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Dear @kschnurbein, to add to the important evidence already communicated to you on this platform, the European Legal Support Center has documented a consistent amount of incidents showing abuse of the IHRA WDA to suppress Palestinian rights advocacy.🧵 1/13
1⃣In Vienna, the IHRA WDA was raised by a Jewish student union to file a complaint purporting unfounded allegations of antisemitism against decolonial scholar Walaa Alqaisiya.
Result: she was brutally smeared and disinvited without cause.… 2/13
2⃣In the UK, 15 university staff members of the same university were subjected to lengthy disciplinary investigations, and for some, public smearing, involving the IHRA WDA after anonymous complaints for alleged antisemitism were filed against them. 3/13
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74 years ago today the displacement and exile of 750 000+ Palestinians began. Both my parents and families were among them. My mom's family is originally from Yafa, and my father's family were Bedouins from Be'er El Sabah who relocated to Yafa.
When the Zionist soldiers came for our land in Yafa in 1948, (renamed Tel Aviv), my grandma had to hide my uncle's pistol in the cloth diaper my mom was wearing because they were searching the boys and men. If they had found the pistol, that would have been the end of my family.
This is not an exaggeration. The Israeli regime does not shy away from massacring entire families, as we've seen in May of 2021 when the Tanani family was indiscriminately murdered and had their whole future erased because of this regime that practices apartheid every single day.
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Palestinians are commemorating the #Nakba, a program of ethnic cleansing that saw 750,000 Palestinians forcibly displaced from their homes during Israel's creation.

Between 1947-49, Zionist forces killed 15,000 Palestinians and destroyed 500+ Palestinian villages and cities.
No Palestinians displaced by the #Nakba were allowed to return home.

Today, there are over 5 million Palestinian refugees.

1/3 live in camps, some in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, in what groups call "abysmal" conditions without regular access to water, food or electricity.
74 years after the #Nakba, Palestinians are still being forcibly displaced.

▪️ Since 2020, Israel demolished homes of over 2,500 Palestinians.
▪️ Israel has over 200 illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, cutting Palestinians off from vital services and their own land.
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At the start of the Nakba, Zionist forces ethnically cleansed Palestinian towns and villages. Aerial imagery from before 1948 and from google maps today allows us to see the erasure. On this #NakbaDay I'm sharing some of these before and after images below...
The location of erased Palestinian towns and villages are easy to spot on a modern google map. Odd looking formations that don't match their surroundings maintain the perimeter of the villages like the chalk outline of a murder victim.
Here is a before and after shot of al-Maghar. You can see where the village was and see how it has been covered with trees.
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#NakbaDay : Hommage aux historiens palestiniens !

La « Nakba » - catastrophe en arabe, est le terme par lequel les Pal désignent les conséquences de la création d’Israël et la guerre de 1948. Israël a tout fait pour étouffer cette mémoire pal. et effacer les crimes commis... 1
En 1948, les Pal. sont 2x + nbrx que la population juive. Partage forcée de la Pal. + guerre + création d'Israël : les 2/3 des Pal. contraints à l’exil (env. 805 000), 685 localités pal. dépeuplées, au moins 70 massacres sur des civils. Israël contrôle 78% de la Palestine. 2
Le jeune État d'Israël met la main sur un énorme butin de guerre : des terres fertiles, 73 000 habitations, 7 000 boutiques, 500 ateliers industriels, 1 500 entrepôts de marchandises... Essentiel pour sa pérennité :…
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So beautiful to see THOUSANDS of Jews standing proudly with Palestinians at #NakbaDay rallies this weekend.

Though the most visible and powerful Jews may prop up Israel’s settler-colonial, apartheid regime, remember that the Jews in the streets want Palestine to be free.

Palestinians said to go ALL OUT for Nakba Day — and an unprecedented number of Jews heeded their call.

Our members co-sponsored, spoke at, or attended rallies in at least 36 US cities, some of which had contingents of Jews that numbered in the hundreds.

The tide is shifting. Jews are supporting Palestinians’ liberation struggle. We are building Jewish community beyond Zionism. We are standing with the oppressed against the oppressor. We are fighting for a world with freedom and justice for all.

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This #NakbaDay, 100s of our members sent photos opposing the #OngoingNakba in Jerusalem.

Our Jewish solidarity shows that Israel's expulsions are not about religion but about land theft, ethnic cleansing, and ethnic supremacy — just as they were in 1948.


In Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, 1,500 Palestinians face the threat of forced displacement and home demolitions by Israeli settlers working in collusion with the Israeli government and military.

