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Thoughts on Tech and Press relations, as told through Spider-Man (mostly). #blog
1. How Tech founders see themselves:
2. How the Press sees Tech:
3. How the Press sees itself:
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My latest essay on #recommunlisation and the status quo of this world was uploaded now. #Communism #Utopia #Anarchism #Capitalism #Politics #Philosophy #Liberty #Blog

Further information below this tweet:

This text is mostly dedicated to how I think on a perfect Utopia for everyone, without any exceptions. As for daily politics, a different approach has to be chosen, of course. But for those who wonder how I think on a larger scale, or who wonder how we might solve our everyday...
struggles and avoidable aches, might be interested in reading this text and leave some critique, general feedback, or even approval, just in case.
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These are a few of the questions I am often asked by junior physicians, or even peer physicians. I thought I’d share with you some the top 10 pearls I share with others, as we focus on many of these in the Brave Enough Master Class. #tweetorial #medicalstudents #medicalschool
2. Take a vacation every 3 months. Especially in the first few years. Trust me. Time away = burnout prevention. #tweetorial #medicine #mentor #physicianwomen #womeninmedicine #medicalschool #residents #medicalstudents #author #braveenough #gritandgrace #burnoutsyndrome #selfcare
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by @EuroMasochismo…
@DePh3nix @EuroMasochismo ... καὶ ἵνα μή τις δύνηται ἀγοράσαι ἢ πωλῆσαι εἰ μὴ ὁ ἔχων τὸ χάραγμα, τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ θηρίου ἢ τὸν ἀριθμὸν τοῦ ὀνόματος αὐτοῦ. (Apocalisse 13,17)
@DePh3nix @EuroMasochismo "Delle tante pessime idee escogitate dalla civiltà occidentale per autodistruggersi, l'abolizione del denaro contante è forse la più folle e pericolosa.”
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Twenty Years of the Central Bank Gold Agreement comes to an end today.

(short thread)
Today marks the end of the final Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA). Over the last twenty years, the agreement has helped stabilise the #gold market by limiting the amount of gold that signatories, all European central banks, could collectively sell in any one year.
But the gold market has changed drastically over the last two decades. Sources of demand are more diverse than they were in 1999, and the price is significantly higher. Central banks were (uncoordinated) net sellers at the time, prompting the CBGA.
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#gold under some moderate pressure on Thursday during European morning trading, last around $1537/oz
Firmer US equity futures (EUS9 up 24 points at the time of writing) and less negative real US yields appear to be driving #gold today, perhaps related to the story indicating that China won’t retaliate to new US Tariffs (for now).
Despite occasional set-backs, its been a decent month for #gold so far, supported by steady speculative longs on Comex; strong T+D volumes on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and decent inflows into global gold-backed ETFs.
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#Gold is just above $1530/oz in Tuesday morning trading, slightly higher than the US close on Monday and today’s Asian range.

With London out for a (sunny) bank holiday, I missed the extraordinary Asian range on Monday.
I’m not sure what the trigger was, although I suspect concern about the skirmishes in the looming trade war were to blame.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange was one venue where the move in #gold played out, with heavy volume seen in the T+D contract, taking August to a record.
ETFs have continued to build tonnage over the past few days and based on our proprietary database have added just shy of 100t of #gold this month, with US-listed ETFs the heaviest buyers.
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How worried should #gold bulls be by near-record net-long positions in #gold on Comex.

Grey haired market participants (like me) know that positioning extremes ‘often’ lead to reversals, as the ebbs and flows of gold and net longs show on this chart.

There have been times when net longs in gold have been elevated for years, yet this hasn’t stopped #gold heading high – see the area highlighted here between Oct 09 and July 11.
Remember, Comex is only one part of a much larger #gold market and under the right circumstances, large long or short positions can prevail for a LONG time and gold can move a LOT while positions are at extremes.
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$Gold: consolidating above $1500/oz at the start of the week - last around $1502.80 following some volatility in early European trading.
An early test below $1490 per ounce just after 8am London was short-lived and $ quickly bounced back above $1500/oz.
If #gold is not quite following real US interest rates tick-for-tick, then its pretty close.
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Gold: Steady at the start of the week and trading around $1427/oz.

