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I see #NHSEx has published the slides from its @HDR_UK “Data Access & Discovery” event, charmingly subtitled “A Forest Through the TREs” - on YouTube, if you want to listen:

*I thought the phrase was “cannot see the forest for the TREs”, but hey...
Let’s take a look:…

One reason we use the category term #TRE to refer to Trusted Research (or any other use) Environments that meet the #FiveSafes is that everyone wants to call their own TRE something different, so no-one really knows what they mean...
Call yours what you like (e.g. for @ONS it's their Secure Research Service) but if it only does four #Safes, or three Safes - and if it isn’t also #consensual and fully #transparent - then it's not a #trustworthy TRE...
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Palantir - $PLTR Foundry's 3 Pillars: Turning Data into Competitive Advantage

A🧵 on foundry builds a competitive advantage for both #palantir and their customers.
#Palantir is focused on delivering Exceptional Enterprise Software for businesses to run their daily operations, gain insights from their operations and develop a meaningful competitive advantage by harnessing the power of Data and execution.
What is Foundry?

Foundry helps businesses transform their operations by creating an abstraction/operating system for their data. It helps users easily integrate all their data in one spot quickly and visualize that data in the form of data pipelines.
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CodeStrap is a software engineer who is extremely bullish on $PLTR:

He believes #Palantir will dominate the next 5 years.

Recently, I had a 1-1 conversation with CodeStrap.

Here are the key insights.
#Palantir is surfing some huge waves.

“We are running into limits of training models on one cloud provider. Data streams are becoming so big that you can not funnel it into one model.

This is how big the data issue is becoming.”
85% of any AI initiatives out there are going to fail.

These current companies are all using homegrown solutions, in which over time do not work, or fail to deliver value.

Organisations that do not adopt solutions will fail.
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Here is why $PLTR has potential to become the next $MSFT

It’s all about network effects.

We did a deep-dive into Palantir’s UNREAL similarities to Microsoft.

Here is what we found out. Image
Network effects are split up into:

- Indirect: when platform or service depends on two or more user groups. As more people from one group join, the other group receives higher utility.

- Direct: value of a product or platform increases simply due to increases in user-base. Image
Example of Windows:

OS platform like Microsoft Windows is a good example of indirect network effects.

New Windows developers do not directly benefit each other, however with an increased library of Windows programs, the number of Windows users will grow. Image
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CodeStrap Explains Why #Palantir Will Dominate The Next 5 Years.

Read for a brief summary.…
CodeStrap cites Cathie Wood stating that, winner-takes-all markets will be more common. If this is the future you are facing, and if after failure the company is not able to recover, then this organisation is not going to do well according to CodeStrap.
Time to value with Foundry is so quick: you can perform actions now. “If the future that is coming says: due to increased chaos, conflict, and businesses needing to move faster with the rate of data, it seems illogical to delay a feedback loop for a few years.
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#Palantir Deep Dive: $140B Opportunity To Monopolise Space by @arny_trezzi…
But why is Palantir so interested in space? I mainly see three reasons:

1) Palantir supports US space dominance to prevent war escalation.
2) Palantir aims to drive innovation in Edge AI.
3) Palantir is preparing for the explosion of commercial interest.
Unfortunately, the Ukraine-Russia war highlights how important space-related information could be in relation to on-ground conflicts to support decisions.
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CODESTRAP Explains Why $PLTR Will Dominate The Next 5 Years.…
CodeStrap stated how: “we are running into limits of training models on one cloud provider. Data streams are becoming so big that you can not funnel it into one model. This is how big the data issue is becoming.”
CodeStrap stated how 85% of any AI initiatives out there are going to fail. These current companies are all using homegrown solutions, in which over time do not work, or fail to deliver value.
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The PM breaking #COVID19 lockdown rules then lying about it is serious

But there are MUCH bigger scandals than #Partygate (many of which I broke)

5/3/20 - #TakeItOnTheChin #HerdImmunityScandal

3/2/20 #GreenwichSpeech👇

15/5/20 #CarehomeScandal

👉the #DataGrab / #PalantirPlan
For me, my investigation began by chance on 8/3/20 when I stumbled on @BorisJohnson’s interview with @Schofe & @hollywills where he said “one theory is we could #TakeItOnTheChin

I clipped it & it went viral

Ironically, this was also the same day as first Briton died of #COVID
As #COVID19 hit, every epidemiologist/virologist made clear #HerdImmunity without a vaccine was an “outcome” not a “strategy”

Every behaviourist made clear “behavioural fatigue” was unscientific

Every expert knew about asymptomatic spread in Feb 2020

Then the penny dropped
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Neuer Milliardär in Deutschland ist laut Forbes Christian Angermayer, ein enger Geschäftspartner von Peter Thiel #Palantir.
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Some loose threads. Not sure how they tie together quite yet, but I’m putting them out, untied.

