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This year has been full of unprecedented moments, and the emergence of a global #FoodCrisis.

From Ukraine to Pakistan, WFP has been on the ground responding to emergencies around the world.

🧵This thread is our 2022 in 📸 pictures...
Before the war in Ukraine broke out, import-reliant #Lebanon was already reeling from food inflation of 1000% - the highest in the world.

At the beginning of the year, WFP supported 1 in 3 people across Lebanon, like Turkiya, a single mom of three, pictured. Turkiya, a single mother of...
The outbreak of war in #Ukraine led to the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since WWII and sent ripple effects around the world.

1 in 3 families in Ukraine are estimated to be food insecure. WFP reaches nearly 3 million people every month with food and cash assistance. People in Chernihiv, Ukrain...
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It's time for a big thread 🧵 about the global triple crisis in fuel, food and fertilizers.
When it started, how it continues, and what lies ahead amid Russia's war on Ukraine in Europe and the growing Sino-American bifurcation of the global system. #realpolitik #geoeconomics
Food comes first.
@yaneerbaryam is the complex systems scientist who predicted the Arab Spring by indicating in his research in early 2011 that widespread violence would occur if skyrocketing global food prices (surging Food Price Index) were not reduced.… Image
US policies on ethanol which means a huge amount of US corn is used to power cars rather than food & commodity market deregulation in late 90s were major cause of skyrocketing food prices. The peaks in the Food Price Index were the triggers of the food riots and the Arab Spring.
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This month, the dramatic #FarmersProtests in the Netherlands have captured the media's attention.

Today, we take a look at what the coverage got wrong about the #boerenprotest and the #BigAg interests many journalists failed to mention.👇 1/19… Image
🚫Most reports failed to mention 8 major companies that have an interest in protecting the status quo:

🐷 meat: @VionFoodGroup, @VanDrieGroup & @PlukonFoodGroup
🌽 feed: Van Heus, For Farmers & @Agrifirm
🐮 dairy: @FrieslndCampina
💵 finance: @RaboFoodAgri

🔍"The Mighty Eight try to be invisible because the more it is seen as a #farmer protest and not the big industry behind it, the better,” says @FrankMechielsen, @feedback_europe.

@Agrifirm even supported the #boerenprotest financially, @NOS reports. 3/19…
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Extreme weather is on the rise around the world. Whilst the UK is experiencing a severe #heatwave, East Africa is experiencing the worst drought it has seen in 40 years.

Follow the thread below to learn more. ⬇️

Donate today:… Image
Across #Kenya, #Nigeria, #Ethiopia, #Somalia, over 110 million people are facing a critical food crisis.

This number is increasing week on week.

Learn more about the definition of ‘food insecurity’, and the impact this has on communities. ⬇️
Is food security the same as hunger? 🤔

They’re related, but they don’t mean the same thing. ⬇️ Image
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While commodities have recently sold off, there is a real and developing #foodcrisis that is not being seriously discussed. If you think the situation doesn't matter, you should read this thread👇
Indonesia exports roughly 300,000 tonnes of beef annually, amongst other proteins, and is facing the first outbreak of FMD in 40 years. The potential spread of the disease to Australia is a serious concern.…
West Texas is facing the worst drought it has had since 2011. In 2011 it is estimated the drought caused $7.62B in ag losses.…
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🧵Institutions like the @WorldBank claim to be leading the way on climate action.

The truth is much of its investment in "climate-smart agriculture" is really just protecting the profits of the corporations that are fuelling the #ClimateCrisis and the #FoodCrisis. 1/8
Corporations have co-opted food & climate spaces — pushing the idea that the #FoodCrisis is a production problem that can be solved by increasing yields.

Only, we already produce enough food to feed everyone. In fact according to @FAO, we produce enough for 10 billion people.2/8
Market controls, monocropping and land concentration are solutions to an underproduction issue that doesn't exist.

