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Inside of his Motel room they found more ammo along with some handwritten notes. They have not confirmed if these notes are important or not.

#AllenTX #MassShooting #AllenOutlets
They will not be releasing the name of the officer who took down the shooter.
8 victims total from this incident
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🚨 #BreakingNews : At least 6 people were shot during a teenager’s birthday party in #Dadeville #Alabama - Police are currently investigating the incident and have not yet released any details on the shooter or the victims. Dadeville PD is asking anyone w/info to come forward.……
🚨 #BreakingNews : (See thread) Current view of of hospital in #Dadeville #Alabama via @cnaw_colin ⬇️ - Details are still be figured out & will be emerging once LE know more. #Breaking #Shooting #DevelopingStory #DadevillePD
Police have still given no updates or accurately verified the number of people shot in #Dadeville #Alabama - Praying for the best possible outcome considering the circumstances, but it would be nice to have an update. (Note: *All information hasn’t been officially confirmed by LE……
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56/Prairie: multiple ppl shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Ambo 57 is triage.
Ambo 1 to Comer, Red.
Ambo 38 to UofC w/ a traumatic arrest, Red.
Ambo 55 to Comer, Red.
Ambo 14 to UofC, Red.

#MassShooting #Chicago
the EMS Plan I for the #MassShooting has been secured. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Yes, but if we had 100% background checks, gun permits, red flag laws, and made our background checks meaningful, gun makers would lose business. Neither they, Congress nor the NRA want that. What's 40,000 lives a year when there's money involved? #GunSense #2A #2ndAmendment 1/
2/ #massshooting - Flooding the market with #guns doesn't make us safer but the opposite. Note sales/deaths spikes in 2013, 2016, 2020. Sources: ↖️…. ↗️↙️….↘️ ImageImageImageImage
3/ Here are some ideas. Require 3-day waiting period and licenses. Tax ammo 200%. Require 100% background checks for ALL gun transactions including gifts, private sales, etc. And the background checks must be... ImageImageImageImage (Link to latest story)
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Thread: Mass shooting in a Walmart store, Chesapeake, VA

Here is the latest at 4am Eastern. At 8am Eastern, local police will hold a media briefing.

Yet another shooting. There are some relatively easy ways to prevent most of them...…
I'm talking about changing the way domestic violence incidents are handled, and doing more to put long term distance between known DV offenders and their legal access to guns.

An idea best espoused by the outstanding @BeauTFC. Link to follow.
The outstanding @BeauTFC talked about this issue here:

(The video he was referring to is this one: )
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🌙#T3OccultAstrology NEW MOON JULY 28 2022
Duration: July 26/31
#KeyVibration of this #PriestKings #NewMoon is a synergistic expression of forced transformation: extremity, brutality, #tyranny, #rebellion, violence, death, energy, #BigMoney - resulting in sudden losses.
+1 ImageImage
The #StateOfTheNation is a global concern.
Looking back at planetary alignments during the US #CivilWar, this July #NewMoon is very similar.
As life becomes increasingly difficult globally via tyrannical government entities, I think it prudent to exercise survival tactics. ImageImageImageImage
Question every event at this time.
Trust no vassal government CEO.
The energetic forces of Mars during this #NewMoon transiting🔴Uranus thru Aug 2, then🟥Saturn thru Aug 8, is suspect.
Watch for violence to increase and #PriestKings #FalseFlag ops.
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🚨#BREAKING UPDATE: Mass shooting with 9 people shot at start of the July 4th parade in #HighlandPark #IL. Reports that the suspect is barricaded inside of a Sunset Foods grocery with hostages.
Update: Police are looking at a White flatbed pickup truck from Iowa that was abandoned, police are tagging it. #HighlandPark
Update: Central and Green Bay, 8 people were found on the roof. #HighlandPark
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#HighlandPark #ASIP

Area of Central Rd and Green Bay Rd

Male with large yellow army style backpack

#ActiveShooter #MassShooting
#ASIP #HighlandPark #MassShooting

Incident Commander is moving the staging area from the Sunset Foods parking lot to the Water Park by the HP fire station.

