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In July 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. #OneGiantLeap

#Apollo11 landed on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

That's #OneSmallStep for [a] man, #OneGiantLeap for mankind.

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Like you are now pissing me all the way the fuck off with this story
NASA didn’t believe the Hidden Figures existed when Duchess Harris and Margot Lee Shetterly first set out to research them. They had literally been disappeared from official NASA narrative.
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It would be really unfortunate if after today people got the impression that an achievement like getting an image of the region immediately surrounding a black hole event horizon:
1. Should be diminished as “ugly”
2. Understood as one person’s work and not the work of 100s
I know that in a hyper individualist society it’s really hard to understand knowledge as emerging from collective effort
I’m sure there are several women who contributed to the work of #EHTBlackHole. It’s unfortunate that only one was featured at the NSF press conference and that only one other is being named on social media and I hope EHT works to fix that.
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While we are talking about “forgotten” grad student contributions — the amount of energy that we should expect from the black hole system where LIGO 1st detected grav waves was calculated by #BlackandStem MIT postdoc Lionel London — when he was still a grad student! #EHTBlackHole
I don’t think Lionel has ever been widely recognized or celebrated for his contributions to advancing gravitational wave and black hole physics. #BlackandSTEM
Here’s the paper that Lionel led…
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I'm literally abt to hop on a plane for the rest of the day, but here are a few things that make this #EHTBlackHole press release monumental to me from the perspective of an astrophysicist who studies active black holes.
1. It's still true that we can't *see* a black hole. What sight-abled folx are seeing in this image is the shadow of the black hole (what I typically call "SOS" signals from the material about to fall onto it). This process of material infall onto a black hole is called accretion
2. We've observed black holes for decades using the fact that infalling matter releases copious amounts of radiation (light) before crossing the event horizon. Black holes dominate high energy light like X-rays bc of accretion. This is a composite image of M87. @NASAHubble
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La zone brillante sous la tache noire centrale, le trou noir, indique que le trou noir est en rotation, ou que de la matière est en rotation autour du trou noir, ou que les deux sont en rotation. #EHT
Voici les images simulées du trou noir central de la galaxie M87 et l'image observée et dévoilée aujourd'hui. Grâce à ces simulations et leur cohérence avec la réalité observée, on peut en apprendre beaucoup sur la physique de ce trou noir.
Il est fascinant de comparer l'image obtenue du trou noir central de M87 avec la 1ère simulation de l'apparence d'un trou noir par Jean-Pierre Luminet et le trou noir Gargantua du film Interstellar que le prix Nobel de Physique 2017 Kip Thorne a aidé à représenter.
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Ready for some black hole images! #EHTBlackHole
Stream black hole press conference here:… #EHTBlackHole
What an especially exciting day to have a woman astronomer at the head of @NSF 😍 #EHTBlackHole
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In few minutes, astronomers across the globe will hold six major press conferences simultaneously to announce the first results of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which was designed precisely for that purpose Watch LIVE:
More about the Event Horizon Telescope, an international collaboration aiming to capture the first image of a black hole by creating a virtual Earth-sized telescope
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🔭HOY ES EL DÍA: a las 15.07 se revelarán datos pioneros sobre uno de los objetos más misteriosos del universo: los agujeros negros.

El @CSIC acoge la presentación de los resultados del @ehtelescope.

Podrás seguirlo en directo aquí ➡️… #EHTblackhole
Seis ruedas de prensa retransmitirán en directo por todo el planeta este hallazgo pionero, en el que han participado 200 investigadores. El EHT es un telescopio de escala planetaria, con ocho radiotelescopios distribuidos por todo el globo #EHTBlackHole
Desde Madrid hablarán los investigadores José Luis Gómez y Antxon Alberdi, del @iaaucc ; Iván Martí, del @IGNSpain ; Miguel Sánchez, del Instituto de Radioastronomía Milimétrica; y Rebecca Azulay, de la @UV_EG 🔭

Podrás seguirlo en directo aquí ➡️…
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The Event Horizon Telescope isn’t exactly seeing a black hole’s event horizon. Rather, it is imaging the “shadow,” a region about 5x larger that would appear dark to us as a result of the deflection of light by strong gravitational effects.
I know, I also wish we could see right to the horizon. But if we see the shadow, it’s considered very strong evidence (complementary to other sorts of evidence!) of the presence of a black hole.
I’ve also seen the shadow described as an “image” of the event horizon, but it’s probably better to think of it as the image of the photon region around the black hole.
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Bem pessoal. Chegou a hora! Finalmente resolvi criar uma #astrothreadbr. Vocês devem ter ouvido falar do anuncio sobre a detecção do horizonte de eventos de um buraco negro que vai ser feito amanhã. Se ainda não ouviram nada sobre,vão ouvir.Vem comigo pra entender #astrothreadbr
Ao todo, serão 47 tweets enumerados.Espero q compreendam sobre o q se trata o anuncio q vai ser feito amanhã pelo consórcio @ehtelescope sobre como foram feitas as medidas.Os detalhes, só saberemos amanhã.Mas tenham em mente q o assunto é complexo até para quem trabalha com isso.
1- Vamos falar sobre a primeira detecção do horizonte de eventos de um buraco negro. Ou, como vem sendo anunciado por aí, a primeira "imagem" de um buraco negro.
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📣 🚨 📣 A major announcement is expected tomorrow from the Event Horizon Telescope @ehtelescope #EHTblackhole [thread 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼]

The @ehtelescope is not just one, but eight telescopes stationed across the globe to create a huge virtual observatory - big enough to capture the first ever details of the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way...
(The @ehtelescope is so big, in fact, that a typical night of observations will yield about as much data as a year’s worth of experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.) 🤯
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We hit the max limit of posts to the previous twitter thread on @ehtelescope ... so do read that first and then follow us here ...
How the gas circles around 2 fall into the BH, the reason why our galactic #EHTBlackHole is weaker than other of similar mass and why huge relativistic jets launched by BH like in M87 are all not well know. @ehtelescope images should answer some of them
@ehtelescope has added 3 new telescopes now, including one in Greenland! This new network can make more images with even more magnification now. We have seen flares from our BH when objects fall into it and hope to image it the next time it happens…
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The Event Horizon Telescope will be announcing its results at 6.30 pm IST on 10th April. The @ehtelescope is trying to image the shadow of the supermassive black hole at the centre for our Milky Way, so this is going to be big news indeed! This is a thread on the #EHTBlackHole
You can watch the press conference live at… and
. Press note on #EHTBlackHole at… &…. Why are we all excited about this? What will the @ehtelescope announce? How can we image a black hole?
Will they show us a blurry image of #EHTBlackHole where we can't make out anything, like, or something that will make us gasp in awe, like…? Follow this thread to figure out the why, how and what ...
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Il record di Jackson Oswalt, 14enne del Tennessee. È la più giovane persona al mondo ad aver costruito un reattore nucleare: lo ha fatto nella sua camera dei giochi quando aveva 12 anni. A raccontare l’incredibile storia è lo stesso Jackson.

La fusione nucleare

È la reazione che fa bruciare e quindi brillare le stelle.

Di cosa parliamo oggi
– la fusione nucleare
– la fusione delle stelle
– le centrali a fusione…

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