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A pincer movement seems underway to spring #Assange before #Biden gets to Sydney—as hostility rises in Australia.

* Pressure from State Dept via Embassy on Assange camp
* Now pressure from Albanese for an Assange concession
* Hicks-style deal in prospect?

& #AUKUS unpopular
🧵 Image
2. And note the unpopularity of #AUKUS subs deal—seen as wastage of $360billion in face of collapse of public services, NDIS, Medicare, public education, slow disaster recovery, housing prices, rent rises, welfare payment real decline, rising homelessness.
Hence, pro-US PR…
🧵👇 Image
3. Unpopularity of the US alliance in Australia is hugely significant — 👉👉 recent polling shows that the majority of Australians do NOT support Australia joining the US in any more wars, whether in the Middle East or more significantly against China.
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Know your extremists. Attorney Michael Farris is a religious zealot who tried to overthrow the 2020 election, endorsed Mark Meadows (who burned documents) for the position of chief of staff, & mentored Jenna Ellis who was recently censured 4 spreading BS about election fraud. 1/
Michael Farris ghost wrote Ken Paxton’s brief which sought to overturn the election. @clearing_fog 2/…
3/ Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows was “endorsed by [evangelical extremist lawyer] Michael Farris, a member of the CNP’s Board of Governors and the President & current CEO of the Alliance Defending Freedom.” By @anelsona , April 2020 #Christofascism 3/…
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Josh Hawley’s wife works as an attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom, which was involved w/ overturning Roe v Wade, has defended re-criminalizing non-heterosexual sexual behavior & supported forced sterilization of trans people abroad. 1/ #Christofascism…
2/ Image
3/ Image
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#ChristineAnderson prt 3. Ok, strap in. The meat of what’s in Anderson’s 🇨🇦 tour. Whoa boy, it touches on global Christo-fascism & its intersection with anti-vax mass disinformation & the use of that disinfo as a tool of radicalization. Thanks @ConvoyTwitty for finding the video.
The Anderson Whitby Ontario event began with a video (produced by whom? Paid for by?) where far right Canadian “convoy” figures, including #TamaraLich, said words of welcome to Anderson. Then, in true fascist propaganda fashion inverting truth, they played the national anthem.
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Le @SecDef confirme la mort de Bilal-al-#Sudani, dirigeant de l'Etat islamique en #Somalie et facilitateur clé du réseau mondial du groupe. Chargé de favoriser la présence de l'EI en #Afrique et de financer les ops.

En #RDC, il était présenté comme point focal des #ADF dans l'EI Image
#RDC/#Terrorisme: Bilal Al Sudani coordonnait ainsi avec Musa #Baluku (chef des #ADF/#ISCAP) et Meddie #Nkalubo alias Punisher (dirigeant important #ADF), des attaques et autres activités d'alignement des #ADF sur la doctrine de l'État Islamique.…
D'autres détails sur les activités terroristes de Al #Sudani en #RDC avec la cellule de l'État Islamique dans ce pays, l'#ADF/#ISCAP

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#RDC: dans une vidéo de près de 20 minutes intitulée "Une vie de djihad", l'État Islamique met en avant les activités de sa province d'Afrique centrale (#ISCAP) qui est l'#ADF, active à #Beni et #Irumu.

Introduite par des chants en #Arabe et en #Swahili et drapeau #MTM dominant
Dans la vidéo, on voit les visages des enfants récitant le #Coran puis des adultes qui indiquent que leur combat est dédié à la défense de leur religion contre les incrédules de l'@ONU_fr et les chrétiens.

"La vie est un passage et la mort pour la défense de l'islam, du miel" Image
#RDCongo: dans les premières séquences on voit celui qui peut être #Musa_Baluku, responsable des #ADF dirigé une cérémonie d'allégeance au calife. Les combattants déclarent qu'ils sont basés à #Beni, #Butembo et prêts à toute éventualité pour conserver et étendre le règne d'Allah Image
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#ISCAP (#ISIS - Central Africa) released a new video.
It mostly features footages from Democratic Republic of #Congo (#DRC) & shows some of their weapons.

First; rather rare FN FNC and South Korean Daewoo K2 assault rifles can be seen. Both chambered in 5.56x45mm.

1/ ImageImage
Additionally large quantity of AKM and Type 56 rifles, Bulgarian Arsenal AR rifle, RPG-7 & Type 69 RPG Launchers with PG-7V/Type 69-1 and OG-7V projectiles are frequently used by the militants.

A Chinese Type 85 HMG appears as well.

2/ ImageImageImageImage
Besides the noted weapons above; 7.62x54mmR General-Purpose Machine Guns are also quite common among the militants. The video shows PK/Type 80 machine guns along with a #Bulgarian 🇧🇬 Arsenal MG-1M machine gun.

