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In February, I was asked about creating a local business website for a new company. They had no interest in doing any SEO and just wanted a website. #seo #blog

I built the site and optimized it in case one day they wanted to get down to business.
1/5 google search console no im...
Fast forward to August, they wanted the site to start getting traffic. They asked what it would take.

My answer was simple: Citations

You see, even though their website was optimized, there was no proof anywhere on the web that their site existed. Citations will fix that.
A citation is any mention of your business. As a minimum requirement, you'd include your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).

Ideally, you'd also get a link pointing to your homepage.

These can be built across hundreds of free local directories.
3/5 example citation for a loca...
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One month ago, I walked into a store that was under new management and didn't seem to be doing so well. I asked to speak to the owner and offered some simple tips to drum up business for them. #seo #blog

In just 20 minutes, my SEO tips helped them have a great first month.
1/8 google business profile first month insights for small store
First, I had them set up a Google Business Profile on the spot. I walked them through how to do it on their Google Maps app.

This took 10 minutes and they were verified instantly because we included photos of the interior and exterior of the business.
Next, I wrote a business description (with their phone in my hands) about who they are and what they're offering.

I took a look around their store and came up with keywords that might help them. I used those keywords in the description.
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In June, I helped a small business with my SEO services. In July, I made a post about what I did for them. #seo #blog

Every now and then, I like to go back to see how their site is doing. IMG: Top traffic keywords ranking
1/4 rankings for past client's website. it's been months since i
You can see how much impact this had on their visibility in search. When comparing L3M to the previous period, they had:

+26% increase in clicks
+135% increase in impressions

2/4 started doing seo in june and july, then you can see the upt
It could have been more, but as stated in the original post, they didn't have a big budget.

My hopes were to provide them with some cash flow, allowing them to re-invest later in the year (right about now).

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#BuildingInFocus A cobbled #Norfolk alley shelters England’s last surviving Hanseatic warehouse. 'Hanse House' was a trading post for the Hanseatic League - a confederation of #medieval merchants. Built in 1475, when #KingsLynn was England's most important port... 🧵

In 1505, 40+ German merchants were trading raw materials and luxury goods out of Lynn. But in 1561 they began to lease the buildings to local families. In 1751, a wealthy brewer purchased the complex, adding a Georgian townhouse... 🧵

📷Alienturnedhuman; Public domain, Wikimedia
The townhouse saw many uses: girls’ school (from 1880); surgeon's house (1891) & #WWI army officers' quarters. It previously housed @NorfolkCC, who restored ity in 1969 & secured Grade I listing in 1972. The complex now houses a variety of businesses.

📷Poppyland Publishing
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Ein Spiel! 😈 Ein Anthro-Institut behauptet, dass meine Aussagen, "...meist jeder Quelle entbehren". Ok!

Klickt auf mein #Blog, im Seitenmenu auf #Archiv und auf IRGENDEINEN von 1000+ #Artikeln. Wo fehlt eine Quellenangabe? Findet ihr eine...? ImageImage
Ich kann das bei Wordpress nicht automatisch sehen, ich müsste jeden Artikel anklicken.

Daher: Gerne Schwarm-klicken! Ich weiß es auch nicht genau.

Was ratet ihr? Wie viele meiner Posts enthalten keinerlei Quellenangabe?
Kommt Leute, eine Stunde und erst ein halber Treffer. Da geht noch was!!

Wenigstens 10% müssen wir zusammen bekommen. Wissenschaftlich orientierte Menschen freuen sich, auf Fehler hingewiesen zu werden.

Was könnt ihr eigentlich?? 😜
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Un atardecer bonito.

Ese abrazo inesperado. Tu comida favorita. La canción exacta en el momento justo. Una charla con amigos.

Un brindis por lo que sea. Mirar por la ventana mientras llueve. Sonreír al mirar al cielo. Las sorpresas. Una tarde haciendo lo que más te
gusta hacer.

Un buen libro. El mar y el ruido de las olas. Cuando alguien te dice algo bonito. Las sonrisas con los ojos. Pasar tiempo con quien quieres. Las buenas noticias.

Las sobremesas eternas. Los sueños cumplidos. Una peli y manta. Llorar de la risa.
Charlar en la cama con tu persona favorita. Dormir sin despertador.

Soñar bonito. Recordar momentos. Los reencuentros. Una videollamada porque sí. Ver sonreír a quien quieres. Un paseo con buena música. Apreciar las cosas pequeñas.
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5 CSS Cheatsheets that can save a lot of time

A Thread🧵
#CSS #Blog Image
1. Flexbox cheatsheet :
2. Grid Cheatsheet :
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A #Thread 🧵 on all the python libraries which are used in trading.

