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Want to thank @Bindestriche for the retweet. Inspired the need to vent my thoughts in this🧵
An article on Peter #Thiel & his vision, to me a sign: we need to reclaim our #future & not let #techgurus take over.
Let’s start to look at our daily routines: fast pace thru … 1/21
#digital tools for working, shopping, researching, studying. communicating & more, made possible by mostly #SiliconValley’s tech companies for a “convenient” life. And I wonder if this is really the concept of the #goodlife that I dreamed of in my childhood? …2/21
..& will it be favored by unborn generations? It seems we are letting a certain type of tech vision take over.
Let me try to look behind that future that seems to be favored now:
As I see it the few leading tech companies now are mainly white men in their 30‘s & 40‘s … 3/21
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Hello Twitter.
Aujourd'hui nous allons parlez du manifeste Agile.
Dans cette première partie nous allons découvrir les valeurs qui servent de pilier au mindset agile.
#mindset #agile #agilite #valeurs #goodlife #agilecoach #scrummaster Image
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Et puisqu'on parle de règles, je suis accompagné aujourd'hui de Seto Kaiba du manga Yu-Gi-Oh! Avec lui vous aurez vos premières carte du deck de l'Agilité.

It's time to be Agile, Draw!!!
Bonne lecture. Image
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Une fois ces valeurs comprises, on peut les appliquer à tous les secteurs d'activités Image
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Year 2 of my #PhD when I was atvthe peak of my #PhysicalActivity and #fitness! This was the time when anything felt acheivable 😀
Loved my #hair that I had grown since the start of my PhD! This was #onceinalifetime thing for me to do! I donated 12’ to @locksoflove #cancersurvivor
Then the #science #reality and #depression hit me! It was the most unimaginable experience! It’s easy to brush off when other people say what depression entails, but the #experience was very profound and physically devastating! I noticed the smallest things around me differently!
At the end of year 5, with the help of many #people I beat the #depression! Ofcourse I had occasional flairs from that #experience. But the #rockbottom was something else! In a way I’m #glad I experienced it ad I truly cared about my PhD #research. @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter
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I was recently asked about the warnings of an impending recession. Here are some thoughts. First of all, an inverted yield curve is effect, not cause. Like all other indicators, it shows lack of positive sentiment in investors in the bond market.
A combination of events both in the near term (US China trade wars) and long term (decline in consumption) have deterred money from flowing. It is a mood thing, difficult to predict exactly why....Don't like Facebook's intrusion? Distressed by Nationalist leaders? They all count.
Like all else, there are free market elements that want to maximize their position in the situation. For example, in India the automobile sector blames all their shortcomings on this "mood". Can't help it, they say. Bail us out.
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I read a nice story of #TheMissingGoat and found it #TooGoodNotToShare ..

It all started one lazy #Sunday afternoon in a small town near Vancouver Canada

Two #SchoolGoingFriends had a crazy idea
They rounded up three goats from the neighborhood and painted numbers 1,2 & 4 on their sides.
That night they let the goats loose
inside their school building.
The next morning, when the authorities entered the school, they could smell something was wrong.
They soon saw goat droppings
on the stairs and near the entrance
and realized that some goats had
entered the building
A search was immediately launched
and very soon, the three goats were found
But the authorities were worried,
where was goat 3?
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