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One pretentious oaf lived in a palace and watched his wife die in refusing her anti biotics another wrote Discovery of India, while others lived to tell what Kala Pani actually was...

One must be extremely low on the evolutionary ladder to gloat over the first two.
Flags and Significant spaces are capital for sovereignty

And yet we allowed unbridled, unpunished marauding greedy traitor "farmer middlemen" to desecrate the flagstaff at the Red Fort.
Time-line 1934

While petitioners in the Congress were doing their impotent nonsense flirting with the British it is nothing short of GLARING that what bothered the British MOST were the revolutionary activities.

Do read the draconian details pf the Bengal Criminal Law Act.
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Sarted reading the second volume of @vikramsampath 'a magnum opus on Veer Savarkar. His conv with Shaukat Ali of Khilafat fame is eye opening. SA wants Savarkar to give up his Hindu Sanghathan for unity. This conversation could be happening right now!. Look at SA's brazenness Image
"MUslims have been converting Hindus for a long time. Whereas the Shuddhi ceremony is new. So Hibdus should give it up" is the thrist of his argument.
Basically, Mera kutta Tommy, Tuadda kutta kutta Image
Isnt this the same conversation the India RW and the Leftists/Islamists are having today? Image
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मनातील सावरकर विचारमार्तंड मावळू देऊ नका...!
कालचा २८ मे चा सूर्योदय आपल्यासोबत सावरकर विचारांची किरणे सोबत घेऊन आला. काल तात्यारावांची जयंती आपण सर्वांनी अत्यंत उत्साहाने साजरी केली. दिवसभर अनेक लोकांनी आपल्या आपल्या परीने सावरकरांचे विचार
मांडले. हे सर्व पाहून सगळ्यात जास्त आनंद कोणास झाला असेल तर तो या मातृभूमीला कारण तिच्या एका थोर पण उपेक्षित पुत्राची गाथा काल लोकांच्या ओठावर आणि हृद्गत झाली होती संपूर्ण दिवस. अगदी सगळचं सावरकरमय झालं होत सगळं.!
स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर हे व्यक्तिमत्त्व सहजासहजी कवेत येईल असं
व्यक्तिमत्त्व नाहीये.तात्याराव कळायला आयुष्य खर्ची घातलं तरी त्यांचा थांग लागणं कठीण.
सावरकर हा विचारांचा महासागर आहे, आपण फक्त आपल्या बुद्धीसीमेनुसार त्यातील विचारामृत आपल्या भांड्यात भरून घेण्याचा प्रयत्न करावा व त्याचं सेवन पूर्ण जन्मभर करावं.
पण सावरकर विचार फक्त
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On October 22, 1947 Veer Savarkar wrote this searing letter titled, “Nehru does not want to fight against Pakistan but against Hindu Raj“ expressing outrage & anguish at the injustice of Nehru’s support for Pakistan.
“The Gandhist ministers, leaders & newspapers have recently trotted out a new stunt to cover their dismal & disastrous failure to protect the life, property & honour of our nation & perhaps with a crafty design to capture Moslem votes in the joint electorates to come.
Pandit Nehru, their megaphone, has been addressing a number of meetings where instead of assuring & enlightening people as to how his government will forestall & frustrate the covert machinations & overt challenges of the Moslems
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On 29 July, 1909, #VeerSavarkar went to Brighton, UK. He remained there for about 10-12 days. His associate Niranjan Pal would visit him and they used to roam on the shores of Brighton.

On one such occasion both of them were sitting on the seashore.

#Thread Image
Savarkar was immensely sad. Sitting in front of the vast ocean, his mind was grieving at the thought of his beloved motherland. Niranjan Pal described that occasion 29 years later in an article:

“Presently, he (Savarkar) commenced to hum a song. He sang as he composed.
It was a Marathi song, describing the
pitiable serfdom of India. Forgetful of all else, Savarkar went on singing. Presently, tears began to roll down his cheeks. His voice became choked. The song remained unfinished, Savarkar began to weep like a child.”

