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Calcutta High Court judge Justice Shampa Sarkar hearing election petition filed by @MamataOfficial against @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #suvenduadhikari Image
Banerjee has paid fine imposed by earlier judge Justice Kausik Chanda.

Adhikari asks for adjournment since he has filed a transfer petition to transfer trial out of West Bengal.

#MamataBanerjee #calcuttahighcourt
Court agrees to request.

Election petition of Mamata Banerjee against Suvendu Adhikari adjourned for November.

@MamataOfficial @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #suvenduadhikari
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#NDTVExclusive | "If the government has nothing to do with it, why doesn't it appoint a commission for inquiry?": Senior Congress Leader @PChidambaram_IN on #Pegasus spyware report

#LeftRightCentre | Derek O' Brien (@derekobrienmp), Rajya Sabha MP TMC, Leader, AITC Parliamentary Party (RS) on #MamataBanerjee's visit to Delhi during the #Pegasus snooping row.
#LeftRightCentre | @Pawankhera, Spokesperson Congress on the #Pegasus snooping row.
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Calcutta High Court hearing case in relation to West Bengal post poll violence.

#calcuttahighcourt #postpollviolence #WestBengal
Adv Subir Sanyal submits even today people are not coming out to give complaints.

Sanyal says an independent agency should probe. Does not want governmental intervention.

"So according to him every investigating officer in State is tainted,". Kapil Sibal.
Bench says NHRC was asked to submit report and should confine to it.

"You (NHRC) should not tell how to go forward based in report. That is for petitioner and State to argue."
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#WestBengal CM #MamataBanerjee's virtual speech is being telecast on giant screens across Tripura, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Punjab, UP & Delhi.
CM Mamata Banerjee: We want to congratulate the people of the country and my state. We fought against money, muscle, mafia power & all agencies. Despite all odds, we won because people in Bengal voted for us and we received blessings from people in country, world.
CM #MamataBanerjee: #BJP took country to darkness, 'Khela Hobe' till it's ousted from Centre.
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#CustodialDeath in #WestBengal
#BengalViolence #BengalBurning
বাংলায় নাকি পুলিশ হেফাজতে মৃত্যু হয়না, কথায় কথায় চ্যাংড়া মুলো মুখপা*ও গুলো টিভি চ্যানেলে খুব জ্ঞান দেয়।।
#LiarTMC #presidentruleforwb
@tathagata2 @JasBJP @annodomin1 @Abhijit_Basak83 @BJP4Bengal @NilotpalMukher6 ImageImageImage
What Mr #KaustavRoy (accused of Bank forgery) is doing by standing behind #MamataBanerjee?
ব্যাংক প্রতারণার দায়ে অভিযুক্ত কৌস্তুভ রায় রাজ্যের মাননীয়া মুখ্যমন্ত্রীর পেছনে কী করছেন?
তাও অভিযুক্ত হওয়ার আগে নয়, পরে।
@tathagata2 @JasBJP @ShipraDUTTA16 @annodomin1 Image
2nd time #KolkataHighCourt impose fine on #CM of #WestBengal #MamataBanerjee.
This time amount is 5Lc.
Now can we say, she's not #PrideOfBengal infact she is #ShameOfBengal
বাংলার লজ্জা: মুখ্যমন্ত্রীকে দ্বিতীয়বার জরিমানা কলকাতা হাইকোর্টের।🤭
@azad_nishant @JasBJP Image
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Calcutta High Court to pronounce judgment tomorrow on application by West Bengal Chief Minister @MamataOfficial seeking recusal of Justice Kausik Chanda from hearing her election petition against @SuvenduWB

#MamataBanerjee #CalcuttaHighCourt #SuvenduAdhikari #nandigram
Banerjee has sought recusal of Justice Chanda on the ground that he was an active member of BJP before he became a judge of Calcutta High Court…
During the hearing of Banerjee's plea on June 24, Justice Chanda had fairly conceded his connections with BJP and also reminisced about his days as a lawyer for the party when it was largely unknown in West Bengal.

#WestBengal #MamataBanerjee #BJP…
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Narada Scam: Calcutta High Court 5-judge Bench to resume hearing in transfer plea by CBI

Track this thread for live updates.

#calcuttahighcourt #naradascam

@AITCofficial @FirhadHakim
The Supreme Court had on June 25 set aside the High Court order of June 9 refusing to take on record affidavits filed by @GhatakMoloy and @MamataOfficial

The court has remanded that issue back to HC to consider afresh.

