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9 years ago today an act of despicable cowardice was countered by many acts of bravery. Taliban dispatched a innocent 12 year old child with a suicide vest on to blow me up. I survived, but the poor child of course didn’t as a result of incredible bravery of young Australian
Soldiers who raced out of FOB Mirwais in Uruzgan province Afghanistan to assist me and 4 critically wounded US Soldiers also a section of US Navy Seals who were resting at the base also came out - no doubt saving our lives within 52 minutes I was on the operating table at
Tarin Kowt being looked after by a team of brilliant Australian and US medical staff who managed to resuscitate me twice and save our lives. Everyday I think of that poor child sacrificed to kill the ‘enemy’ and everyday I feel blessed for being saved. Thank you to all involved
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As I've read the entire report on HQ, it is now time to look at the inevitably biased media coverage. This biased article is written by @EwinHannan. A thread. ⬇️⬇️

#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism…
I thought the @australian was a National Newspaper? It's hard to believe that as the article doesn't mention the Federal Government once. This is despite the fact that the report mentions their errors several times. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate clearly declares in her report that she couldn't confirm whether the ADF was available for front-line enforcement in HQ. Given that, this entire paragraph is terrible journalism.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
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1/ My summary of the HQ Report if you don’t want to read a 100 comment thread or the entire report. A thread 🔽🔽🔽#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
2/ .@ScottMorrisonMP and @AusBorderForce are directly responsible for letting COVID19 into Australia. They allowed a traveler from Wuhan into our country. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
3/ .@ScottMorrisonMP and his Government had no plans for hotel quarantine. This resulted in a delegating the quarantine response to the states with only 36 hours notice. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
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HQ inquiry thread:
This is naturally a long document. I'll be commenting below relevant sections of the report as I read it throughout the day. A thread 🔽🔽#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #COVID19
The report makes it clear that National Cabinet and the Federal Government had no plan for hotel quarantine. 36 hours to set up HQ after the National Cabinet meeting. @ScottMorrisonMP and @GregHuntMP are pathetic. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
Hotel Quarantine was a rushed decision forced on the states from the Federal Government. @ScottMorrisonMP had no plan, the Federal Government contributed nothing. The travelers had arrived before HQ was even announced. Pathetic. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
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Was mir beim Lesen aufgefallen ist: Eine toxische #WarriorCulture wird mehrfach erwähnt, als ein treibender Faktor hinter den Kriegsverbrechen gesehen. Allerdings wird weder definiert noch darauf eingegangen, wie diese #Krieger-Kultur im Dienst- oder Einsatzalltag ausgesehen hat.
Der Begriff #Warrior wurde zuletzt - u.a. auch #miltwitter - immer wieder problematisiert und immer wieder mit Artikeln wie diesem⬇️ unterlegt.…
"A warrior is a professional fighter trained since childhood whose class or caste holds power. Warriors feel they own the exclusive right to apply violence or bear arms." - Mit dieser Definition hatte der Artikel mich verloren.
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So, who joined #IS but has been ordered to keep it quite (by al-Qurashî's audio)? The keeping it quite part IMO rules out groups with a monopoly on jihâdist violence in their area. #IS has never been shy to announce such acquisitions even when this meant international scrunity. /
Cases in point would be its provinces in Libya and the Phillipines whose territorial control was crushed by bombings of international coalitions. I don't think that this approach has changed when looking at Mozambique right now. 2/
The #ISCA province is very much on the offensive and has been noted as a security risk by international actors. The military intervention of a strong local or global force is only a question of time. 3/
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.@SenHawleyPress normalizes #AmyConeyBarrett training people at the Hate Group #ADF AFTER SHE KNEW they were a HATE GROUP. She was paid. Spoke 5x

ADF believes in criminalization of #LGBTQ persons & FORCED STERILIZATION of transpeople overseas

The leader even showed up at her nomination ceremony in the Rose Garden.

This is who Senator Hawley is defending.…

#SCOTUS #SCOTUSHearings #AmyConeyBarrett
@splcenter on the #ADF

THEY AGAIN BELIEVE IN criminalization of #LGBTQIA people & FORCED STERILIZATION of transpersons overseas.

