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attn @UTDCLisa @joan_zoellner -- no 3 on this list, "Quality Matters Accessibility Policy for Online Courses," (20pp PDF) is among best overviews I've seen on enacting organization-wide work to make #digital #content #accessible

Item 10, resources, lists core a11y


resources (#WCAG, which is foundational is covered n part 5b of pdf)

Resources I didn't see, so will add here for completeness -

DAISY Consortium - access to reading…

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technologies
AEM at CAST: (National Center on) Accessible Educational Materials…


What else? Still questing for 1 #accessibility #wiki to rule them all!
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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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Bonjour @SNCF. Il faut que je vous dise : j’ai encore fait une bêtise. J’ai pensé que je pourrais voyager grâce à vous. J’avais omis que, quand on était handicapé, la première étape à franchir était l’achat du billet. 1/n
@SNCF Vus les nombreux témoignages sur votre nouveau site et sa déclaration d’accessibilité, je me suis dit que j’allais m’épargner ça. Naïvement, j’ai donc appeler le service TER censé vendre des billets de TER. 2/n
@SNCF J’ai appuyer sur 4 sur votre serveur vocal, puisque le choix 4 annonçait qu’on pouvait acheter des billets. Mon 1er interlocuteur a clairement refusé de me les vendre, arguant que le service de vente par téléphone était « réservé » à ceux qui n’ont pas de guichet en gare. 3/n
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Building a mindful #metaverse -
1/6 There won't be an overarching #Metaverse in #web3. Each will have its own use case, economics, rewards, features, policies but ultimately - #interoperability is a must.
2/6 #Interoperability or Io, allows for #Metaverses to speak to each other.
#Metapolis is being built as the first L1 metaverse to make this a “reality.” #Blockchain will serve as the bridge. More on this in due time.
3/6 Consumer behaviour was changed by mall culture, digital marketing & later, the internet. The #Metaverse will change it again: #borderless, #accessible, open for all - an always-on layer of engagement.
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🧵 Today's webinar on #VotingRights for Texans w/disabilities & 65+ is covering vote-by-mail.

When you fill out the form, you might wonder what's the difference b/t being an assister or a witness for vote-by-mail?

@DisRightsTx Jeff Miller & Molly Broadway:

Witness: Someone who is will attest that it is your signature & the information on your form is correct.

Assister: Someone who helps you fill out the form, help you read the application, & ensure you're checking the right boxes
"Assistance is important so Texans w/disabilities, especially those with intellectual and developmental disabilities ... can meaningfully cast their ballot as privately as independently as possible," says our Director of Public Policy & Advocacy @advoc8tx #CripTheVote #txlege
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The 3-day finale of #yyccc 2017-2021 was lit!!! It’s hard to believe the writers were able to get so many great things resolved. Also, so many cool things have been set up for the next show: 2021-2025 (which will start filming on Oct 18). Here’s my recap of the highlights: 1/24
The finale opened w emotion: 1) #yyc-based members of the #TokyoOlympics/#TokyoParalympics #teamcanada were honored. 2) tributes to the retiring members of #yyccc, @DruhFarrell @EWoolleyWard8 @ChahalGeorge @Ward4Ward1 @CouncillorKeats & @nenshi, induced tears & good vibes. 2/24
After almost exactly 4yrs of work initiated by my learning about #BenefitDrivenProcurement @FCSSAAoffice’s AGM right after the 2017 #yycvote, getting an NoM passed by #yyccc, & development shepherded by @momentumcalgary’s @HareCourtney, we’ve approved a great policy!!! 3/24
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Dearest gamers, hackers, InfoSec, STEM: If you get the opportunity to enter “alternate text” for images on a post, PLEASE take the extra *less-than-a-minute* to type out the alt text to make it accessible to more people!❤️

#accessibility #accessible…
#EmbraceTypos #EmbraceYyyos

Also, Twitter API developers: Definitely implement “alternate text” in your non-native apps!!!
#accessibility #accessible @_DEAFCON_ #accessibility #accessible #ADA
Also, ALL DEVELOPERS: Definitely implement “alternate text” for images in your UX!!!

IMG ALT used to be standard in HTML back when we were browsing in Lynx, so surely it can't be that hard with social media!
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Il y a quelques jours, notre Président parlait de droits et de devoirs. Je suis citoyenne et, en conséquence, ai le devoir de payer des impôts puisque j'ai la chance de pouvoir le faire. 1/n
Mais je suis aussi #Aveugle et la déclaration d'accessibilité de @dgfip_officiel prouve que je n'ai pas le droit de le faire comme tout le monde. Le site n'est pas #Accessible. Qui ici ne respecte pas ses devoirs ? 2/n
Qui c'est qui va galérer plusieurs heures là où ses copines ont mis à tout casser trois quarts d'heure si elles ont fait ça consciencieusement ? Mais je ne suis pas certaine que ça émeuve notre Président. Moi par contre, ça me fait enrager. 3/3
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Okay, I love @POTUS #CaregiverInChief but lowering drug prices is a complicated economic web — healthcare isn’t something that you pay for like a new car, it’s mediated by a third party 1/x #drugprices #pharma #medicare #medicaid
Take International Reference Pricing for example. (Lost you already, haven’t I?) This type of negotiation tool ties drug prices to caps set using “QALYs” - Quality Adjusted Life Years 2/ #health #pharma #medicine #innovation #caregiving #advocacy…
3/ Don’t get me wrong - #health care needs to be affordable & #accessible & costs should be accessible. But tying access to medicines based on the economic “value” of a person’s life unfairly discriminated against older #adults & ppl w/ #disabilities, see…
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Accessibility & Inclusivity 📝