#VeerSavarkarJayanti Image
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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
Freedom fighter, nationalist, activist, thinker, writer and sadly a very misunderstood personality too.
My tribute on his Jayanti today.
It is not possible to capture #VeerSavarkar life in a single thread, this thread is more a personal tribute of mine to him on his Jayanti today, with links to some posts of mine on him.
Here was some one who braved the worst form of imprisonment at Cellular Jail for not one year, two years, but a whole decade. Imagine spending ten years in a hellhole, that would have broken the spirit of a lesser man. #VeerSavarkarJayanti #VeerSavarkar
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स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर आणि तथाकथित माफीनामा (भाग २):-
इंग्रजांच्या क्रूर आणि निर्दयी जाचातून आपल्या भारतभूमीला मुक्त करण्यासाठी जो अविरत स्वातंत्र्यलढा झाला त्यात एक मोठं योगदान आहे ते सावरकर कुटुंबाचं.ज्यात तिन्ही भाऊ तर प्राणपणाने लढलेच पण
त्यांच्या पत्नींचं योगदान ही सावरकर बंधूंना लाभलं. त्यात बाबारावांच्या पत्नी तर साक्षात पतिव्रतेची आणि सहनशीलतेची मूर्तीच. ह्या मातेने पती अंदमानात असताना पती वियोगात अघोषित जन्मठेपचं भोगली आणि तीच कथा तात्यांच्या पत्नी यमुनाबाईंची.अशा दिव्य लोकांवर ताशेरे ओढणे म्हणजे सुर्यावर
थुंकण्यासारखे आहे.
जर आपण ह्या सावरकर विरोधी लोकांचा 'अर्ज केले म्हणून ते माफीवीर होतात आणि ब्रिटिशांचे गुलाम होतात' हा तर्क विचारात घ्यायचा म्हणलं, तर मग ज्यावेळी सावरकरांची सुटका झाली त्यावेळेपासून त्यांनी सर्व सोडून द्यायला हवं होत. त्यांचं सामाजिक आणि राजकीय जीवन संपुष्टात
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#Thread on Veer Savarkar's definitions of Hindu, Hinduism, & Hindutva.

Many people seem to be confused about the terminology.

To aid in solving the confusion, let's look at how Veer Savarkar dealt with the terms, in his book *Essentials of Hindutva* (pub. - 1923)

The initial sections of the book itself contains a section titled 'Hindutva is different from Hinduism'!

But how exactly? ⏬

*Hinduism is a subset of Hindutva. Hindutva doesn't just deal with religious creeds, religious/spiritual history.*
Firstly, Veer Savarkar takes up critical discussion to define the term 'Hindu'.

As per the discussion, Veer Savarkar observes that, the word Hindu can be formed from Sanskrit 'S' -> Prakrit 'H' transformation in the word 'Sindhu'
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The Sepoy Who Started It All.

The 1st War Of Bharatiya Independence was hidden in records as #SepoyMutiny.

If not for #VeerSavarkar, we would've never realised the heroes of those days, their fight against British empire, their sacrifice for our today.

29/3/1857 Image
Mangal Pandey shot down British officers & inspired his entire barrack to rise against the British.

The new cartridge supplied by British required one to use his mouth to open, it was smeared with Cow & Pig fat & was an insult for both Hindus & Muslims.

The British earlier had
given Bible for all sepoys to read which had infuriated Mangal.

He was waiting for an opportunity & the new cartridge gave him one.

On that day in 1857, he voluntarily took up the gun & shot many British officers, most of the other soldiers in his barrack didn't support his
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Large Thread but a MUST READ for every "patriotic" Indian...

#VeerSavarkar a name that epitomises -

Indomitable spirit to overcome anything, literally anything

Sheer love for motherland

& what not...

Here, we explain did वीर सावरकर really plead the British to forgive him

+ Image
Remember the terrible days of #Andaman Cellular jail where political prisoners were so inhumanely tortured that some even succumbed to death.

Upon that, #VeerSavarkar was dealt more horribly than others... This entire episode may be taken on an another day...

+ ImageImage
Well, let's see what were the underlying circumstances when the world was on the brink of world war 1 (WW1) which actually made #VeerSavarkar to think to write a letter to the British in Sept. 1914...

As Britain was an integral part of WW1, वीर सावरकर thought this is + Image
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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
Freedom fighter, nationalist, activist, thinker, writer and sadly a very misunderstood personality too.
My tribute on his death anniversary today.
It is not possible to capture #VeerSavarkar life in a single thread, this thread is more a personal tribute of mine to him on his death anniversary today, with links to some posts of mine on him.
Here was some one who braved the worst form of imprisonment at Cellular Jail for not one year, two years, but a whole decade. Imagine spending ten years in a hellhole, that would have broken the spirit of a lesser man. #VeerSavarkar
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According to him, it was not suicide but leaving this earth towards Lord after fulfilling his duties.

