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A previous 2005 Christian Rishel AKA Rackham Rishel scam is PhoenixSurf. $HEX #hex #pulsechain community, DON'T ignore this!
Once again, we know Rackham is really Christian from this video

He seems to be well known scammer from 2005 on a mustang forum.…
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Almost to the day 3 yrs ago here is our chance to get hilariously rich see this article then come back here…

/2 Pulsechain a copy of ethereum is launching and here is how to get in day 1
/3 for us that did not know about this launch you already missed the opportunity because outsiders cant buy on day1 but there is a secret way in
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I wandered on the wrong feed again. Saw Richard Heart shittalk Do Kwon.

Lol Richard you made a revolving ponzi-scheme then survived by having people manually throw away the inflation by locking it all in the same account, willingly!

The sacrifice is total bullshit.
How much would the price of HEX drop if that sacrifice contract was opened up? Exactly, that's where the Anchor type ponzi-inflation went.

Meanwhile, there's absolutely no reason to sacrifice anything, as pulse is *literally* just an Ethereum clone. Says so right on the github:
So a "better" Ethereum is literally just Ethereum cloned. Even without the PoS staking advantage now.

Not to mention that the math of HEX still doesn't work out and it just lies on the front page. Pulse won't be special in any way.

Oh, and before you say "audited"...
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1/ #HEXFlex #HEXFLEX #HEX $HEX #HEXicans So I wanted to share my flex with the community but before I do so it’s important that you get to understand where the flexing comes from And what shaped me to be the way I am presently buckle up it’s a long one 🧵🧵⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
2/ the best place to start would be childhood. Growing up I lived in a Absolute house of horrors. I shared my home with two alcohol and drug addicted parents along with an older brother and sister. Anyone who has studied psychology probably can guess where the story
3/ is heading. Probably around the age of 12 I began my own journey and struggle with addiction homelessness and crime. Some of my most vivid memories of the 4 years I spent sleeping on the streets and floors of peoples houses and patios if I was lucky would be
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1/ To the #pulsechain, #pulsex, and #hex community. As the PulseChain launch approaches, it is a good time to decide how we want to shape the public image of the community at large. It is no longer Hex vs everyone else.
2/ PulseChain is an entirely new blockchain, and for it to succeed in the long-term, we need adoption from other projects/communities. It is not enough that individuals simply buy $pls or $plsx or even $hex. We need users, projects, and interest from whales and institutions.
3/ We as #hexicans and early investors/advocators of #pulsechain and #pulsex have a bigger responsibility than we might realize right now. We are naturally going to become the ambassadors for many, the public facing crowd onboarding new people and projects in.
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Are you wondering why the $HEX price has been going down lately, rather than up?

Let me tell you why my friends...
Reason #1

The end of 2021 marks the 2nd year anniversary of #HEX and many #Hexicans have been waiting as long to take profits, believe it or not

Some of these players were even locked in since day 1-2 of the Adoption Amplifier (AA) and even received Big Pay Day (BPD) bonuses
Reason #2

A handful of players were #Bitcoin free-claimers from 2019 that were locked in 2 years and are just now, cashing out

Some of these contestants only want their free returns and will ditch the $HEX train, only to be left behind. These are the non-believers
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New ERC20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
✅ e-Radix (#EXRD)
✅ HEX (#HEX)
✅ Highstreet (#HIGH)
✅ KleeKai (#KLEE)
✅ UniCrypt (#UNCX)
✅ WagyuSwap (#WAG)
✅ Proton (#XPR)
New BEP20 tokens added to the DeFi Wallet
✅ Altura (#ALU)
✅ BitTorrent (#BTT)
✅ BinaryX (#BNX)
✅ Lightning (#LIGHT)
✅ Ontology (#ONT)
✅ Position Exchange (#POSI)
✅ WagyuSwap (#WAG)
✅ Ellipsis (#EPS)
✅ Zcash (#ZEC)
Easily manage 400+ coins, including #ATOM, #AAVE, #DOT, #ETH, #BTC, and #CRO

Launch DeFi Wallet 👉

🔑 Your Keys, Your Crypto

* DeFi Wallet Listings are separated from App and Exchange Listings.
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1/ 🔥🔥🔥Let's talk #PulseChain value on launch. First a little info on the #PLS sacrifice.

We expect $1 sacrificed gets you 10,000 $PLS. But there was a bonus of 1X to 2.5X for the first 5 days of sacrifice which started July 15, 2021.

The more you...

2/ ...sacrificed, the higher you ranked on the chart, and the higher your bonus multiplier.

So the biggest whales will get 25K $PLS per $1. Most #Hexicans reading this however will probably fall in the 10K to 15K $PLS range per $1.

3/ Then there were tons of people who sacrificed after day 5. Those days had a pricing penalty or bonding curve of +5% cost per day, or -5% $PLS per $1.

This would last until day 19.

EX: On day 6, it cost you $1.05 to get 10K #Pulsechain tokens.

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Going out on a limb to say this

I am a 100% pure blooded #Hexican FOR LIFE

But the maximalist mentality MUST STOP 🛑

If we can’t welcome ppl from ALL COMMUNITIES $HEX will never reach the MASSES

INCLUSIVITY & OPEN-MINDEDNESS will take #HEX so much further than blocks & bans
@the_tccf, @HexicanLindsay and I will be working on a new streaming project focused on welcoming members from other communities and ENCOURAGING discussions about other cryptocurrencies. The reality is that lots of ppl hold coins other than $HEX and they shouldn’t be shamed or👇🏼
blocked/banned for mentioning them. This type of behavior will 100% be DETRIMENTAL TO THE GROWTH OF $HEX and will repel ppl and deter them from participating and openly supporting #HEX. These other coins are not just competition- they can be part of a healthy ecosystem 👇🏼
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1/ (of 17)💥Even if you HATE #HEX or @RichardHeartWin, read this thread. Clarity ahead.

