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6 takeaways from @BioLayne on @PeterAttiaMD podcast

#Exercise #fitness #nutrition

1) Exercise is the most important drug we have.

Use it! Don't get bogged down by the details of nutrition.
2) People tend to want to isolate nutrients as good or bad (keto, vegan, etc...).


Context matters.
3) Know what you are optimizing for.

Example: fasting may be good for longevity, but if you're goal is to hit a world record in squat, then it's probably not ideal
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Modo geral pretendo mostrar as receitas e me parece justo começar por nosso Norte, o Sul. Para quem come carne a melhor comida de Ushuaia, na minha humilde opinião é o CORDERO FUEGUINO.…
Embora eu não disponha das receitas, quem quer que for à Ushuaia, caso possa e goste, não pode deixar nem de beber os deliciosos chopps de lá, nem de ir na fábrica da Laguna Negra:
Creio que não existe uma sobremesa mais Argentina do que o flan de pan, o "postre" quase onipresente da Argentinidade, um delicioso pudim de pão.…
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1/ Q: Can I go back to my indoor #fitness classes? 🚴‍♀️

A: The #NerdyGirls LOVE your efforts to stay fit 💪, but best to hang on to those online or outdoor workouts a bit longer.

TL;DR: Heavy breathing, no masks, and indoors is the perfect recipe for #SARSCoV2 #transmission.
2/ A recent U.S. @CDCgov report described an #outbreak linked to an unnamed fitness facility in #Chicago in which *55 out of 81* attendees of an indoor high-intensity fitness class in Chicago were infected over the course of a week in August 2020.
3/ ❓What precautions were being taken?

➡️ The classes were at <25% capacity, with masks 😷, temperature & symptom checks required at entry. 🤒 Exercise mats were spaced 6 feet/2 meters apart. ↔️
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இரண்டே பயிற்சிகள்தான் நீங்கள் வயிற்றில் சேகரித்துள்ள கொழுப்பை பதம் பார்க்கும் அளவிற்கு கடினமானவை.

இதிலுள்ள எண்ணிக்கையில் ஒரு செட்டை முடிக்கவே போதும்போதும் என்றாகிவிடும். ஆரம்ப நிலையில் மூன்று செட் போதும்.

#BFCTips #Workout #Fitness #FitnessMotivation
High Knees. இதனை 20 எண்ணிக்கை செய்து முடித்தவுடன் Climbers 4 செய்யவேண்டும். உடனே ஓய்வெடுக்காமல் திரும்ப 20 High Knees + 4 Climbers... இப்படி 4 முறை செய்து முடித்தால்தான் ஒரு செட். இது போல் மூன்று செட் செய்ய வேண்டும். செட்டுகளுக்கு இடையேயான ஓய்வு அதிகபட்சம் 2 நிமிடம் மட்டுமே.
இது Climbers.

இந்த இரண்டு பயிற்சிகளை மட்டும் செய்து வந்தாலே ஒரு மாதத்தில் நல்ல ரிசல்ட் கிடைக்கும். வாரத்திற்கு மூன்று முறை செய்யலாம். உணவுக்கட்டுப்பாடு அவசியம்.

ஒரு செட் எவ்வளவு கடினமாக இருந்தது என செய்து பார்த்துவிட்டுச் சொல்லுங்கள். 😇
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Can’t do all things fitness in one go. So much to learn and do
There’s so much to learn with fitness and the gym.
Read this last night and its so comforting and disheartening at the same time. This is why #fitness becomes a lifestyle
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40 days to 2021, have you been keeping up to the challenge?

1. Sugar and junk free Monday to Saturday
2. 10000 steps over and above your workout
3. Early dinners
4. Body wight/ Weight training
5. Phones off 1 hour before bedtime and 2 hours post wake up
6. Improve sleep timings and quality
7. Meditation/ Prayer