3/ ImageImage
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1. Time for a status update on #IS.

We’ve been collecting and analysing #IS comms and chatter continuously for the last few years.

This is what the short- (50-day) and long-term (200-day) rolling averages look like for #IS attacks as of 10 October 2022.
2. In #Syria, after a three-fold decline across 2020/21, #IS’s reported activities have been hovering at roughly the same level since last summer.

Note that there was a fleeting surge after the #Ghwayran prison-break, but nothing sustained.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
3. In #Iraq, #IS’s network is seemingly in a similar place.

These days, less than half as many attacks are being reported on average compared with this time in 2020 and 2021.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
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@bruce_haigh So here is my take on how our defence has been hijacked in Australia. Ten years ago, Australia invited many countries to tender for military equipment supply including fighter jets, helicopters and submarines. 1/
@bruce_haigh 2/ My understanding was that Japan won the tender and if Australian government had proceeded, we would already have fit-for-purpose subs in operation and closer cooperation with Japan, a regional partner in the Pacific.
@bruce_haigh 3/ But with the Liberal National parties in government, military hardware procurement has been hijacked by the USA. The worst possible situation developed with Morrison becoming PM and with the help of Australia’s #1 warmonger David Hurley, granting himself multiple ministerial
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ONE has tried to stop #Koch since 1930s. US allowed Fred Koch to come back AFTER working for Stalin & Hitler. Steralization of #LGBT+ w/ ADF & SCOTUS #Barrett

#KochNetwork funded #Jan6 #Insurrection of #Fascism #DarkMoney

1929-31 Fred Koch #KochNetwork Soviet Union building oil refineries for Stalin & Hitler Nazi Germany prior to WWII. Russia 1956 & Iraq 1958 just prior to Iraq Coup/Revolution. Prior to Soviet Union, worked in England. FBI Docs 👉… 👉…
Iran-Contra Koch & Hayek Mont Pelerin Society member since 1970 - Pinochet & CLOSE ties to Milton Friedman direct help & Hayek several visits to Chilea late 70s & early 80s - specifically defended Pinochet’s regime & Peter Thiel
MISES #KochNetwork…
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Today, @GEC_CRG and @ebuteli are publishing the report « Uganda’s Operation #Shujaa in the #DRC: fighting the #ADF or Securing Economic Interests?"

Read here:

With major fighting underway north of Goma, what are main takeaways? A 🧵. Image
The resurgence of the M23 is in part linked to the launch of Operation Shujaa, the Ugandan military operation launched in November 2021 with the Congolese army and extended now.…
Those operations were triggered by a terrorist attack in Kampala in November 2021. Contrary to UPDF assertions, the operations have not decreased the operational capacity of the ADF. Massacres continue The ADF seem to have been displaced, not broken. Image
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“Justice Roberts has said that the Supreme Court can self regulate. That’s simply not true. We’ve got one sitting Justice whose wife has been shown to have been planning the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.”
@MondaireJones @RepMondaire @KatiePhang
“Justice Clarence Thomas [at AEI 5/13/22] bemoaned the leak of the SCOTUS opinion that will likely overturn Roe v Wade, [claiming] that when you lose trust in an institution, it changes that institution fundamentally.”
@KatiePhang @katiephangshow #RoeVWade
“Out of 75+ scholar citations, only 4 are women. Out of 90+ judge/justice citations, 5 are women. ‘Justice’ Samuel Alito cites HIMSELF 6 times. And this [SCOTUS opinion] would effectively govern the bodies of millions.”
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“We now have the evidence to support a story of the worst presidential political crime against the union in American history.” Jamie Raskin

@RepRaskin @January6thCmte @jamie_raskin #January6th
Laurence Tribe describes what “is being bandied about as the technique that they hope to use if they get Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and Alito and Thomas on board… to take the next election regardless of who wins.”

@tribelaw @JoyAnnReid @thereidout #TheReidOut
“In America, you have the right to seek the truth and speak the truth, even if it makes people in power uncomfortable… If Russian journalists [had such freedom] would they use it in the same way? Ask yourself that question every day.”
@Trevornoah #WHCD

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1/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine

May 2012: then foreign minister @bobjcarr expelled Syrian diplomats after the US blamed Syrian govt for 'the Houla #massacre'.
#auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
2/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
An investigation into the #Houla #massacre pointed the finger at anti-govt extremists. But there was no debate by #auspol.
#ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
3/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
Few questioned MSM narrative on Syria: govt bad; US supported 'rebels' good.
But @TurnbullMalcolm raised questions.