Sunset Foods lot is considered in the active zone.

Last description of shooter was individual with large yellow backpack
#ASIP #HighlandPark #MassShooting

Requesting canine for a possible suspect location to the SE of the Sunset Foods, downtown Highland Park
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CN #Ableismus #Saneismus #Eugenik #GruppenbezogeneMenschenfeindlichkeit

Es ist (mal wieder) nötig, über Ableismus zu reden.
Wird länger...

Zuerst: Ich bin kein "Experte", ich bin nicht perfekt und ich mache, wie alle, Fehler. Es geht hier nicht darum, euch vorzuwerfen,
schlechte Menschen zu sein, weil ihr ableistische Sprache verwendet oder ableistisch denkt.
Wir sind in einem ableistischen System sozialisiert und haben dieses Gedankengut also internalisiert, ganz ähnlich wie #Rassismus, #Sexismus und alle anderen Formen gruppenbezogener
Das macht es auch so schwer, von alleine -istische Probleme zu erkennen - und Ableismus scheint die am wenigsten bekannte und beachtete Form von Abwertung zu sein.
So fällt mir auch und vor allem in der linken Bubble häufig Ableismus auf.
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Virginia Beach #massshooting #OTD in 2019. Twelve dead. Remember how the five dead in the Boston Massacre set in play the American Revolution? There is not one legit reason for #AR15s + high-capacity mags. 1/
2/ AR-15 is short for Armalite Rifle, the name of the company that invented #AR15s for, get this, military use. Ban #AR15 assault rifles. If you need 30-rounds, then you're a mass murderer or a really bad shot. Either way, you're a danger to society. #GunSense #GunViolence ImageImageImageImage
3/ The Supreme Court thinks open carry/conceal carry, etc., are fine, but not inside the #SupremeCourt. #NRA, #Glock, #ShotShow, don't allow open carry or often even guns in their offices, events, etc. GOP cowards. #2A #2ndAmendment…
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#Taft #Massshooting #Chattanooga #Uvalde - @GovStitt @tedcruz @GovAbbott @BrianKempGA @USSupremeCourt @GOP @NRA, Wayne Lapierre, Bobo, MTG, why not get rid of your bodyguards, fences, etc., and replace with thoughts and prayers? Oh wait, you're afraid of gun nuts too?
@GovStitt @tedcruz @GovAbbott @BrianKempGA @USSupremeCourt @GOP @NRA 2/ @TheGoodLiars thanks Wayne LaPierre at the NRA Convention for all his thoughts and prayers. And how about we start naming #MassShootings for Republican leaders like we name hurricanes?
@GovStitt @tedcruz @GovAbbott @BrianKempGA @USSupremeCourt @GOP @NRA @TheGoodLiars 3/ #TexasMassacre #ProLifeMyAss - Cowards like Ted Cruz, Wayne LaPierre, @GLOCKInc are the problem. #Uvalde Massacre has 19 dead children and 2 dead adults. For gun nuts who fear criminals with guns, why not let them buy #Kevlar vests like they want the rest of us to have?
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#Muskogee #Oklahoma #MassShooting #GunSense #BanAR15s - Sunday night Memorial Day festival in Taft, Oklahoma (1 hr. SE of Tulsa) w/ 1,000 to 1,500 people; mass shooter fires 40 rounds; kills 1; wounds 7 ages 9 to 56. Skyler Buckner, 26, jailed. THREAD 1/…
2/ #2A #GunsOverPeople #GunSense Sin tax guns and ammo. End ALL private sales/transfers without background checks. Background checks are very weak. People who are bipolar, heavily medicated, etc., can still purchase guns legally. Require gun insurance.…
3/ I'm sick of crap. But #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th C rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Taft #Oklahoma…
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#Chattanooga #Massshooting #2A #2ndAmendment - Another one? Flood the market with guns and idiots promoting how everyone should carry them around, #massshootings will happen. Shame on the NRA, Ted Cruz, etc. They can all go to Hell.…
2/ #2ndAmendment #2A #AR15 The right to carry AR-15 high-capacity semi-automatics was never "original intent". The Constitution was never amended to permit them from being carried around concealed or in the open or in any other way. Activist judges slipped them through. So there. ImageImageImageImage
3/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Chattanooga with 6+ wounded.…
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Police brutality and white supremacy in #Uvalde, #Texas:

For me the greatest horror is that kkkops wasted the golden hour while kids bled out.

