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I am getting this question a lot from different media outlets: What are Palestinians after, why are they protesting?

Let me try to simplify it in a way people around the world may be able to relate to.


Palestinians want what @NelsonMandela and #SteveBeko wanted: #Freedom.

Palestinians want what #MalcolmX and #MLK fought for: #Dignity & #Equality

Palestinians are struggling for what #Gandhi & #FrantzFanon fought for: #EndingColonialism

Palestinians are struggling for… 2/
Palestinians are struggling for what Simone de Beauvoir & Sojourner Truth fought for: #EndingSubjugation

Palestinians are struggling for what George Washington and Simon Bolivar fought for: #PeoplesRule #EndingAuthoritarianism

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Bagaimana nak bantu kanak-kanak yang trauma, mangsa yang lumpuh dan mengalami kecacatan kekal di Gaza??

🏨 Sertai WAKAF HOSPITAL AMAN PALESTIN di Gaza sekarang

Projek apa ni??

Hospital Aman Palestin merupakan hospital pakar pertama Malaysia di Palestin yang akan menyediakan rawatan psiakatri dan rehabilitasi kepada penduduk Gaza

Keseluruhan projek ini memerlukan kos sebanyak RM20 juta
Mengapa projek ini penting??

Menurut kajian pada 2010, 98.7 peratus dari kanak-kanak di Gaza mengalami "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"😭😭

Ya, bagaimana mereka tidak trauma?? Mereka melihat sendiri ibu bapa mereka dibunuh kejam zio.nis
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Jangan Pernah Lupakan Tarikh Ini

15 MEI 1948

Hari Malapetaka.. Titik hitam umat Islam

Detik penubuhan negara haram Is.rael

Genap 73 tahun tertubuhnya negara haram Is.rael di atas bumi barakah Palestin, tanah wakaf umat Islam sedunia melalui cara kekejaman, pembunuhan dan penindasan😭
Pada tarikh tersebut:
‼️ 750,000 rakyat Palestin menjadi pelarian
Pada tarikh tersebut:
‼️ 78 peratus bumi Palestin dirampas
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Either justice or the law of jungle
In 2014, the Israel war jets bombarded a next door house to my fathers’, he who was 79, his wife Amal 63 and my niece Seba 4yrs old were killed while sleeping at 2 am. Crimes against civilians’ll continue as long the perpet. aren’t accountable.
Justice us the opposite word of revenge. We accept what civilized nations accepted and codified if norms and principles. On top of all of them is justice, resisting oppression and apartheid. Justice is a human act not an act of revenge and will never be.
When it comes to justice there is no half or quarter justice, either justice or lawlessness.
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Tragic that Western liberals were never able to equate colonial violence with Nazism. This is why the British, French & Dutch saw no contradiction in committing horrific massacres in the colonies after "defeating" Nazism in Europe. It explains why many refuse to condemn Israel's
colonial occupation of Palestine. Humanity of the colonized remains unacknowledged.

Many years ago, Aime Cesaire warned Europeans they had prepared grounds for Nazism at home by supporting colonial violence abroad. Without acknowledging their role in devaluing lives of colonized
subjects, they wont be able to understand the subterranean appeal of Nazism within European society.

Defeating Nazism means asserting life. Defeating Nazism means destroying colonialism. Today, defeating Nazism means standing with Palestine.

#GazzaUnderAttack #FreePalestine
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If person A attacks person B, breaks their leg, fractures their rib, pokes their eye ball out, and gets a few face scratches in return.

You probably wouldn’t send your love & sympathies to both person A & B.

That’s how you sound when you’re sympathizing with both #Israel & #Palestine.

One is bringing down 16-story residential buildings, has killed 87 people, including 18 children, has a $3.8B military budget, an anti-missile defense system, and is literally flattening a whole city.
The other is literally fighting back with rocks.

And has a small resistance firing home-made rockets, 90% of which are landing in the dessert, and 5% being caught by the other’s defense systems.
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