⬇️ Thread ⬇️

“There's no such thing as normal“

Inclusive design aims to produce the most effective user expertise for as many of us as attainable. Accessibility isn't solely a problem that applies to individuals with disabilities -

#a11y #WCAG Image
it's a problem that affects everyone. An inclusive world may be a higher world. As a result, we wish to be in the vicinity of that.

What are you saying?? It’s just the domain of UX designer and developer, why does accessibility matter for anyone other:

#accessibility #UX
- The inclusive design will increase access. A social media strategy that considers inclusive design will a similar. while not accessible, you miss out on connecting along with your full potential audience.

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[DAY 11/24] 🎄🎄

Support the #openhardware movement!

"Open-source hardware was a key part of the Covid-19 response. Engineers, designers, and medical professionals collaborated from around the world to design and deploy equipment to meet the world’s unprecedented need." 👏 Image
Read more about the challenges of the #OpenHardware community ➡️…
Discover the work of the @ohsummit hosting the Open Hardware Summit and developing a certification program!
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With COVID, many people and jobs are more online than ever before. If your website, Zoom meetings, even Tweets aren’t accessible, then a sizable percentage of the population can’t navigate them. Here are some resources to make your digital content more #accessible! 1/13
@access_guide_ wrote a guide on writing image descriptions to help you understand what’s important to include when you’re posting that cute dog photo. @ImageAltText can be tagged to check if an image on Twitter has alt text! 2/13
If you’re low on spoons and/or don’t have funding to pay someone to write image descriptions for a professional website/presentation (for example), this Facebook community can provide free, crowdsourced image descriptions… 3/13
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#equalpayday today. Full time working women in Australia earn 14% less than full time working men.
There’s a lot we can do about the #genderpaygap. Here’s a start. 1. Better value the work done in highly feminised occupations. Workers in the health and care professions perform enormously skilled and economically important work. They are underpaid. #paythemmore 1/
2. Organisation leaders should undertake a gender pay #audit to diagnose #genderpaygap drivers. @wgea has great resources for this. Because this is such a pervasive problem, there will be issues, be open to that and #actonthedata 2/
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🔊Series alert!

We are thrilled to announce our new series 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐬 (𝐓𝐆𝐬) to put across:
🧐know-hows of TGs for #STIP2020 policymaking process,
🤝bringing fosterers of STIP2020 Track 2 discussions,
⌚starting tonight,
🔄 every evening. Image
𝐓𝐆1⃣ Access👐to Knowledge & Resources📖

Addressed challenges of #openscience🔓 in #India 🇮🇳 by devising sharing mechanisms for #research #publications 📰, #data📂, open-source #software💻, educational #resources 👩‍🏫👨‍🎓, library 📚,#research facilities👨‍🔬… Image
𝐓𝐆2⃣ Agriculture, Water and Food Security🔐🌾🥤🥗

Addresses the creation of a strong nexus in #Agriculture 🌱🧅🥬, #Water 🌊and #FoodSecurity 🌽🔐through a robust STI enabling environment ♻️🌏.… Image
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How to write alternative text #AltText for #images and visual objects
Describing an image in just a couple of sentences to someone may sound challenging, but it is really important in terms of making your document or webpage #accessible.

We’ll be sharing some tips to help you!
Tip #1: Keep it concise and unambiguous. #AltText should be no longer than 1 or 2 sentences. For more detailed visuals this may need to be longer!
Tip #2: #AltText should be descriptive and specific. Consider what is important about an image. For example, important context may be the setting, the emotions on people's faces, the colours, or the relative sizes.
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Why is MSF calling on #Canada to ensure public spending on medical R&D is used for public health and not private profits? Because we have seen how it can save lives. A thread about #Ebola, Canadian science and the failure of the private sector. 1/12
#DidYouKnow that Canadian government scientists first developed an #Ebola vaccine as early as 2001 — but that it was still not available more than a decade later to help end the West Africa Ebola epidemic that killed thousands of people between 2014-16? Here’s why not: 2/12
Canada’s #Ebola vaccine was developed with public funds, but the medical R&D system is organized around creating commercial products for #pharma companies. So Canada didn’t test or trial its vaccine. Instead, the government left it to the private sector. This was a mistake. 3/12
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The Advisory Committee on Health Emergency Response to COVID-19 for People with Disability has published it's latest communique.


Read it here:
The committee discussed a range of topics, including person-centred emergency preparedness planning, anxiety over the easing of restrictions and changing situation, and the availability of consistent #accessible resources.