From 01-02-1966 till 26-02-1966, he stopped consuming food and water.
#VinayakDamodarSavarkar attained Sadgati on this day.
Readers, The 1st 4 Images Are Important.
He was punished with Double Life Sentence and this happened to be the First of its kind in the British Judiciary.

Few Lesser Known Facts About The Legend #VeerSavarkar..

1) The first political leader to daringly set Absolute Political
Independence as India's goal (1900).
2)The first Indian political leader to daringly perform a bonfire of foreign (English) clothes (1905).
3) The first Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level (1906).

4) The first Indian
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One morning in 1938, the hosts at Wadia House, Bombay were taken aback to see #Roy coming to the breakfast table in white Dhoti-Kurta in true Bengali Style instead of his preferred choice, suits/bush shirts & trousers.
Noticing the puzzled look he said,

#ManabendranathRoy, the founder of #CommunistPartyofIndia added, I'm sure the Old Man will be pleased to see me dressed as a full fledged Indian rather than as Westernized Revolutionary.
Having said that MN Roy went & met Savarkar

Yesterday was the smaran divas of Narendranath Bhattacharya (22/03/1887), the founder of 1st Communist Party outside Russia, the Mexican Communist Party & @cpimspeak who later distanced himself from the party he founded due to IDEOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES &
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#Thread: #VeerSavarkar - From the eyes of #MahatmaGandhi, #NetajiBose #IndiraGandhi & #Communists.

#Swantantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly known as Veer Savarkar was an Indian patriot, independence activist, poet, writer and a social revolutionary.

(1/21) Image
Post 2014, several allegations were made to malign the image of #VeerSavarkar.

Despite the availability of several documents in the public domain, some people chose to believe the blatant lies spread about him by #Communists/#Islamists and vicious politicians.

In this thread, let us try to understand #Savarkar through the eyes of some eminent and revered personalities throughout India.

🔸#MahatmaGandhi: Contrary to popular perceptions, #Gandhi was not at loggerheads with Savarkar.

(3/21) Image
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हिंदुत्व कहीं अधिक व्यापक है और न केवल "हिंदू धर्म" शब्द को संदर्भित करता है, बल्कि यहां तक कि उनके सांस्कृतिक, भाषाई, सामाजिक, राजनीतिक पहलू को भी समझता है।

It's nearly exact translation means "Hinduness"

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book. 1/n
#Swarajya as per #VeerSavarkar

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book "Pakistan or INDIA's Partition.

"आज हम कशमीर से लेकर मद्रास और सिंधु से लेकर असम तक के हिंदुओं को खुद राष्ट्र बनना होगा।"

"यह भारतभूमि, यह हिंदुस्तान, भारत हमारी पितृभूमि और पुण्यभूमि दोनों हैं|"

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book " Pakistan or INDIA's Partition".
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महान क्रांतिकारी, इतिहासकार, कवि, आयोजक और विचारक स्वातंत्र्यवीर , वीर सावरकर की 137वी जयंती पर उन्हें शत शत नमन ।
@IndiaPostOffice @IndiaPostage Image
Savarkar wrote many books like Joseph Mazini (biography of an Italian revolutionary), 1857 Che Swantantra Samar (the first Independence struggle of India of 1857), Shikhancha Itihas (History of the Sikhs), Mazi Janmathep (a narration of his jail term in the Andamans)...
Sanyast Khadga (a play), Kale Pani (Black Water), Mala Kay Tyache (What is it to me), Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? and Gomantak. Savarkar’s three plays Usshaap, Sanyastakhadga and Uttarkriya are notable for their dialogues and dramatic content.
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45 साल के महात्मा गाँधी 1915 में भारत आते हैं, 2 दशक से भी ज्यादा दक्षिण अफ्रीका में बिता कर। इससे 4 साल पहले 28 वर्ष का एक युवक अंडमान में एक कालकोठरी में बन्द होता है। अंग्रेज उससे दिन भर कोल्हू में बैल की जगह हाँकते हुए तेल पेरवाते हैं, रस्सी बटवाते हैं और
छिलके कूटवाते हैं। वो तमाम कैदियों को शिक्षित कर रहा होता है, उनमें राष्ट्रभक्ति की भावनाएँ प्रगाढ़ कर रहा होता है और साथ ही दीवालों कर कील, काँटों और नाखून से साहित्य की रचना कर रहा होता है। उसका नाम था- विनायक दामोदर सावरकर। वीर सावरकर।

