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Company genetically engineers fruit flies to be "biofactories" for fake meat production. The flies are engineered to produce growth factors, then killed and ground up into a mass from which the desired protein for making lab-grown meat is extracted. #GMOs… Image
Biotech firm Future Fields has notified the Canadian authorities of its intention to commercialise EntoEngine — their name for this #GMO fly. The public can comment on the application until 28 January. In our view, EntoEngine flies have serious environmental & ethical downsides. Image
Future Fields argue that the #GMO fly is needed to replace the usual way of producing growth factors — in bioreactors. They confirm what GMWatch has long said — that bioreactor technology is expensive, resource and energy hungry, and produces vast quantities of problematic waste.
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Revolving door in Argentina: Former Syngenta CEO appointed chief presidential advisor. The ex-Syngenta CEO for South America describes his appointment as “a dream come true”. It certainly is for agribiz!…
Some 2,300 leaders from academia & civil society signed an open letter calling on the Argentine President to reverse his appointment of the former Syngenta CEO. Syngenta leads the sale of agrochemicals and controls 60% of the #GMO seed market in Argentina…
Until 31 Dec the new presidential advisor was the CEO for South America of Syngenta — a post he held for 12 years and in which he positioned himself as the voice of agribusiness, supporting measures that harm small farmers, thousands of whom have been expelled to the big cities.
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Bill Gates calls #GMOs "magic seeds". They must indeed be magic if all the bread & corn he's ever eaten was GMO🧙‍♂️🪄🌽🧬

Gates was born in 1955 and no #GMO crops reached the US market till the 1990s. And there is still no GMO wheat on the US market to this day!🧙‍♂️🪄🍞✨
Here's @BillGates spouting that nonsense in Kenya. He also tells his audience that "the West is totally #GMO" when it comes to crops. He also seems to believe that these crops have been used for "billions of years"!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seed is the first link in the #food chain and the repository of life’s future evolution: it is the very foundation of our being. Seeds have evolved freely over millennia and given us diversity and richness of life on the planet. For thousands of years, #farmers , and (1/7) Image
especially women, have evolved and bred #seed freely in partnership with each other and with nature.

In the last half century, a reductionist, mechanistic paradigm has laid down the legal and economic framework for privatizing seeds and the knowledge of seeds. This has (2/7)
destroyed diversity, denied farmers’ innovation and #breeding rights, enclosed the biological and intellectual commons through patents, and created seed monopolies.

This destruction has been made possible by a systemic discrediting of farmers’ native seed (3/7)
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This article really shows the shallowness of @BillGates thinking. He actually calls #GMO crops "magic seeds" and compares alternatives to "singing kumbaya". It's laughable but this is a good article that quotes some incisive criticisms of Gates' approach…
@BillGates Some researchers question Gates' fundamental premise, increasing ag production through #GMO seeds + fertilizers & #pesticides. They point to the environmental footprint of industrial ag, including fossil fuel-based fertilizers, soil degradation and the diminishing of biodiversity
@BillGates Critics in Ghana ask what would happen if instead of funding #GMO crops, so far to little effect after nearly a decade, those resources went to the national research centers in Ghana, to building roads, to building storage, to building silos or helping to build markets?
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Jetzt ist im Zusammenhang mit #AKW wieder von #Hochrisikotechnologie die Rede. Erinnert sich noch jemand an L-Tryptophan und Showa Denko? 37 Tote und 1500 Erkrankte durch #Gentechnik-Medikament!
Die japanische Firma hatte das Produktionsverfahren von LT auf Gentechnik umgestellt und das Rohrprodukt offensichtlich nicht richtig aufgereinigt.…
Landauf landab gingen Grüne und NGOs damals mit diesem Beispiel an die Öffentlichkeit, um darzulegen, dass Gentechnik eine Hochrisikotechnologie sei und weder in der Medizin noch sonst wo irgendetwas verloren hätte. Gefordert wurde der unumkehrbare Sofortausstieg.
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Hey @Bayer, you told Huffington Post your firm “no longer provides financial support” to the Genetic Literacy Project. So how come their site & tax docs show you gave them 100K last year? Couldn't you do w/out this propaganda site defending your products & smearing your critics??
@Bayer So the Genetic Literacy Project, funded by Bayer, runs a piece defending the key ingredient in Roundup, one of Bayer's most lucrative products. And it's written by a former Bayer-consultant. Yet neither of those facts are disclosed anywhere in the article!
@Bayer This is why Team Bayer are pulling out all the stops
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#SkyNewsAustralia 6/7/22

