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How do you image the large and the small at the same time? We developed new 🔬 technology to image centimeter-scale specimens - including whole mouse brains 🧠 - with diffraction-limited resolution and without sectioning. #mesoscale #imaging…

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ExA-SPIM is a technology based on innovations in (1) tissue processing and (2) large-scale microscopy 🔬. Our team developed new methods for expansion for microscopy (ExM) of large tissue volumes. #teamscience #expansionmicroscopy…

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By combining ExM with a new SPIM system based on technologies from electronics metrology, ExA-SPIM pushes past the volumetric imaging barrier 🚧 that constrains previous imaging approaches. (inspired by recent plot from @Daetwyler_St, @RetoPaul) #lightsheet #microscopy

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#Imaging In #Athletes from @mmartinezheart’s phenomenal talk at @LLUHealth

➡️ physiological adaption in athletes common

➡️ not every “abnormal” finding is a pathology #Echofirst #whyCMR must to evaluate

➡️ ekg interpretation… ImageImageImageImage
➡️ type of cardiac remodeling depend on the sports and activity
Nondilated concentric
LV concentric

➡️ increased LV size and lower EF not uncommon- Stroke volume ImageImageImageImage
#WhYCMR all the way.
Every professional athlete with concern of CVD get a CMR!
#whyCMR in athletes

➡️ accurate biventricular size and function

➡️ LVH assessment - accurate measurement of the septum

➡️ myocardial fibrosis indicates pathology

➡️ risk stratification ImageImageImageImage
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Wishing all our followers a wonderful and speckl-y new year 2023 ! Some highlights of last year's paper from the group and a glimpse of what is to come (1/N)
Fluorescence imaging in complex media, no need to buy an expensive SLM anymore ! (2/N)…
#Imaging Focusing in scattering media using Raman feedback (3/N)…
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$mmat industry awareness 🧵1/7

@Metamaterialtec makes materials engineered with properties not found in nature, such as superconductivity, negative index of refraction, and cloaking abilities. They will revolutionize #industries like #aerospace, #defense, & #telecommunications!
META can create transparent #antennas with greater electrical efficiency for improved #communications; concentrate #solarenergy in a much smaller area for increased efficiency; or reduce the radar signature of ships and submarines for a #tactical advantage.
In addition to #telecommunications and #military applications, metamaterials could be used to make buildings more efficient by providing smart glass that manipulates light in ways that can't be achieved with traditional construction techniques. #StructuralStability
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We’re excited to share a greatly anticipated resource for microscopists. This protocol spills all the secrets behind our 8 color imaging in an easy to follow guide. Out today in @NatureProtocols ! #Imaging #Science #Organoid #Cancer @IamAnneRios @prinsesmaximac @oncodeinstitute
Read all about it and share with your colleagues and collaborators!…
Our protocol explains in great detail how to do 3D multispectral imaging with online fingerprinting using the @zeiss_micro spectral detector. We guide you through mix design, sample preparation and we showcase applications such as single-cell analysis. Image
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Tips on writing a NIH R01 on #AI. In last 6 weeks our group landed 4 @NIH / @theNCI R & U grants on #AI in #imaging & #medicine. I got a number of enquiries about grant writing tips. I share some thoughts below. Also free offer - Happy to review & provide f/b on your S aims page
1. Specific Aims page - Most important page of your proposal. Articulate the clinical unmet need, followed by your unique solution, your preliminary data, brief description of team, your approach/specific aims and most critically your success criteria. Sample SA page below.
2. Significance/Background - Most important section in your narrative. Focus on unmet clinical need. What is the status quo & why is it not sufficient? (cost, tech etc). What is needed ? How will this impact unmet need? Who will be impacted? How many? Who will use tech?
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1/Controversy in radiology gets tense! The Mt Fuji sign for tension pneumocephalus is under scrutiny.When should you call it?
A #tweetorial about #imaging this important #neurosurgery complication
#medtwitter #FOAMed #FOAMrad #medstudent #neurorad #radres #meded #neurotwitter Image
2/Some believe that the peaked, mountain like appearance of the frontal lobes is a critical sign of a life-threatening complication & should be called & reported. Others believe it is too non-specific, is commonly seen when there isn’t tension & should be retired. Who’s right? Image
3/First, let’s clarify about what the Mt Fuji sign actually is. Most are familiar with the fact that large collections of pneumocephalus can compress the frontal lobes—making them look like the slopes of a mountain. But this isn’t actually enough to call Mt Fuji. Image
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#US supports #Ukraine attacking #Crimea – Politico

Washington reportedly believes the peninsula
– which Elected to rejoined Russia in 2014 –
is a #Legitimate #Target ⁉️
The #Empire gets #DIRECTLY #Involved:

Air defense systems became activated in the city of Kerch, in the vicinity of the #Crimean #Bridge on Thursday evening.
Videos showed a missile piercing the night sky.

