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Impresionante ponencia de la Dra. @MagdalenaSalced sobre tto de 2° línea en HAI y CBP:
🔸 Ambas poco frecuentes
🔸 Con una 1ª línea de tratamiento bien establecida que mejora la supervivencia
🔸 Con un % no desdeñable de pacientes con intolerancia o insf respuesta #AEEH2023 Image
🎯En la HAI el objetivo terapéutico es la “remisión”:
⁃Histológica (puede llevar más tiempo)

Inducción ➡️ Mantenimiento ➡️ Retirada

💊1ªlínea: Esteroides+Azatioprina
💊2ªlínea: 6-mercaptopurina/Micofenolato
Si intolerancia o imposibilidad por mutación TPMT
Si insuficiente o no respuesta
💊3ªlínea: inhibidores calcineurina
💊“Rescates”:Infliximab. Rituximab. MTX. Ciclofosfamida.

Read 7 tweets… 28/8/2019; As doenças hepáticas autoimunes, que incluem principalmente hepatite autoimune (#HAI), colangite biliar primária (#CBP), colangite esclerosante primária (#CEP) e síndromes variantes, são frequentemente associadas a doenças autoimunes… + Image
… Extra-hepáticas. No entanto, a associação com doenças cutâneas é menos bem descrita.
A associação de hepatite autoimune com #vitiligo é bem conhecida, com uma associação particularmente marcante com hepatite autoimune tipo 2, uma condição que ocorre quase inteiramente em… + Image
… Crianças e adolescentes, muito mais rara e agressiva que a hepatite autoimune tipo 1; Associações prováveis ​​também são identificadas com #alopecia areata, #psoríase e pioderma gangrenoso.
A colangite biliar primária não está ligada ao #líquen plano, como anteriormente… + Image
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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1. #HAI, working in two refugee camps in Delhi, made a visit to Anganwa Pabuji Ka Mandir refugee camp in Jodhpur. There are 21 refugee camps in the city and all in deplorable conditions. #HAI will now collaborate with UJAS, a local organisation working with them for decades.
2, This camp, located in the outskirts, is seven years old, but still lacks facilities, including sanitation, drinking water, electricity, education & health facilities, a better access and so on. Consequently, the quality of life is poorer than even many slums. #refugee
3. Shelters are still poor, not able to provide required protection and dignity to inmates. There are only 16 toilets for a population of approx. 1,250 people. Consequently, open defecation is a norm in this camp too. #refugee
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In India, racism has taken a new form. Until a decade ago, white people were recruited as country head in all INGOs. Since that is no more possible, people of colour are recruited, who carry the same mindset. Policies still come from the West to get implemented here.
Addressing this new form of racism is very challenging. International NGOs have taken over Indian NGOs' space without most of the Indians knowing about it.

Most of us feel, an international NGO definitely means more honest and credible NGO, so let's support them.
I don't get even any attention when I talk on such issue. And that is the biggest impediment while challenging the racism and neo-colonialism in the aid sector which is in worse form in India than many other countries.
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We have signed & executed a contract to allow for @HackenProof, the top smart contract auditing firm in the crypto space, to audit all of the Chain Games contracts!

We want to ensure our code is as secure as possible before pushing to mainnet so that you can be confident all
funds locked in our smart contracts are SAFU 🙌

They are completing the audit this week. Once the audit comes back clean and without any issues (we don't expect any), we will immediately push to mainnet!

We are getting close CHAIN GANG, can you dig it??? ⛓ 🥳
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Just found out that a country office of international NGO for an award of excellence for its #COVID19 programme. As far as I know, this organisation was never on ground, but worked through its local NGO members, who got no acknowledgement. @A4EP2 @SmrutiPatel11 @RezaKChyBD
This is how the system works. While this INGO, keeps talking of #localisation, it only transferred the risk to the staff of its resourceless local NGOs, and made no acknowledgement when it came to receiving award for the work it never did.
#HAI @humanaidint was on ground from the second day of the #lockdown and did more than most of the humanitarian organisations. But the ecosystem favours only big and resource rich brands. @seriousfunnyguy
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1. #HAI team made a visit to the Signature bridge camp and it was so satisfying seeing happy faces because of the solar system provided to them. They were thankful to us, but we clarified that we did only our duty as a humanitarian organisation.
2. Mr Jeevan, a differently abled person, was having a hard time in this hot and sultry weather. His smile says it all. #HAI
3. It is not only succour from the heat and humidity, children can also now study while having some comfort. #refugees
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1. Let me provide a brief analysis of the refugees arriving from Pakistan, their situation and needs. I hope, this will be read widely so that @humanaidint could secure support from sympathetic individuals to work systematically on their development.
2. Almost all these refugees come on pilgrimage visa with the intentions of never going back. In this process, they often abandon their properties and assets and come to India with belongings which they can bring as pilgrims. Often some family members also get left behind.
3. There are cases that people abandoned their agriculture land, shops, cars, houses and so on as they preferred to save their culture and religion over everything else.

In such a situation often they have to start their lives from scratch in India.
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1. Back from the Signature Bridge camp. Let me do some storytelling to help you understand the current situation of these #refugees from Pakistan, what has @humanaidint done for them and what we intend to do.
2. Refugees living in this camp started coming to India since 2018; first camped in a place in Majnu ka Tila, but soon asked to vacate it by the host community. They used to come to this forest to collect firewood. Since no one lived in this vulnerable land, they squatted here.
3. Approximately 50 families lived here until two months ago, but there is influx of new migrants of late. 20 families arrived a month ago, 10 more arrived last week and many more are on their way. But this camp has no electricity, water, sanitation and other facilities.
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1. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to read this story to understand the extremely challenging situation of newly arrived refugees living in Signature Bridge camp, in the midst of forest. See these photo and I will explain their plight and vulnerability. @humanaidint
@humanaidint 2. About 60 refugee families live here in the midst of forest, without any basic facility, such as water, electricity, toilets, education, access to health etc. Many more families, facing persecution in Pakistan, are arriving everyday here. #refugees
@humanaidint 3. Almost all the houses are of tarpaulins without any doors. Imagine, even girls and women have to live here and there is no electricity in the area. They have to visit the nearby forest to relieve themselves.

There is hardly any asset in the houses, not even cots to sleep.
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1. Have a look at this photo. Does this affect you? Let me narrate the story in the subsequent tweets. @humanaidint #HAI
@humanaidint 2. There are three camps of Pakistani-Hindu refugees in Delhi, located in Majnu ka Tila, Rohini and Adarsh Nagar. One more is coming up under the Signature Bridge camp, where 35 migrant families have squatted. #HAI
@humanaidint 3. These families live without any basic services in the camp. There is no electricity, water or other facilities. Only a few children go to school as school is quite far from the locality. #HAI
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1. #HAI is thankful to Ms @NAN_DINI_for her inspiring visit to the Pak-Hindu refugees camp in Majnu ka Tila, Delhi, to understand the challenges facing this community and the activities of #HAI being carried out for them.
2. Many of you may already be familiar with Saraswati - a 13-year old refugee girl studying in class 8, and who nurtures the dream of joining @delhipolice one day. She always feels happy meeting with visitors.
3. This girl's name is also Nandini, who was happy to meet with another person having the same name. Nandini wants to become a doctor. She has assurance from #HAI to continue with her studies to fulfil her dream. She will be supported.
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