Bench assembles. Advocate General Kishore Dutta informs High Court of the Supreme Court order.

#naradascam #calcuttahighcourt
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[Narada Case] #SupremeCourt

Supreme Court to shortly hear appeals by WB CM @MamataOfficial, State law minister @GhatakMoloy and #WestBengal Govt against June 9 order of #CalcuttaHC refusing to take their affidavit on record filed in the CBI transfer plea in #NaradaScam case
Senior Adv Vikas Singh appears for the state of West Bengal

Justice Vineet Saran: we just received the list of dates. We have read the file substantially. We have one request in 5 minutes give us the brief background.

#supremecourt #naradacase @MamataOfficial @GhatakMoloy
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Calcutta High Court to hear today election petition filed by West Bengal Chief Minister @MamataOfficial challenging the election of BJP leader @SuvenduWB from Nandigram constituency in the 2021 assembly elections

#SuvenduAdhikari Image
The case will be heard by Justice Kausik Chanda.

Banerjee had meanwhile written to Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal requesting him to reassign the election petition on the ground that Justice Chanda was an active member of BJP before he became a judge…
Bench assembles. Dr AM Singhvi appears.

Are you for petitioner: Court.

That is a very delicious question. I am for the petitioner, says Dr. Singhvi.

#MamataBanerjee #suvend
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Calcutta High Court to resume hearing in transfer plea by CBI in Narada case.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt #MamataBanerjee

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Hearing commences. Sidharth Luthra resumes submissions.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt
Luthra says there must be error, omission or failure of justice. Trial court order does not reflect any of it.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt
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Calcutta High Court to resume hearing in CBI's transfer plea in the Narada case

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Bench assembles. Hearing commences.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt
Sidharth Luthra responding to Justice Harish Tandon regarding nature of CBI manual.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt
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Calcutta High Court to resume hearing the transfer plea by CBI in Narada case.
Hearing to continue before 5-judge Bench.

#NaradaCase #CalcuttaHighCourt #naradastingcase #MamataBanerjee

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Bench assembles. Senior Advocate Sidharth Luthra resumes arguments

#calcuttahighcourt #NaradaCase
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta says CBI has filed response to late affidavits including filed by West Bengal though it is opposing the delayed filing.

High Court says it won't be taking the late affidavits on record.

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5-judge Bench of Calcutta High Court to resume hearing on plea by CBI seeking transfer of Narada case from special court.

@DrAMSinghvi is expected to continue his arguments today.

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt #MamataBanerjee

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial Image
Read an account of yesterday's hearing here.

#naradastingcase #CalcuttaHighCourt…
Bench assembles; hearing commences.

Dr. AM Singhvi resumes arguments.

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt
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5-judge Bench of Calcutta High Court to resume hearing today at 11.30 am in the transfer plea by CBI in Narada scam

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Read a live account of previous hearing here.

#calcuttahighcourt #naradastingcase…
Bench assembles.

Hearing resumes.

#naradastingcase #calcuttahighcourt
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Calcutta High Court 5-judge Bench to resume hearing in CBI transfer plea in Narada matter

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt #MamataBanerjee

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Read an exchange between lawyers hearing from yesterday's hearing

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt…
Bench assembles; hearing commences.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta resumes arguments.

He says he will conclude his arguments today

#WestBengal #CalcuttaHighCourt
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5-judge Bench of Calcutta High Court will resume hearing today on CBI transfer plea in relation to Narada scam and arrest of 4 TMC leaders.

Track this thread for live updates from the Court

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal #MamataBanerjee

Bench to assemble at 11.45 am.

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt #WestBengal
Latest update: Bench to sit at 12 in afternoon

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt
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5-judge Bench of Calcutta High Court to resume hearing in case relating to Narada scam where CBI is seeking transfer of trial to High Court on law and order grounds.

#naradascam #CalcuttaHighCourt #MamataBanerjee

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Yesterday's hearing was marked by heated exchange between lawyers.