The #Empire gets #DIRECTLY #Involved:

#Kiev’s forces have carried out numerous strikes, which mainly involved drones, on settlements and border checkpoints in #Russia’s regions of Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk.

The #Empire gets more #DIRECTLY #Involved:

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Dear #hr in #niin #ksom #usc, I know you are busy,but could you spend 8 mins on my emails pls? I sent 6 emails from April to June, and called you every day this week, but I didn’t get any reply. #neuroscience EAD will be expired at 07/10😩@USC @KeckMedUSC @KECKSchool_USC @USCNIIN ImageImageImageImage
Thanks,friends in #twitter in #niin,#ksom, #usc, in #neuroscience, #neuroimaging, #neuroradiology. I really appreciate your support. I got the email this afternoon. It’s my fault. Even leave, leave with pride, grace, and gratitude, no regret. The 4 yrs will be the best memory in Image
my life, although it is also the hardest 4 yrs. Hope other colleagues could take my lessons, and prepare everything earlier in the future.
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I see #NHSEx has published the slides from its @HDR_UK “Data Access & Discovery” event, charmingly subtitled “A Forest Through the TREs” - on YouTube, if you want to listen:

*I thought the phrase was “cannot see the forest for the TREs”, but hey...
Let’s take a look:…

One reason we use the category term #TRE to refer to Trusted Research (or any other use) Environments that meet the #FiveSafes is that everyone wants to call their own TRE something different, so no-one really knows what they mean...
Call yours what you like (e.g. for @ONS it's their Secure Research Service) but if it only does four #Safes, or three Safes - and if it isn’t also #consensual and fully #transparent - then it's not a #trustworthy TRE...
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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The DISCHARGE trial in online on the NEJM and it confirms what we all experience every day using CCT in a proper manner. CCT is safer, reliable and allows better management of stable patients with suspected obstructive CAD as compared to invasive strategy.
The main observation that comes to my mind however is still the very low prevalence of patients with obstructive CAD (25%) in both arms (CT and ICA). This is well known from previous studies and it is related to the selection criteria adopted for referral, partly.
The fact that still we send for an invasive and costly examination (CAG/ICA) this huge number of patients is simply astonishing in 2022. Healthcare cannot be managed like this, especially in universal systems like Italy, Germany, UK, Canada,...
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It’s no secret that #EVT for AIS has been a complete game changer for the field resulting in dramatic reduction in death & disability

Join us to explore the #history of EVT in collaboration with @SVINJournal, to celebrate the inaugural issue Image
Many thanks to @Mahmoudneuro, #RaulNogueira and @DiogoHaussen whose review entitled:
👉“Tx Advancements in the Endovascular Management of Stroke” celebrates the advances in #ETV

🆓 #openaccess…
1st #Fun fact: Interventional treatment of AIS dates all the way back to 1950s‼️
Sussman & Fitch reported 3 cases of IA infusion of fibrinolytics
Didn’t work 😫. Probably because they were performed in a non-hyperacute fashion
But this laid the foundation for years of refinement Image
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🚨 Interested in single-molecule imaging approaches and/or pore forming proteins? Check out this awesome work from Conall, James and Till at UNSW. Buckle up... 🧵

#UNSW @SingMolSci @Mol_Machines #SingleMolecule #imaging @PratoPores @_DrCJM_ @m_dunstone…
Hold up... if you haven't already done so - follow @Mol_Machines to keep up to date with their awesome single-molecule studies :)
In essence, the study uses #TIRF microscopy to extract #kinetic information, from movies like the one below, for the entire assembly pathway of the pore-forming protein, PFO. What might look like the night sky disappearing, is actually hundreds of independent pore-forming events.
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Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease #ICAD

#ICAD leads to changes ranging from minor wall thickening to #hemodynamically significant luminal stenosis and is one of the most #common causes of #stroke worldwide…

🧵 Image

✅10% of stroke, based on autopsy studies
✅More prevalent in #African Americans, #Hispanics, and #Asians as compared with whites

