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Who are these ‘hard to reach people?’ I’m often asked for tips on how to engage the “hard to reach”. Just now walking into Sweetgreen a man asked if had change. I told him I never carry money nowadays since so much is done w/the phone. I asked if he wanted something to eat. Image
He nodded and I told him I would see if I could order it on my phone. Intrigued he said, “Really? How do you do that?” This led to a conversation as we waited 15 minutes for his food. Here is what I learned about him in less than 15 min:
Born and lived in DC til he was six
doesnt have a phone
sleeps in different parks
Limited reading ability
Doesnt have a watch
Likes chicken and vegetables
Never heard of quinoa
Lost his ID
Went to human services center but was refused services because he didnt have an ID!
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Today I was ratified as @CMA_Docs President-Elect, the beginning of three years supporting and leading the national organization that unifies Canadian physicians.…

I’m the first Indigenous and Pacific Islander in this position. @CashinMD is the first Indigenous Board member this year.

I’ve been asked many times about what being in this position means in the context of being Indigenous. Recent #CMAagm has consolidated a few thoughts.

Living #Indigenous means pushing through structural #exclusion and #disempowerment. It gives unique insight into how to #empower the disempowered.

I’ll be making space for you at all the tables I’ll be invited to. If that space doesn’t exist, let’s create it together.

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#PatientCentric care, #PtExperience #Tokenism, #HoldingSpace #WeAreBetterTogether ⚠️ long thread.
Recently I attended a meeting of an organization whose focus is in improving #healthcare. This is a highly respected organization. One ☝🏼 of their founding principles is the 1/
engagement of various #stakeholders including #patients and #caregivers. This was not the 1st meeting of this org. I have attended. I walked away from this particular meeting sad, frustrated & a bit angry. The topic was on #patientcentric care. A topic that is near & dear 2/
to me. The caliber of individuals involved was spectacular; academics, researchers, consultants. As I scrolled through participants as well as listened to the conversation and watched the comments come across the screen I was enthralled with the dialogue however 3/
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Finding connections & advocating has been so helpful for me.

Here’s a thread attempt, w/my limited/developing advocacy skills.

Tips/pointers/thoughts from #RareDisease, #chronicillness, #disability, #NEISvoid, #hcldr, #patientchat communities?

Let’s use #RareAdvocacyAdvice
My journey started with making social accounts, then posting a few thoughts, ideas, questions, & pleas for help. I used hashtags such as #RareDisease, #ChronicIllness, #Disability, #NEISvoid, in general, & then some that are more specific to my condition.

I was very fortunate to find an org that was developed to specifically for my #RareDisease (@MitoAction). They have incredible support, including weekly calls.

If there’s not a specific community for you yet, you could make one like @OnceUponAGene did. 💚

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🚨We've made progress in some areas, but we still have key decisions to make in July to get this more under control. Insights from @ASlavitt, @Bob_Wachter and @pewresearch. My new blog post:…
ICYMI: Two months ago I wrote about the 80% healthcare economy, building off a hypothesis from @ScottGottliebMD about the larger economy. I still feel like this is where we will be for some time. Nothing is coming back at 100% any time soon.…
ICYMI #2: COVID-19 is also proving to be the disruption event that many people in healthcare did not see coming. #hcmktg #hcldr…
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🚨 Sounding the alarm on rural hospitals and COVID-19. They need support. #hcmktg #hcldr @CalHospitals @ahahospitals @LinkedIn…
This was a huge emergency that has only gotten worse since COVID-19. Rural hospitals have gotten hit especially hard.
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Stunning graphic on the cover of today's New York Times. We're not going to see a quick reset to our economy.…
Unfortunately, I think this means that healthcare, like most industries, will be stuck in the "80% percent economy" for quite some time. #hcmktg #hcldr…
And that's going to really impact how healthcare marketers and communicators think about the "reset" of our business and our profession's role in that. #hcmktg #hcldr…
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Influenza THREAD🧵

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am in quarantine
‘Cause I have the FLU.

#medtwitter #MedTwitterValentines #HealthPolicyValentines #hcldr
What is Influenza (Flu)?

✅Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes lungs.
✅It can cause mild to severe illness, and sometimes death.
✅The best way to prevent flu is by getting a flu vaccine each year.
Flu symptoms

🌡️Often come on suddenly
🌡️Fever or feeling feverish/chills
🌡️Sore throat
🌡️Runny or stuffy nose
🌡️Muscle or body aches
🌡️Fatigue (tiredness)
🌡️Vomiting and diarrhea is more common in children
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Lots of thoughts & opinions on patient #DataAccess & data sharing, figured I'd jump in. Take a seat for a few. I'll make it worth your while.


#PatientAdvocacyProblems #UnblockHealth #hcldr #hitsm #medtwitter @S4PM #EHR #DataBlocking #pinksocks #PtExp
@S4PM 1) A patient with multiple comorbidities has been in & out of the hospital w/what now has been diagnosed as advanced congestive heart failure. At about 5 pm yesterday (Fri), patient & family were told to seek a 2nd opinion asap. Told patient being discharged today. #UnblockHealth
@S4PM 2) The urgent 2nd opinion is to see if the patient is a candidate for a particular procedure. If not, #hospice. Appt can’t be scheduled until ALL records & images on CD are received & reviewed by the 2nd opinion dr’s office (at another hospital, in another state.) #UnblockHealth
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I’m reading the most important book you’ve never heard of.

Why am I reading this? All my roads lead to self-deception:

It’s why patients don’t change their behavior, #hcldr ignore science, politicians perpetuate inequity, etc.

Follow along, I’ll tweet notes as I read.
1/ Most of us (esp in healthcare) are stuck in rationalism (Plato): failure to behave is due to inadequate understanding.