I helped a friend set up a STAKE LADDER this year. Here's how it went:

She bought $10K of $Hex total back in Feb of this year. Price was a little under 1 cent at ...
(continued) 👇👇
2/ ...that time. Today it is 40 cents, for a 4,000% gain.

Her $10K investment if she cashed out now would be worth $400K.

But here's the magic in what we did:

$10K bought her about 1 million #HEX.

She created 5 stakes. Today, we call this a #STAKE LADDER.

(continued) 👇👇
3/ Each #Stake was for 200K $Hex (1 Million #Hex divided into 5 stakes.)

Stake 1 matures in 3 years
Stake 2 matures in 4 years
Stake 3 matures in 5 years
Stake 4 matures in 6 years
Stake 5 matures in 7 years

A lot can happen in the #crypto world in 7 yrs, so...

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Truth and Justice must ultimately win out, and the #gatekeeping of #HEX is coming to its inevitable end, as it should.

With that being said, the @CoinMarketCap lawsuit case has officially been filed, spread the word Fam!! 😀🙌

Find your mark Hex case, find your mark! 😎✊
@RichardHeartWin have you seen this yet?
@cz_binance if you have seen this yet you soon will. 🙂
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Most Likely scenario for $QNT:
Repeating fractal with a 15 Day consolidation period that puts us right on September 25th - 3 days before rumored OVN launch.

If $QNT is the $XRP of the 2021 bull cycle. That could mean it flips $ETH market cap (1/2)
Profits need to go somewhere after a bitcoin bull cycle. 2017 and 2018 saw smart money taking profits into $XRP because of its utility. This led to XRP flipping $ETH MCAP multiple times in the past. $QNT is negatively correlated to $BTC as of now. Same Story different coin
The fat finger buy and upwards trending QNT/BTC chart clearly show the exit out of $BTC. The Zero-Liquidity zone pushed price and rejected, further suggesting a period of consolidation.
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#HEX has an absolutely incredible community. A community diverse in life experience, knowledge, creativity, and wealth. Maybe it was chance, but I believe it fate that we've all been brought together by an amazing platform, HEX, and its genius leader, Richard Heart.
Since its inception, HEX and its patriots have been under attack from the crypto world. As its success continues to grow and push through new boundaries, those attacks have only increased and the Hexicans have never backed down.
Although many hold the line, there are a few Hexicans who have fully devoted themselves to defending HEX and what it stands for since the beginning. To these few, we should all be grateful and recognize that HEX would not be where it is today without them.
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Here u go:

Mainstream #crypto is in a #bear.

So mainstream pleps tend to have less $ value and less motivation to “invest” / sacrifice smthng rn.

This leaves us with less total $ value for the sacrifice phase, hence you get more % for your sacrifice, hence a bigger opportunity
However #HEXicans are in a 1000x permabull & they love and support their ecosystems.

So the most % of the total $ value for the sacrifice, will come from #HEXicanOGs & HEXicans in general.

HEXicans have proven to have #graphiteHands

HEXicans are the whales now & also in PULSE.
That basically means PULSE will start with one of, if not THE strongest hands #community out there. This will be a veeery strong fundament to build on top of.

Or do you think the PULSE #whales, which are mainly HEXican OGs will sell after a 2x … 10x … or 100x … not at all 🤣
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Shouldn't have touched my friend.

Don't listen to somebody who runs a literal ponzi AND pyramid scheme @goldsilver_pros. Thanks for posting a rebuttal page Richard that makes it easy.

Let's run through #HEX shall we? 👇

First off, you need a bit of humility. 30 =/= 8.5 (or 28) Image
From your own page.

- You ADMIT HEX is backed *by air*. "Whatever" is a very large range, and that includes Zero.

- Your argument against Bitcoin being a scam is "people own it". People are easily fooled.

- Ethereum isn't a scam, but there's no calls on its longevity either. Image
Finally the bottom one. There is a KEY difference that makes Bitcoin and HEX substantially different:

The process of mining costs labor/resources. Simply locking up cash, doesn't.

"Anybody wanna pay me dollars for funny money? i'll give you more funny money later!"
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From all the conversations I've had and seen with fellow #Hexicans, I already see that the community will essentially be divided into 3 different factions:
-People that consider #Hex (Ethereum) the real Hex
-People that consider #Hex (Pulse Chain) the real Hex
-People that value and utilize both
Personally, I'll be in that last camp, cause I like more free money, and as I've thought before, Hex is decentralized in a way where the old one can't be stopped, unlike other coins that considered ETH as a competitor and just used it as a launch pad for their own main-net.
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Finally what I actually wanted to post 😅

Here is a first dynamic update version of the rendering

Got a couple of things to optimize and reduce/remove some expensive operations that cause drops in the video

@ElaborateGames @AlexanderBorner @unity3d #screenshotsaturday

Doing shadow culling could potentially improve performance a lot

but it's perhaps not necessary for our usecase so that's just a sidenote
Started adding support for additional properties per instance (test with subtle brightness variation)

@ElaborateGames @unity #gamedev #madewithunity Image
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