Most families in these neighborhoods are refugees from the beginning of the Nakba in 1948, when Zionist militas violently expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homes. For them, their impending forced displacement in 2021 is especially painful.

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Today is #NakbaDay, marking 73 years since Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes during Israel's creation.

750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their towns and villages in 1948, most becoming refugees as 78% of Palestine was turned into Israel. ImageImageImage
There are over 5 million Palestinian refugees registered with the UN. About one third live in refugee camps.

Groups say:
▪️ Housing conditions are often "abysmal"
▪️ Limited access to medicine, infrastructure
▪️ Most refugees live in poverty due to lack of work rights ImageImageImage
73 years after the #Nakba, Israel continues to displace Palestinians.

In 2020, Israel displaced 1,000+ Palestinians with home demolitions in the occupied West Bank. It routinely denies building permits to Palestinians.

In 2021, demolitions have made 460+ Palestinians homeless. ImageImageImage
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Jangan Pernah Lupakan Tarikh Ini

15 MEI 1948

Hari Malapetaka.. Titik hitam umat Islam

Detik penubuhan negara haram Is.rael

Genap 73 tahun tertubuhnya negara haram Is.rael di atas bumi barakah Palestin, tanah wakaf umat Islam sedunia melalui cara kekejaman, pembunuhan dan penindasan😭
Pada tarikh tersebut:
‼️ 750,000 rakyat Palestin menjadi pelarian
Pada tarikh tersebut:
‼️ 78 peratus bumi Palestin dirampas
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1/ A year ago, @visualizingpal launched #PalestineToday, telling the story of 1,200 historical towns, villages and cities, and highlighting how the #Nakba and the foundation of #Israel in 1948 created the fractured #Palestinian geography that we see today
2/ Looking at the history of the region in this way helps us to put today's events in context. Eg. in "mixed cities" like #Jaffa, #Haifa or #Lydd, where many #Palestinians were forcibly displaced in 1948, and those that remained became an isolated minority
3/ In the #GazaStrip, where nearly 70% of the population are refugees originating from towns and villages in what became #Israel, the population of towns and cities like #Gaza, #Rafah and #KhanYounis have increased massively
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Israel is afraid of Palestinian memory, since it is the only facet of its war against the Palestinian people that it cannot fully control.
By: @RamzyBaroud
#FlyTheFlag #covid1948 #PalestineWillBeFree #thursdaymorning @netanyahu
For years, social media has added a whole new stratum to this process of commemoration. #Nakba72, along with #NakbaDay and #Nakba, have all trended on Twitter for days.
#FlyTheFlag #Covid1948 #thursdaymorning #PalestineWillBeFree…
The dominant Nakba narrative remains – 72 years following the destruction of historic #Palestine at the hands of #Zionist militias – an opportunity to reassert the centrality of the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees. 
#PalestineWillBeFree #FlyTheFlag #covid1948 Image
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@buffsoldier_96 Edward Said in an interview with Avi Shavit:

“[Q] In a binational state, the Jews will quickly become a minority, like the Lebanese Christians.

“[A] … the Jews are a minority everywhere. They are a minority in America. They can
certainly be a minority in Israel.”

@buffsoldier_96 [Q] Knowing the region and given the history of the conflict, do you think such a Jewish minority would be treated fairly?

[A] “I worry about that. The history of minorities in the
Middle East has not been as bad as in Europe, but I wonder what would happen. /2
@buffsoldier_96 It worries me a great deal.The question of what is going to be the fate of the Jews is very difficult for me. I really don’t know. It worries me.” [-]

“[Q]So what you envision is a totally new situation in which a Jewish minority would live peacefully within an Arab context?

