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In order for ketogenic diets to be offered as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease and covered by insurance, several things would need to happen. (1/11)
First, large-scale clinical trials would need to be conducted to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of ketogenic diets for Alzheimer's disease. (2/11)
These trials would need to include diverse patient populations and be well-designed to control for confounding variables. (3/11)
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Can a ketogenic diet help the symptoms of a hard-core neurodegenerative disorder like Huntington's disease? Let's see what a published case study found. 🧵 (1/16)
Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the huntingtin (HTT) gene, which produces a toxic protein that damages nerve cells in the brain. (2/16)
HD is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, meaning that a person only needs one copy of the mutated gene from either parent to develop the disease. (3/16)
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Any level of physical activity is associated with better later-life #cognition

1. The multiple benefits of #exercise on cognitive functions are well known. A recent research showed that it is never too late to start exercising, and any exercise is better than not exercising.
2. The investigators asked 1417 participants how much they had exercised at ages 36, 43, 60, and 69 years.
Activities included badminton, swimming, fitness exercises, yoga, dancing, football, mountain climbing, jogging, or brisk walks for 30 min or more.
#dementia #Alzheimers
3. They were also asked the number of times they had exercised in the previous month.
Most commonly reported activities at age 60 were walking (71%), swimming (33%), floor exercises (24%), and cycling (15%).…
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📜Paper published!📜 "Commonsense psychology in human infants and machines" in #Cognition #OpenAccess with Gala Stojnić, @gandhikanishk, @ShannonYasuda, and @LakeBrenden 👶🤖…
Human infants 👶 have a constellation of rich and flexible predictions about what motivates people’s actions, a "commonsense psychology." These predictions are typically missing from machine-learning algorithms, leading to AI 🤖 that lacks flexibility to new social situations.
For AI to look like human intelligence, machines might need to start from the same core abilities as infants. But infants’ commonsense psychology has not yet been evaluated in a framework that could be directly tested against machines’—let alone built into them.
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What is #animalcognition ? 🧵 One common misconception is that #cognition is the same as intelligence, but they are NOT equivalent! Intelligence is an arbitrary term, as it is not possible to evaluate one species as 'smarter' than another. (1/4)
Cognition refers to the pathways and mechanisms of an organism taking in environmental information (sights, smells, sounds) and responding ✅ #DYK there are a variety of cognitive processes. (2/4)
A few sub-disciplines of cognition include: 1️⃣ #distributedcognition (study of information "flow" among individuals, such as an animal monitoring and responding to the attentional states of others in their social group), … (3/4)
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1. Replacing just 9 minutes (per day) of sedentary behavior (SB) by moderate-vigorous #PhysicalActivity (MVPA) results in better #cognition scores over long-term in middle aged people.
MVPA time was derived using a step cadence of ≥100
#exercise #dementia…
2. Possible physiological explanations underlying a direct role for MVPA in supporting cognition include *Acute increases in cerebral perfusion,
*Growth factor release such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor,
*Hippocampal neurogenesis.
3. Lastly, MVPA, when attained by structured exercise, involves some degree of self-motivation, planning and social interaction, which are all factors considered to be cognitively stimulating.
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The effects of a ketogenic diet on immune function is one of the mechanisms by which it improves brain health. A healthy immune system protects the brain and reduces neuroinflammation. Brain immunology is a thing we don't talk about enough. 🧵
"...the present article encompasses several facets of ketogenic diet as an immunomodulator with respect to its expansive clinical applications."
In my Brain Fog Recovery Program, one of the lessons goes into some very basic brain immunology and discusses how chronic illness affects neuroinflammation, which then impairs vagus nerve function and digestion, and microbiome. It's all connected.
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A fascinating symptom in #neurology is #Alien Hand syndrome
If anyone has seen @StanleyKubrick ‘s great film Dr. Strangelove, you might have wondered what’s wrong with the titular character

His hand has a #mind of its own!!!