Canadese premier #JustinTrudeau en de Nederlandse premier #MarkRutte "golden pin-up boys" voor #KlausSchwab en de globalistische fantasten van het #WorldEconomicForum
Montage door #RebelNews van het plan van #MarkRutte om de agenda van '#theGreatReset' uit te voeren.
Ook beschreven in het boek van #KlausSchwab waarbij de psychopate aartsleugenaar beweerde dat boek niet te kennen.
Het geheugen, de #politiek en moraal van #MarkRutte werkt elke dag anders.
De inhoud van z'n briefje aan #KlausSchwab van de vorige dag kan verschillen met z'n opvattingen van vandaag.
Maar z'n fascistische en perverse agenda staat als een #WEF-huis.

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The Concerning Rise of #GMO Food Animals… A quiet effort is underway to maximize profits by manipulating the genes of food animals
The FDA briefing packet for GMO salmon revealed a higher incidence of “jaw erosion” and infection; a possible increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor-1; and no way to determine if greater allergy risks existed because of the excessive culling of “abnormal” #GMO salmon
Moreover, FDA food scientists and outside experts who were called in for hearings on the GMO salmon noted unexplained discrepancies, omitted data, and overall substandard science presented by those promoting AquaBounty's #GMO salmon…
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UK environment minister George Eustice is said to have told the visiting Americans he hoped the government’s Genetic Technology Bill would be passed by parliament this year -– potentially moving the UK closer to US #GMO food norms…
So if you were wondering why the UK govt was rushing through a #GMO deregulation bill that its own advisors say is "not fit for purpose", and every survey shows is not what the public wants, then here's the answer from the Minister himself: to move the UK closer to US food norms!
When Dr Michael Antoniou was asked why the govt was rushing in GMO deregulation, he said it had to align its regs with the US to get a trade deal. He said it could only be for political and commercial reasons because the science told you this technology needed careful regulation.
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Heard the one about how we must deregulate #GMOs so the world's biggest pesticide corporations can use them to cut pesticide use?

