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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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Метатред по серии "Автоматное программирование". Рассказываю тут про флаговое программирование, явно выделенное состояние, автоматы на бекенде, автоматы на фронтенде и кидаюсь кучей полезнях #FSM
1. Автоматы как способ моделировать процессы вокруг нас
2. Автоматы во фронтенде
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Вторая часть про Автоматное Программирование. Сегодня поговорим со стороны фронтенда, а следующим тредом про бекенд. Не забываем лайкнуть и пошарить, дабы добро дошло до всех уголков твиттера. Поехали! #fsm
Напомню что конечный автомат это удобная модель, с помощью которой естественным образом описываются процессы с дискретным состоянием. Простой пример – модальное окно. Оно может быть закрыто или открыто и его можно закрыть или открыть. 2 состояния, 2 перехода.
Состояния влияют на то что можно делать с объектом о котором идет речь, а переходы это собственно то что мы программируем. Кстати иногда возможны переходы в самого себя. Про это поговорим отдельно в бекенд истории.
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People are getting in touch and asking us is it really the case that @BrightonHoveCC do not have a strategy for closing the gap between #FSM kids and those in the rest of the city? Well, this is the situation as we understand it.
The last strategy - Closing the Gap in Educational Achievement for Vulnerable Groups in the City - was published in 2013 and involved a number of school-based initiatives designed to boost attainment amongst poorer pupils.
In 2016 it was reported to the Children, Young People and Skills Committee that this strategy was being 'reviewed and updated'. When some of our campaign team members met with officers in April 2019 we inquired about the strategy.
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Given @GavinWilliamson failure to apologise this week for 'last-minute' decisions on schools policy during the pandemic, we thought it might be useful to put to together one handy thread of every U-turn from the @educationgovuk since April last year(1/43)🤓…
Free school meals will come up a lot in this thread, but here is the first governmental U-turn before the Easter Holidays. (2/43) #FSM…
.@educationgovuk then decided not to fund #FSM in the following half-term break, they changed their minds after a public outcry. (3/43)…
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1/4 Today I was attacked in Parliament by #LizTruss. Tho she can read a script, she misrepresents the point of my Guardian interview. Specifically, I argue that this Gov is intentionally driving a wedge between White working class & BAME working class. It's classic #DivideAndRule
2/4 Faced with the Gov's Divide & Rule tactics, I argue for working class #solidarity. Revealingly, Truss resorts to her dogwhistle politics & suggests instead that I stand for some kind of BAME #exceptionalism - a unilateral claim by Black people on the right to be oppressed!
3/4 The constant rhetoric from Truss, her suggestion this Gov is a friend of the working class generally & the White working class specifically, is utterly crass. We only need to look at #FSM policies for a true idea of the extent of this Gov's respect for the whole working class
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It is heartening how many individuals & businesses have responded to @MarcusRashford’s appeal to help children needing #FSM over half term. It is really encouraging that many people care about keeping children safe & healthy so they can grow up in the best possible circumstances
#safeguarding must always come first though. We are alarmed at some of the offers of help we have seen. We must not normalise unsafe practises such as encouraging online contact from kids, going to meet adults they don’t know & taking gifts from strangers. Safeguards must be used
We know people want to help but this must be done safely or the consequences could be severe. Sadly children have frequently been groomed with food. The guardian has reported here. Boys are more usually groomed into the drug trade. #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
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THREAD: I just have to say this to get some thoughts across.
Some teachers haven’t had a proper break since Feb 1/2 term. We don’t have the choice of annual leave, we break when term dictates. Remember how initially during lockdown we were loved as they saw how hard we worked
to turn classroom teaching online, overnight?
Then we were moaned at for pushing back when we wanted safety measures and guidance to allow us to return to school, we were berated for our unions speaking out collectively for us. We didn’t want to not live teach we just wanted to
to do it safely, measured and considered but the guidance coming from government wasn’t good enough. Every time we did get guidance it came late on Friday night and we worked weekends and our ‘annual leave’ to then implement and document/report those changes to make it safe.
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On #FSM, it's important 👇

This was not 'help poor kids, yes or no?'

It was about whether the state should provide meals for millions of kids 365 days a year.

We've put £9bn extra in to welfare and support this yr to help struggling families. Gov is 100% helping kids in need.
Voting not to roll out huge expansion of long term state dependency to millions, when a large % of those on FSM are not impoverished and don't want or need it, is not an effective use of funding to support poor kids. Being on FSM does not automatically = 'hungry in the holidays'
I voted to target that funding more effectively to kids in desperate need, like the HUGE £1BN PACKAGE from @mhclg to councils today who are tasked with local and targeted support of disadvantaged people and families.
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