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Writer Chloe Caldwell wasn't a big fan of organized vacation tours. Turns out, a tour is much better than a sudden arrest. Read her unbelievable vacation story, via @humanparts:
Here's another wild one: @gauveyherbert on how two lottery-crazed bank clerks cooked up China’s biggest bank robbery of all time. (via @MRKR)
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I worked on this for six months:

It reveals how the planet is imperiled by plastic -- and who is profiting from the pollution:

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1. This has been an incredible week for the launch of The Informant, my new publication covering hate and extremism in America.

Here’s a quick review.

A thread. 👇
2. On Monday, I brought you the debut issue of The Informant. It was titled “The wrong house” and it told the story of neo-Nazis, a terrified family with a newborn baby, and a case of mistaken identity.…
3. Reaction to the article was overwhelming. Tens of thousands of people read it, and it ended up making the list of “The Top 5 #Longreads of the Week” alongside articles in @parisreview and @outsidemagazine.…
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Britain once launched its own rockets. Today the last legacy of that will pass overhead.

She's called Prospero. And she's our only independently launched satellite.

This is why you should look up and give her a wave. /1
She was launched from Australia in October 1971, on top of our own rocket launcher: Black Arrow

This was the result of some British lateral thinking after WW2. America had nicked all the German V2 rocket scientists so we nicked the engineers and soldiers who'd launched them.
Prospero is the legacy of this brilliant piece of rocketry on the cheap. We were doing High Test Peroxide launchers while everyone else was still on solids.

Bluntly: we were doing HTP DECADES before everyone in Silicon Valley decided it was cool and super-efficient.
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Not all heroes wear capes.

Read Michael Lewis on the mostly anonymous, "inessential" government worker who transformed search and rescue at the Coast Guard:…
This is an excerpt that will be added to the paperback version of his bestseller "The Fifth Risk"
This is a #longreads that pays off your time investment
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Catching up on Sunday #longreads but swapping articles for podcasts. Today's highlight was @omnivorousread's interview of @naftaliharris talking about synthetic fraud…
@omnivorousread @naftaliharris While the industry calls it synthetic identity fraud, at the end of the day it is really just a long con. That con has three steps:
1. The creation phase
2. The build up phase
3. The bust out phase
@omnivorousread @naftaliharris In step one, the fraudsters target lenders that pull from all three credit bureaus so their newly created identities can seed a record at all the majors (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax)
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Early this year, I heard about a small startup in New Zealand working on what it called a “digital brain.”

@soulmachines claims to have created a machine that “can sense its world, learn, adapt, make decisions, act, and communicate interactively.”…
@Soulmachines I went to Auckand (thanks @medium!) to meet computer scientist Mark Sagar, who won two Oscars for special effects before ditching a gig with Peter Jackson to build his digital brain model.

That’s Mark with HAL from “2001.”
@Soulmachines @Medium Meanwhile, the company, which is backed by @HorizonsHK and @Daimler, is creating hyper-realistic customer service agents for various corporate clients. This is one of them:
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Ten years ago today I started @Longreads. I created the Twitter account and hashtag (#longreads) because I thought it would be a fun community experiment, to share what we're all reading and celebrate in-depth journalism on the web. Thread. 1/
At the time, news sites were moving toward short aggregated blog posts. With the arrival of the iPhone, I wanted longer essays to read on my phone during subway commutes. The #longread took off from there. 2/
The community was the center of it all—so many smart, well-read people, sharing stories they loved, and the writers themselves sharing work they were proud of. 2009 was a big year for indie pubs like The Awl & The Hairpin, Electric Literature, This Recording, The Rumpus... 3/
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.@AndrewScheer's campaign chair was a director of The Rebel as propagated the Pizzagate nonsense. So even if Scheer himself somehow maintained complete willful ignorance about all this stuff, it only underscores his unreadiness to tame the fringe, should he become PM. #cdnpoli
And Scheer claims he didn't hear what the man said there? Please. #cdnpoli
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1. Okay, I'm finally sitting down to do my own #2018InReview thread. A lot has happened in my life this year. I've made concrete progress as a writer, speaker, activist, and #Exvangelical advocate.. I'm in a transitional space but feeling somewhat more hopeful about the future.
2. I think I'll go essentially chronologically. Back in January, I was teaching what would become my last semester at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I had hoped that maybe another temporary but full-time with benefits position there would come along, but it did not.
3. I was left with the choice of eking out a living as an adjunct instructor with no benefits, or moving back in with my parents in Indiana for a while to try and see if I could keep the momentum up with the popular engagement through writing, podcasts, radio, etc. I'd been doing
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OK. Final edits. 👀
👀Coming Soon. 👀
And, we’re live. For your Sunday #longreads ...

Matthew Whitaker's Appointment As Acting Attorney General Has A History. Here It Is.…
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1. Not gonna lie; I'm surprised that World Magazine, an evangelical publication, would release such a withering expose of Liberty University's authoritarian crackdown on the college newspaper. But this is a must read:…

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #Resist
2. Heavy-handed control over college newspapers--essentially rendering them propaganda outlets--is one common tactic used when evangelical colleges crack down to impose orthodoxy, a frequent pattern. Here's an investigative piece I did on these crackdowns…
3. I interviewed David Wheeler (@WheelerWorkshop), who was faculty adviser for the student paper at Asbury University, and one of his former students for the article linked above. Asbury refused to print the student's article making a Christian case for legal same-sex marriage.
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Without journalists on Twitter:

@Fahrenthold’s investigation of the Trump Foundation would have lost a powerful research tool.

Guantánamo would have gotten much darker without @CarolRosenberg’s live feed.

The NY trial of Reza Zarrab would have been largely censored in Turkey.
On Twitter, reporter @BradHeath’s creation of the @big_cases bot connected more people with the raw records of our public institutions than perhaps any other act of journalism in memory.
Large swaths of the Chelsea Manning court-martial would have had no public record without journalists tweeting developments at hearings that got little coverage (and no official transcript).
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Nicholas Biwott Was Not A Good Man…

Nicholas Biwott, Israelis and Mossad ties || By @johnKamau1… via @dailynation
That time EACC went for Biwott only to 'discover' he was their landlord 😂😂😂

(Which couldn't have been a surprise really, since he had stolen Trade Bank which stood where Integrity Center is today. Which was also once a church, then a disco).
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1/ Can someone have a white power tattoo and not be a white supremacist? A thread about Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media.
2/ I wrote a guide to Gavin at his best and worst. Written for journalists and people considering being guests of his show. The article is an exhaustive, 1 hour #longreads…

The article is chronological but I’ll take some freedoms in this thread.
3/ Gavin is the only person I know who has defended the Rodney King beatings.

Guest: It’s not true that they needed to beat the shit out of him-
Gavin: Yeah, it is.

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The year was bad. These stories were good.…
I am going to now attempt to thread all of the @Longreads Number 1 picks. Pray for me.
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