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KARA ŞAMAN (Saha-Yakut halk hikâyesi)
Kan boncuk gözlü ilbisler, bakır tırnaklı albızlar, soluk yüzlü ölü yüörler toplanın, hikâyeme kulak verin. Hay kam hay!
#bozkırhikayeleri #perşembehikayeleri #FolkloreThursday #folktalethursday #folktale #folklore
Uzun zaman önce Yakut ulusu içinde, Hagıstaayı adında bir kara şaman yaşardı. Şaman, kötü ruhlara adaklar adıyor ve onlardan yardım görüyordu. Bu yüzden kimse ona düşmanlık etmezdi.
Hagıstaayı’nın yaşadığı bölgenin yöneticisi, yedi ulusun başı, Usuktaah Semen adında bir adamdı. Bu adam, soylu bir Yakut ailesinden geliyordu; göğsü, Rusların verdiği madalya ve nişanlarla doluydu.
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"National Songs of Serbia" by Owen Meredith, First Earl of Lytton #Serbia #poetry #translation #epic #Folklore ImageImageImageImage
"Such flowers as grow here my be merely mountain weeds, but the dew of the morning is on them." ImageImageImageImage
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Becoming Leidah Reviews:

One-minute video (best with sound):
- vertical:
- horizontal:

Text version below.
"A stunning debut that has left me reeling! This story was WILD. Weird, wonderful... magnificent."
Plethora_of_pages, goodreads

#debutnovel #scandinavian #celtic #norwegian #bookclub #litfest #marriage #familydrama #7yearitch #cultureclash #simonschuster
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Finally getting around to folklore: the long pond studio sessions.

I hope she does a stripped-down, acoustic folklore/evermore tour once normal is back.

And I'll be first in line for tickets.

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THREAD; One of my favorite songs on Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album is "The Last Great American Dynasty."

On the surface, it's about the woman who once owned the house TS now owns.

It's also a commentary on how society blames women for men's failures. 1/
The lyrics:

🎶 Rebekah rode up on the afternoon train, it was sunny
Her saltbox house on the coast took her mind off St. Louis
Bill was the heir to the Standard Oil name, and money
And the town said 'How did a middle class divorcée do it?' 🎶

She must have ulterior motives!
🎶 The wedding was charming, if a little gauche
There's only so far new money goes
They picked out a home & called it "Holiday House"
Their parties were tasteful, if a little loud
The doctor had told him to settle down
It must've been her fault his heart gave out 🎶

Whose fault?
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I wrote about the lengthy history of cinematic reverse-engineered knitwear—and the people who break down those items and knit and crochet them from the ground up… Illustration of a woman kni...
I've been working on this piece about cinematic reverse-engineered knitwear since November (and have contemplated writing about it for even longer). It's quite long, so take some time with it… The process is referred to ...
For instance, #doctorwho. People have been clamoring for Tom Baker's scarf pattern for *years*. In the '80s, the BBC sent fans the pattern and an American DOCTOR WHO fan club both commissioned orders and posted the pattern themselves in their newsletter… WHO BITS..... The Doctor's ...WHO BITS..... When you writ...Left side: Photo of Tom Bak...
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When a deathwatch beetle is in the mood for love, it bumps its head off the furniture. These beetles like to chomp through woodwork, and the bumping is their mating call through the tunnels in the woodwork. In the past, however, their tapping was thought to herald death.

#thread Image
This belief developed from sick rooms, where, in the long hours and stillness, those watching the dying heard the beetles tap out their cry for companionship from the long and lonely tunnels within the furniture.


2/ Image
When death hung in the air, it’s easy to understand how the watchers associated this sound with death knocking, or time ticking down… And hence, these tiny insects, earned the name, deathwatch beetle.

📸: Gilles San Martin, CC BY-SA 3.0 

3/ Image
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The #Dorset Ooser was a wooden mask with a bull’s hair and horns apparently used to scare people during #midwinter mummers plays in the village of Melbury Osmond. Its whereabouts are now sadly unknown but a replica made in 1975 is on display in the @DorsetMuseum #GothicAdvent
First two photos taken by taken between 1883 and 1891 by J.W. Chaffins and Sons of Yeovil, 3rd photo from Wikipedia commons

And thanks to @CeeChampion for inspiring this post
No doubt very familiar to many from the front cover of @readersdigest seminal book '#Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain' (1973)
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Lo prometido es deuda, así que comenzamos el hilo de repaso y tributo a la gran #ps3 #Playstation3 #RincondelBit #retrogaming #retrogamer Image
1.- Alpha Protocol un título de de #Sega y Obsidian Entertainment un juego de espionaje en el que la toma de decisiones juega un papel fundamental, personalmente me gustó mucho ImageImageImageImage
2.- Assassin's Creed poco que contar que no sepáis de esta gran saga que personalmente me encanta.
#AssassinsCreed ImageImageImageImage
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A THREAD 🎃👻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

"All Hallows Eve is by the Welsh called Nos Calan Gaeaf, meaning the first night of winter. It is one of the 'Teir Nos Ysprydnos' - three nights for spirits - upon which ghosts walk and fairies are abroad."