Save it for later.

#python #trading #stockmarket #trader #pythonprogramming #pythonlibraries #numpy #pandas #coding #Blog
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When it comes to managing risk in trading, there is more to it that revolves around the trading activity.


#help #trading #riskmanagement #riskassessment #trading #trader #stockmarket #Blog Image
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Way too soon to say I’m back, but I’m about to post one of the highest Sunday traffic days EVER for my site.

After crushing me in the May Core Update, I woke up this morning and it was like Google had rediscovered my site again.

Check out these keyword stats… 🧵👇 #SEO #blog Image
Of my main target keywords, I went from JUST 27 keywords in the top 100 SERP positions since the update, to 105 overnight! 😮

It’s like a switch was flicked… ImageImage
As for KWs in the top 10 positions, I went from 26 to 71… ImageImage
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Here is the thread🧵 of our most viewed blog on algorithmic trading which we think will be helpful for you.

Part 1

#Thread #StockMarket #algotrading #trading #blog #Trending #Python #career #MachineLearning
1 -…
Learn how to install the Ta-Lib python library on Windows, macOS as well as Linux. Also, create technical indicators using Ta-Lib and plot them.

#Python #Linux
2 -
This blog will empower you to be able to use the Python codes to fetch the stock market data of your favourites stocks, build the strategies using this stock market data and analyse this data.
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Here are some of my favorite education blogs. I visit these sites when I'm looking for information and inspiration. I think you'll like them. If you have some others that you like, share them here. #education #teachertwitter #blogs
✅ Cult of Pedagogy - Some of my favorite topics to explore on this blog are classroom management, technology, equity, and leadership. @cultofpedagogy
@cultofpedagogy ✅ Ditch That Textbook - A great resource for creative ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. @jmattmiller
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Here’s a new backlink 🔗 outreach strategy I’m trying that’s likely to have an extremely high failure rate.

BUT, even if 1 of the 200 emails I send converts, it will be worth it.

The campaign is targeted at .edu’s and it’s inspired by @BrianEDean.

🧵👇#SEO #blog
When you’re looking for a specific data point, and you discover it in the SERPs, what’s more likely?

1️⃣ You spend time to reproduce that same data
2️⃣ You link to the article

…#2 for most.

That’s why generating original, high quality research can serve as great link-bait. 🎣
Producing an article with original research that was highly relevant to my niche was step #1 of this process. 🔬

This strategy targets colleges and universities, so naturally this directly influenced my link-bait topic selection.
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One month ago, a small business reached out to me about fixing their site's SEO. They didn't have much of a budget, but I wanted to help. #SEO #blog

By fixing their site structure and improving their on-page SEO, they started the process of climbing the rankings. I did:
1/12 keyword rankings appearing and improving for a website that search console impressions nearly doubled in one month
I mapped the existing site structure into a spreadsheet, documenting all URLs and page titles. I documented which pages were sending and receiving internal links and the anchor texts used. I made a note for any pages that have thin content, poor on-page, and poor permalinks.
I carefully studied the intent of each page and created a draft for a new site structure. For each page, I re-built the titles and permalinks, using carefully selected keywords pulled from Ahrefs and Search Console. All new URLs received 301 redirects and were documented.
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I’ve built my current site traffic in 7 months without ever going out of my way to build backlinks. 🔗

BUT, in response to the May core update and as part of my ‘kitchen sink’ strategy, I’m having a go. 🫡

These are the EXACT link building strategies I’m using.

🧵👇 #SEO #blog
First, it’s worth noting that my site has picked up over 400 backlinks organically to date.

The problem is, none of these links are coming from high authority sites in highly relevant niches. 👊🏼

As a result these links pass hardly any juice and my DA is a 0.4!
To change this I’m deploying the following 3 link building tactics:

🟢 Reclaiming image attribution
🟢 Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
🟢 Original research link-bait

Let’s dive into each of these strategies in more detail…
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Some of the biggest wins are just sitting there waiting to be taken. Take your page 2 keywords and throw them into Google. Page 1 results will show you what your page is missing. #seo #blog

