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Where do we go?

We’ve listened to the same old tired charge that @realDonaldTrump and the @GOP always spread hate and sow division when we can see for ourselves it’s democrats and their communist buddies that do this.

We have a bunch of #FakeNewsMediaClowns distorting & worse,
Flat out lying to us every single day...all day and, just as bad, not reporting real news of consequence.

It’s an axiom that a free people deserve the government they elect.

This assumes the electorate is INFORMED in order to consent to be governed prudently & lawfully.
My VOTE IS PRICELESS. You can’t buy it. I can’t give it to someone else to cast.

For every misinformed & uninformed voter or illegal vote cast, the VALUE OF MY VOTE is diminished. I have not given any consent for that except by my own inaction during an apathetic slumber.
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Marshall Billingsley went to the Obama admin. & said he had concerns about @GenFlynn. @realDonaldTrump still has Billingsley working in the WH as the envoy to arms working with China & Russia for a nuke deal🙄 Why?
The @GenFlynn transcripts were released by @RichardGrenell showing Flynn asked for "cooler Heads to prevail" This call was bait & used to trap our General. They used it to see if Flynn would intervene so the call was setup, no need to unmask Flynn, he wasn't masked.
What is crazy listening to @DNC & their #FakeNewsMediaClowns talk they have people believing Russia rigged our elections. FALSE. They had no evidence of election interface nor did they have evidence or intelligence to the stupid #RussiaHoax reports.
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THREAD: A lot of people in #Texas have been complaining about the masks. It is unconstitutional to mandate that people wear masks. We have laws. These orders are not laws. #FakeNewsMediaClowns reporting spikes in #COVID19TX cases, but why are they telling us only half-truths?
98% of the infected have recovered. With such a high #RecoveryRate, why do we even need a vaccine for this? There is manipulation at all levels of U.S. institutions going unchecked in order to control us with fear. Mask-wearing mandate isn't law. We have laws. We're not China!
Replace #COVIDIDIOTS #Democrats Kirk Watson/ex-Travis County Judge Lockdown Queen Eckhardt/anti-@ICEgov Ex-TX House Rep Eddie Rodriguez w/ @DonZimmermanATX
✅ LOCATIONS… #Election2020
✅ Early #VoteRed June 29, Mon
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As this is a complete sentence @JoeBiden, we now know one of your aides is composing your tweets. It must weigh heavy on your heart knowing your ineptness is the reason Democrats are tearing our nation apart. You can't beat @realDonaldTrump, so Democrats & their propagandist...
2...arm, the #FakeNewsMediaClowns have openly supported Antifa and BLM, both terrorist organizations funded by George Soros for the single purpose of dividing our Nation. So @JoeBiden, when your campaign staff is doing everything possible to keep you out of the public eye as a...
3...candidate, I can without question say you Sir are unfit for the office. Based on your record in the Senate, and confirmed in the primary by Senator Harris, you are a racist. Your time as Vice President marked you as one of the most corrupt politicians in our nation's...
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Revelation 12:11 says

and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

So let's remember the testimonies of the past 3.5 years.
2/8 🙌👆🇺🇸 They never thought she would lose
🙌👆🇺🇸 Removal of penalty/ Obamacare
🙌👆🇺🇸 Right to try vets
🙌👆🇺🇸 Not enforcing #501c3
🙌👆🇺🇸 1A 2A secure
🙌👆🇺🇸 America will never be a communist Nation as long as I'm president.
🙌👆🇺🇸 #EndTheFed your watching it
3/8 🙌👆🇺🇸 Expose the darkness
🙌👆🇺🇸 corruption reveal/removal
🙌👆🇺🇸 Unprecedented exacutive/gov stepping down
🙌👆🇺🇸 Unprecedented war on human trafficking/child abuse
🙌🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of wealth
👆🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of America first
👆🙌🇺🇸 Restoration of farmers
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