#Wales #Halloween #Ghosts #Folklore Image
I'll be updating this thread daily with snippets of Welsh folklore from various sources (references to follow) as we count down to October 31.
Oh, and for lots more Halloween history, be sure to check out the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast... if you dare! 🎃…
"Nos Calan Gaeaf or All Hallows' Eve was a time of much festivity. In the days of old it was attended by many superstitious rites & ceremonies. A huge log was thrown on the fire for heat & light. As a rule, the only illumination was that of the ruddy fire-glow."
#Halloween #Wales Image
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Beautiful day in one of our great national parks: @ShenandoahNPS. Image
Not a bad happy hour spot. Would recommend. ✌🏼 ImageImage
Update: Maybe not going back to the city. Image
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So, I promised an exciting update from Emerson - my 11 year old - and today is the day.

Many of you know the back story, but in case you don’t...
Emerson likes to write letters. Lots and lots of letters. And, she likes to decorate the envelopes so people know how much time she puts in.
She decided to send a letter to Doug, our mail carrier, just to say thank you. She included a joke about elephants and mentioned her love of Taylor Swift.
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RT @sayzaidi Single National Curriculum across #Pakistan . Is it possible to implement the new curriculum at once? What will be possible outcome? with @mughalbha

#SNC #Education #Literacy #AikNisab #ایک_نصاب #Sectarianism

Full :
پاکستان میں مجوزہ یکساں نصاب تعلیم کے نفاز پر کیا خدشات و تحفظات ہیں ۔ میری ناقص رائے ملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ شکریہ عمار یاسر صاحب @sayzaidi

مکمل :

#ایک_نصاب #AikNisab #SNC #فرقہ_واریت #مسلک_بازی #مذہبی_انتہاپسندی #شدت_پسندی #اقلیتیں

اردو زبان کے زریعے پاکستان میں پھیلی ہوئ واہی تباہی لسانی نفرتیں ، مغالطے و مفروضوں کی خلیج کو پاٹا جاسکتا ہے تاکہ لوگوں کو علم ہو کہ پاکستان کا ثقافتی و تہذیبی ورثہ کیا ہے ؟

مکمل :

#EthnicSlurs #HateSpeech #Folkore #Sufis #Urdu
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Happy 1st of August!
Welsh folklore tells us to beware the cabbage during this month:
"The old people used to say that if you desired to die you should eat cabbages in August." (Folklore of Wales, 1909)
The perfect excuse not to eat your greens...
#1stofAugust #wales #folklore Image
Welsh folklore tells us that August is a great month for marriage and travel:
"August is regarded as a royal and exalted month. It is very favourable for weddings and journeys. There is an old saying in some parts of #Wales that a child born in August will 'rise in the world.'" Image
Oh, and I was born in August myself, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be "rising in the world" very soon - don't fail me now, Welsh folklore!
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Espero que todos ya hayan escuchado #Folklore de @taylorswift13 porque ahí les va la explicación de por qué @VeroGarciaHu y yo pensamos que SEVEN es sobre LA PRINCESITA de Alfonso Cuarón.

ABRO HILO. ImageImage
Ahora, antes de que nos tiren de locas, esta no es la primera vez que Taylor hace una canción inspirada en una película.

DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS está inspirada en SOMEONE GREAT (Dir. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson). Pueden ver la película en Netflix. Image
Para aquellos conocedores, La Princesita se trata de Sara, una pequeña niña que es enviada a un internado durante la Primera Guerra Mundial. Después de sobrevivir varios golpes de realidad, Sarah sale adelante y logra reencontrarse con su padre por su amistad con BECKY. Image
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This Taylor Swift album... damn. She’s amazing. Like the evolutionary Bruce Springsteen. #Folklore
And #Folklore is tremendous. I don’t know that I love every song, but it FEELS absolutely right. It is now and timeless.
“Cardigan” is the best Lana Del Rey song ever.
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You tell your girlfriends everything about your relationship. But you know what they say? Love them all but trust none!