#Gold had a volatile week but posted some decent gains despite trading down to $1400/oz on Wednesday 17th July.
The robots from Bloomberg, @business, report inflows of 224koz yesterday into physical #gold-backed ETFs for Friday.
@business Our own, more comprehensive database, shows mtd #gold flows dominated by US-listed funds, a change from the early part of the year when European funds saw the lion's share.
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Gold: At $1326.50 in early European trading on Monday, #gold is some $20+ off Friday's intraday high.
I think it's fair to say that this is one reason why #gold is lower today (although I'd also argue that trading on presidential pronouncements is a dangerous game).
Gold: But this is another contributing factor - the change in Managed Money #gold futures positions reported by the CFTC for the week to 4 June (i.e. last Tuesday).
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After spending the preceding month around $1285/oz, #gold has moved quickly higher since 31 May, currently trading around $1322/oz after approaching $1330/oz earlier today.
And this strength is not just a USD denominated #gold phenomenon: gold’s been strong in other currencies too, as this chart shows.
Inflows into #gold ETFs have also been noted, particularly yesterday, when 609koz of gold flowed into global ETFs according to Bloomberg, the biggest one-day inflow since Boxing Day 2018.
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#Gold: There is an interesting story on Bloomberg suggesting that China could dump Treasuries, not as part of the #TradeWar but to defend its currency.…?
#Gold: Certainly, the RMB has quickly fallen in value against the USD and Euro over the past month, as this chart of a 50:50 USDCNY EURCNY blend shows.
Gold: Together with the move in US dollar-denominated #gold back towards $1300/oz, this has propelled #gold in renminbi towards a recent high.
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It's been 3 years since my first blog. I remember how terrified I was to hit "publish" on my first #blog post. Unleashing my words into the worldwide web was a scary thought. What if people hated my writing? Or worse, what if the article had mistakes? (1/5) #writingtips #SciComm
Importantly, this was supposed to be my first step towards transitioning into a career in #sciencewriting- a field that was a complete black box to my family and friends. Needless to say, everyone, including myself, was skeptical. (2/5)
Anyways, I tried, and learned 2 things over the years. 1) My writing didn't (positively or negatively) break the internet. At it's best and worst, readers moved on with their lives. (3/5)
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#life THREAD. On Subtraction.

1/ It’s simple to note: One has to subtract before adding. Give up what’s bad, before thinking about adding what’s good. True for habits, food, news and everything else.
#life 2/ We live in a world with many apparent "signals”.

We’re consuming:
- More info/news/entertainment
- More food
- More social networking
- More things to-do/work...

…than prior generations. It’s making us lazy and critically, disengaged.
#life 3/ It’s unclear what the signal to noise ratio is - it’s a function of one’s own consumption habits.

And separately, we’re prone to setting additional goals too:
- Read good books
- Eat a healthy diet
- Have fewer but better friends
- Work smart

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Bir yazılım geliştiricinin bilmesi gerekenlerle ilgili 15 maddelik flood geliyor.. Mümkün olduğunca fazla keywordü bir araya toplamaya çalıştım.
Hadi Başlıyoruz!

#Developer #Software #Java #code #kod #yazılım #development #computer #bilgisayar #tool #PC #IT #web #tech #data
1-Temel veri yapıları (linkedList, map, tree vb) ve temel algoritmalar (sıralama, arama vb)

Sıfırdan kodlama ihtiyacınız büyük ihtimalle hiç olmayacak. Ancak ihtiyaç anında doğru yerde doğrusunu seçebilmek için o veri yapısının veya algoritmanın nasıl çalıştığını bilmeniz şart
2- Network Temelleri

OSI Modelini ve 7 katmanı; temel protokolleri(#TCP-IP, TCP-UDP, #HTTP, #FTP), güvenlik protokollerini(#HTTPS, #SFTP, #SSL), monitoring protokolleri(#SNMP, ICMP) bilmekte fayda var. Ayrıca ağ ekipmanlarının görevlerini tanımak ve 7Layer yerlerini bilmek lazım
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Live tweeting best d'ohzen eps as picked by @durhamiteA at #blog for @TheSimpsons @AlJean's curated 30 for the 30th Anniversary marathon on @FXXNetwork @EverySimpsons #LifeontheFastLane up next with @AlbertBrooks #Durham #SheReady #ReallyStrikeOutTonight!
#LifeontheFastLane features @AlbertBrooks in one of his many @TheSimpsons roles. Old cliche of super-sexy #BowlingInstructor.
The chief author of the ep, John Schwartzelder, now a reclusive author, is spoken of in @TheSimpsons circles as a series GOAT, as in @mattselman"s tribute here:
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Pour un sommaire des réflexions plus longues que celles qui s'expriment en 280 caractères --> suivez ce thread, mon #blog en overlay sur Twitter ! ⤵️
L'industrie du futur, vue d'aujourd'hui (doc par @industrie_futur)
Mais comment marche un capteur qui utilise la fibre optique ?
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There's been so much hype about #Zanzibar, but at the same time, a few people weren't particularly thrilled. Had to go find out for myself ,so some friends and I planned a trip. What I think? Top rating for beaches, good food, so much to see, history. Read this thread... #Travel
From #DaresSalaam, you have the options of flying or going by ferry to #Zanzibar. On the other hand, you could fly directly there. We spent a few days in Dar, then we went by cost $35 per person for economy and $50 per person for VIP. We travelled in the VIP section.
It takes 1hr30mins to get to Zanzibar by ferry. It could take longer when it's turbulent. The hotel we stayed in was an hour away from stone town. We stayed in Nungwi which is North of Zanzibar. #Travel #Africa #Tanzania #holidays
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