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Next Steps for #VicFoodSystemsConsensus - 1. Create policy briefs for govt 2. Get State govt to take coordination responsibility. 3. Fund food policy officers in all local govt. 4. Funding for community #FoodSystems. 5. Great role for uni students in research.
6. Local govt to drive community #FoodSystems strategies through amending Public health & wellbeing Act 7. Resource local govt to do this work 8. Leverage #ClimateEmergency and #sustainability 9. Build on existing work 10. Creat a participatory democracy & communities of practice
11. Public sector healthy food procurement/ retail - changing language around #foodwaste 12. Costs of #foodwaste vs cost of procurement 13. Data metrics 14. Bringing more ppl into agriculture 15. Nutrition & #foodliteracy 16. Food culture & time to prepare healthy food
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NEW REPORT: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems - Comparing contrasting and contested versions…

#vegan #food #farming #ukfarming #chathamhouse
Chatham House published a report yesterday looking at how farming and food systems are related and they can become more sustainable.

#plantbased #veganic #ukfarming
It compared the current status quo approach (increasing productivity while sparing land for nature and minimising the environmental impact) to an approach which emphasized nature-friendly farming and dietary and consumer demand change to reduce the amount of agricultural land.
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"We found that in total 83% of total regional species loss (4747 species) is incurred due to land use devoted for domestic consumption whereas 17% due to export production (a total of 969 species)."… #FoodSystems #BiodiversityCrisis #WorldSystem
"Fig. 1c shows that imports into the USA&China embody highest species lost. It is interesting to see that even countries with smaller populations such as Japan, Germany, South Korea,...—all cause high biodiversity loss abroad owing to their high per capita consumption and import"
".... For example, total German food consumption was estimated to result in 46 species lost, of which 43 are from imported food items."
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"The world may be facing a devastating 'hidden' #collapse in insect species due to the twin threats of #ClimateChange and habitat loss."… #ClimateCrisis #BiodiversityCrisis
"Our findings, published today in Nature, reveal that insect declines are greatest in farmland areas within tropical countries – where the combined effects of climate change and habitat loss are experienced most profoundly."
"Throughout the world, our analysis also shows that farmland in climate-stressed areas where most nearby natural habitat has been removed has lost 63% of its insects,on average,compared with as little as 7% for farmland where the nearby natural habitat has been largely preserved"
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"we’re facing the worst #food #crisis since 2008. It’s a weird time to divert more grain from the food supply to fuel #tanks. In Washington, though, it’s always time to divert grain from food to #fuel."… #FoodSystems #EnergySystems
"The amount of corn it takes to fill an #SUV with #ethanol could feed a person for a year, and the #US and #Europe could immediately replace the lost grain exports from #Ukraine’s breadbasket by cutting their #biofuel production in half."
"In fact, a bunch of studies have confirmed that biofuel mandates were a leading driver of the 2008 food crisis, driving up prices by driving up demand for grain and vegetable oil."
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Here's the story of our POLITICS OF PROTEIN report out today. A thread 🧵

For decades, governments & corporations expanded factory farming - claiming more protein was needed for #foodsecurity.

Now they're confronted with the consequences... /1
Devastating deforestation, immense land use, pollution, impacts on health, climate & animals from intensive factory farming are clear for all to see.

Thankfully momentum for change is growing. /2 ImageImage
But those same actors (and some new philanthropists & venture capital) are now pushing a number of techno-fix solutions. These are many of the same firms that already dominate sales of conventional (factory-farmed) products. /3 ImageImage
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⛔Toxic #Pesticides alert!⛔
+50 representants of org. signed an open letter demanding @EU_Commission that the #SUD reform is ambitious enough & contains strong legally binding use reduction targets, ensuring that farmers r supported in the transition
Other demands include:
- Not postponing the much-needed reform of #SUD
- Making sure that all EU food&feed safety standards r upheld
- @EU_Commission stands by its commitment 2 #F2F & Biodiversity Strategies,transitioning away from current model & its reliance on external inputs
What are we talking about?
Well, the #EUFarmtoFork and Biodiversity Strategies are two pillars of the #EUgreendeal hugely under attack from vested interest lobby groups, now cynically using Ukraine war as an excuse to postpone green policies.
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NEW SHORT FILM: How did COVID-19 affect the food system in #Tanzania?

Our research teams found out, in three market centres: the coastal city of Dar es Salaam, the tourist cross-border hub of Arusha, and Mwanza on Lake Victoria. #Africanfoodsystems

Here are the stories of market traders, truckers, fishers and farmers in #Tanzania. Even without restrictions under President #Magafuli, #Covid_19 had big effects on the people producing & selling food.

See our short film released today. @arusonews
As a woman in market said "Tanzania was not in lockdown but people locked themselves inside".

Declining domestic markets combined with border closures loss of exports and rising prices of imports disrupted the country's #FoodSystems

@esulle46 @LKissoly @EMEDO19 @EsaffHQ
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Russia's attack on #Ukraine has intensified calls for a transition away from #FossilFuels.