Ignores hedonism and it’s implications: we want to feel good! Also we ignore something not mentioned in this book, behavioral economics.
Self protection is aroused by providing feedback about failure
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Burnout. It’s usually not due to some big thing.

Instead, lots of little things fill the plate till it overflows.

EOY - time for an audit/edit:

➡️What to keep doing

🛑What to stop doing

▶️What to start doing

#medtwitter #WomenInMedicine
Do you already do this?
Yesterday, I started my lists for my Start/Stop/Continue audit.

Like many on #medtwitter, I have lots of lists.

I consider personal, work, community, family, etc

AND break each of those down again and again until I’m really looking closely 🔍
For ex, big items on my “work” list:

👩‍⚕️ clinical
👩‍🏫 academic
👩🏼‍💼 industry
🎤 speaking
💻 virtual courses/Rx Series
📊 consulting/BOD
📚 royalties
🏖 TransforMD

What to start/stop/continue? Have to break each down further...

#WomenInMedicine who can relate?
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Large assessment of 1,400 patient/family reports examining patient/family experiences and safety concerns related to visit notes.

Most common concerns:
✔️Description of symptoms
✔️Health problems… #ptsafety #opennotes
@fcbourgeois @RasuShrestha @BIDMChealth @cmd418 @AtriumHealth @BostonChildrens @jhalamka @TheIHI @AMIAinformatics Paraphrase:

"About 1/4 of 😷/👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 using an online reporting system identified potential documentation inaccuracies in visit notes, of which more than half were considered 'important' by 😷/👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 AND 👩‍⚕️🏥."

👏 to @fcbourgeois and team.

#ptsafety #opennotes
@fcbourgeois @RasuShrestha @BIDMChealth @cmd418 @AtriumHealth @BostonChildrens @jhalamka @TheIHI @AMIAinformatics Why is this important?
"... highlights the possibility... clinicians & patients/families may further enhance the ability to effectively capture potential safety issues."


As #HealthIT transparency grows, orgs need ways to capture & respond to patient feedback about EHR errors.
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#TrueValuesChallenge Day 4

To add complexity, I'm offering three values today.

💕Choose the ONE you value most, in yourself and in others.

📲Reply with why.

👉🏻Tag a colleague you think will make a difference choice (so fun!)

#medtwitter #hcsm #WomenInSTEM
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#TrueValuesChallenge Day 3
You know the rules.

Vote on the value that matters most to you.

Reply with your 'why’ or an example from your life.

Consider yourself and what you value in others.

You can like both of these (I do!) but you can choose only ONE.

Be honest 🙂
#medtwitter hashtags - please add to whatever I'm missing and invite everyone over to the #TrueValuesChallenge! Day 1 and 2 polls are still open :) #NurseTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #hcldr #STEMeducation #Ilooklikeasurgeon #feminEM #SheMD #meded #healthcare
Seeing early responses, here's a clarification:

These values are not intended as opposites or mutually exclusive.

'Recognition' doesn't mean 'undeserved recognition without contribution'

Just asking for a forced rank of what's most important.

Carry on :)
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#TrueValuesChallenge Day 2 [thread]
Values guide our decisions, behaviors, and internal harmony.

Most sound great. It's easy to consider one and say 'yes, I value that'.

But values don't have equivalent importance. They are ranked, often subconsciously.
Will you take the #TrueValuesChallenge?

I'll offer you 2-3 very awesome values.

You'll choose just ONE and boldly explain why that one matters most to you.

Tag your #medtwitter #hcsm colleagues!

Review the rules and Day 1 results here:
Here it is! #TrueValuesChallenge Day 2:

Which of these matter MOST to you?

Reply with an example of how your chosen value shows up in your real life.

Do NOT wimp out and say 'curiosity helps me be decisive' or 'I am decisively curious'.

Be bold. And comment!
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Bonus #hcldr: I don't hear anyone else saying it so I'll say the (?)obvious:

A seat at the table is not enough. That's where tokens sit: "Token Negroes," "token women," "token patients." Tokenism is what you get in the MIDDLE of Arnstein's ladder, not the power tiers. 1/2 #hcldr
2/2 Bonus #hcldr Here again is Arnstein's Ladder - from the LBJ administration, when citizens yelled for a voice in whether their NEIGHBORHOOD got torn down for highways. A token "seat at the table" got them nowhere - they needed POWER.
Bonus #hcldr Running overtime here. Note that the lowest rungs there is NO participation: you get duped / manipulated to keep out of the way; or "therapy" - some salve or buyoff to supposedly help you feel better (not unlike flattery during a rape, and I'm not kidding) 1/
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Major points here (thread):
👉outrageous, disgraceful, not surprising as its cut throat business as usual; guarantee @Facebook isn’t the only organization doing what it takes to get ahead #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #hcldr #ThursdayThoughts…
2) 👉@Apple didn’t “know” until the headlines broke & they want to be the “guardian of our health” 🤨 Please 🤯 #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
3) 👉targeting children & their #data needs to be recognized as digital trafficking & punishable by law #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
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Dear #hospitals:

Your discharge planning sets #patients up for failure. How? Let me explain (again, & again, & again). #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #interoperability #PatientAdvocacy #medtwitter #GMDD #hcldr

Photo Credit: Rob Potter (Unsplash)
1)Follow up appts, essential to a patient’s health & recovery, are listed as part of the discharge summary. These appts are recommended to be scheduled within 7-10 days. To be best prepared, patients need their records. #healthcare #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #GMDD #medtwitter
2)All records from a patient's hospital admission should be AUTOMATICALLY sent to every listed follow-up physician. Hospitals, you know which drs patients need to see; it’s listed in the discharge plans. This step needs to be embedded in the workflow #PtExp #EHR #interoperability
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