उन्हें आत्महत्या के ख्याल आते।
उस खिड़की की ओर एकटक देखते रहते थे, जहाँ से अन्य कैदियों ने पहले आत्महत्या की थी। पीड़ा असह्य हो रही थी। यातनाओं की सीमा पार हो रही थी। अंधेरा उन कोठरियों में ही नहीं, दिलोदिमाग पर भी छाया हुआ था। दिन भर बैल की जगह खटो, रात को करवट बदलते रहो। 11 साल ऐसे ही बीते।
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Subhas - Savarkar Rapport

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was thoroughly influenced by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who is considered as the godfather of modern Hindutva.
On 21 June 1940, a meeting between Subhas Bose and #VeerSavarkar reportedly took place at latter’s residence in Dadar to “explore the possibilities of co-operation between Forward Block and Hindu Mahasabbha”. 

The meeting was said to have changed Netaji’s course of action
It was #VeerSavarkar who had advised Subhas “not to waste time organising protests for the removal of British statues like Holwell Monument in Calcutta.”

Instead, Savarkar suggested Bose that:-
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വീർ സവർക്കറും ഇന്ദിരാഗാന്ധിയും :
ബാംഗ്ലൂരിൽ അടുത്തിടെ പണി പൂർത്തിയാക്കിയ ഫ്ലൈ ഓവറിന് വീർ സവർക്കർ ഫ്ലൈഓവർ എന്ന് നാമകരണംചെയ്യാൻ കർണാടക സർക്കാർ തീരുമാനിച്ചു.

യെലഹങ്ക -വിദ്യാരണ്യപുര റൂട്ടിൽ ഉള്ള സന്ദീപ്ഉണ്ണികൃഷ്ണൻ റോഡിൽ ഉള്ള ഈ ഫ്ലൈ ഓവറിന് 400 മീറ്റർ


ഈ തീരുമാനം അതിവേഗം ദേശീയ തലത്തിൽ വാർത്ത പ്രാധാന്യം നേടി.

വീർ സവർക്കറുടെ പേര് കാരണം ആണ് ഈ ചെറിയ ഫ്ലൈ ഓവർ ഇപ്പോൾ രാജ്യശ്രദ്ധ നേടിയത്.

ഈ വാർത്ത കേട്ടതും കോൺഗ്രസ്സും ഇടത് മുസ്ലിം രാഷ്ട്രീയ പാർട്ടികൾ വലിയ കോലാഹലം ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ തുടങ്ങി.
ഇവരുടെ വാദം വീർ സവർക്കർ ഒരു

ദേശ വിരുദ്ധനും ബ്രിട്ടീഷ് അനുഭാവിയും ആണെന്നാണ്. അദ്ദേഹം സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യ സമരവുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട് ആൻഡമാൻ സെല്ലുലാർ ജയിലിൽ ജീവപര്യന്തം തടവ് ശിക്ഷ അനുഭവിക്കുന്ന സമയത്ത് എഴുതി എന്ന് പറയുന്ന ഒരു ഹർജിയുടെ പേരിൽ ആണ് അദ്ദേഹത്തെ ഇവർ അധിക്ഷേപിക്കുന്നത്.

ഇനി നമുക്ക് ചരിത്രം പരിശോധിക്കാം .

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வீர சாவர்க்கர் மழுங்கடிக்கப்படுவதற்கு ஒரே காரணம் அவரைக்கண்டு அஞ்சுவதுதான். அவரை தெரிந்துக்கொள்ள வேண்டியது மிக அவசியம். அவரை வாசிக்க முடியாதவர்களுக்காக சில வீடியோக்கள் இந்த இழையில்.

சாவர்க்கர் பற்றி பேசியதற்கு மண்டியிட்டுமன்னிப்பு கேட்டது காங்கிரஸ்!

Brother @arvindneela's wonderful speech on Life & Times of #Savarkar during my book(அந்தமான் சிறை அனுபவங்கள்) launch at #Tirupur last year.

இந்த தேசத்தின் வரலாறு எந்த சக்திகளால் நிர்ணயிக்கப்படுகிறது?

My speech on #VeerSavarkar's Andaman Prison Life during my book(அந்தமான் சிறை அனுபவங்கள்) launch at #Tirupur last year.

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Did you know?

Within 12 days of #JawaharlalNehru's imprisonment in Nabha jail, his father Motilal Nehru wrote an apology to the British to secure his release.

