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Climate wonks are (justifiably) focussed on Budget 2023’s investments to accelerate the clean energy economy and upgrade Canada’s electricity systems. But does the budget move #climateadaptation forward? Follow the 🧵...
Crucially, Budget 2023 follows through on the $1.6 billion in federal government funding commitments for adaptation over the next five years, announced with the National Adaptation Strategy last fall.…
The budget also announced a national low-cost insurance program to help to protect the 10% of Canadian households at high and growing risk of flooding—most of which are otherwise uninsurable (although this is not a panacea and must consider moral hazard - more in future tweets)
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Why do people resist #climateadaptation? Our new paper uses a sociological resistance lens to identify overt and covert #popularresistance in 56 adaptation papers and analyses the Sites, Repertoires and Consequences of resistance to adaptation (1/X)…
Societal responses to risks of #floods, #droughts, or #hurricanes – even those using a language of participation – might follow historical development pathways, strive to maintain the status quo, and directly or indirectly serve elite interests (2/X)
In recent years, we have seen an upsurge of civil society actors who co-produce adaptation solutions directly and mobilise for increased action, compensation, and reparation by those in power, for instance under the banner of #climatejustice (3/X)
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⚡️It's been an incredible✨ year for research on #climate change, peace, and security @SIPRIorg!

Here are some highlights from our publications in 2022 - A thread 🧵👇 #ClimateSecurity 1/15
2/ In February, Kheira Tarif kicked off with a study on 'Climate Change and Violent Conflict in West Africa: Assessing the Evidence' ⏩…
3/ Looking at the 'Gender Dimensions of Climate Insecurity', Elizabeth Smith stressed the need to critically understand the different and interlinked experiences of diverse groups of men and women ⏩…
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Thread: Until republicans figure out that the UN WEF technocrats have taken over every aspect of life (government, civil society, academia, corporations & NGOs), they will never understand what is happening in our country therefore they will continue fighting the wrong fight.
As John Kerry said yesterday, technocrats do not care about a politician or election. Why? Because of private/public partnerships (fascism). The government gives corporations money to change everyone’s behaviors which cuts congress out of the picture (no democracy).
Republicans call democrats Marxists and communists (which there is a wing of) but the Biden/Obama wing, plus Bush/McConnell republicans, are technocrats. This thread is a start to understanding what technocracy is.
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💔Africa has a MAJOR Cabro / impervious paving problem and it is causing all sorts of #ClimateAdaptation, #WaterPollution, #WaterScarcity, #UrbanFlooding and #drainage problems.

The 'Nouvea Riche' and contractors in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana are especially notorious for this! ImageImageImageImage
Someone, somewhere lied to us that never seeing soil is the ultimate sophistication.

Now everyone has covered everything in hideous cabro and plastic turf 😭

Impervious surfaces like Cabro do not allow water to seep into the ground.

And that causes SEVERAL issues:
1. Water scarcity.
Cabro makes water flow fast into drains.
When water does not seep into the ground, it means that natural groundwater is not recharged.

The water we use, our rivers, boreholes, wells, depend on rainfall slowly seeping into the soil for recharge.
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The failure of all weather models to identity this storm as dangerous is a wake up call. It was in the same place as the catastrophic flooding last year.

The EU needs meso-scale forecasting systems similar to those in the US.
Here's a picture of a supercell thunderstorm over Germany yesterday evening from @UwBeobachtung - storms similar to this can produce dangerous tornadoes. Europe may well soon face tornadoes - as well as acutely dangerous flooding events.
Improved weather forecasting for the entore planet has been clearly identified by the @WMO as one of the most useful investments that could be made for #ClimateAdaptation and #ClimateResilience it would be a no-brainer to deploy systems world wide like those used now in the US.
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Personal news: this week, I am formally filing my dissertation and graduating from my PhD at @ERGBerkeley. My dissertation focuses on how we can better plan for the future of our #electricity systems given the existing and emerging stressors that they are facing.
Today, electric power systems must rely on increasing amounts of renewables, power new loads like heating & transportation, and keep the lights on even as #climatechange makes that more difficult. And policymakers, regulators, & the public are holding electricity systems to ...
... goals of operating safely, reliably, cost-effectively & sustainably & serving users equitably. These new realities increasingly require accounting for technical needs alongside policy goals & critically evaluating how we plan & make decisions in the electric sector today.
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I'm live-tweeting today and tomorrow from the #SustainabilityFrontiers conference. Follow for insights on where #SustainabilityScience is now, gaps, and how we create just nature-society relations.
Hosts: @LUCSUS_LU & @SEIresearch, inspiration: @theNASEM,…
Don't miss the graphic recording of the #SustainabilityFrontiers conference here:…
The conference is NOT being recorded-- welcome to follow and engage live! 2/
Sustainability science is still defining itself, argues Vasna Ramsar. Concepts like #foodsovereignty drawn from Indigenous knowledge are gaining ground as part of #decolonizing the field. #SustainabilityFrontiers /3
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Only a few days into @COP26, we’re already hearing global commitments and plans. This will all culminate in a day dedicated to the built environment next week. In the meantime, I’ll share my #COP26 thoughts in this thread.
I encourage you all to explore this wonderful virtual exhibition of the world's greenest buildings at @COP26. These projects serve as examples to all of us in the real estate and building sectors. @wef…
As I’ve said many times, @COP26 must be a turning point for the real estate industry. Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions worldwide. Action from this industry is crucial to meeting climate goals.…
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Ahead of #COP26, which aims to accelerate action on climate change, we have assembled articles on adaptation, mitigation and extreme events - three aspects of #ClimateChange that will be of key relevance to negotiators.… Image
Adaptation to climate change must be ramped up. Improve tracking of actions and progress, upscale investment especially in critical areas, and accelerate learning through practice. #ClimateAdaptation…
@WaspClimate @DrJNalau @curriealder
Enhance cotton yield resilience to climate extremes by employing long-term no-tillage systems. #ClimateAdaptation… @noorig
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Hey #energytwitter, if you want to tune in to the Senate and House hearings on the #TexasBlackout, links are in next tweet. I'll tweet on it throughout the day on this thread.