There are a few things you can do to win page 1 for these keywords.
1/ Image
Better match the intent - You might have misunderstood what the search meant. Make sure you're delivering on what the person is actually looking for. Page 1 results will have better matching intent. See what they're talking about.
Covering missed topics - I guarantee you will find at least TWO topics you didn't include in your content. This gives you more keywords to target and you'll also get to double-dip on the next tip, which is keyword density.
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📢Abrimos Hilo (1/3): #LecturaImprescindible Desde el #Blog "Desde mi ventana" @PDiazVeiga pone sobre la palestra la necesidad de comprometernos 🤝 a todos los niveles con el cambio en los #cuidados. ⬆️ #Alturademiras #ElCambioEsPosible…
(2/3) #LecturaImprescindible #Blog "Desde mi ventana": No se puede tratar el futuro de los #cuidados con estrategias que se hacían en el pasado. Ante un cambio mayúsculo, hacen falta compromisos 🤝 de la misma magnitud. ⬆️#Alturademiras #ElCambioEsPosible…
(3/3) #LecturaImprescindible #Blog "Desde mi ventana": No hemos tenido nunca una oportunidad ⭐️como esta. Hemos de estar a la altura. Nos lo debemos Tenemos que apostar por reformas de calado en los #cuidados⬆️#Alturademiras #ElCambioEsPosible…
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Websites that have featured snippets share a few commonalities. You can check how each site weighs in by looking at the knowledge graph for each site. #seo #blog

tl;dr: e-a-t
1/4 website with featured snippet for a query
In this example, there are only 2 sites that are competing for the featured snippet for this query. There seems to be some detailed information about both.

The third site, which doesn't come up as a snippet, has almost no information about it.
2/4 knowledge graph for websitepoor knowledge graph for website
One of the easiest ways to improve this result for a site is to create a high-quality about-us page. You can read more about this here:…
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You spend hours researching 🔬 and writing ✍️ your posts.

SO, why don’t you spend even a minute on your TITLE TAG?

It will be the first thing searchers see, and it can have a HUGE impact on CTR. 🎯

Here’s EXACTLY how I approach Title Tags.

🧵👇 #SEO #blog
To set the stage, your Title Tag dictates the DISPLAY title that will be seen in Google SERPs.

An effective Title Tag can lead to a higher CTR, which in turn can lead to higher RANKINGS. 📈

…once you get to page 1, it can help you eventually secure that #1 spot. 🥇
And YES, Google REWRITES your Title Tags up to 60% of the time…

…BUT, when Google does rewrite the Title Tag, it uses your H1 header ~50% of the time INSTEAD.

My Title Tags and H1s are always the same (WordPress themes mostly do this by default).…
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How to do Keyword Research to Rank Higher in Google ? [My Personal Experience]

A few months ago I met a Pakistani client through Facebook. He gave me a keyword to write fully optimized blog post for his new blog which had DR 5.3 at that time (Now its 7).
As I am an SEO Specialist and write SEO blog posts, so i decided to analyse that keyword with the help of ubersuggest. In this tool, it showed search volume above 4000 and SD 42. Then I decided to check that keyword manually in Google.
Some high authority websites were ranking for that keyword and only one website had DR of 30 ( The Smallest DR among competitors). I told my client that it would be very difficult to rank this keyword and you would waste both money and time.
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We’ve talked about how to establish topical authority by targeting specific content verticals.

But, exactly how do you DISCOVER the LONG TAIL KEYWORDS to fill these content verticals up? 🧐

Here’s my FAVORITE long tail keyword research technique using @semrush.

🧵👇#SEO #blog
To set the stage, our mechanically inclined niche site builder chose a broad domain name to allow her room to grow:

“GearheadAuthority(dot)com” 💪

She’s also identified 5 main topic clusters to initially pursue:

🟢 Jet skis
🟢 Boats
🟢 ATVs
🟢 Motorcycles
🟢 Snowmobiles
The next step is to uncover about 10 long tail keywords per topic to write her first 50 posts on.

I like to start with one content vertical, publish ALL 10 posts with thoughtful internal links, 🔗 and then move on to the next vertical.
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I'll find keywords by accident because I'm often exploring new opportunities. I've always loved writing my thoughts in a notebook, so stationery seems like a worthwhile niche to pursue one day. #seo #blog

One keyword idea I wrote was "writing equipment"
here is what I found
1/8 ahrefs keyword report for writing equipment keyword
Doing this alone has opened the door to several micro-niches. "Adaptive writing equipment" is a niche that can stand on its own two feet. The products don't look like they're worth much, but it's interesting enough.

Let's look at expired domains.
2/8 adaptive writing equipment
I entered the word "adaptive" to see what comes up. Clearly, this niche has been scoped out and people see some value in it. If you look near the bottom, there is a great .com domain name that isn't taken, adaptivechild.
Let's pop it into ahrefs to see if it's any good.
3/8 finding expired domains
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