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#bloggerstribe need good content. By being a good guest blogger and adding value to someone else's #blog , you're going to build relationships with other bloggers.

Bloggers make up a large percentage of conversations happening on the #internet… especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can be tremendously influential. Which makes them good friends to have. By making friends with other bloggers through guest posting, you're going to grow your influence in the realm of… social media, which will ultimately lead to more blog subscribers. Guest posting is great for search engines

The one non-negotiable you should have for guest-posting is this:

The host blogger must include a link to your blog
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These days, I'm writing guest posts like a madman. More than I ever have, in fact, in over six years of steady #blogging . In addition to my commitment to regularly posting on this #blog , it's quite an investment of time. So why bother? #SupremeCourt… What is guest posting?

First things first: let's define our terms. “Guest posting” means writing and publishing an article on someone else's website or blog.

I offer this on my own site (occasionally) and do it quite a bit on other blogs with… audiences that I want to speak to. It's a great way to connect with new readers and get your name out. But for the longest time, I overlooked this essential discipline for growing a popular blog. I wish I hadn't. And I hope you won't.
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PPF अकाउंट म्हणजे काय ?

PPF -पब्लिक प्रॉव्हिडेंट फंड हा एक दीर्घ कालीन गुंतवणुकीचा पर्याय आहे जो आकर्षक व्याजदर सोबतच गुंतवणुकीवर उत्तम परतावा देते. पीपीएफ मध्ये गुंतवलेला पैसा हा सरकारच्या पाठिंब्यामुळे एकदम सुरक्षित आहे. या शिवाय यात मिळणारा व्याज आणि परतावा हे आयकर
कायद्या कलम 80C (Income Tax Act under Section 80C) च्या अंतर्गत खाते धारकाला टॅक्स पासून सूट मिळते.
तुम्ही पीपीएफ खाते एकतर पोस्ट ऑफिस मध्ये किंवा इतर कोणत्याही राष्ट्रीयकृत बँकेत उघडू शकता. तसेच आजकाल काही खाजगी बँका देखील ही सुविधा देत आहेत.
भारतातील कोणताही नागरिक
#मराठी #म
पीपीएफ खाते उघडू शकतो. तसेच अल्पवयीन व्यक्तीच्या नावाने सुद्धा खाते उघडता येते. Joint पीपीएफ खाते उघडता येत नाही. पण त्याऐवजी तुम्ही नॉमिनी लावू शकता. कोणतीही व्यक्ती त्याच्या नावावर एका पेक्षा जास्त पीपीएफ खाते उघडू शकत नाही.
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FORT LAUDERDALE -- Investigators with the Broward County Sheriff's Office asked for the public's help Thursday to find a man caught on surveillance camera beating a Jewish man last week in Dania Beach.…


2023: Antisemitism in South Florida…
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“HITLER WAS RIGHT:” CATHOLIC SOCCER TEAM ASSAULTS, HOSPITALIZES JEWISH TEENAGER: Members of a catholic high-school soccer team savagely assaulted a Jewish teenager in Miami, Florida, hospitalizing him with potentially serious injuries. 1/4
Throughout the beating, the assailants – students from Miami’s Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School – screamed “F*cking Jews,” “F*cking kikes,” and “Hitler was right.” Videos of the event depict the victim, a student at the Scheck Hillel school, surrounded by members of the 2/4
catholic team, who force him to the floor before taking turns kicking him in the face with their cleats; leaving a metal stud lodged in the victim’s eye. Catholic students also attacked Hillel students & faculty attempting to rescue the boy, tearing a medical device from one 3/4
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#DataPrivacyDay reminds us to treat personal information like money. It has value & we need to protect it as if our lives depended on it bcuz sometimes they do.
Always question why information is required. Identity fraud can mean losing everything.

#dataprotection #Trending Image
* Your date of birth should not be a requirement to purchase something online.
* Never provide personal or banking information during an unsolicited call.
* Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer or online bank accounts

#DataPrivacyDay #Trending
* Never click on links in suspicious emails or text messages
* Always ensure the website you are purchasing from is secure. The web address should begin with https. The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that all your communication and data is encrypted.
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Finally wrote my 200th blog post. Sure it may seem small but it's been a battle and perseverance has been my only soldier. Here's my blogging story:
In 2016, I took up blogging, back then it was simply a "make money through affiliate marketing" scheme. I struggled to write and wrote anything that came to mind, I was an avid researcher and my niche was wide. I was doing fashion, health, tech, and more.
As time went by I switched a lot, there was a time my sole focus was tech then another on fashion. Eventually, I started to lose steam.

I had written 30 articles and wondered why I wasn't making money. I spent a whole year not writing anything until I got paid.
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Here's a personal story that goes along with my previous tweet.
For a long time I was focused on metrics, I made them the indicators of my success whether in blogging, life, or business.
Until I realized it was pointless to worry about how many people read my articles, it was simply something out of my control, what I could do though.....
was write 10 high-quality articles a month and those would get me to where I wanted. And so I acted.

Writing articles was something I could control directly. Bounce rates, views, and other metrics I could not.
Now I'm proud to say I surpassed my previous ........
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Today's #blog covers why the #pain #trade is likely higher over the next few weeks as #sentiment improves and too much money is offside.…
#Bullish optimism is building around:
- #Fed cutting rates
- #Economy will avoid #recession
- #Employment remains strong.
- #Earnings have corrected enough
Risk to that view remains a recession.…
It is called the “#paintrade” because it is the opposite of how #investors are currently positioned. Investor sentiment remains historically #bearish despite improvement since the October lows.…
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🧵 -A #thread on Ten ways to set yourself up to get a #job in #web3 with little to no experience.

