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1/ November 14th is #WorldDiabetesDay

Let’s look back at one of the most influential #RCTs for

how we given insulin in #T2DM?

the #RABBIT2 trial🐰🧵

#Insulin #MedTwitter
2/ The #RABBIT2 study looked at the (1) efficacy and (2) safety of basal-bolus vs. sliding-scale #insulin in non-critical inpatients🏥.

Basal-bolus regimens consisted of a combo of #Glargine (basal) and #Glulisine (mealtime).

The primary outcome was average glucose🍬.
3/ See below for a graphical depiction of how the study was performed👇:
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I happily welcome 🤗 you to today’s health thread but today being the WORLD DIABETES DAY. Let’s talk about maintaining diabetes using diet
Now let’s go 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 Image
A diabetic patient’s body does not breakdown to use as energy the way it should. If diabetes is not well managed it can cause health complications like:

•kidney disease, which can lead to kidney failure
•nerve and vessel disease, which can lead to limb amputation Image
•eye disease, which can lead to blindness.
The good news is that weight loss and exercise have shown enormous potential for preventing, treating, and in some cases reversing type 2 diabetes, according to the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Image
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#diabetes and #Neurology
1. Peripheral #neuropathy can be the first manifestation of diabetes. 50-70% of diabetics suffer from neuropathy. Pain and burning sensation of feet are common symptoms. Numbness of feet can predispose to ulcer formation.
#WorldDiabetesDay #Medtwitter
2. Diabetes is a common risk factor of #stroke, seen in 30% of stroke cases. Diabetes leads to poorer outcome in stroke patients- longer length of hospital stay, higher risk of complications, higher risk of death due to stroke and greater disability in stroke survivors.
3. Diabetes is associated with higher risk of dementia including Alzheimer's disease. The risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and conversion of MCI to dementia is higher in diabetics. Longer duration of diabetes and uncontrolled diabetes further increase the risk of dementia.
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🧵Here are 5 basic dietary changes that will drastically improve the blood sugar and insulin profile of diabetics and prediabetics. #WorldDiabetesDay
1. Ditch low-fat or fat-free processed versions of foods. Go for full-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, coconut milk etc. Fat prevents sugar spikes and offers satiety.
Nature made it that way for a reason.

2. Choose grains over flour whenever possible. The smaller the particle size of a grain or flour, the faster it gets broken down to release glucose in the bloodstream. The logic is the same as choosing fruit over fruit juice.
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#worlddiabetesday and also two years to the day since I went to A&E thinking I was just a bit stressed & left three days later with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. This is what I’ve learned in two years of managing a chronic condition that most people think is a joke 🧵:
1. It’s physically exhausting. Essentially your body is trying to kill you and spending a lot of energy on that, so it makes everything else twice as tiring as it was before. Be nice to your friends with diabetes, they are exhausted.
2. The mental load is insane. Every time you eat anything / do any exercise / the weather changes (seriously) you have to do advanced level maths to work out what impact this will have on your blood sugars and how you will manage it.
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Question of the Day

40 yr old man, pees a lot, drinks plenty water, thirsty, sees ants around urine
He has swollen legs, hiccups , urine is bubbling (see pic)

What is happening?

Medic and Non Medical folks 😉
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Answers drop shortly 😁 ImageImage
Peeing a lot, excess thirst, losing weight despite increased appetite, waking up frequently at night to Pee, ants surrounding urine ( means urine is sweet, because there is sugar in it); suggests He has Diabetes

Diabetes in early stages can actually present without any symptoms
Diabetes can destroy any organ in the body from blood vessels, eyes, brain, kidneys, the gonads..on and on

In this case Diabetes has destroyed the Kidneys causing a condition called Diabetic Nephropathy.

The kidneys produce urine and remove dangerous wastes from the body
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Today is #WorldDiabetesDay!

Language around diabetes is critical to end #diabetes stigma, blame and shame.

It's #WorldDiabetesDay!

There are too many rumours and misinformation around #diabetes.

We need to adapt how the media, organisations, policy makers and the wider public talk about it.

📌 Illustration of a woman from Argentina saying: "There sIllustration of a woman from Argentina saying: "There s
In the first effort of its kind, WHO has surveyed more than 900 people with lived experiences of #diabetes, to learn about what effective diabetes language means for them.

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The rate at which diabetes disease is spreading in Nigeria is alarming. With few facilities to fight or contain it, this is causing medical havoc across the country and we have lost souls to this disease

Fundraisers here and there to fly people out of the country to treat kidney
diseases. From January till date, I have seen and helped people RT their fundraisers and the smallest I have seen is within the ₦3,500,000.00 - ₦5,000,000.00 range

Diabetes according to experts develops either because one of the body's vital organs, the pancreas, is not
producing enough of the hormone insulin to break down the glucose or because the insulin produced is not working properly. It may be hereditary and the individual's life style can put one at greater risk of developing the condition.

