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1. On 3 August 2019 a White Nationalist came into my town and murdered 22 people who were going about their Saturday morning, some buying groceries and other school supplies for back to school.
2. Most of these innocent people were grandmas and grandpas while others were young parents, uncles, and a teenage boy getting ready for sophomore year of high school. What were they guilty of..? Other than being Hispanic, not a damn thing.
3. Few days later, Donny & Melanie show up for photo op w surviving victims in hospitals across the city. After most refusing to meet these disgusting people, a baby of just 2 months, & now an orphan, is forced into photo just days after after his parents lost their lives.
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1/ Antonio Basco didn't have any family left in El Paso after his wife Margie Reckard was killed in the mass shooting at Walmart this month.

But after he invited the residents of his city, the line outside her funeral stretched for blocks. #ElPasoStrong
2/ Hundreds of people began lining up outside La Paz Faith Memorial and Spiritual Center in Central El Paso at about 5 p.m.

The line of supporters eventually spanned several blocks and grew to nearly 1,000. #ElPasoStrong
3/ A group of motorcyclists that included several veterans stood at attention while holding American flags.

Later, neighbors set up a buffet line for supporters who were still in line as the afternoon turned to evening.
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This morning, I again spent time at the memorial site where the deadliest massacre of Latinos in American history took place. Here, in my beautiful home. 1/
Thousands of El Pasoans and visitors from near and far have flocked here every day to pay their respects. Today was the first time I took photos. 2/
It is incredibly moving to be there in silent, painful solidarity with so many. 3/
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In April, @MarieDennise & I met a beautiful El Paso family that illustrated the city's cross-border identity. ( This week we were back reporting on the #elpasoshooting & were horrified to hear they were among the first victims.…
They were raising money outside the Walmart for their 10-year-old daughter Karina’s soccer team, selling the traditional Mexican snacks of chicharrónes and aguas frescas when the gunman started firing.
The victims from the fundraiser were quintessential El Pasoans: Hispanic and bilingual with deep roots in Texas and Mexico. Their lives revolve around their children’s baseball and soccer teams. Their lives spanned the border.
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The shooting in El Paso was foreseeable and deliberate. Uncontrolled access to guns has enabled mass atrocities in cities and the white supremacist agenda that we see at every Trump rally/speech has motivated white nationalist terrorists across the country.
We know that those who profit from weapons sales, who despise gun control, are often the same profiteers who make millions arresting immigrants and caging children & families in concentration camps. They profit from the politics of hate and fear.
They want white people to fear immigrants and for immigrants to fear government.

We must be clear: We do not hate them, and we are also not afraid of them. We know that our courage will always be greater than fear.

That's why...
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The White House invited me to join @realDonaldTrump during his visit to El Paso. My response was clear. I requested a phone call with him today in order to share what I have now heard from many constituents, including some who are victims of Saturday’s attack.
My message would’ve been that he needs to understand that his words are powerful and have consequences. Using racist language to describe Mexicans, immigrants and other minorities dehumanize us. Those words inflame others.
The domestic terrorist who came to El Paso to kill innocent people had his sights set on Hispanics and immigrants. He took 22 lives, injured more than two dozen.
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Jordan Anchondo
Andre Anchondo
Arturo Benavidez
Javier Rodriguez
Sara Esther Regalado Moriel
Adolfo Cerros Hernández
Gloria Irma Marquez
María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe
Ivan Manzano
Juan de Dios Velázquez Chairez
David Johnson
Leonardo Campos Jr.
Maribel Campos (Loya)
Angelina Silva Englisbee
Maria Flores
Raul Flores
Jorge Calvillo Garcia
Alexander Gerhard Hoffman
Luis Alfonzo Juarez
Elsa Mendoza de la Mora 
Margie Reckard
Teresa Sanchez
El Paso will honor your memory, love and support your families, and demand action to prevent senseless acts of violence and hate against other communities in our country.

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1/ 22 have now died in Saturday’s El Paso shooting.

In the wake of the tragedy, here’s how you can help. #ElPaso #ElPasoStrong #ElPasoShooting
2/ Donate to the El Paso Community Foundation’s fund to help those impacted by the shooting.