The war also highlights the need for #FoodSystem change. Today, we explore how #AnimalAgriculture fuels global crises by creating high levels of dependency between countries. 1/11👇
Ukraine produces large quantities of wheat, barley, rye, and #maize. Russia is the world’s top #wheat exporter.

The two countries taken together account for almost a third of the global wheat export market, @weizent reports via @CNBC. 2/11…
Maize and wheat are just two examples of crops #meat and dairy producers feed to animals.

The #livestock sector currently uses 61% of global maize and 20% of global wheat as animal fodder, according to a 2021 study about #FoodSecurity. 3/11…
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1/n 📢🧵: The @IPCC_CH launched their new report (WG2-AR6) this week, exploring the impacts of #climate risks, #adaptation & vulnerability. Here are some insights on the key takeaways for #India.🇮🇳🌏♻️
#ClimateReport #IPCC #IPCCReport
🔗Read Asia Ch. 10 ➡️ Image
2/n #India🇮🇳 is at risk of multiple #climaticrisks, many of which are accelerating in frequency & intensity. Rising temp.🌡️are likely to cause severe heat stress in summer, esp. in cities where temp.🌡️can be more than 2℃ warmer than the surroundings due to heat island effects. Image
3/n Extreme rainfall events are projected to lead to more frequent #flooding in settlements near vulnerable rivers & flood risks across the country will become more frequent & severe. Higher than 🌏 mean sea level rise for #Asia’s coasts exposes 🇮🇳’s large coastal population. Image
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Global #FoodSystems must be transformed to ensure human wellbeing & environmental sustainability. All food companies have to play their part.

Here's a new resource to guide companies to improve their practices & contribute to the #SDGs

See 🧵👇 Image
Our new Handbook for SDG-Aligned Food Companies is based on our Four Pillar Framework and its standards.

It was designed to help companies to adjust their practices to align with the SDGs.

#FoodSystems #FixingFood #FoodSupplyChains #SDGs Image
The standards in Pillar 1 look at how food companies’ products & strategies can drive more sustainable diets, healthier habits & support food security for consumers & producing communities.


#FoodSystems #FixingFood #FoodSupplyChains #SDGs Image
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If psychopaths take over, #FoodSystems would look like this: end agriculture, eat microbial glop.

"replacing agricultural primary production with electrically powered microbial primary production [.] could alleviate agriculturally driven climate change"… Image
The idea does have supporters.

Activists:… Image
Think tanks: Image
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Better nutrition is related to:

👧🏻 improved infant, child, and maternal health
💪🏽 stronger immune systems
🤰🏽 safer pregnancy and childbirth
🩺 lower risk of illnesses such as #diabetes and cardiovascular disease
🏃🏾‍♀️ improved longevity

👉 Image
The 🌍 is off track to meet 5 of 6 nutrition targets:

♦️ 1 in 3 people are affected by at least 1 form of malnutrition

♦️ Of children < 5:
🔸149.2m are stunted
🔸45.4m are wasted
🔸38.9m are overweight

♦️ Over 40% of all 👨🏽 & 👩🏼‍🦰 are overweight or obese Image
#COVID19 has fuelled the nutrition crisis, especially among women & children.

Bringing huge burdens to global systems for nutrition, including:
🩺 health
🥦 food
💙 social protection
🚨 humanitarian assistance

Here's what can be done to address this:
👉 Image
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Don't miss the live event of the 2nd @AgroBioCongress on why #IndigenousPeoples' #FoodSystems are a game changing solution with @MaximoTorero, @PhrangRoy, @tania_eulalia & H.E. Miguel García Winder 🇲🇽 & more!

🗓️ 16.11.21
⏲️12:30 CET

@AgroBioCongress @MaximoTorero @PhrangRoy @tania_eulalia @FAO considers #IndigenousPeoples as key allies in eliminating hunger & malnutrition. Indigenous Peoples have unique systemic approaches to food systems, which hold important lessons for sustainability. - Dr. @MaximoTorero #EatGrowSave #Biodiversity
@AgroBioCongress @MaximoTorero @PhrangRoy @tania_eulalia @FAO Why are #IndigenousPeoples' #FoodSystems game changing? Because they are based on:
1. A holistic vision
2. Solidarity
3. Knowledge
4. Complex diets
5. Resilience
I encourage all to join the Coalition on Indigenous Peoples Food Systems
- H. E. García Winder, Ambassador of Mexico
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2/Thorsten Klose-Zuber , head of #climatepolicy, economy and society at ZUG, on behalf of International Climate Initiative @iki_bmu, live from the German Delegation at #COP26, highlighting that we face multiple crises, and we cannot tackle them without #nature and #ecosystems
3/ Thorsten Klose-Zuber points out the need to upscale activities in #agriculture and #landuse, and the increasing importance of #NatureBasedSolutions. Within the @iki_bmu #Ecosystem-based #Adaptation is a priority. learn more in their new factsheets…
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1. Suppose an alien spaceship will land on earth next week.