#GMO crops are helping drive pesticide use, especially herbicide use, not reducing it. And new GMOs are set to do exactly the same.
1st-generation #GMO crops were introduced over 20 years ago with the same promises of pesticide reductions now being made for #newGMO crops. Due to the adoption of GMO herbicide-tolerant crops in the US herbicide use from 1996-2011 INCREASED by an estimated 239M kg—239000 tonnes!
In Argentina🇦🇷after #GMO herbicide-tolerant soy was authorised in 1996, they saw a 60% increase in herbicide use (figures 2000-2014) with accompanying reports of increased rates of cancers and birth defects… #GMOs
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Advisory body deals blow to UK gene editing plans… “Not fit for purpose,” is the response from the UK Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) to govt attempts to deregulate food editing of crops and animals. #GMOs
The RPC gives a “red” (or failing) grade to the UK govt regarding the new gene-editing bill’s impact on businesses. It also says more discussion is needed on “impacts, labeling & traceability”. It also says that consumer sentiment toward gene-editing has to be further considered
The RPC says the govt’s impact assessment didn’t rely on independent evaluations: “Much of the evidence re risk discussed in the impact assessment is drawn from interested parties, or based on scientific trials that don't replicate real-world conditions (incl farmers’ behavior).”
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German ministry warns on risks of new #GMO products… And even the European Commission's representative expects gene-edited organisms will be traceable and labelled. #GMOs Image
The German environment minister @SteffiLemke emphasised that there's no need to regulate new #GMOs differently. But she said if new regulation is introduced in the EU, we need risk assessment and mandatory labelling (both of which are missing from #GMO deregulation in the UK)
@SteffiLemke The German environment minister also warned that that new GMO techniques (involving gene editing) have unintended effects, that new #GMO products may pose risks for health and the environment, and that the claimed benefits are not proven: "There is a high risk of greenwashing."
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Leading molecular geneticist warns about the impact of #GMOs (including gene editing) and glyphosate… His deep familiarity with gene editing makes him concerned about its deregulation. And his cutting-edge research makes him concerned about #glyphosate
Dr Michael Antoniou says deregulation "will make it almost a free-for-all", which he views with great concern because gene editing technologies are "nowhere near as precise" as claimed – "in fact, they are imprecise, and they carry major risks to both health and the environment."
Dr Antoniou contrasts the highly regulated, highly contained, carefully monitored & targeted use of gene editing in a clinical context, with agriculture where deregulated novel engineered organisms carrying unintentional genetic damage will be freely released into the environment
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The UK Govt says that before moving to #GMO deregulation it consulted with the "independent experts" on its Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE), whose view is that gene-edited organisms pose no greater risk than traditionally bred foods. But guess what👇
Meet Jim Dunwell, chair of the UK's "independent" #GMO advisory body ACRE. Jim used to work for the GM firm Zeneca. He gets a Syngenta pension. And he was a founding member of a GM industry-funded group that lobbies "to make the case for GM crops & foods."… Image
If someone with a GM industry background & Syngenta pension who co-founded a pro-GMO lobby group doesn't sound like an "independent expert" on #GMOs, then you need to know he's far from alone, eg he's just 1 of 3 members of ACRE who all connect to Syngenta
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UK govt turns its back on science in #GMO free-for-all Bill… GMWatch publishes its response to a Bill that's based on dishonesty and a determination to dismiss years of peer-reviewed findings on the real effects of gene editing. #GMOs
The UK govt's Bill is accompanied by an Impact Assessment. Both are deeply problematic, as they cast aside the interests of public health & the environment and raise animal welfare concerns—in the rush to smooth the path to market for new experimental #GMO crops & animals. #GMOs
Claire Robinson of GMWatch and the molecular geneticist Dr Michael Antoniou have laid out their concerns with the Bill and propose a series of Amendments. They spell all this out in easy-to-follow detail👉… #GMOs
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Scotland's Environment Minister signals no change to #GMO regime in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿… In a letter to the UK Govt, the Minister says Scotland won't be deregulating and it opposes no labelling of #NewGMOs—"the public have a right to know what they are consuming."
"The Scottish Govt remains wholly opposed to the imposition of the Internal Market Act, and will not accept any constraint on the exercise of its devolved powers to set standards within devolved policy areas." Refers to unlabelled #GMOs from England being marketed in Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
"Your own consultation last year rejected the changes to the regulation of GM that you're now pursuing. Consumer information & choice is key. I'm therefore extremely concerned that the UK Govt’s preferred option, as set out in the Bill documentation, will not require labelling.."
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BBC slammed for “lies” about gene-edited foods but it refuses to correct its misreporting… In multiple stories the BBC has hidden the fact that the Govt is “deregulating all manner of genetic manipulations of crops”—Dr Michael Antoniou, Kings College London
The BBC & other UK media have repeated ad nauseam the govt's lie that gene editing only involves “snipping out a small piece of DNA” but anyone who reads the govt's bill will see it includes the insertion of foreign DNA as “part and parcel of the deregulation”—Dr Michael Antoniou
#GMO promoters claim foreign DNA can be removed from gene-edited plants like stitches from a wound. But it's not so clean a process: “The gene-editing tool DNA can fragment & bits can randomly insert in many locations around the DNA of the plant and that is not being checked for”
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Food experts slam the BBC for 'lies' about gene-edited foods… If you can’t open, try here #GMOs
The BBC and other media have been accused of “repeating uncritically and ad nauseam” UK Government “lies” about genetically edited foods. “They’re literally ripping up the rulebook on all types of genetic ­modification procedures & being completely dishonest to the science.” #GMO
Dr Michael Antoniou, a ­genetics expert from the King’s College London School of Medicine, said claims gene editing didn't involve genes from other species “misrepresented” the facts. “Under the new bill, the insertion of foreign DNA is part and parcel of the deregulation.” #GMOs
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Monsanto’s Ghostwriting to Influence Science and Media…
While most ghostwriting scandals in science involve physicians, #Monsanto ran a unique and sophisticated campaign to promote GMO technology and attack critics /1 Image
When the World Health Organisation was going to find the herbicide #glyphosate linked to cancer, #Monsanto started a ghostwriting campaign to counter.