Ref: ……

@bobjcarr #auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners
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BREAKING: President Paul Kagame says relations with #Burundi have improved greatly in recent months & more will be done together with President @GeneralNeva to fully restore ties, in order for the citizens of the two countries to co-exist.
President Kagame said the issues between #Rwanda & #Burundi, including insecurity along the shared border, can be easily addressed & soon will be got out of the way for the people of the two countries to freely move across the borders. He emphasized the will on both sides.
On relations with Uganda, President Kagame touched on recent developments, including the reopening of the Gatuna OSBP, once again reiterating the issues which in the first place led to the closure of the border. He also used the opportunity to give the background of the problem.
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“President* Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election… Frankly there is almost no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

@Mike_Pence (on Feb 4, 2022) #LegitimatePoliticalDiscourse?
“If I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”
Donald Trump dangling pardons for insurrectionists, 1/29/22

“Lincoln said those who embrace sedition and turn backs on the Constitution threaten to ‘destroy the only democracy in existence and prove for all time — to both future Americans and the world — that a government of the people could not survive.’”@tribelaw
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“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

“The threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. Debate them, vote… If that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster.” @JoeBiden
“Our democracy has been declining over the last 5 years. In fact, right after January 6 of last year, our country was classified as an anocracy… The most important thing is for citizens to be aware of the dangers of democratic decline.”
@bfwalter @AC360
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“[President* Trump] was in the dining room, gleefully watching on his TV as he often did — ‘look at all of the people fighting for me’ — hitting rewind, watching it again…”
former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham to CNN

“We must decide what kind of nation we [will] be. Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm? Are we going to be a nation where we allow partisan election officials to overturn the legally expressed will of the people?” @JoeBiden
“727 insurrectionists arrested… Who else should be jailed for this unsuccessful coup?” @colbertlateshow

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#BREAKING Two explosions hit Ugandan capital Kampala: local media, residents
#BREAKING Twin Uganda explosions 'an attack', some injuries: police
#UPDATES "What we can say (is) this was an attack but who is responsible is a matter that is under investigation," Uganda's Assistant Inspector General of police Edward Ochom tells @AFP, after two explosions hit capital Kampala causing injuries
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#RDC: Poursuivant l'écriture de mon livre sur la connexion entre les islamistes #ADF (RDC) et Ahlu-Sunna wa-Jamma (#Mozambique), je vous recommande cette lecture, qui creuse au cœur du Jihad dans la région Sub-Sahara, publiée ce jour par @ICSR_Centre…
Vers 2012 l'#ADF commence à changer de dénomination en Madina at-Tawhidwa-l-Muwahideen (#MTM), se référant
à son camp principal et plus tard à l'ensemble du groupe avec 1 nouveau drapeau, mais à l'époque son objectif restait d'établir un gouvernement islamique en #Ouganda
Les relations internationales de l'ADF commencent avec les voyages de Jamil Mukulu en Afghanistan et au Pakistan vers 1970 pour recevoir un entraînement militaire. Il a noué des contacts dans bcp de pays d'Afrique, d'Europe, au Moyen-Orient pour financer les activités de l'ADF.
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"We've seen a lot in these last 4.5 years of Donald Trump and nothing, in my experience, was more serious than this attempt to overthrow a lawful election, corrupting and weaponizing the Department of Justice. Absolutely horrifying."
@SenBlumenthal @maddow
"The very purpose of this law is to chill people. Not just abortion providers in Texas, but to chill the entire community of people who want to help women right now into second guessing whether they’ll be on the hook."
Dahlia Lithwick @maddow #WHPA #Bounty
“What I believe is unprecedented is for a member of House leadership of either party to be unable to condemn incitement of violence against a member of this body… What is so hard about saying that this is wrong?”
@AOC House speech, November 17, 2021

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“What is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution? …What is wrong with having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?”
Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley
“Guaranteeing the right to vote and ensuring every vote is counted has always been the most patriotic thing we can do… John Lewis said, ‘Freedom is not a state; it is an act.’ …We WILL act… For our democracy, for America itself, we MUST act.” @JoeBiden
Tom Brady: “Not a lot of people think that we could have won. And in fact I think about 40% of the people still don't think we won.”

President Biden: “I understand that.

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9 years ago today an act of despicable cowardice was countered by many acts of bravery. Taliban dispatched a innocent 12 year old child with a suicide vest on to blow me up. I survived, but the poor child of course didn’t as a result of incredible bravery of young Australian
Soldiers who raced out of FOB Mirwais in Uruzgan province Afghanistan to assist me and 4 critically wounded US Soldiers also a section of US Navy Seals who were resting at the base also came out - no doubt saving our lives within 52 minutes I was on the operating table at
Tarin Kowt being looked after by a team of brilliant Australian and US medical staff who managed to resuscitate me twice and save our lives. Everyday I think of that poor child sacrificed to kill the ‘enemy’ and everyday I feel blessed for being saved. Thank you to all involved
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