Waiting till Jan 1st 2021 is a lie! Start today!
40 days! What you gonna do for your health and fitness ? Keep it simple and start now. Start today! Hit jan 1st 2021 already fit and healthy!
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INTERESTING story found on don't want to miss. (A thread)
Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi.
In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife).
He already knew her because she had been Hunter's babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal- marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives 'a quiet life' and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues.
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(1/6) On 5 November 2020, I will give invited online lecture "Outdoor and #indoor #ventilation and #dispersion associated with #COVID_19 transmission". Organised by Prof. Chris Baker @lichfieldbaker of @unibirmingham
Register now (max 300 attendants):…
(2/6) Topic 1: droplet transmission in running & cycling. Coming back to the movie below, which has raised much feedback - not always equally relevant - around the world, but also threats to yours truly & stalking of his family. #COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #decency #respect
(3/6) Topic 2: strategies for safely reopening and keeping open indoor sports centers (gyms) in the #COVID__19 pandemic. Suggestion for "certificate of equivalence" as practical solution. Peer-reviewed publication here:…
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(1/9) This #COVID__19 crisis is accompanied by surprising lack of #commonsense & knowledge with statements making no sense at all. Detrimental for confidence of the public in #scientific #research. Put in a few simple words in this thread. #coronavirus #Corona Image
(2/9) Number 1: Contradicting statement: many experts doubt role of #aerosols in #covid_19 mass infection but advise to apply good #ventilation. Contradictio in terminis. Ventilation ONLY affects the #aerosol route, nothing else...
#COVID19 #coronavirus #Corona #nonsense
(3/9) Number 2: Wrong statement: "#Contact #sports #outside are ok but not #inside". Inside vs outside in terms of contact makes no difference, this only affects #aerosols. Simple: if you #spit in face of other person you can infect him/her equally in/outside. #football #soccer Image
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Week 15: Day 1 - Hey #YangGangFitness! How are your workouts going?

I felt strong on my +500 KB swings. Now at 3k for Oct, on my way to 10k. Deadlifts felt good, too.

#Fitness is human, so exercise! ImageImage
Week 15: Day 2 - Slow workout. Aiming for hypertrophy. Included +500 KB swings for #KBS10k. Feeling strong. Gaining a bit of weight, too. Yay! #YangGangFitness 💪 ImageImage
Week 15: Day 3 - Smashing goals today! #10miles of #determination — new distance record for 2020! I also did my +500 kettlebell swings in under 25 min. #FeelingGood #YangGangFitness #NikeRunClub
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இந்த pandemicல நிறைபேர்க்கு fitness conscious வந்திருக்கு. அதுனால workout/weight lossனு எதாவது physical activities பண்ண ஆரம்பிச்சிருக்காங்க. அவுங்களுக்காகவும் இனிமேல் பண்ண போறவங்களுக்காகவும் இந்த சின்ன fitness thread.

#Fitness #Running #Exercising
ஓடுறதுக்குக்கு (அ) எந்தவொரு activityக்கு முன்னாடியும் Stretching ரொம்ப முக்கியமான விசியம். To avoid injuries எல்லா activitiesக்கும் warmup and cool down கண்டிப்பா பண்ணனும்..இதைபத்தி நிறைப்பேர் கேட்டாங்க.
தூங்கி எழுந்திருச்சு, shoe மாட்டிட்டு வெளிய வந்ததும் ஓட ஆரம்பிக்க கூடாது. Better start walk on slow pace with arm swings and do some brisk walk for 3-5 mins. அப்புறம் கீழ இருக்க warm up பண்ணுங்க.
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Thanks to #MartinPeers and @Jessicalessin for their original contribution of this article

@Apple Gets into new ServiceS

#Apple unveiled its latest foray into the subscription business with a new fitness service that will begin offering studio-style workouts later this year
You might think it would worry @onepeloton #peloton whose business has lately been thriving, particularly as the new service, #Fitness+, will be included in a new discounted bundle of Apple services.
Most of Apple’s other entertainment-style subscription services unveiled so far have been not to put too fine a point on it—flops.
#AppleTV+ and #Applenews+ has seen little success
#Arcade has been total disappointment
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Week 11: Day 1 - Single leg hip thrusters and a whole lot more: Triceps, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Hamstrings, Abs, and Calves… #YangGangFitness #MotivationalMonday
Week 11: Day 2 - Mostly focused on chest. First day guzzling my intraworkout EAA w/ carb + electrolyte mix. Would keep going, but the day is calling. ttyl #YangGangFitness ImageImage
Week 11: Day 3 - Shoulders are my big focus in September. Question is, should I get them waxed? #YangGangFitness 🔥 ImageImage
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Year 2 of my #PhD when I was atvthe peak of my #PhysicalActivity and #fitness! This was the time when anything felt acheivable 😀
Loved my #hair that I had grown since the start of my PhD! This was #onceinalifetime thing for me to do! I donated 12’ to @locksoflove #cancersurvivor
Then the #science #reality and #depression hit me! It was the most unimaginable experience! It’s easy to brush off when other people say what depression entails, but the #experience was very profound and physically devastating! I noticed the smallest things around me differently!
At the end of year 5, with the help of many #people I beat the #depression! Ofcourse I had occasional flairs from that #experience. But the #rockbottom was something else! In a way I’m #glad I experienced it ad I truly cared about my PhD #research. @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter
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Seguramente habéis escuchado que el ejercicio físico es recomendable para el tratamiento de la depresión.