As we approach another #WorldDiabetesDay
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Happy #WorldDiabetesDay day. I’ve had type one Diabetes for 24 years and a Diet Coke addiction for 22 of them. I broke the habit this year and discovered it had been having a profound effect on my health. Here’s some crazy stuff that changed when I broke the habit (a thread):
I hate to start with this but it was pretty significant : I dropped a large amount of weight in a very short space of time. I’d been told that this could happen but I never really believed it. My sugar cravings are at an all time low and desire for snacking is pretty minimum
My inflammation levels are the lowest they’ve been in 5 years. I get my bloods checked every 2 months. I also have RA so inflammation is always a problem. I could never get my CRP to drop below 15 but since giving up Diet Coke it hasn’t gone above 10.
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🤩 #WorldDiabetesDay is finally here!

This year we're celebrating 100 years since the discovery of insulin & the century of life-changing diabetes discoveries it inspired.

👇 Check out our thread to hear about just a few of the breakthroughs we've seen since 1921... (1/12)
1921: Insulin was discovered 🔬 (2/12) In 1921, Frederick Banting and Charles Best began experiment
1922: The first person was treated with insulin 💉 (3/12) On January 11 1922, Leonard Thompson a 14-year-old boy with
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#DondooZaDaktari | Leo ni siku ya ugonjwa wa KISUKARI duniani #WorldDiabetesDay

➡️Siku maalumu ambayo wanajamii tunaelimishana kuhusu tatizo hili la kiafya.

➡️Tatizo hili linaongezeka na moja ya kisababishi kikuu cha magonjwa ya figo,moyo, upofu na ulemavu wa kupoteza viungo.

➡️Kisukari ni ugonjwa wa kudumu ambao hutokea pale kiwango cha sukari (glukosi) katika damu
kipo juu zaidi kutokana na kukosekana au mwili kushindwa kutumia homoni ya insulini

➡️Kiwango cha glukosi kikiwa juu kwa muda mrefu, husababisha madhara katika mwili
➡️Unapokula chakula, mfumo wako wa kumeng’enya hukichakata na kutengeneza glukosi.

➡️Glukosi inapoingia kwenye damu, husababisha kongosho lako kutoa homoni inayoitwa insulini.

➡️Insulini huzunguka mwilini na kuwezesha seli kupata glukosi ili kuitumia kuleta nguvu mwilini.
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Today is #WorldDiabetesDay!

DYK know that 1️⃣ in 2️⃣ adults with type 2 #diabetes is unaware of their condition.

👀 Watch this video to learn more about the causes, symptoms and how diabetes can be treated ⬇️

It's #WorldDiabetesDay.

DYK: More than 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ million people have #diabetes.

The number of people with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980 and is expected to rise beyond half a billion by the end of the decade.
There are two types of #diabetes:
🩸 Type 1 diabetes, whose cause is unknown
🩸 Type 2 diabetes, largely the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity
🩸 Gestational diabetes that occurs in 🤰

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🔬 Today, we have one final #LabToLife story lined up for you as we get ready for #WorldDiabetesDay tomorrow!

Today we’re hearing from Beth Williams, a PhD student whose research is looking at how we might be able to prevent kidney disease in people with diabetes… (1/9)
💬 “Diabetes affects so many people worldwide, and I was fascinated by the fact that one condition can lead to such a variety of secondary complications – the treatments for which, are very limited.” (2/9)
“I knew the importance of research in improving this, which inspired me to pursue a PhD in diabetic kidney disease.” (3/9)
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@DrTedros "Almost 2 million cases of #COVID19 were reported in Europe last week, the most in a single week in that region since the pandemic started.

Almost 27,000 deaths were reported from Europe, more than half of all COVID-19 deaths globally last week"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "#COVID19 is surging in countries with lower vaccination rates in Eastern Europe, but also in countries with some of the world’s highest vaccination rates in Western Europe"-@DrTedros

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📢 You say research, I say Friday!

It's that time of week again, and today's #ResearchFriday is all about zombie cells... 🧟 (1/6)
Cells in our immune systems, called T cells, help us fight infections and heal wounds.

As we get older, T cells can sometimes go wrong and become zombie-like. They don't die as cells naturally should and they turn other cells into 'zombies' too. (2/6)
🔬 Dr Sian Henson found that people with #Type2 diabetes have more zombie T cells than people without diabetes. It means wounds don’t heal as quickly and they could make you more prone to infections. (3/6)
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From melancholic to optimistic! Nobel Laureate Frederick G. Banting showed the world how patients with #diabetes benefit from insulin use, to live a happier and better life. #100InsulinStories Image
Have you heard about #insulin? Tell us: which of these statements is correct about insulin? #100InsulinStories
The results are in! All the statements are correct and 25% of you were right. Click the video link to learn more about how insulin works.

#100InsulinStories Image
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#WorldDiabetesDay 2020: Information on Diabetes & management by making suitable lifestyle changes.

1. Understanding Diabetes - types, risk factors & how it occurs
2. Diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2 & Prediabetes - HbA1C, Fasting & post-meal
3. Effects of Diabetes on the body. (1/4)
4. How to prevent diabetes type 2?
5. Diet for Diabetes type 2: This is individualized. A low carb, moderate-protein diet plan is recommended for the Indian population. However, intermittent fasting & the Ketogenic diet are showing promising results in managing diabetes. (2/4)
6. Glycemic Index (GI): Understanding the GI of foods is crucial in managing diabetes.