Read full story here…
Bench assembles. Hearing commences

#NaradaCase #CalcuttaHighCourt #MamataBanerjee
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Just in | The Department of Personnel and Training (#DoPT) served a show-cause notice to #WestBengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay after the officer failed to report to the central office on Monday, a senior government official said.
- @vijaita
Just in | Centre government gave us a letter(on Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyophyay) and it was our duty to reply. There is nothing in our hands now, said Chief Minister #MamataBanerjee.
- @shivsahays
Just in | I have never seen such a heartless Prime Minister and Home Minister. Instead of respecting the federal structure, they have added insult to the injury. No consultation with State, only political vendetta: #MamataBanerjee
- @shivsahays
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5-judge Bench of Calcutta High Court to resume hearing today in Narada scam plea by CBI to transfer case before special court to High Court

#calcuttahighcourt #NaradaScam

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
On Friday last week, the Court had granted interim bail to the four @AITCofficial leaders, Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Sovan Chatterjee, who were arrested by the CBI in relation to the case on May 17.

#NaradaScam #naradastingcase…
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Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee says the move to transfer Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay to Centre is "unconstitutional and illegal". Says "it's like bulldozing the basic structure of the Constitution."
@MamataOfficial @narendramodi #WestBengal
CM Mamata Banerjee urges PM Modi to withdraw the letter which asks Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay to report to Centre by May 31 in New Delhi:

"Please withdraw the letter. if you want I can wash your feet, I can do even that for my state,"@MamataOfficial tells @narendramodi
CM: There needs to be some constitutional courtesy. State and Centre need to work together.
@MamataOfficial @narendramodi #WestBengal #ChiefSecretary
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ये हैं सुश्री सनी लियोनी, अधिकांश पुरुषों ने इनके फोटो, वीडियो देखे होंगे, कुछ लोगों ने इन्हें 'ताले वाले एप्प' में छिपाकर रखा होगा, कुछ ने गैलरी को लॉक किया होगा।

गाहे बगाहे, चोरी छिपे वो सुश्री लियोनी के फोटो, वीडियो देखते रहते होंगे,
कम उम्र के लड़कों से लेकर तो 70 पार के भी पुरुष इनके 'फैन' हैं।

ये इतनी बड़ी अदाकारा हैं कि इनके वीडियो लोग 'म्यूट' करके ही देखते हैं क्योंकि उन्हें सिर्फ भाव भंगिमाओं से ही सब समझ आ जाता है।

हाल ही में सुश्री लियोनी ने कहा है कि -
जो भी फोटो, वीडियो मेरे लोगों ने देखे हैं, उन सबमें मेरा कोई दोष नहीं है, मैं हमेशा अंग प्रदर्शन का पुरज़ोर तरीके से विरोध करती रही हूँ, मैं साड़ी, सलवार सूट के सिवाय और कोई ड्रेस पहनती नहीं हूँ और अब तो मैंने मास्क भी पहनना शुरू कर दिया है..
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If you look back last 12 months you will notice that the acceptance of Ayurveda has increased many folds and this a major worry for Pharma Lobby

From Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir, the Allopathic was just busy in hit and trial method
whereas if you see Ayurveda from day one Haldi, ajwain, rock salt, steam and Kada are doing great

Even the homeopathy had shown wonders in few drops

The icing on the cake was Indian covaxin, which today by far is the best vaccine for KOVID
So naturally, if you hit a Trillion-dollar Industry, the reaction will be strong

I am personally not against any medical system all have a role to play but at the same time must say that
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#MamataBanerjee is Arrogant &Unmindful of Welfare of People of #Bengal

Today,PM landed at Kalaikunda airbase after doing aerial survey in #Odisha&Bengal

When PM arrived to attend meet, there was no one from Bengal Govt&Mamata has audacity to talk of #Federalism?

Both CM #MamataBanerjee&Chief Secretary of West Bengal were present in same premises&yet they did not receive PM

#PM,Governor&Union ministers patiently waited for half an hour for #WestBengal representatives to turn up

@MamataOfficial is a deplorable leader,consumed by hubris👎
Suddenly Mamata Banerjee,in her arrogance,stormed in&handed bunch of papers on cyclone impact to PM&said she is leaving as she has other meets lined up

If this was not shocking enough, #MamataBanerjee even did not allow officers of Bengal Govt to make a presentation
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5-judge bench of Calcutta High Court to hear plea on arrest of 4 TMC leaders in relation to Narada scam at 12 pm

#NaradaScam #WestBengal #MamataBanerjee #CalcuttaHighCourt

@AITCofficial @MamataOfficial
Court will hear today the recall application filed by the 4 leaders seeking recall of May 17 HC order by which the bail granted to the 4 leaders by special CBI court was stayed by HC.

#CalcuttaHighCourt #NaradaScamCase

@AITCofficial @FirhadHakim
Hearing commences.

#NaradaScam #CalcuttaHighCourt
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