There was a definite connection between Ezra Levant’s “Rebel”, Keean Bexte propaganda, Post Millennial, #TrueNorthCentre, & the promotion of both #NevrePoilievre & #FluTruxKlan op.
I’ll primarily use #TrueNorthCentre as the example, but the same thing was happening across RW propaganda media, including #Postmedia products. Namely, the takedown of O’Toole & the amplifying of Poilevre…using a litany of fake accounts. #NevrePoilievre #FluTruxKlan #cpcldr
The amplification of tweets that involved O’Toole’s leadership “review” saw a steady supply of fake accounts claiming to want Poilevre. To make it seem as though there was a large grassroots demand for #NevrePoilievre.

#cdnpoli #cpcldr #FluTruxKlan
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Boris Johnson: “It did happen & I’m not ashamed of it”

Angus Deayton: What aren’t you ashamed of, Boris?

Boris Johnson: Whatever there is not to be ashamed of


The laugh is crucial

He manages to make people laugh even while admitting his crime
In this 2013 interview, @BorisJohnson admits he’s not really “bumbling”

It’s just an put on act

In reality he’s “hard as nails”

He also tells us “a terrible truth about politics & human nature”

That you can “make a good case for any course of action”
“It’s often useful to give the slight impression that you are deliberately pretending not to know what's going on - because the reality may be that you don't know what's going on but people won't be able to tell the difference." @BorisJohnson #BorisJohnson
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#Palantir $PLTR explained by one of the co founders of palantir. @JTLonsdale
Great explanation of their purpose. Thx #Palantir for supporting the fight against #terror and help the world being a #Safer place. 🌍✌️
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A handful of antidemocratic right-wing libertarian billionaires - not least, Peter Thiel - are primarily concerned with increasing their unimaginable wealth & power, & protecting it from Governments, democracy, & the people.

What's their strategy, & who is Peter Thiel? Image
Most people know how Big Tobacco denied the link between cancer for decades by deploying 'the dark arts', & most people are aware of how the Koch brothers spent $billions using the same techniques to promote climate change denial & support Right-libertarian political parties.
Most people know that billionaires Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Times Radio, TalkRadio, Times, Sun (& soon to launch talkTV), the Barclays (Telegraph, Spectator) & Lord Rothermere (Mail) invest heavily in stoking a divisive culture war in order to keep voters distracted & divided. Image
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1/. “We want to make the UK fully autonomous, from a regulatory and geopolitical point of view”

Palantir, the shadowy data, surveillance & genomics, that run the NHS COVID data store, plans to shift its entire UK data processing operation from the US!…
2/. “Are you aware that #Palantir & #FacultyAI have links to the discredited #CambridgeAnalytica?”

“ don't think I'm aware of that, no”

@DawnButlerBrent tells @MattHancock that Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalyica to scrape data!👇
3/. Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says that Palantir showed #CambridgeAnalytica how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote

Palantir run the NHS’s #COVID19 data store with #FacultyAI (linked to Vote Leave & rprtdly to Cambridge Analytica)
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I wonder what happened with this pending appeal to access documents: ‘appeal has been lodged with the European ombudsman’s office, a complaint that was ruled admissible and a decision is pending.’
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"Hancock Cock Inn Cockup”

Ystdy, @MattHancock tried to get @AnnelieseDodds to withdraw a comment re his helping the ex-landlord of his local pub, the Cock Inn, to get a PPE contract

We’ve see the emails

Hancock & Lord Feldman helped 47 firms win 'VIP' contracts worth millions
Ystdy, @MattHancock went on the attack claiming Alex Bourne "never got a contract from the govt" & this was a "fabrication pushed by the Labour Party"

He was lying

@NAOorguk found PPE suppliers with links to Tory MPs were 10x more likely to win contracts
Digging by @JolyonMaugham reveals the contract went to Alpha Laboratories

That contract stipulates that Alpha Laboratories will sub-contract the manufacturing to Hinpack Ltd, owned by Alex Bourne

This info was redacted before publishing in what seems a clear attempt to deceive!
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If I had a spare $10,800 I might spend it on dinner with #PeterThiel, the man behind the data/surveillance/genomics #Palantir who are behind the unparalleled #datagrab in the UK & globally

I’ve been investigating Palantir for 18 months & have a few questions I’d like to ask him! Image
So what would I ask Peter Thiel on our dinner date?

Is it true that #Palantir taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data?

Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says Palantir showed them how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote.
Emails link #CambridgeAnalytica & #Palantir’s psychographic project in data mining Facebook for electioneering in Brexit & in US in 2016

@chrisinsilico says “senior Palantir employees that were also working on the Facebook data”

Is this true?…
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1/. #BREAKING #COVID NEWSFLASH: The “official scientific advisers" behind the #HerdImmunityScandal were in reality were political advisors, appointed by politicians, who's advice had little or no basis in science (e.g. “Dr” David Halpern who has a doctorate in Political Science)
2/. Today’s findings are not new

The truth has been in plain sight from the start

We didn’t need #Cummings to tell us

Indeed, @Dominic2306 ‘revelations’ raised far more questions than answers

It was clear that #HerdImmunity was the strategy & they didn’t “pivot away” from it
3/. Every epidemiologist, virologist or public health expert will tell you that #HerdImmunity is an “outcome” NEVER a “strategy”

Without a vaccine it would involve sacrificing the vulnerable in vast numbers

This “strategy” would also clearly damage the economy

So why do it?👇
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61/. Human rights lawyer & husband of ex-PM, Cherie Blair has been revealed as ‘ethics advisor’ to NSO, the Israeli firm that sold #PegasusSpyware to human rights abusing govts

NSO are implicated in facilitating the murder of Jamal Kashoggi. #Pegasus…
62/. On Saturday, we mark the 4th anniversary of the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia

At the time, she was investigating the Panama Papers & links btw SCL/#CambridgeAnalytica & Henley Ptnrs

There are vigils in Malta & London

@Europarl_EN has a journalism award in her honour. ImageImageImageImage
63/. In times of greater repression the job of journalists becomes more vital than ever: more vital & more dangerous

It’s in the interest of the corrupt & powerful to silence effective media

Today we mark 4 years since the murder of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
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It’s amazing what you can find if you look closely!
(Video & artwork by @rokubunnnoichi)
It’s amazing what you can see if you look close enough (artwork by @Coldwar_Steve)
#NigelFarage #DonaldTrump #ThisIsNotADrill #NeoNazis #Fascism
It’s amazing what you can see when you look closely

The NHS = the most trusted brand in the UK

Cambridge Analytica = the least trusted

And yet #Palantir & #FacultyAI who run our #COVID19 data store, rprtdly have links with #CambridgeAnalytica

#GenomeUK #PalantirPlan #Genomics
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After not hearing a peep from Michael Gove for months, eye-watering videos of him dancing in a club above a pub last night have emerged

He turned up alone & tried to avoid paying the £5 entry fee

“He was saying he shouldn't have to pay,” the manager said
Unverified footage shows #Gove leaving the club in the early hours of the morning

We may laugh, but he’s a key architect of Brexit & champion of Cummings

Did his “Bell Curve bookshelf stunt”hint at his Involvement with the #GenomeUK plan & #PalantirPlan?
The #PalantirPlan & #GenomeUK plan are summarised below👇

Our society is based on science & technology, but few people understand anything about science & technology

As Carl Sagan said this is a“combustible mixture that will one day blow up in our faces”
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Without fanfare, the reasons for which will soon become obvious, @NHSEngland finally published its #DataStore "#DisseminationRegister":…

18 months after we first pointed out it had to, and over a year since we began requesting it!

Let's take a look...
For starters, it's staggering how little information the register actually contains. Just 18 lines, on 18 data flows or extracts over the past 18 months!

This for what has repeatedly been claimed as a "vital #COVID19 resource"?!

Here's a snapshot of ALL of them 👇
Of those 18 data flows, nine of them are to do with the #vaccination programme - and only started from February of this year. A tenth seems to be mis-dated, unless we had a vaccine no-one ever heard of in April 2020? 🤔

Several of the other named purposes we already knew...
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24/. It may be tempting to frame this as “a battle btw democracies & autocracies” BUT the problem of malign surveillance is inseparable from the wider assaults on our privacy that are intrinsic to our daily online life.
#Pegasus #PegasusProject @NewYorker… ImageImageImageImage
25/. “My work to expose the crimes of the Saudi regime led to a hacking attempt on my phone. Today, I am overwhelmed by feelings of vulnerability & intrusion.”

Analyst @MadawiDr, on how #PegasusProject findings have affected her. #Pegasus @declassifiedUK…
26/. Alarmed by #PegasusProject revelations that #Pegasus has been used to facilitate worldwide human rights violations on a mass scale, 146 NGOs call on states to implement an immediate moratorium on the sale, transfer & use of surveillance technology… Image
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1/. Gross press freedom violations revealed by #PegasusProject can’t be met with impunity

Govts & agencies who’ve spied on journalists must provide answers on this misuse of NSO technology #Pegasus #PegasusSnoopgate @amnesty @globalfreemedia @pressfreedom…
2/. Journalists, MPs & human rights activists were selected as targets for surveillance by authoritarian regimes

#Pegasus is the spyware developed, marketed & licensed to govts around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group.
@citizenlab #PegasusProject
3/. In the months before he died & a year after his murder, people associated with Jamal Khashoggi, were selected for potential surveillance by clients of NSO

Hungary’s far-right govt is suspected of hacking phones of journalists & targeting owners
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