A. What is GI?
B. GI of some common foods. Chose foods that are low in GI. Moderate GI foods can be taken sometimes. Avoid high GI foods. High GI foods also lead to weight gain. (3/4)
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A thread about T2 diabetes for #WorldDiabetesDay

I've been an NHS doctor for 19 years.

During that time we've seen some amazing developments in diabetes care including some exciting technology such as continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps and transplant surgery.

We've seen the arrival of many new drugs to add to our tool box for managing patients with this chronic condition.

Also very low calorie diets and bariatric surgery.

And diabetes prevention programmes to help delay the progression from pre-diabetes to established T2.

A long time ago, as an SHO in diabetes/endocrinology, I remember thinking how strange it was that we prescribed increasing doses of insulin to patients who struggled with their weight.

Not surprisingly this seemed to make them hungrier leading to more weight gain.

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It's #WorldDiabetesDay

#COVID19 causes fear & suffering for people with #diabetes:
1⃣ They have ↗️ risk of severe disease & death when infected with COVID-19
2⃣ Delay in diagnosis may result in more advanced disease & complications
3⃣ Delayed, incomplete, interrupted treatment
WHO estimates that 6% of the 🌐’s population has #diabetes. The total number today is 4⃣ times what it was in 1980.
What’s more, the number is ↗️ most rapidly in low-and-middle-income countries, which are the least well-equipped to provide treatment.

On #WorldDiabetesDay, WHO is announcing the Global Diabetes Compact, a comprehensive and inclusive approach to support countries in implementing effective programmes for the prevention and management of #diabetes.

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1/10 Pre-Diabetes 🤔

On #WorldDiabetesDay perhaps we should spend some time thinking about *preventing* type 2 diabetes

Here's a short thread on what I think folk should know about pre-diabetes

References at end

#MedTwitter #tweetorial #LCHF
2/10 Pre-diabetes has many names, often with subtle differences in definition

It's often called:

Impaired glucose tolerence, IGT
Impaired fasting glycaemia
Intermediate hyperglycaemia (preferred by @WHO )
High Risk State of Developing Diabetes (preferred by @AmDiabetesAssn )
3/10 Pre-diabetes is *NOT A DISEASE*

This is really important

It's a *RISK FACTOR* for developing type 2 diabetes

Other risk factors include:

Age >40 (>25 if S Asian)
Family History
Being overweight
People of Asian, African-Caribbean or black African origin, even if born in🇬🇧
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1/4 On 7th November 1920 – exactly 100 years ago – a Canadian surgeon, Frederick Banting, paid a visit to scientist John Macleod in a meeting that would lead to one of the greatest ever medical breakthroughs.
2/4 Banting wanted help to figure out how to remove insulin from a pancreas, so that it could be used to treat diabetes.
3/4 Together, they began to plan a series of experiments that led to the discovery of insulin and would save the lives of millions of people with diabetes over the next century. Their work continues to change lives and inspires our ongoing commitment to research.
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For #WorldDiabetesDay , let’s take a moment to remember that no one sweets their way into diabetes even though our culture loves to blame people with type 2 diabetes for bringing it onto themselves.
When someone says, “I just ate 2 pieces of cake and probably gave myself diabetes,” that’s not funny. That’s damaging and painful to those who have diabetes. It’s insinuating that those who have diabetes deserve it because they did it to themselves.
We need to consider what we’re inferring by those “jokes and how harmful those jokes are to people living with diabetes. #WorldDiabetesDay
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Dear parents,
Not every illness is malaria and typhoid.

(Type 1)
Can occur at any age. But mostly; Ages 4-7 and 10-14. Usually genetic.

Pregnancy can induce Diabetes too; GESTATIONAL DIABETES👇🏽
Child should see a Paediatrician, if any of these symptoms appear;

Increased thirst
Frequent urination
Bed-wetting in children who previously didn't wet the bed during the night
Extreme hunger
Unintended weight loss
Irritability and other mood changes
Fatigue and weakness
- Blurred Vision.
With children, it is better to be over concerned, than under concerned.

Juvenile Diabetes, is usually genetic, auto immune (Here the body fights itself, in this case destroying pancreatic insulin cells) and can be caused by some viruses or environmental factors
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The greatest fallacy about living with Diabetes is that you have to be eating ONLY BEANS, PLANTAIN, Moi Moi🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️! Reason why most are malnourished!

Real ‘Diabetic Diet’ is;

“Eat every healthy food. Add more vegetables. Just in fist size portions per meal.”
Patients coming to our diabetic clinic are always asked to come with their relative or care giver.

They need all the support they can get. While we don’t advice patients taking refined sugars, we however advice they have some of these drinks closeby in case of HYPOGLYCEMIC bouts
Hypoglycemia is simply a drop or more below the normal body sugar level. Severe hypoglycemia can kill faster that hyperglycemia ( seem in diabetes).

So in these attacks, patients might be sweaty, drowsy and even faint. So if there sugar level is tested and is low...👇🏽
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