Monsanto's William Heydens “Manuscript to be initiated by [Monsanto] as ghost writers." /2 Image
Documents uncovering this corruption became available through Freedom of Information FOIA and litigation, and were later publicised.
Thanks: @baumhedlund @USRightToKnow @garyruskin @careygillam @industrydocs @GMWatch @EXPOSEDbyCMD /3
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¿Que misterios ocultan las naranjas de sangre o 'blood oranges'? Os cuento como se las apañan para tener ese color tan atractivo las naranjas conocidas como sanguinas o 'Sanguinelli' #HilosDC8 #HiloJAG
Las naranjas sanguinas despiertan mucho interés, por su característico color rojo y porque se ha demostrado que su consumo reduce el estrés oxidativo en pacientes diabéticos y protege el ADN contra el daño oxidativo
Los pigmentos responsables de estos colores rojos intensos son las antocianinas y ya se ha demostrado en otros alimentos ricos en esto pigmentos que pueden reducir factores de riesgo cardiovascular.
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100% of members of UK govt's #GMO advisory body have potential or actual conflicts of interest—List of interests reads like a Who's Who of the British biotech industry!… Image
All members of ACRE have COIs that may enable them to benefit from any weakening of the regs around GMOs + in spite of ACRE's role in regulating environmental releases of #GMOs, only 1 of ACRE's panel has expertise in ecology and none seem to have ANY in environmental toxicology. Image
Get this! Jim Dunwell, the chair of this "independent" #GMO advisory body to the UK govt, was a founding member of the biotech industry-funded lobby group CropGen that says its mission is "to make the case for GM crops and foods." He also gets a pension from GMO giant Syngenta.
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2012 erschien dieser Film mit Warnungen vor #GMO: “The documentary takes viewers straight to the health hazards of GMOs including increased risk of cancer, serious allergies, unpredictable genetic changes in one’s body, and even infertility.”…
“10% of all teenagers already have a rare liver disease. How many will have that disease in another 10 years?" (also 2022). Und 2024 wird die Hälfte aller Neugeborenen autistisch sein.
Es treten auf: Jeffrey Smith, Tanzlehrer, Joseph Mercola & Mike Adams, Impfgegner und Alternativmediziner, Vandana Shiva, Allround-Expertin, Schmeiser, verurteilterBetrüger, Arpad Pusztai, tragische Figur, Michael Antoniou, Séralini-Co-Autor und einige andere.
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This @chicagotribune editorial bends over backwards to say #GMOs are fab (claiming they do all kinds of things they've never managed, and that they've been eaten safely "for generations"!!) in the course of saying USDA's new #GMO labeling is a pile of💩…
@chicagotribune A straightforward mandate to better inform the public has been turned into a complicated decision tree only a bureaucrat could love. The govt has replaced the commonly used terms “genetically modified” & #GMO. Instead, food manufacturers are required to use “bioengineered” or BE.
@chicagotribune The USDA's “bioengineered” or BE labels are supposed to disclose ingredients “derived from biotechnology” or “ingredients derived from a bioengineered source.” Yet refined products can dodge ANY disclosure via "a loophole you could drive a tractor through", says @chicagotribune
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