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Our friends at @mmfa put together a list of all of Tucker Carlson’s advertisers:… by @peltzmadeline


@mmfa @peltzmadeline Here’s a thread of all the advertisers who put out statements in support of the movement for Black Lives, but still advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show where he pushes white supremacist ideas and justifies the killings of unarmed Black people.


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Today the @washingtonpost released an extremely scary video that illustrates how #FoxNews downplayed the early days of the #Covid19 crisis.

Right now it’s clearer than ever that #FoxNewsLies are powerful, toxic and dangerous.

And it’s time to put a stop to it.


How did we get here? First, Fox News is a pro-Trump propaganda machine. They’ve spent years telling viewers that the “deep state” is out to get Trump, and they eagerly painted #covid19 as just the latest attack.

But #FoxNews and others like them were wrong. The #coronavirus is a deadly and highly contagious global pandemic, and their downplaying of the virus as an attempt to support Trump will quite literally cost many lives.

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This is a violent & dangerous attack on a sitting Congresswoman because of who she is and what she stands for.

It’s white nationalism in action.

@IlhanMN won’t back down. And we must loudly have her back and keep supporting the rights & leadership of immigrants in this country.
Last night, Tucker Carlson launched a racist attack on @IlhanMN saying that she “is a living fire alarm.”

Here’s who ran ads during that segment:


RT to ask them if they support this hateful rhetoric. #DropFox
Tucker Carlson and Fox News have a history of white supremacy. They peddle and give a platform to bigotry and racism.

It’s time to hold them accountable. Advertisers should not be funding hate. #DropFox…
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STOP SAYING "What do you expect from Fox News, this is nothing new."

1. It's untrue
2. It's dangerous to say
Accountability for Fox's lack of editorial standards doesn't exist in large part because of it's connection to the Trump administration. The feedback loop between the White House and the network has allowed for this and is new as of the last few years.
Carlson's brand of pushing explicitly white supremacy in MSM was unprecedented before this current era of Fox News. Glenn Beck started losing advertisers in 2009 when he said Obama "has a deep-seated hatred for white people". Every night Tucker makes this look like child's play.
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Before people start an argument over how to win back the white working class for the 7000th time, a reminder on why @MMFA and campaigners were disappointed in candidates going on Fox News for exclusive town halls...
Every spring, Fox—like every major network—has an “upfront,” where they sell up to 70% of their ad space for the coming year. This is a huge, crucial business moment for them year after year.

That’s happening right now.
Because so many of their hosts have been embroiled in controversy over sexist and racist garbage this year, we’ve been pressuring advertisers to #DropFox. It was working — a bunch of major companies were deciding to skip the controversy, and advertise instead on other networks.
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When Tucker Carlson was losing advertisers & Jeanine Pirro was suspended for her anti-Muslim comments, Trump personally called Rupert Murdoch to pressure him to stand with the incendiary hosts.

Murdoch then pressured executives to the President's liking.…
"While Fox's primetime shows generate the lion's share of the network's ratings & ad revenues, there have been increasing issues w/ lost advertising. Many blue-chip companies don't want to buy time on those shows because of the divisive pro-Trump content"
“Executives are very worried Fox & Friends will be next. If advertisers start bailing on them, they're screwed.”…
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