust in Government with “#integrity” and “#accountability”…… I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.
Earlier today we got a bunch of detail out of @NHSDigital’s Board papers and services performance pack - what of that will continue post-#merger?

N.B. The chair of NHS Digital announced today’s meeting would be the last public meeting of the Board...
With the news that the Government is rushing through @NHSEngland’s takeover of the statutory safe haven (@NHSDigital) with about the level of planning that went into the 'fiscal event', where exactly *are* things as the former/new Sec State starts work?

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While the chaos of '#AcceleratedCitizensAccess' to #GPrecords continues to unfold:

...we've come across some perturbing items on the agenda for @NHSDigital's Board meeting this afternoon 👇 which I'll pick up on in this [Thread].…
First, beginning on page 158, are some Directions that @NHSEngland must know will be HIGHLY controversial - given they are telling @NHSDigital to use @PalantirTech's #Foundry to collect *patient level identifiable data* from hospitals... 1 Executive Summary  NHS England are directing NHS Digital t
I'll tweet as I do a read-through, but even these first two paragraphs are incoherent, e.g. " a way that will enable." Enable what?

And if @NHSEngland Directs NHSD to use #Palantir, NHSE is *determining the purposes and means of processing* - i.e. it is a #DataController... Whether you are a controller or processor depends on a numbe
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Matt Hancock to join #ImACeleb!

When @DawnButlerBrent asked Hancock if he was aware of the rprtdly links between Palantir (who he allowed to run the NHS Covid data store) & Cambridge Analytica, he said:

“ don’t think I was aware of that”
In Sept 2020, #MattHancock launched a 10-year strategy, #GenomeUK, which will transform the NHS & put genomics at the heart of the programme for govt

Incredibly it was launched quietly (on a Saturday!) & received no media coverage

Were #Palantir central? #ImACeleb @imacelebrity
“Still boiling!”

On 13 May 2020, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

The govt had ordered hospitals to send elderly #COVID19 patients to care homes without testing

Who signed the order?
#MattHancock #ImACeleb @imacelebrity #ImACelebrity #Imaceleb2022 #Hancock
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🇫🇷 "La #Chine ne fait pas de bruit, mais elle est présente partout. Elle a une stratégie de prédation des meilleures technologies."

Quittant ses fonctions à la tête de la @La_DRSD, le Général Bucquet fait le point sur l’évolution des menaces.

"Au-delà même des possibilités de subversions, d’ingérences économiques ou d’espionnage, l’Europe risque tout d’abord de s’affaiblir par rapport aux autres pôles mondiaux, comme les États-Unis et l’Asie. Elle subit les conséquences de la guerre." @La_DRSD
"L’objectif [de @La_DRSD] est de s’assurer de la souveraineté de nos entreprises. Cela veut dire veiller aux flux logistiques, surveiller les tentatives d’espionnage, éviter que des innovations françaises partent à l’étranger."
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ONE has tried to stop #Koch since 1930s. US allowed Fred Koch to come back AFTER working for Stalin & Hitler. Steralization of #LGBT+ w/ ADF & SCOTUS #Barrett

#KochNetwork funded #Jan6 #Insurrection of #Fascism #DarkMoney

1929-31 Fred Koch #KochNetwork Soviet Union building oil refineries for Stalin & Hitler Nazi Germany prior to WWII. Russia 1956 & Iraq 1958 just prior to Iraq Coup/Revolution. Prior to Soviet Union, worked in England. FBI Docs 👉… 👉…
Iran-Contra Koch & Hayek Mont Pelerin Society member since 1970 - Pinochet & CLOSE ties to Milton Friedman direct help & Hayek several visits to Chilea late 70s & early 80s - specifically defended Pinochet’s regime & Peter Thiel
MISES #KochNetwork…
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Palantir New Product Explained: Pipeline Builder (WOW)

1) What is a data pipeline?
2) What is data integration?
3) What are the issues with data integration and data pipelines?
4) Palantir solution explained:

A data pipeline refers to the process of moving data from one system to another.

Modern data pipelines provide many benefits to the enterprise, including easier access to insights and information, speedier decision-making and the flexibility and agility to handle peak demand.
Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple source systems to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses.
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1/ Between 2020 and the first half of 2022, our #healthcare business has grown 267%. Our impact scales far beyond #COVID19 response. @PalantirTech is the most comprehensive health tech startup you’ve never heard of. 🧵
2/ At #Palantir, our health & life sciences customers are on the frontlines of the toughest #publichealth challenges. We work with leading institutions to solve their hardest problems - from drug discovery to care delivery - at speed.
3/ At the @NIH, our software accelerates critical research. The Covid Cohort Collective (#N3C) used Foundry to analyze an unprecedented collection of EHRs available for #COVID19 research to better understand long COVID. Analysis that once took months can now be done in hours.
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Hmm. #DisasterSpam or essential #PublicService? Time will tell.

Can't help but wonder, though, if this announcement hasn't buried the lede... Changes to the Civil Contingencies Secretariat - the Cabinet
..."collecting and analysing live data" on a #permanent basis, in a '#CivilContingencies' context, sounds like something the public should be told more about!

Not unrelatedly, and while there's been a lot of focus on @PalantirTech's #NHS contracts, have you tried searching...
...#ContractsFinder for the work Government has awarded to #Palantir recently?

@CabinetOffice (GDS) published one measly £750k contract 👇 from 2015...
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1/. “I’m not really bumbling. I’m as hard as nails”

In this interview, #BorisJohnson shows that the “bumbling Boris” character is just that: a character

“My approach to politics & human nature is that you can make a good case for anything” #BorisResigns
2/. “#BorisJohnson put on a buffoon mask to become a celebrity, & now he can’t take it off.”
(J Lanchester)

“He seems to know that if we’re chuckling at him, we’re not likely to be thinking hard about his agenda, or doing anything to counter it.”
(J Coe)
3/. In 2020, I dug up #BorisJohnso’s #TakeItOnTheChin

I also found the smoking gun of the #HerdImmunityScandal - the #GreenwichSpeech

“There’s a risk new diseases such as #coronavirus could trigger a panic that goes beyond what is medically rational”
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Thread 1/6
Peek at the next meme before you read the article so you can have it in mind!…
3/6 #Pfizer never wanted to admit they were part of WarpSpeed, remember?
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Palantir - AI 'Predictive Policing'
A CIA/Mossad In-Q-Tel startup, ran by Peter Thiel, Alex Karp
Thiel, backer of #RebelNews - #Rumble, also on Bilderberg's Steering Committee.
#VicGov Depart Justice has contracted with Palantir.…

Palantir CEO Alex Karp Met With Zelenskiy in Ukraine.

Karp is first CEO to visit since ‘Russian invasion’.

Karp believes there is 20-30% chance of nuclear war taking place Palantir stands to benefit if everyone thinks a nuclear war is on the way. $$$…
"The world will face an acute & severe food crisis.”

Palantir: Food, Farming And The Future Of Warfare…
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