Please tweet using #txlege and #txenergy, esp. if you have relevent info that could help going forward
Joint hearing House Energy Resources and State Affairs

Senate Business & Commerce
First witness in Senate is Bob Rose, meteorologist with @LCRA #txlege #txenergy
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1/ Tomorrow, the Texas House and Senate will hold hearings on the #TexasBlackout. One thing I'll be listening carefully for--and likely won't hear from many on the committees--is discussion of #climatechange.

It's beyond time we plan and adapt. A thread #txlege #txclimate
2/ The CEO of ERCOT said last week to @TexasMonthly "We don’t have any climate specialists on staff."…
3/ Why? As I said in the @HoustonChron “We never hear the words #climatechange spoken at ERCOT because of the politics. It’s a taboo subject. We’re using the past as a predictor of the future and we can’t do that...…
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A thread on the #ERCOT situation below but most importantly, if you're in TX, if you can, reduce usage today between 4-10 and again tomorrow between 5-9am.

More below on what's happening now, what's driving this kind of event and what needs to be done.

#energytwitter #txlege
Every 6 months, ERCOT creates the SARA, seasonal assessment of resource adequacy. Their forecast was 24% lower than what will likely be peak demand today. They also had an extreme weather forecast. That was somehwere around 10% lower than what we're likley to see tomorrow.
Winter peak demand forecast was 57,699. Current day forecast is ~71,000MW and tomorrow around 75,000MW. Their extreme peak load forecast was for 67,208MW, obviously undershooting by a lot.…
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Join me Monday Jan 25, 6.15pm CET for the #Water Action Track Anchoring Event at the #Climate #Adaptation Summit 2021 @CASsummit2021

Register at

#climatechange #resilient #adaptnow #water #AdaptationSummit #ClimateAdaptation #AdaptOurWorld
The Water Action Track helps accelerate and scale up water actions in climate adaptation. While 90% of climate change disasters are water related, water adaptation drives resilient solutions: water is the leverage for sustainable climate action! @CASsummit2021

With @MinIenW @WorldBankWater @WorldResources @GCAdaptation and our numerous partners worldwide across sector and silos, we work in cities, countries, regions and rivers to build resilience by water adaptation action, together.
#AdaptationSummit #ClimateAdaptation #AdaptOurWorld
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Today we spent a chilly day out in the uMkhomazi catchment in the south of Kwa-Zulu Natal with a group of stakeholders who are mutually concerned about water security in the catchment #Water #SharedBenefits #SharedRisks
Why this catchment?
1. The Mkhomazi River is the 3rd largest river in KZN, with major infrastructure projects on the horizon #Water #InfrastructureDevelopment
2. It's identified as possible solution to long term water deficits in uMngeni catchment #WaterDemand #InfrastructureDevelopment
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It was a great pleasure to today host a one of a kind #forestry #WaterStewardship workshop with members of the SA forestry industry under the theme "Water Source Partnerships: collaboration for a water secure future"
On the back of the launch of the #WaterMasterPlan yesterday, @ColvinH2O opened the workshop with a fresh perspective on the role of the #forestry sector in the "just transition to a green economy" #WaterStewardship #Partnerships
A conversation on 'unlocking the catchment economy' is an essential one that must be had between the #forestry and #water sector @ColvinH2O added #ForestWaterNexus #CollectiveAction
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Continuing the chat on our article in @PNASNews "Crop variety management for climate adaptation supported by citizen science"… Today, I tweet about #agrobiodiversity and #climateadaptation and the limitations of agricultural science 1/16
#Agrobiodiversity is often mentioned as an important way to adapt to changing climates. But there are important challenges to realise this promise. The most important one is that this whole idea relies on massive information that climate change is actually destroying. 2/16
Farmers can only effectively use of #agrobiodiversity if they know which species/varieties are well-adapted. Climate change is making such local knowledge quickly obsolete, as climates shift. How can we generate new information quicker than climate change destroys it? 3/16
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