More info about the committee:
The advisory committee also launched the Health Professional Disability Advisory Service, which will provide advice to health workers caring for a person with #disability with #COVIDー19 symptoms. The helpine is available 7am - 11pm (AEST) 7 days a week on 1800 131 330.
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#GAAD morning, it's Day 2!

How'd everyone go with keyboard #a11y yesterday?

You may have found it slow to browse a site with just the keyboard. Yes, there is a learning curve, also, many users have software that gives them shortcuts!

Today is about colour and contrast 🖍 -> 5 days to #a11y (accessibil...
In Australia, 8% of men, and 0.4% of women have some degree of colourblindness.

We cannot use only colour to provide meaning, or risk excluding nearly 1-2 in every 20 people from the web.
Here is a sign up form, it uses colour to show whether an input is valid or invalid. In this example, the password field is invalid, it has a red border, and the other fields have a green border.

I use to simulate types of colourblindness, just hit f5
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Thinking of taking your loved one out of #longtermcare during the #covid19 ? There is *no easy answer*. But here are few things to think about:
1) Do they need to be transferred (bed / toilet / shower) and how would you do that?
2) Do they need a Hoyer lift? (thread continues)
3) Do you have the medications and expertise to provide the medical care?
4) Are you in danger of infecting other vulnerable members of your household?
5) How will you support them if they have dementia?
6) Do you have knowledge on how to support #incontinence & the products?
7) Who will you call if they get sicker either with #Covid19 or their underlying #health issues?
8) are they going to lose their #placement in the #nursinghome (in Ontario - the answer would be yes)
9) who else in your home needs care?
10) how will you support #socialengagement?
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If you enjoyed my Avatar Thread / #YubiViews / Anything else I do and u wanna support me, here's a small thread of how you can! You are never obliged to do so, and I am exceedingly grateful for all and any support in all its forms!

Let's go! 1/7
1) The simplest way? Retweet stuff. It helps so much! I do a lot of stuff in the #DnD and #TTRPG circles, so it's great when people see my stuff!

2) I have a Ko-Fi: Slinging me a coffee means so much to me and I am so grateful for each one!

3) I have a podcast! It's a #ttrpg #podcast DM'd by me, a pan, #nonbinary human, with a main campaign in #DnD5e and loads of other systems! We're full of #LGBTQ rep in cast and story, we've got goofs, plot, giveaways, and spook galore! @TheMortalPath for eps!

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Next up at #MSUa11 -- "The Story of Accessible Art at the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab" led y Sarah Geist and Soohyun Cho.

Excited to combine learning about #DH and #a11y into one awesome session.
Panelists begin by noting that #accessible art provides opportunity to reach multiple senses and angles of engagement. It can involve the body and embodiment in exciting, interesting ways that transform art into a whole new experience! #a11y
Panelists describe a project where students wrote poetry, and then other students in art course were tasked with creating a touchable, tangible, tactile, 3D version of the poem so that you could "touch" the story. Poems were also transcribed in Braille. AMAZING. #MSUa11y
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1) Consult with #cybersecurity experts
2) Do what they say
House bill #HR3351 says "the voter shall have the option to mark his or her ballot by hand." That's good. That's what the majority of cybersecurity experts recommend.
Senate bill #SecureElectionsAct sets up a panel of "independent experts on #ElectionSecurity" then fills it with ppl who are NOT #security experts. If you have to have heart surgery - do you want a surgeon or a hospital admin?
3/6 The #SecureElectionsAct has #bipartisan support, but contrary to current narrative it is NOT less intrusive to states - just less effective. It still sets up standards - but instead of specific ones, they are undefined & will be determined later by a panel of non-security ppl
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Here's how this kind of thing works:
1. Right-wing website doesn't interview anyone about the workshop.
2. Website's followers send threats/promise to show up & disrupt.
3. Workshop privacy settings changed for safety.
4. Website authors/followers outraged about privacy settings.
I have yet to read an article in a conservative publication that explains that (a) faculty voluntarily do professional development to become more effective teachers, (b) it's typical for universities to have teaching centers that help faculty with this development, and. . .
(c) there's an entire body of rigorously peer-reviewed literature, based on sound social science, that guides the development of teaching centers' workshops. Faculty developers and instructional designers don't make this stuff up out of thin air.
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@NoomCoach I am on day 2 of my 14-day trial, and I am almost ready to cancel right now. 1/ I generally advocate for #bodyacceptance and #healthateverysize #HAES, so I am skeptical of all "diets" particularly the rhetoric around restriction and bad calorie science
@NoomCoach 2/ Your app/program claims to have a different relationship to food and value than other diet programs. And while I appreciate the gesture at not labeling foods "good" and "bad" your color-coding system is basically the equivalent
@NoomCoach 3/ Your calorie logic is *EXACTLY THE SAME* as every other diet program out there--weight loss is a simple equation between calories in/calories out. Which btw is overly simplistic. You basically have a teched-up revamp of @WeightWatchers_
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