Becoming established in this space could really kick start your career when we enter back into a bull market. Hopefully these steps can point you in the right direction.
1. -Online Courses and Certifications.
Take online courses and certifications to learn the basics of #blockchain technology, smart contracts, and other relevant technologies. Some popular platforms include Coursera, edX, and Udemy. 👇
2. -Participate in #hackathons.
Hackathons are competitions where teams of developers create projects over a short period of time, they can help you showcase your skills and get noticed by potential employers. 👇
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Today's #blog is part 2 of our outlook for 2023. Why you will want to own #bonds in the first half and #stocks in the 2nd.…
The #inversion of 80% of the 10 #economically important yield curves also suggests a recession is likely. The inverted yield curves play an essential role in our 2023 portfolio positioning.…
So far, investors have mostly overlooked the rate shock impact on the real economy. However, the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes have collapsed the composite Economic Composite Index and the 6-month rate of change of the Leading Economic Index.…
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73 AWESOME Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today [MASSIVE THREAD] 🧵
1. Tutorials and How-to Guides
2. Latest Industry News
3. Current Events
4. Controversial Subjects
5. Checklists: Do you have all that you need to ____?
6. Listicles
7. Infographics
8. Case Studies
9. Profiles
10. Interviews
11. Advice from the Experts
12. Reviews
13. Comparisons
14. Video Blogs
15. MP3s
16. Resources
17. Problem & Solutions
18. Share What Others are Saying
19. A Glance “Behind the Curtain”
20. Inspirational Stories
21. Parody Posts
22. Funny Posts
23. Quizzes
24. Surveys & Polls
25. Local News
26. Presentations & SlideShare
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[THREAD] N’ayez pas peur de migrer vers #Shopify !

Un #CMS qui a fortement évolué ces dernières années en renforçant son équipe de senior #SEO. Le produit est encore tant décrié par les #agences SEO. Voici mon retour d'expérience !
Arguments principaux des clients : Solution simple, complète et pas chère : Sans développement, le CMS propose beaucoup de solutions natives ou avec des modules complémentaires paramétrables sans coder.
Équipe restreinte : Un #webmaster suffit à faire 95% des actions techniques. Plus besoin d’énorme équipe IT pour faire évoluer la solution et gagner en visibilité organique.
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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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5 Keys to Blogging Success, via Greg & Holly Johnson @ClubThrifty


1. Just start.

Quit waiting around for the perfect time, 90% perfect and published is far better than something that is 100% perfect and still in your head.

2. Find Your Awesome Sauce.

Be yourself. There is only one J. Money @BudgetsAreSexy, only one J.D. Roth @jdroth, only one Donna Freedman @DLFreedman. You can never be them, so don’t try. Discover your own voice and your audience will find you because there is only one you.
3. Practice and patience.

Read and write as much as you possibly can and experiment with finding your voice.

You can’t start a fire without first adding the fuel. Keep adding the fuel to your #blog every day by writing, reading, networking. When it is ready, it will ignite.
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Learn more #aboutidentifying "cheap MA small business owners auto insurance company #customizablecoverage #near "MA", at Lunova Insurance.

Lunova Insurance
14A Winthrop St Marlborough, MA 01752 1-508-258-7195… #Massachusetts #BUSINESS #AUTO #INSURANCE #MA
"Learn more #about our independent business owners automobile insurance company rates in MA, #NEAR Boston MA, online & local, with "our #Boston #MAinsurancequotes at Lunova Insurance":

Lunova Insurance
14A Winthrop St Marlborough, MA 01752 1-508-258-7195…"
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Dem #Rechtsextremisten Robert G. (#Osnabrück und #OWL) droht eine #Haftstrafe. Grund ist #Volksverhetzung. Am Landgericht #Osnabrück wurde er Anfang November für einen Beitrag auf seinem #Neonazi-Blog verurteilt. Rechtskräftig ist das Urteil aber offenbar noch nicht. Ein #Thread. Image
G. ist immer wieder im Umfeld der #rechtsextremen Partei "#DieRechte" in #OWL aufgefallen. Z.B. bei verschiedenen Demos in #Lippe oder #Bielefeld. Er solidarisiert sich mit der #Holocaustleugnerin Ursula #Haverbeck (#Vlotho), begleitete sie bei einem Prozess. (Foto Person rechts) Image
Auch bundesweit haben verschiedene #antifaschistische Gruppen bereits Bilder von G. verbreitet, die seine Teilnahme bei #Neonazi-Demos belegen.
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Outside of personal (auto & car insurance), #wealsocanhelp you find "#great rates + #low prices for business auto insurance" at "Lunova Insurance".

Learn more:………
"MA", FIND #OurLunova Agency (for Better Auto, Home, Life, Flood, Commercial, Vehicle, Policy, Liability, Contractor, Business, Truck, Equipment, Trailer, #Packages+Insurance & More):…
#LunovaInsurance #cheapest #commercial #auto
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For an #economy to flourish, and create #prosperity for the majority of participants, there must be a strong and vibrant #middleclass. Today's #blog digs into the disappearance of the economic engine.…
The shrinking of the middle class is accompanied by an increase in the share of adults in the upper-income tier from 14% in 1971 to 21% in 2021. At the same time, there was an increase in the share who are in the lower-income tier, from 25% to 29%.… Image
Most importantly, and what is often not included in the analysis, is the standard of living gets “paid for” on an “after-tax” basis. When we include taxation, it becomes clear that roughly 80% of America is failing to support the “middle-class” lifestyle.… Image
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