#cinema #neurotwitter #MedTwitter
Simplifying , for carrying out bimanual planned movements, we need a Supplementary Motor Cortex (SMA) (left frontal lobe). This communicates to the opposite side via the corpus callosum. Lesions in any will impair proper bimanual function and cause an “alien limb”#neuroanatomy
Frontal variant (left sma lesion) : Patient will have impulsive groping and difficulty releasing objects
Affects the dominant hand
Can be due to a #stroke, #degeneration

My patient impulsively grabs my hand (with his right hand) despite me telling him not to!
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#hearingaids reduce the risk of #Dementia in people with #hearingloss

1. Age-related hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in the elderly and has been identified as the highest modifiable risk factor for dementia (Livingston et al., 2020).
#MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter
2. In a recent meta-analysis, the usage of hearing restorative devices (hearing aids or cochlear implants) by participants with hearing loss was associated with a 19% decrease in hazards of long-term cognitive decline.
3. Furthermore, usage of these devices was significantly associated with a 3% improvement in cognitive test scores that assessed general #cognition in the short term.
To be beneficial, hearing aids should be worn for a minimum 4 hours per day.
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Humans use a wide variety of teaching strategies. To teach you chess, I could *demonstrate* how rooks move (dragging one across the board) or use *language* to explain ("this piece moves in straight lines"). Our new work in #cognition compares modalities!
We developed a collaborative teaching game where participants taught Boolean concepts using these modalities: either moving an avatar to demonstrate the concept, or explaining it in natural language.
How effective is each modality as concepts get more complex? Both worked for simpler concepts, but language conveyed even relatively complex ones. And with both– but especially demonstrations–- learners acquired a *simpler* version of the true concept.
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"Liquid and Solid #Brains: Mapping the #Cognition Space"

Today's SFI Seminar by Ext Prof @ricard_sole, streaming now — follow this 🧵 for highlights:

"Why #brains? Brains are very seems like they are not a very good idea to bring complex cognition to a #biosphere that just needs simple replicators."

"I also want to explore the problem of #consciousness, which is around all the time..."

@ricard_sole Image
Two different views of #evolution:

- Stephen Jay Gould and an emphasis on #contingency

- Simon Conway Morris/Pere Albach and an emphasis on #constraints and #convergence

--> "Replay the tape with different results vs. 'the logic of monsters' & 'life's solution'" Image
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Our #vol35issue8 was published today! First paper is by Paul Smart (from @unisouthampton) who explains how to develop a mechanistic account of extended #cognition. Open access article. @Routledge_Phil @Routledgepsych @tandfonline… 1/7
Next in #vol35issue8 is Alberto Voltolini (from @unito) who asks how subject and intentional object are related if the intentional object is an object for a subject.… 2/7
César Frederico Dos Santos (from @UFMAoficial) distinguishes #numerosity, #numerousness, and #number in numerical cognition in #vol35issue8… 3/7
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"Knowledge Representation in Judgment and Decision Making"

Today's SFI Seminar by @sdpbht (@Penn)

Follow this 🧵 for highlights!

Streaming now:

#knowledge #cognition #behavior Image
@sdpbht @Penn How do people evaluate potential decisions — the tradeoffs, the risks?

"How do people make assessments, and how can we *improve* those assessments?"
- @sdpbht

AND: What role does #memory (episodic and semantic) play in all of this?

#psychology #taxonomy ImageImage
Categorical thinking empowers inductive #reasoning.

(Here: How does what people know about #dolphins inform the likelihoods they assign to other agents, such as #ET?)

#Cognitive #Psychology Image
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1) True learning is not about reading a lot of books, checking out many Tweetorials or listening to a lot of podcasts.

If that was so, everybody would have been 'successful' and not creating content about 'success'.
2) True learning is based on something I called the retention percentage --> the percentage of your knowledge that you can actually use in your day to day life.
3) I have applied this retention ratio to medicine since the day I started --> 10 years back in 2022.

Whatever you learn, until and unless you are comfortable with it --> that you can use it in day to day clinical practice --> you have not really learnt it.
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"Attuning to nature’s rhythm has been associated with reduced neural activity in brain areas linked to risk for mental illness and inspired the attention restoration theory...nature replenishes our ability to concentrate and pay attention." @CuriousCortex…
How the Brain 'Constructs' the Outside World - Scientific American…
#neuroscience, #perception, #frameworks, #learning, #matching, #cognition
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Are #Amyloid and #Tau #PET positive cognitively unimpaired individuals destined to decline?

