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🌈 Hey Rainbow Readers! Happy Pride! We have several fun genre lists heading your way this month. All of these lists will feature between 10-20 books and all books on it will have under 5,000 Goodreads ratings, with a handful on each being under 1,000! A black background with a s...
Our goal is to introduce you to new books you might have never seen otherwise. These will be a mix of indie and traditional books; and range in age category!

Our first list is our queer paranormal books!
This is for readers who loved books like Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas, Wolfsong by TJ Klune, or Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu! For this list, we defined paranormal as books that are set in the real world (and generally more modern than historical),
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Good Morning!

First Translation from false reality to #REALITY;

“Jeff Bozos plans to give away most of his $124 Billion net worth to charities that “fight climate change” & “Unify Humanity”
Jeff Bezoa plans to give away most of his $124 Billion net worth to charities
That “fight climate change” & “unify America” #KNOWING ALL ASSETS can be seized . .

How does corruption fund corruption when ALL MONEY IS BEING FOLLOWED?
Donate to “charities” that say they’re doing “good” with the money but behind the curtain It looks completely
Funding The demise of the United States of America? ..

Sure seems like EVERYTHING else happening as it has been, Purposely SHOWING how corruption/evil got away with all evil acts committed in the past?
#SHOWING how evil kept everything
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Random #Ghosts thoughts: I don't think it was just opening up about her trauma that led to Mary being able to pass over, but the fact that the episode before, for the first time, she allowed herself to get genuinely angry about something unfair and told everyone off for it.
Earlier in the season, we saw Annie trying to help Mary connect with her anger and feel comfortable telling people off for their hypocrisy and unfairness, but Mary was only able to do this to people who couldn't actually hear her (shouting at living people who can't see ghosts).
But then, in the third episode, after she finally opens up about her witch trial trauma in episode two, we see Mary get genuinely angry about Alison forgiving the other ghosts so easily when she (Mary) was the only one who hadn't done anything wrong. To her, that was unfair.
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#NEOM aka “#TheLine”, #SaudiArabia will take 10 years to build, 105-mile-long linear city for 9 million people. No cars. Super-high-speed train to connect end-to-end in 20 minutes. Mirrored exterior. 500 meters tall. My thoughts follow... #Future
2/ #CitiesSkylines #STEM Don't get me wrong. I love technology and was fascinated by giant space stations in the sky as a kid. But... The first problem I see is there's no existing anchor town or organic reason for #NEOM to exist where it is to be built.
3/ #Ghosts People don't like moving 1,000 miles to an empty city where there is no one and especially no one they already know. The city is actually a series of modules / mini-cities. I'd build one of these around a metro stop in Riyadh and see if anyone moves in.
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A THREAD 🎃👻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

"All Hallows Eve is by the Welsh called Nos Calan Gaeaf, meaning the first night of winter. It is one of the 'Teir Nos Ysprydnos' - three nights for spirits - upon which ghosts walk and fairies are abroad."

#Wales #Halloween #Ghosts #Folklore Image
I'll be updating this thread daily with snippets of Welsh folklore from various sources (references to follow) as we count down to October 31.
Oh, and for lots more Halloween history, be sure to check out the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast... if you dare! 🎃…
"Nos Calan Gaeaf or All Hallows' Eve was a time of much festivity. In the days of old it was attended by many superstitious rites & ceremonies. A huge log was thrown on the fire for heat & light. As a rule, the only illumination was that of the ruddy fire-glow."
#Halloween #Wales Image
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When the ‘Scutt Gargan’ died, James Kearney from Moybologue bought his little house. “The ‘Scutt’s’ hearth stone would be lovely in my place” thought Kearney, so he dug it up and installed it in his own place “lovely jubley” he thought #Ghost
That night the most horrid roars and yells ever you heard started around the old house and the roars could be heard for miles. It was the same the next night and the next night again and every night for two months #Ghost
The neighbours would be out listening and very few of them would go that way home after dark. In the end they couldn’t stick it any longer “we can’t stick this much longer” they thought #Ghost
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So, hey.
I've been playing Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" since it launched, making *lots* of screenshots and replay videos along the way.
(Too many, actually; the Switch's microSD card refuses to hold any more)
This page is inactive, and I want to dump this mountain of files *somewhere*,
so nobody will mind if I spend the next few weeks flooding Twitter with these, right?

...Though just in case anyone's *actually* interested, I'll keep everything tagged and organized, for easy viewing.
Because this is going to be a long tweet chain (and because Twitter will probably break the chain a few times), I recommend using a custom search URL to find specific 'Worlds' or characters.
Here are some examples:
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Here’s an unusual ghost, one with strange behaviour , even by the fairly low standards set by other ghosts. She is from Tierworker in Meath and her name is Gargan, otherwise Garbhog or in English Garrawog #Ghost
It was a Sunday and Garrawog was going to mass at the old church at Moybologue. Her servant drove the horse and cart. She intended to receive holy communion so she was fasting - but she was starving #Ghost
The road from Tierworker to Moybologue was a narrow one and the briars formed an arch over the road. Garrawog was tempted by the lush blackberries hanging on the briars. “Grab a bunch of them berries” says she to her servant #Ghost
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It's now just before midnight here, and the #Halloween theme of today's #FolkloreThursday provides the perfect excuse for a thread on Malaysian #ghosts and other scary things. I will not include beings like the gergasi and bunian which are not ghosts at all but mythological races
One of the reasons for this thread is to give an authentic description of these ghosts from traditional folklore, the way they would've been imagined historically. This often differs from modern interpretations you'll find online or in movies and urban legends
Let's start with an explanation of terminology. The general word for ghost in modern Malay is hantu, although it actually means something more akin to "spirit" than ghost. Contrary to modern misconception, not all are bad or scary
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#Spooks. The CIA is famous for them. But this #Halloween, we’re sharing a different kind of #spooky story. Like everyone else, Agency officers love a good #ghost story. Here are some of our favorites we collected from them. #CIASpookyStories #Boo
But was someone there?

“Occasionally, the elevator would stop and the doors would open at a floor with no one there, and no one on the elevator had requested that floor…”

#CIASpookyStories Spooky elevator
#Ghosts practicing free throws?

“When I was making my security/safety rounds, I heard what sounded like someone bouncing a basketball…As I entered the room, there were no lights on and the dribbling of the basketball stopped.”

#CIASpookyStories Spooky basketball
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