¿Es esto cierto? ¿Qué evidencia hay de ello? ¿Por qué sería útil? #psicohilo #fitness #depresion
Suele citarse con frecuencia evidencia anecdótica o correlacional sobre el supuesto "efecto antidepresivo" del ejercicio físico. Las personas que no tienen depresión parecen hacer más ejercicio que el resto, ¿significa esto que el ejercicio físico reduce los niveles de depresión?
Esta afirmación es resultado de confundir diferentes niveles de evidencia.

No podemos asumir causalidad a través de evidencia anecdótica (conozco a alguien que realizó ejercicio físico y dejó de tener depresión),
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‘Although proportionately scarce, exercise may paradoxically trigger sudden cardiac arrest in individuals with #cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly those who were previously sedentary or have advanced CVD.’
‘In parallel with the drive to promote #exercise in all individuals, physicians will be confronted with an increasing number of enquiries from individuals with established risk factors for coronary artery disease or established CVD about participation in exercise‘
‘Such consultations need to strike a balance between the multiple benefits of #exercise, the small risk of sudden death, and the patient’s goals for cardiorespiratory fitness & ongoing participation in relatively strenuous exercise following a #cardiovascular diagnosis.’
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Positive #transformations are always great to see as an end product. The journey to a transformation however is almost always hidden. On the first day of #phd #gradschool in @umasschemengg, I introduced myself by saying....contd.

....I came to the US for the ‘#science’ and ‘#fitness’ industry that is known to be the best in the world. Everyone got a good laugh 😂 out of it. However, I wasn’t kidding at all 😈! I always had this vision of a scientist 👨🏾‍🔬who is also ripped to the core physically 💪🏾.
In that pursuit, I reached my best physique towards the end of year 2 of my #PhD when I also got #married 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 to @priyankaitkar9. I was still not quite there with the #science. Today, 4 years later, I am successfully @PhDone2020 and getting close to the best shape of my life!
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How to boost Testosterone the natural way.. Muscle, lean bodies, lesser fat % belly fat, bone density, red blood cells, sexual health, reproductive health, libido, hormonal balance, post age 25 - 30 starts to decline, here’s what you can do..
Exercise - lift weights, lift body weight, safe HIIT, rest and recovery, deep sleep, lower body workout, compound moves, plyometrics, circadian fasting, quality carbs, proteins and fats.
Fad diets and starving lower the big T, overacting lowers the big T, healthy vitamin D levels and calcium, Zinc and B vitamin rich foods, sunlight, limit artificial and blue light after sunset, laughter and happiness, fasted workouts if it suits you.
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Let's do a #Fitness week Thread.

Post a 5-10 second video under this thread doing a #Workout at Home or #gym

We do it from Tomorrow, (Monday to Sunday).

Who is in?? ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️
Day 1

On the Threadmil #FitnessGoals

Add yours to the thread.
Day 2

40kg Biceps curls #fitness.

Add yours to the thread
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On behalf of all the fitness lovers & fitness centres around the city I most humbly req @KTRTRS garu to consider reopening of #Gyms & #FitnessCentres. Since this #Pandemic is on maintaining proper health & Immune system is of dire necessity.
You being a fitness freak can understand the value of being fit n healthy, gym owners have invested huge investments & to keep their gyms alive they're still paying salaries to their employees, paying rents, electricity bills & they also salaries to trainers.
For gym owners & trainers this is their only sole source of income, due to shut down they're going into huge losses & debts, if this req is not considered this loss cannot be compensated at any cost whatsoever.
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We are all living in our homes turning our bedrooms, hallways, and rooms into fitness studios. Perfection is just a concept. Being authentic is so much more important. — Amanda Young

Creating a New Virtual Class with Sass
by Amanda Young
Virtual is going nowhere.
[Here to stay even once studios/gyms reopen]
This is an opportunity to connect with those people you no longer see. — Amanda Young

Creating a New Virtual Class with Sass
by Amanda Young
Build a reputation.
Charge what you want to charge.
Show people you're worth it.
— Jason Goldberg, @betashop
founder & ceo of @moxie_xyz

I make all my money in the room.
— Bryce Wood, @byrceknows

Creating a New Virtual Class with Sass

#SketchNotes #ScribbleNotes #Fitness
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An index to various #threads from my TL — recommended light reading material for those enduring the varying side effects of #lockdown & #quarantine 😀
Stay Safe ! #COVID19
Secrets from The Vitruvian Man - Da Vinci Study

Began as an experiment one day AND days turned into weeks, months — to conclude that none can come close to portraying Indian women like #RajaRaviVarma

ALERT : A monster thread (150+ tweets)
Take with a dollop of salt.,not a PhD thesis. #ART #THREAD
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