#POTUS Image
From a Portland youth:
Since when do police need a fkn key? Pretty damn sure every single cop that's busted through any door didn't have a key! Image
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"We’re increasingly convinced about the crucial role storytelling has to play in helping us navigate the global challenges we’re facing and to build a more beautiful world. And we feel as inspired as ever to continue this work."--Happen Films @happenfilms…
New Evidence Shows Global Warming has Slowed Dramatically Over Last 20 Years…
#GlobalWarming, #MeteorologyBalloons, #SatelliteData, #TroposphereTemperatures
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#WhiteSupremacy Ted Nugent Rittenhouse trend with Buffalo Tops Shooting: The real issue is the easy access and carrying of guns and cheap ammo, high-capacity magazines and high-power guns that fit in backpacks, etc. #GunSense #2ndAmendment #2A
2/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Buffalo w/ 10 dead, 3 wounded.…
3/ A #massshooting is defined as four+ victims. #Benghazi had four dead. #2ndAmendment people think Benghazi was bad but think anyone should have guns. ALL gun transactions MUST require a background check including gifts. FBI background checks are weak. #GunSense
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Buffalo Tops shooting; eight killed. AR-15 #2A Truth Social – You can't carry loaded #guns at #ShotShow (America's biggest gun show), #Glock, Mars-a-Lago, US Army bases, etc. (all places w/ lots of security) as they fear gun nuts!…
2/ #2A #2ndAmendment - #NRA #SCOTUS / Supreme Court, legislators, executives, etc., for open carry, concealed carry, etc., must ensure THE EXACT SAME LAWS APPLY IN THEIR OFFICES, HOMES and at all times around them, and THEY MUST HAVE NO SECURITY. That’s how the rest of us feel.
3/ Texas, Georgia, etc., have enacted or will permit carry handguns without a license or training Why stop there? How about allowing anyone to drive, do brain surgery, teach school, fly an airliner or be a cop or governor? #GunSense #2A #Idiots #Trump…
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a call of multiple ppl shot. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Garfield Blvd/Damen: multiple ppl shot!
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
how many ppl we got shot?

right now I can see 4, it's a lot of ppl here, might be 5.
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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This just happened in Portland Oregon. I’m a little shook. 2 shots were fired before I started filming. I saw 3 gun shot victims that all fled the scene before police arrived. #pdx #massshooting
The man in the white shirt is holding a weapon at his side in the beginning
Witnessed one victim before I filmed
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Hudson/Evergreen: multiple ppl shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
the guy shot in the foot may be an offender. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Early Notifications. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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a call of a #MassShooting in Grand Crossing Park. #NotConfirmed #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
slow it down to the call of multiple ppl shot at Grand Crossing Park, they may have self transported to hospitals. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
71/Cottage: person shot! this victim is from Grand Crossing Park. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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Shots fired, 4 rounds heard at 6450 S King. #ShotSpotter #ChicagoScanner
65/King: person shot! #ChicagoScanner
We Need EMS ASAP! #ChicagoScanner
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#BREAKING ACTIVE SHOOTER/S driving around shopping centers near Odessa/Midland, West Texas—shooting at people from pickup truck and/or hijacked US mail truck. One dead, at least 20 shot, police tell @CNN.
#GunViolence #GunControl
#BREAKING ACTIVE SHOOTER SHOT AND KILLED in Odessa, Texas #MassShooting. Midland police confirm 20 injured, not all of gunshot wounds.

Mayor tells @CNN that the gunman was pulled over by an officer whom he shot (not life-threatening), and then went on a driving/shooting rampage.
UPDATE: 5 DEAD, 21 injured. One gunman killed, a white male in mid-30s, per Odessa, Texas police dept. Police among those injured in #MassShooting. Just weeks after El Paso massacre.
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