After many light-years of travel through space, some friendly little green creatures decide to get out and stretch their legs on our planet.

What would they report home?

🧵Thread Image

2. I guess their first description would be ecstatic.

Hidden in the fast, cold, and dark universe, they discovered a blue planet that brims with an incredible diversity of life, aided by ideal living conditions.

🧵 Thread continues

#nature #life…

3. But:

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has lost 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants.

Of all the mammals on earth, 96% are livestock and humans, while only 4% are wild mammals.

🧵 Thread

#wildlife #biodiversity #climatecrisis…
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#ClimateCrisis harms our health!
#ClimateCrisis harms our health!
#ClimateCrisis harms our health!

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C isn't only the right thing to do but also a shared responsibility for health.

🆕 WHO #COP26 Special Report explains why 👉 Image
WHO's 10 calls for #ClimateAction❗️

1⃣ Commit to a healthy recovery
2⃣ Place health at the ❤️ of the climate talks
3⃣ Harness the health benefits of climate action
4⃣ Build health resilience to climate risks
5⃣ Create greener & healthier energy systems

👉 Image
WHO's 10 calls for #ClimateAction❗️

6⃣ Reimagine urban environments/transport/mobility
7⃣ Protect & restore nature
8⃣ Promote healthy, sustainable & resilient #FoodSystems
9⃣ Finance a healthier/fairer/greener future
🔟 Listen to the health community

👉 Image
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কৃষি, খাদ্য আৰু জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তন।

জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তনে কৃষিক কেনেদৰে প্ৰভাৱিত কৰে?

কৃষিয়ে জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তনক কেনেদৰে প্ৰভাৱিত কৰে?

ইয়াৰ দ্বাৰা অসম কেনেকৈ প্ৰভাৱিত হয়?
Climate স্মাৰ্ট কৃষি কি?

A thread 🧵 (1/11)

#climateaction #climateemergency #agriculture
(2/11) সমগ্ৰ বিশ্বত ভোকাতুৰ লোকৰ সংখ্যা বাঢ়িছে: 690 million লোক

জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তনে কৃষিক যথেষ্ট প্ৰভাৱিত কৰে।

1. বৰ্ধিত তাপমাত্ৰা
2. কীট-পতংগৰ সমস্যা।
3. বানপানী

#assam #ClimateCrisis Climate Change
(3/11) কৃষিয়ে জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তনক প্ৰভাৱিত কৰে নেকি?

আপুনি জানি আচৰিত হ'ব- জলবায়ু পৰিৱৰ্তনৰ এটা কাৰণ হৈছে কৃষি

কৃষিয়ে বৰ্তমান মুঠ greenhouse gas 19-29% উৎপাদন কৰে।

#ClimateAction #agriculture
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The #UNFSS2021 Summit on #FoodSystems is yet another instrument to reinforce private control over our food systems & diets, repeating the same old rhetoric, same old interests, & same old failures #FoodSystems4People @CSM4CFS @drvandanashiva
#UNFSS2021 takes place under the direct corporate control. They decide what “sustainable” & “healthy” food means, convincing us that their solutions will be ecological enough to keep the current agrifood system intact. #FoodSystems4People @CSM4CFS
#UNFSS2021 maintains industrial food systems that threaten ecosystems, health & democracy & sidelines true ecological food systems, led by small farmers & communities that can solve the multiple crises we face - #foodsystems4people
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Literally every problem in the world is caused by disagreements over facts, interests, and/or values.
Well, maybe not *every* problem. But still, probably 60-70% or so?
Disagreements over facts, interests, and/or values definitely explain a lot of the difficulties in achieving better policies for #foodsystems, as we argue in our @OECDagriculture report "Making Better Policies for Food Systems"…
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Pop quiz! Think about all the land occupied by buildings and infrastructure (cities, roads, factories). Takes up a lot of space. But how much, exactly?
Now think about all the land occupied for food production. How do the two compare? Which one is bigger, and by how much?
Answer: food production - and it's not even close!
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1/ It hasn't been clear where the UN #FoodSystems Summit is getting its budget from. Using official docs, @larsms has shown that Norway is helping them out:

Question is: Why #Norway & does all this have to do with the #Davos crowd again? Thread 👇🧵
2/ Let's start with a reminder of this infamous deal between the @WEF and the @UN, dating from 2019, before the Summit.…
3/ The person standing on the left in the previous picture, next to Schwab, is Børge Brende, President of the WEF. A #Norwegian ex-minister.
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'Hurricane Ida ... took its toll on American agriculture, in ways both obvious and subtle'

Severe winds & flooding damaging crops, seawater infiltration, damage to ports...

#ClimateCrisis #agriculture #HurricaneIda…
'Everything is Gone’ New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Devastated by Hurricane Ida

-National Weather Service confirmed 5 tornadoes touched down in New Jersey & eastern Pennsylvania during the fierce thunderstorms triggered by the leftovers of Hurricane Ida…
☝️in case you were wondering about the connection between hurricanes & tornadoes (I was) - see:…
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