The foundation is working with the city of El Paso and the county to disburse funds.
3/ Vitalant in El Paso is taking blood donations by appointment only — make one at or call 877-258-4825.
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I spent a few hours Sunday at a quinceañera expo in Houston for an upcoming column.This may seem to have nothing to do with #elpaso but bear with me.
It was, of course, extravagant with a rainbow of intricately beaded dresses with cascading ruffles and impossibly big skirts.
There was loud merengue and reggaeton, people dancing in the aisles and on stage. And lots of families. Doting Latino parents beaming at their beautiful daughters
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THREAD: I’m at Houston Park in #ElPaso. The parents of a child killed in the #Parkland shooting had planned for weeks to unveil a mural here, on their son’s b-day (Aug. 4), in honor of gun violence victims. Just a day prior, the #ElPaso shooting happened. @azcentral @elpasotimes
Manuel and Patricia Oliver founded Change the Ref after their son Joaquin’s death. Today would’ve been his 19th b-day. A press release sent several days ago said the mural will commemorate their son’s life + the lives of all those lost to gun violence, + violence toward migrants.
“We are heartened that this has been recognized for what it is - a racially-motivated terrorist attack on our safe and tranquil community. The shooter came into our community because we are an Hispanic community + because we have immigrants here,” says @RepEscobar.
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@realDonaldTrump You should tell Mitch to send the House’s Gun Safety Reform Bill to the Senate Floor instead.

That would be more useful than your thoughts and prayers!

@realDonaldTrump What Happened to this?
@realDonaldTrump This passed the house 5 months ago…

Whats the hold up?

El Paso deserves better. Our country deserves better!


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@realDonaldTrump Mr. President, can you think of ANY reason the El Paso shooter might have railed against an "invasion" of migrants in his manifesto?


#ElPasoShooting #gunreformnow #domesticterrorism
@realDonaldTrump (continued)
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#ElPasoStrong 💪✊
We need to seriously take care of this situation! Gun control, common sense laws, Im not saying taking everyone's guns away.. but we need better laws. Licenses, training, even testing.. like you do with drivers license and when you become a police officer
These are just some of the ideas. If we have to do it for everything else why not guns!? But first.. POS POTUS needs to control himself! He's hate that he openly says and pretty much puts it in his supporters minds that anyone against
Him and them as supporters the more these things will happen as well. We have a few factors here that needs to be addressed and NOW!
#GunControlNow #EndTrumpsSocialMediaHate
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Democrats claim you can “smell the Trump support” when you walk into Walmart because working class people shop there. So a 21yo raised on left wing radicalism in a lib city shot up a Walmart. What are chances he wanted to kill a few Trump supporters? #elpasoshooter #ElPasoStrong
It’s not like Democrat youth gangs aren’t already roving the streets committing violence against Trump supporters.
First they came for Trump supporters and I said nothing because I wasn’t a Trump supporter....then they came for objective journalists and I said nothing....and then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.
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Atlanta Journal Constitution is doing best job reporting on the #ElPaso #shooting

They reported on it the day before it happened. 🤔

#ElPasoShooting #ElPasoStrong #GunReformNow #GunViolence #gunsense #Democrats #QAnon #MAGA #Biden2020 #KamalaHarris
Atlanta's Newspaper: #ElPaso #shooting...YESTERDAY!?

Huh.. odd

Search powered by Google on their site does show it as 21 hours ago
Img 1…

When you get to article it says 6 Hours
Img 2…

#ElPasoStrong #ElPasoTerroristAttack #QAnon
#Beto's not even able to control his emotions in the
wake of this event.

#ElPaso #Shooting #ElPasoStrong #ElPasoTerroristAttack #GunViolence #gunsense #GunControlNow #QAnon #MAGA #Democrats #Beto2020
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The #elpasoshooter was confirmed recently to be a Neo-Nazi who penned a manifesto expressing his desires to kill immigrants. Don't let that go unnoticed.…

#ElPasoShooting #ElPasoStrong… This article goes into greater detail regarding some of the contents of the manifesto as well as the shooter's beliefs. Don't let this be unnoticed. People need to know what caused this.
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