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Some leftwing & Congress dimwits on SM have been, since morning, trying to "educate" me on #VeerSavarkar. Just for the record, the revolutionary nationalist phase was my special area of research in the past, my great great grandfather Srijukta Upendranath Bandyopadhay
one of the leading revolutionaries of the early phase-Agniyug- was a close colleague of Sri Aurobindo, was arrested along with him in the then famous Alipore Bomb Case.He stood trial for a year & was sentenced to deportation to the #CellularJail in Andamans with Barin Ghose et al
Upendranath spent a decade in 'Kala Pani' at the same time as #VeerSavarkar. His memoirs of life as an exile-Nirbasiter Atmakatha-eventually became a classic in Bengali literature. #VeerSavarkar immortalized it & Upendranath by quoting from his book in his own magnum opus
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Swatantra #VeerSavarkar - one of the greatest patriots of India, father of revolutionary movement, classical libertarian, Hindu hriday samrat, champion of oppressed, warrior of social justice - my pranams 🙏

#NewIndia will undo injustice that history has done to you!

Here are a few facts that Congress sponsored Historians will conveniently forget but young India must reverentially remember about #VeerSavarkar

He was the first political leader to daringly set Absolute Political Independence as India's goal (1900)
#VeerSavarkar was the first Indian political leader to daringly perform a bonfire of foreign (English) clothes (1905).

He was the first Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level (1906).
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#VeerSavarkar was secular till he saw at Kala Pani

-M inmates as many as Hs despite 1/4th pop in country
-All Ms in jail 4 crimes-rape/kill/riot while most Hs 4 fighting British
-M criminals forcibly circumcise Hs & pollute their food w/ saliva/meat to make them accept Islam.
M hooliganism+terror at Kala Pani made #VeerSavarkar realise that he had been fighting wrong enemy (British) all along. M inmates used 2 teach Quran to non-Ms to convert them. Savarkar started teaching Satyarth Prakash (marvel of Sw Dayanand) to Hs & Ms, did Shuddhi/reconversion.
It was not fear of British but #VeerSavarkar's realisation that the real enemy is M Jihad. He took break from war against British (did absolutely right) and started building anti-narrative of Islamic Caliphate under Gandhi's patronage (Khilafat). This irked Congressis.
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On the occasion of the birth anniversary of #VeerSavarkar posting some of my articles on him in recent past in wake of intense calumny he faces all the time! The much-misunderstood, maligned leader of our times! @narendramodi…
His views on social reforms, caste system, untouchability, cow protection etc were way ahead of their times n resisted strongly by the orthdox. An aspect of #VeerSavarkar we r seldom told abt! @narendramodi…
#VeerSavarkar sadly gets dragged in contemporary political mudslinging by opponents of @BJP4India or @narendramodi which does a great disservice to his legacy…
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Jayanti of my hero Vinayak Damodar Savarkar today, a man who has been my inspiration. Now it's impossible to capture Savarkar's greatness in one single thread, there is just so much to him, this is more a personal tribute to him.
Savarkar is that kind of multi faceted personality, cannot be captured in one single thread or post. Every phase of his life, is a separate thread by itself, be it his early days, his stay in London, and then there is his Cellular Jail phase, a separate chapter.
What I am putting here is more a fan boy tribute to Savarkar, trust me it was actually hard for me to decide, how best to put it, in a shorter form, without leaving out the main facts. So this is more a look at his life, and some key phases.
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#VinayakDamodarSavarkar was
orn in Nasik, lost his parents at young age due to plague,was very close to his two brothers and the wife of his older brother.
June 9,1906, 22 year old #VeerSavarkar , LLB from Bombay University, boarded the ship SS Persia from Bombay to London.
On board #VeerSavarkar started awakening young Indians to India’s politics.Whatever be topic of discussion,he turned & connected it to India’s freedom struggle.Some said they weren’t interested,for some it was a condition for their scholarship not to involve in political movement
3 main organisations were working in 🇮🇳 at that time.
1-British Commities of Indian National national Congress
2-Dadabhai Naoroji’s London Indian society
3-Shyamji Krishnavarma’s Indian Home Rule Society
Aim of 2 & 3 was, ‘Self rule under British Empire’.
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While we have heard a lot about Veer Savarker apologizing to British, I m sure most of you wd never have heard about this Letter of Gandhiji to Cleimsford during World war.

You all would be as shocked as me after reading this 👇
A must read part of Gandhiji's letter - concern for Hindus means DIVISIVE Politics as per Times article, but Gandhiji's concern for the minorities is what made him MAHATMA and lead the foundation of Congress Ideology
Most Important part of the entire letter is these last lines.

If #VeerSavarkar is defamed as a traitor for APOLOGY to British , then what will you say about this EULOGY of MAHATMA ?

Should chapters on Gandhiji be removed as per logic of Rajasthan Govt ?
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