No matter how close you are to a woman, it’s a bad idea to share all the details of your relationship with your man.
CC: @KufreCarter
Telling them about your man’s footlong 4-5, or how he takes his time during foreplay is a bad idea. “Oooh girl, he is so good you won’t believe it. He makes me want to jump off the roof,” you hear some women tell their friends.

“He takes time in bed and he is loaded, girl.
“I've never had such a lover.” Guess what? She'll want to have a taste of the pleasures you
experience from your man. Every woman wishes for a man who takes his time between the sheets.

No woman wants a one-minute man who will rush, come quickly and leave her high and dry.
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📚 Sorteio

Em comemoração ao lançamento do #Folklore, vamos sortear um dos livros favoritos de Taylor Swift: "Pessoas normais". Para concorrer, siga as regras:

- Siga o @semspoiler_ e a @cialetras;
- Dê RT (sem citar) neste tweet.

Apenas para o Brasil. Resultado: 27/07. 🍀 #ad Imagem promocional do sorte...

- Apenas um ganhador;
- O envio será feito em até 30 dias úteis pela @cialetras;
- Seu perfil deve estar aberto para participar do sorteio;
- Proibida a participação de contas falsas ou reservas;
- Fã-clubes são permitidos.
Parabéns, @jorjasniaz ! Você ganhou o sorteio. Entraremos em contato por DM :)

Sorteio realizado com Image
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I regret to inform you that it is a good morning only to Taylor Alison Swift, who i'm pretty sure delivered the vaccine to the people #Folklore
We were all like man can we please have a summer smash, and Taylor really was the one to say listen, no, these are difficult days, and here is some grown shit.
I didn't have it in myself to go with grace
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Happy Friday!
Welsh folklore tells us that today is a day for magic:
"Friday was a 'witch day' and generally unlucky. If you talk about witches on a Friday, they will brew mischief for you. A wet Friday, a wet Sunday; a fair Friday, a fair Sunday."
#folklore #wales #fridayfeeling
Best. Witch. GIF. Ever. #Folklore
My old #folklore tweets seem to be having a new lease of life this morning. It's almost as if a popular recording artist has named their album after these curious old customs, and people are now discovering them for the first time. Strange.
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Just finished listening to the album.
⭐ 9/10

#Folklore by Taylor Swift's is everything I've ever wanted from her, I'll be here listening on repeat and crying in the corner for the rest of time

She literally made me dwindle with her through the peaceful and calm production ImageImage
... adorned with beautiful lyrics.

This album is her most mature and vulnerable. Every songs, every lyrics are intensely beautiful and every word is perfectly chosen

The #Folklore album is just perfect no flaws 10/10. It transcends you an unique way. I am immensely proud of her
.@taylorswift13 explores and creates like no other artist.

All the lyrics from #Folklore are by far her most complex and her best, "August" lyrics and rhythm are another level. I'm just in love with it

Fav. tracks
— august
— invisible strings
— betty
— exile
— my tears ricochet
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Currently listening to #Folklore, and, wow...
Currently on "exile"...
Thank you taylor for blessing and me with the album that I needed
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Raja Rasalu: The King and His Two Queens… Punjabi Folklore Puran Bhagat by Late Jagmohan Kaur

Full :

#Punjab #Punjabi #Folklore
“جگنی - مرحوم عالم لوہار “

آئی جوانی ہرکوئ ویہندا جاندی

کسے نئیں ڈِٹھی سے ورھیاں

دے جیوں کےاوڑک واسا مِٹّی

عشق لوہارا تازہ رہندا داڑھی
ہوجائے چِٹّی



#Punjab #Punjabi #Folklore
اتنا ظلم مناسب ناھی

رب کولھوں کجھ ڈر وے

شاہ رانجھا البیلا جوگی جادوگر وے

تخت ہزارے اوں رانجھن آیا

ہیر تتڑی دے گھر وے

رانجھا جوگی میں جوگیانی دتڑی عشق خبر وے

مرحوم پٹھانے خان

خواجہ غلام فرید

#Saraiki #Sufi #Mytstics #Punjab
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I’ve arrived in Finea just now. It’s east of Granard and the place where Fergus turned the army southwards. This aroused suspicions - was he leading the army astray - into an ambush perhaps. “Hang on” thought Meave “where is the Ulster army””Fergus come here” she said #CattleRaid
I passed a few interesting roadside memorials. Here’s one about an ambush near Ballinalee near Granard #CattleRaid
And another memorial here in the lovely village of Finea, to Myles “the Slasher” O’Reilly, a hero of the Irish Confederate War 1641 - 50. #CattleRaid
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