Find out in our new preprint:

See a thread👇1/11 Image
A major unanswered question in the field is whether cognitively unimpaired (CU) individuals who harbor both #Alzheimer’s disease neuropathological hallmarks (abeta #plaques and tau neurofibrillary #tangles) can preserve their #cognition over time or are destined to decline. 2/11
There is fundamental disagreement about the nomenclature. E.g. a CU individual with positive Abeta (A+) and tau (T+) biomarkers is classified as “preclinical AD” by the NIA-AA criteria, while the IWG criteria would label such an individual “at risk for progression to AD”. 3/11 Image
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#2 B-COMPLEX/MULTI VITAMIN. Buy a liposomal or other form that increases bio-availability. Take 1 capsule w/Breakfast and Lunch. If you have stomach upset, try sublingual (under tongue) EZ Melt B-Complex in AM & Multi w/iron for Dinner.…
#3 OMEGA 3s. Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Algae Oil are all good sources of Omega 3. Be careful the EPA/DHA ratio. EPA helps with inflammation/DHA helps with cognition. You need both! Opt for a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA (2:1 ratio eg. 800 DHA/400EPA)…
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A short thread on a recent publication from @HiyaaLab, in Translational Psychiatry. The study shows that the dendritic structure & electrical properties of adult neurons in healthy brains depend on proactive regulation by the gene Tcf4, a high risk allele for #Schizophrenia.
1/7 Image
The #research reveals unexpected gene-networks, previously known to be involved in ciliary pathways, underlie #structural and #functional integrity of mature neurons in the healthy adult brain.
Given that the elaborate #dendrites & spines enable a neuron’s physical and electrical connectivity in a #neural circuit, alteration in the structure disrupts neuronal function, affecting the circuits and #cognition. 3/7
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/31/2021…
Declining biodiversity in wild Amazon fisheries threatens human diet…

#biodiversity #amazon #fisheries #diet #consequences
The Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Is a Tale of Weaponized Uncertainty…

#COVID19 #origin #wuhan #LabLeak #weaponization #uncertainty
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This is going to be one of my most important threads.

On Oct 24 2020 we analyzed the Rockefeller Foundation "Message Handbook - #Covid19 Testing & #Tracing, Sept 2020".

This thread examines the #UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 #Vaccine Communications (released Nov 18). Image
Before we begin, we need to understand who/what [Share] Verified is. Self-described as "the biggest team the world has ever seen" Verified is #Purpose PR firm (sister org of #Avaaz) partnered w/ #UN, #Luminate (#Omidyar) & #Ikea. Image
[Share] Verified "Collaborators" include #WorldBank, #Facebook, #Twitter, #TikTok, etc.…

"Verified works with the support of #Luminate, #IKEA Foundation & UN Foundation & partners all over the world." ImageImageImageImage
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Happy to be back in Sweden for my 2nd #BiologyofSperm meeting & hearing fascinating stories on evolution of sperm, gamete interactions, reproductive organs and strategies by fellow #spermnerds
#BoS2019 #BoS15
Started strong yesterday with Sabine Koelle showing us the very first live imaging movies of sperm behavior in human reproductive tracts, all the way to the fertilization site, and even sperm filmed live swimming inside the testes! What a cool talk!
Next @lross_evoento told us about (incomplete) paternal genome silencing in fascinating mealybugs. @emwhitti brought us to the amazing world of Post-Ejaculatory Modifications w/ impressive proteomics data from 1000s of #drosophila reproductive tract dissections. #BoS2019 #BoS15
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Physical Activity and Exercise –––– Their massive role in our health and wellness, at ALL ages/ stages of life.

A #curatedthread with tips and resources ––

Tags: #PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility #SixthVitalSign #HealthyAging #health #wellness
More –– #PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility
Tips on Getting Started…
- Craft your 'why'/purpose
- Start slowly
- U may 'love' exercising OR Not
- Be kind to U
- Use 'why'& habit, Not willpower
- Plan,Prioritize
- Be flexible
-+Resistance, +Balance
More ––––#PhysicalActivity #Exercise #PhysicalMobility #SixthVitalSign

"Common Sense Guide To Exercise and Moving More!" ––– by @CorKinetic

20 Great Tips! 👇
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