She trained people here, which is poor judgement at the very least & @SenHawleyPress is disingenuous to his core.…
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schon 2003 fiel, laut Indymedia, das jetzt führende Mitglied der "#WerteUnion" #Niedersachsen in der Nähe von linken Partys in #Göttingen auf und soll den #Hiltergruß gezeigt haben; damals als #AStA-Vorsitzender + #ADF-Mitglied.… // dank @hilse für Hinweis
schon 2003 war er ehemaliger #Vorsitzender des #AStA #Göttingen. Seine aktive Zeit als Vorsitzender war im Jahre 2002. #richtigstellung
"Beleidigung und Hitlergruß: CDU-Mitglied nach Vorfall im "Pferdestall" ausgetreten"…
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L’optimisme de l’armée congolaise contredit par de nouveaux massacres des #ADF [Blog KST] #Beni Nord-#Kivu #RDC…
Malgré la prise de "Madina", le quartier général des #ADF, et l'annonce de la mort de 5 des 6 chefs de ce groupe armé par les #FARDC, les massacres se poursuivent à un rythme effréné dans le territoire de #Beni. #RDC
Les rares bilans des combats communiqués par les #FARDC sont contestés par de nombreuses sources diplomatiques et onusiennes. Une source ayant requis l'anonymat estime que près de 300 soldats congolais seraient morts depuis le début de l'offensive contre les #ADF en novembre #RDC
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Je suis de #Beni ! Depuis 2014 , nous sommes massacrés comme des bêtes! En réalité, tout a commencé avant cela! En juillet 2011, les #ADF ont enlevé mon père,dans un mois, il fera 8ans que je suis sans nouvelles de mon père! Vivant ou mort , je ne sais pas! Mais probablement mort
L’actuel président est arrivé à Beni, comme d’autres candidats président, il nous a promis la paix, il a aussi promis de faire de la sécurité dans notre région l’une de ses priorités! Il a même promis de ramener l’Etat Major à Beni! Mais jusque-là, rien n’est fait
Nous enregistrons toujours des morts, dites-le lui, peut-être qu’il ne le sait pas! Car même un simple message des condoléances, nous n’avons pas reçu! Dites à @VitalKamerhe1 qu’il n’oublie pas les bonnes habitudes ! Quand il était opposant, il présentait ses condoléances
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Excerpt: "Brian Brown, who heads the International Organization for the Family [#IOF is the parent of #WCF, which is associated with both #CNP and Russia], cheered, 'The world is changing and we’re helping change it,'

claiming that “special interest agendas like the LGBT agenda are being rejected.” From a celebratory email Brown sent IOF supporters last week:

President Bolsonaro used his inaugural address to echo his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises:
'Let’s unite the people, value families, respect Judeo-Christian traditions, fight gender ideologies (and preserve) our values,' he said to a cheering crowd. Bolsonaro acted immediately to begin implementing his agenda upon being sworn into office this week,
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1/ #CNP Members and Organizations
"The Council for National Policy (CNP) is a body that mixes large numbers of ostensibly mainstream conservatives with far-right and extremist ideologues, mostly from the far fringes of the religious right...…
2/ "What follows is a list of 18 of the hardest-line #CNP members and links to information about them and their groups, when available, published in the past by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Groups designated by the SPLC as hate groups are marked with an asterisk (*).."
Tony Perkins
*Family Research Council
Washington, D.C.
CNP Vice President

* Designated as hate group
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Wednesday night, Jeff Sessions announced his support for the Christian fundamentalist group, #ADF. The group has long been working to infiltrate the government of the United States.
The group established the "Blackstone Fellowship” in 2000 to indoctrinate young law students to fight for cases involving reproductive rights and sexual justice in accordance with a "distinctly Christian worldview.”…
More than 40 Blackstone individuals have clerked for state and federal judge in states across the nation. Between them, they have filled nearly 60 of what are prestigious roles.…
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