This was the only ONE time Nehru was kept in a REAL jail & couldn't even last for a fortnight!
The conditions in the Nabha jail was pathetic.

The British were trying to alter the charge & turn it into one of unlawful assembly which amounted to sedition. Nehru spoke of mighty bravado limited to mere words & his father rescued him out of the prison.

Nehru's release was secured only because he belonged to a powerful political family.

In his own words Nehru mentions a Sikh who was "not discharged as he had no powerful friends or public interest to help him & like many other person he sank into oblivion of a state prison"
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#VeerSavarkar ie Vinayak Damodar aka Swatantryaveer Savarkar [स्वातंत्र्यवीर] was born on 28 May 1883. He formed Revolutionary organization 'Mitramela' in 1900 aged only 17 and expanded it to 'Abhinav Bharat' in 1904. Congress falsely accused him of rape! SHAME! (1)
For the killing of a British officer, Swatantryaveer Savarkar i.e. #VeerSavarkar was convicted along with Karve & Deshpande & given 50 years jail in 1910. This itself shows his contribution towards the freedom movement. How many Congress leaders got such a sentence? (2)
#VeerSavarkar was the 1st revolutionary to write a book on the 1857 revolt, calling it as 'War of Independence' which was published in Holland in 1909. It was banned in India by the British even before its publication! So much the British feared Savarkar. (3)
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"सगळी मोठी कामे 'मोठी' म्हणून हातून घडत नाहीत; लहान कामे, त्यांनी ते काय व्हावयाचे म्हणून केली जात नाहीत, अशी जी आजकाल सार्वजनिक शिथिलता आलेली आहे ती आपण सर्वांनी सोडून दिली पाहिजे.मोठी कामे झाली तर उत्तमच. एका घावासरशी दोन तुकडे होतील.

१/३ #स्वातंत्र्यवीरसावरकर
पण तसे जोपर्यंत अलौकिक सामर्थ्य नि शक्ति राष्ट्रात उत्पन्न होत नाही तोपर्यंत ते सामर्थ्य उत्पन्न व्हावे म्हणूनच राष्ट्रातील प्रत्येक व्यक्तीने आपापल्या परिस्थितीत जी लहान सहान कामे उरकता येतील ती तरी उरकून घेतली पाहिजेत.


२/३ #स्वातंत्र्यवीरसावरकर
जोवर कर्तृत्वाचे मेघ ईश्वरी दयेच्या वायूवर आरूढ होऊन नि आकाशात चढून येऊन ही सर्वतप्त पृथ्वी 'धाराधर शतांनी' भिजवून चिंब, शीतल करीत नाहीत नि वापी कप-तडाग् पाण्याने तुडुंब भरवीत नाहीत तोपर्यंत थेंब थेंब का होईना पण तळे साचविले पाहिजे !"


३/३ #स्वातंत्र्यवीरसावरकर
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भारतमातेचे महान सुपुत्र, स्वातंत्र्यवीर विनायक दामोदर सावरकर यांना जयंती निमित्त त्रिवार वंदन.

आज त्यांच्या जयंती निमित्त त्यांना कारागृहातील नोंदी प्रमाणे सावरकरांनी भोगलेल्या अमानवीय शिक्षा १/५

#स्वातंत्र्यवीर_सावरकर #सावरकर #Savarkar #सावरकरजयंती #VeerSavarkar
१. ३० ऑगस्ट १९११ या दिवशी सहा महिने एकांत कोठडी.
२. ११ जून १९१२ रोजी कागद सापडल्याबद्दल १ महिना एकांत कोठडी.
३. १० सप्टेंबर १९१२ रोजी दुसऱ्याला लिहिलेले पत्र सापडल्या बद्दल सात दिवसांची खडी बेडी. २/५

#स्वतंत्रवीर #सावरकर
४. २३ नोव्हेंबर १९१२ रोजी दुसऱ्याला लिहिलेले पत्र सापडल्या बद्दल एक महिन्याची एकांत कोठडी.
५. ३० डिसेंबर ते २ जानेवारी १९१३ या कालावधीत अन्नत्याग.
६. १६ डिसेंबर १९१३ काम करण्यास नकार, १७ डिसेंबर १९१३ एक महिना एकांत कोठडी (काम, पुस्तके नाही)
७. ८ जून १९१४ सात दिवसाची खडी बेडी. ३/५
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