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The 72nd anniversary of the #Nakba coincides with a spike in police murders of Black ppl in the US under #COVID19. The right to life for the Black and Palestinian diasporas are deeply tied. #NakbaDay #FreePalestine #BlackLivesMatter…
While Black ppl in the US bear the brunt of #COVID19 deaths and are being arrested and jailed by police for "not obeying social distancing," Palestinians are seeing their testing sites shutdown and destroyed by Israeli police. #NakbaDay #FreePalestine…
On this day of mourning, let's remember that it is within our power to #EndTheDeadlyExchange between IDF and US Police departments, #Demilitarize globally, and honor the #RightofReturn for our Palestinian family. #FreePalestine #NakbaDay #BlackLivesMatter…
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72 years have passed since the Nakba, or “Catastrophe”, which marks the mass exodus of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, creating a refugee crisis which has remained unresolved
The Nakba was the result of the partition of Mandatory Palestine in 1948 after WW2 ended, as the United Nations and world powers realigned the borders of the Middle East
Jewish paramilitary groups – some of whose members would go on to become key Israeli leaders, including Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan – produced a plan to control the borders of the new territory gained by the resolution
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These photos are from a visit ten years ago to the ruins of al-Zeeb, a Palestinian village on the shores on the Mediterranean, north of Acre and very close to the border with Lebanon. For #NakbaDay, here’s a bit of al-Zeeb’s history 1/10
In the #Ottoman period al-Zeeb pops up in a few archival records. Tax documents from the 16th century show a typical northern Palestinian village growing various grains, its fields ploughed by water buffalo, and a variety of other produce like fruit and honey 2/10
In 1693 the #Ottoman scholar ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi stopped in al-Zeeb on his way to Acre. After a dangerous journey, he received a warm welcome from the village notables. He wrote a poem, punning on the fact that ‘zeeb’ sounds like the word for ‘wolf’ (dh’ib) in Arabic: 3/10
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"La Naqba de 1948, elle est toujours là, une blessure béante, une blessure toujours saignante, tout un peuple y est lié. Elle est Partout, elle est dans tout.
#Nakba72 #NakbaDay #Nakba2020 #KeyToJustice Image
Elle est les camps de réfugiés et les ruelles de la misère et les massacres et la terreur et l’humiliation à tout moment.
Elle est les vieux et les moins vieux attendant toute une vie l’heure du retour,
#Nakba72 #NakbaDay #Nakba2020 #KeyToJustice
gardant en main avec tendresse des vieilles clés qu’on passe de père en fils jusqu’à nos jours… Elle est le crime qu’on reproduit devant les yeux de tout le monde.
#Nakba72 #NakbaDay #Nakba2020 #KeyToJustice
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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: #Israel glorifies its military and portrays those who are sent by the state to commit acts of violence as heroes and that the Palestinian victims of terrorism are violent aggressors. 
By: @mikopeled
#COVID19 #Nakba #NakbaDay #FlyTheFlag…
Hecht, a man who had a foundational role in the establishment of the Hagganah the main Zionist terrorist organization. He was behind the first political assassination committed by the Zionists, a Jewish man who opposed the Zionist project.
#Israel #Nakba #NakbaDay Image
Israeli school children sit on a tank as they listen to an Israeli soldier speak in Latrun near Jerusalem, May 11, 2016. Ariel Schalit | AP
#Israel #NakbaDay #Nakba #palestine #NakbaDay Image
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THREAD: Updates from the Stop Police Crimes meeting this week.
Gerald Reed is staying strong but remains incarcerated. He continues to ask us for help in demanding better sanitary conditions in the prisons. People are still not wearing masks in Stateville NRC and in many correctional facilities across the country #FreeGeraldReed #FreeThemAll ImageImageImage
Robert Milan - a crooked SP who worked hard to keep Gerald Reed locked up - has been trying to get a Northwestern professor fired for filing the emergency petition for mass release. read more of the petition here:…
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1/ Hello world! We just made 338 #HistoricMaps of #Palestine available to download in high resolution on Palestine Open Maps #PalOpenMaps. Please do share! (a project supported by @visualizingpal @basselkhartabil @creativecommons @mozilla @fabricatorz)
2/ All of the maps are in the public domain (expired copyright), sourced from archives including the David Rumsey map collection, the Israeli and Australian national libraries. The maps are all scanned at resolutions of at least 300dpi. Here's an example of the detail level...
3/ We also just added a new split-screen mode to #PalOpenMaps, so that you can instantly compare the various historic map layers to present day satellite maps and #OpenStreetMap road overlays
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The #GreatReturnMarch are weekly demonstrations about Palestinians' right to return to the homes they were forced to flee 71 years ago on Nakba Day #Nakba71. Find background info here for yourself or to share with others:…
Another recent post about Land Day and the right of return which is observed in March every year: t
And a post by @helenacobban one year ago before #NakbaDay about the #GreatReturnMarch and its significance:…
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1 to 8. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world
9. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world
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By @MuhammadSmiry
Am I allowed to be outraged by this, or does that make me "antisemitic" ?

- Video of a Palestinian child being assaulted by Israeli police this morning.
By @syedakif17

Isreali goons dressed in uniforms violating basic human rights of Palestinians 24/7.

Constitution of Israel is based on Talmud where Goyims have no rights.

If a Zionist kill anyone, he's not to be punished, he's owns gentiles.
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