Other risk factors in table Image

In postmortem studies
👉degree of luminal #stenosis
👉% of the plaques containing >40% #lipid area
👉prevalence of intraplaque #hemorrhage, #neovasculature and #thrombus,
were higher in those #plaques associated with #infarct
🔹… Image
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Hi! we are @InafOact and we're happy to join the #CataniaResearchShow. We'll present the latest results of our projects.
Follow the whole show, we'll then pass the baton to @lottabiolab next!
#SharperNight #EuropeanResearchersNight #ERN21 #MSCANight #ERNItaly #SharperNightCatania
#SolarPhysics These images show the latest Hα and continuum image of the Sun acquired at @InafOact with a quality index equal to 1 (1 =good, 3 = bad). They provide a view of the solar chromosphere and photosphere. The observations are carried out between 8:00 and 14:00 CET/CEST.

Unpacking #Juice, the world's first mission to orbit an icy moon. @ESA_JUICE
On board of the payload will be #JANUS, an optical Italian-led camera to study the largest Jupiter moons: #Ganymede, #Callisto and #Europa.
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In the #biotech #stocks #NGS field, there is a company that's recently IPOed and has now presented an update of their plans: $OMIC Singular Genomics @SingularGenomi1…
Their two planned instruments, the G4 and the PX, look physically a lot like competitors to the #Illumina NextSeq and NovaSeq, or the #MGI #DNBSEQ G400 and T7 instruments. But the PX is more of a multi-omics play rather than a higher throughput #NGS machine.
It seems we are about 1 year or 1.5 years away from Early Access / Commercial Launch for the PX, maybe around 6 months earlier for the G4 instrument.
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(Thread 1/n) The Future of Health & #Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

@daniel_kraft eloquently summarizes the early innings of #healthcare #technology, and its #future. #mustwatch

My favorite takeaways below:

(Thread 2/n) The Future of Health & Medicine:
Where Can Technology Take Us?

Some companies discussed: $TDOC $DRIO $GDRX $AMZN $UBER $AAPL $FIT $AMWL $GOOGL

@TeladocHealth (I think) would be wise to purchase
@DetectTest @VitalConnectInc @TytoCare @HeartFlow ImageImageImageImage
(Thread 3/n) The Future of Health & Medicine
Glucose Monitoring paving the path forward.

Diabetes care started the path forward. Wearable monitoring, is still in it's infancy. What other applications will come?

@TeladocHealth @Livongo ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/10/2021…
Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium (Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network)…

#ComplexityEconomics #SantaFeInstitute #proceedings #book
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43yr chronic #alcohol user on Liv.52 #Herbal supplement for 1yr. Believes Liv52='hepatoprotective'. Consumes along with to cancel alcohol-toxicity. Diabetes uncontrolled on #Ayurveda. Comes with #jaundice, severe #headache, eyes 'bulged' 2 days, nasal discharge #livertwitter Image
At admission, #seizures, uncontrolled, put on #ventilator. Deep jaundice, comatose. Investigations=acute on #chronic liver failure #aclf
#MRI Brain Part 1👇
Extensive hemorrhagic infarcts, almost all of anterior and mid #brain.
#medicine #MedTwitter #radiology Image
MRI Brain Part 2👇
Both sides cortical venous thrombosis and anterior third of superior saggitsl sinus thrombus.
#imaging #stroke #NeuroTwitter #neurology #NeuroTwitterNetwork Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/06/2020…
SIAM: A Life of Logic and the Illogic of Life…

#life #logic #tarski
Afraid of Airlines? There’s Always the Private Jet - The New York Times…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/21/2020-2…

We're losing the war against surveillance capitalism because we let Big Tech frame the debate…

#capitalism #surveillance #tech
New revelation may change everything we know about coronavirus antibodies…

#serological #ImmuneSystem #coronavirus
Globalists Reveal That The "Great Economic Reset" Is Coming In 2021…

#globalism #EconomicReset
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Interested in doing/analyzing #neuroimaging studies in #infants or young #children? New pre-print by @GaabLab led by the wonderful @TedTuresky:
#Neuroimaging the rapidly developing #brain: Current challenges for #MRI studies in the first five years of life
Rapid and widespread changes in #brain anatomy and physiology in the first five years of life present substantial challenges for developmental #MRI studies. One persistent challenge is that methods best suited to earlier developmental stages are suboptimal for later stages
This new review describes the data acquisition, processing, & analysis challenges that introduce these potential biases when conducting & analyzing data from infants and young children & attempts to elucidate decisions & recommendations that can optimize developmental comparisons
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