They're great for corporate profits but they don't address the real causes of poverty, hunger & climate collapse — they make them worse.… 3/8
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"When Russia invaded the Ukraine, we were already in the midst of hat we probably could have called a world food crisis anyway" @StateDept Special Envoy for Global Food Security Dr. Cary Fowler tells #EUDFF22

"This is built on top of that..."
"When you look at the current acute crisis that we face, you have to say to yourself & you have to get into the mindset that this is a 3-year crisis" per @StateDept's Fowler

"Short term in this situation does equal 3 years..."
As for grain stuck in #Ukraine, "1 alternative to the #BlackSea ports in Ukraine that we're currently looking at is essentially making use of the Black Sea ports in #Romania itself" per @EU_Commission Deputy Director-General for Agriculture Michael Scannell at #EUDFF22
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Our #Food and #Water crisis' are rapidly getting worse. Two of the founding necessities for human life and wellbeing are rapidly #collapsing.
In #Kansas thousands of cattle died from the heat and humidity. #WetBulb temperatures hit agricultural production hard.…
In #Ethiopia the #drought is so bad that monkeys are attacking children.…
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We've heard a lot recently about the global #foodcrisis. Most coverage focuses on Russia's invasion, blockade of the Black Sea preventing Ukrainian grains & cooking oil exports, high gas prices cutting fertiliser production and sanctions further limiting Russian exports. But...🧵
...this crisis was already looming large, ongoing labour & logistic disruption have added to a plethora of climate impacts; heatwaves, flooding, droughts, storms etc. to leave global food system stressed like never before. Food reserves are low and extremely unevenly distributed.
China, a major food importer, holds majority of world's stockpile - they aren't aren't likely to sell as markets tighten. Dozens of countries have recently introduced export controls on food, a contagious collapse of international trade as producers seek to protect local markets.
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🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen at #Davos2022: "This war and this 🇷🇺 behavior has only strengthened Europe's resolve to get rid of Russian fossil fuel dependency."

"The climate cannot wait. But now the geopolitical reasons are evident too. We have to diversify away from fossil fuels."
"🇺🇦 must win this war" says 🇪🇺President VDL. "Putin's aggression must be a strategic failure"

"We will do everything we can to help 🇺🇦 prevail and retake the future into their hands. For the first time in our history, 🇪🇺 is providing military aid to a country under attack"
"We will – hand in hand – help Ukraine rise from the ashes," says @VonDerLeyen. "That is the idea behind the reconstruction platform that I have proposed to President @ZelenskyyUa.

"The amount of work is colossal. But together, we can and we will master the challenge."
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1/5 Ukraine and the world are looking for ways to export grain from the country. It used to be shipped by sea but now russia is blocking all Ukrainian ports. Without Ukrainian grain, world faces hunger in near future.
2/5 russia stole some of 🇺🇦 grain, tried to sell it to Egypt & other Arabic countries. They rightfully refused to buy it.
Now Ukraine has enough grain stored to feed 300 million people for a year. This needs to be exported soon there will be nowhere to store the new harvest.
3/5 It is difficult to export grain through Poland due to differences in railroad width, all cargo cars would need to be updated, this is a long, difficult and expensive process - not for the present situation.
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1. Insects are among the most efficient forms of food available.

Is eating insects the future?
Eating Insects Isn't as Eco-Friendly As People Say?

(The Greast Reset, Between fact and fiction.)

#snowpiercer #FoodCrisis #2025 ImageImageImageImage
The global edible insects market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.7% from 2019 to 2025 to reach USD 1.43 billion by 2025. ImageImageImageImage
Does eating insects give protein? ImageImageImageImage
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @AHuitfeldt, @AnzeLog, @HonTonyAbbott, @SanjayVermalFS, @GERonAsia, and @MZZRS

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Peter Grk (@MZZRS): We are embarking on the unknown with the ongoing #foodcrisis, dysfunctional #multilateral organisations & the #pandemic.
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Thea coming intensification of economic #Crisis in Europe,
A thread:
#foodcrisis #Economics #EconomicCrisis #UkraineRussiaWar
Ukraine faces mass starvation: Kiev authorities deliberately disrupt the sowing campaign

The sowing campaign in Ukraine is on the verge of failure, the agrarians lack seeds and fuel. Only in Odessa region and maybe in the liberated regions of the country (Kherson region and
the south of Zaporozhye region) are fully sown.

In Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv oblasts there is fighting. Fields are mined, demining is not carried out.

In the Poltava region, fields are also mined, the sowing season has not begun.
In the west of Ukraine in
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Thread | While some people enjoyed #hailstorm in #Delhi with their children, a 10-year-old in Uttar Pradesh feared what his father (farmer) will do when he will see the destroyed crops in the morning.
#weather #India #ClimateChange @PARInetwork @hridayeshjoshi
This fear-stricken child assures his father that he will study hard and bring him out of the vicious cycle of farm loans. This child’s father – a landless farmer lost all his crops.

#hailstorm #rains #DelhiRains #weather #India #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
Now he has to pay rent for the land, arrange money from a private lender to buy the seeds again and restart his life.

#India #agriculture #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
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