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Today the NSW Upper House will debate disallowing floodplain harvesting regulations for a 4th time. If you're still in doubt about whether the Government's FPH rules will protect the environment, here are some emails from the latest documents received by the house. #nswpol
The Environment Minister @James_HGriffin has called the rules a ‘commitment to a good environmental outcome. Here his office admits that the rules will have little impact on FPH take and have been reduced as much as possible.
The Director of the Healthy Floodplain Project Delivery said the quiet part out loud and admitted that the flow targets are about ‘improved optics’ and do nothing for the environment.
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1) Last week we tweeted that Opal gates would be turned off and opened indefinitely at train stations. This action has now been withdrawn.

The broader industrial campaign continues. Keeping following us - this has long way to run yet.

2) We know that a lot of people are paying attention, so we will provide the context and facts below.

On Friday, the NSW Government threatened to sue, fine, sack and prosecute union members who turned off Opal gates.
3) At 12:30AM on Saturday the NSW Government filed in the Fair Work Commission to stop the proposed action for free train travel.

They even filed against Unions NSW to stop us communicating with you through social media - to stop tweets just like this.
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Illawarra based women's and children’s advocate @MattsJane has raised concerns about a cross jurisdictional conflict between state child protection and Federal Family laws at a parliamentary hearing.
#nswpol #auspol
@MattsJane The hearing into child protection and social services system was established to report on the effectiveness of the NSW child protection and social services system in responding to vulnerable children and families.
@MattsJane Founder of the group, Sisters in Law, Jane Matts says the Family Court can order children to live with parents who have been assessed by NSW child protection as a 'risk of harm' to them.
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I’m not going to tell anyone who or what to vote for. I too believe in democracy, not a technocracy.

However, I believe in a free and fair democracy.

I believe in a democracy informed by the most accurate information.

I believe in free (not hate) speech.

They say that they are returning your freedom to you.

Why then does it feel like the boot of oppression is getting heavier by the day?

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Jenny West has got the ammo to end the careers of Amy Brown, Stuart Ayres and Dom Perrottet. Barra is already toast. #nswpol #auspol
BOOM! “the position (NYC trade post) would be a present for someone.”

Oh Amy Brown, thou shalt not lie!
Mr Fang is a grub. If people are being bullied by governments or any massive institution, those people are entitled to engage lawyers to represent them. Inflict viciousness on the weak and underrepresented and expect to be met with a viciousness of our own.
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THREAD: It was reported extensively on Friday that the NSW Government had put a deal to rail workers to end the train dispute.

Today it's reported the Gov will commence action to terminate rail unions RIGHT to strike.

Here's the truth - and why the "deal" is a lie.

1) In Feb, the Gov met with unions and said they want to "reset" negotiations and provide an independent arbitrator - and they'll send us a proposal.

3 days later they filed court action against unions.

6 days later they shut down the rail system and tried to blame unions.
2) In May, the Gov committed to safety improvements to new intercity trains in exchange for certain union actions.

Unions agreed.

Two weeks later the NSW Gov reneged on their commitment despite unions following through on our side of the deal.
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“I understand that parents and teachers are frustrated but mainly I'm frustrated on behalf of our students. It's been hard for them. The industrial action today does not serve any purpose than to disrupt” - Minister for Education @smitchellmlc. #7NEWS Image
Teachers are rallying outside NSW Parliament House after a last-minute attempt by the NSW Government failed to stop strike action. #nswpol #7NEWS Image
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The rain event that flooded Lismore collapsed landscapes.
It shattered hillsides. Roads broke apart and fell down valleys.
Hillsides fell on houses.

This thread gives a glimpse of the cost of inaction on #ClimateDisruption

For every 1°C of #GlobalWarming, the atmosphere holds an additional 7% water vapour. The extra heat (energy) means more extreme events.

On Tuntable Creek Rd, a neighbour measured 810mm. That’s 32 inches.

This is our road.

#nswpol #auspol
These impacts are across the whole Northern Rivers.
This is a landscape collapse event.
The word ‘flood’ does not describe what happened here.

Images in this thread were captured by many people & shared on social media

#nswpol #auspol #LismoreFloods

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If we want to save koalas, we need to save their trees.

If you agree, please sign our petition urging the NSW Government to take real, meaningful action to protect koala habitat:…

#auspol #nswpol Image
A scientific committee has recommended that the status of "vulnerable" koala populations should be changed to "endangered", as new research reveals the extent of key habitat destruction.
This news comes just days after the Morrison Government announced they'll spend $50 million to boost the long-term protection and recovery efforts of Australia's koalas.
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The Morrison Government has pledged a record $50 million to boost the long-term protection and recovery efforts of Australia's koalas.

But money alone won't save koalas.

Koalas need trees. Koalas need strong environmental laws.

#auspol #nswpol #savethekoala
But Australia's environmental laws have been weakened again and again, and we're losing our forests fast.
In 2010, Australia had 38.0Mha of natural forest, extending over 5.1% of its land area. .From 2001 to 2020, Australia lost 8.47Mha of tree cover, equivalent to a 20% decrease
Since European settlement, approximately 80% of Australia’s eucalypt forests have been cleared. Almost none of the 20% remaining is protected, and most occurs on privately-owned land.
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NSW Opposition Leader, Chris Minns is live now.
I'll live tweet below
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
Minns: "Dominic Perrottet says this will be 'the last wave' but expert after expert has said there will be more variants..."
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
Ryan Park: "This is a Premier that doesn't seem to be listening and doesn't seem to be learning."

#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
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NSW, Australia & Covid. A🧵
To hold Perrottet/Morrison to account we must:
1) Compare where we are with where wise countries (NZ, Sing, Korea) are today.
2) Compare what #letitrip has done vs where we'd be with sensible public health measures.
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
Perrottet's spin. He:
-Compares where we are against scenarios published recently by his govt. They're a distraction.
-Compares where we are today with the pain of lockdowns. The alternative to #letitrip was caution, not locking down. Don't buy it.
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
It's gone from:
"Don't look at the cases - look at the hospitalisations!"
"Not hospitalisations, look at the ICU admissions!"
"Sure, ICU is high, but look at deaths!"
"Yes, deaths are high, but look at the health of some of the dead!"
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
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NSW Covid-19 Update this morning at 10am.
Perrottet's careless #letitrip approach in NSW has just recorded its deadliest day.
I think mismanagement like this needs witnesses, so I'll live tweet some of it. Join me if you like.
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
Here's the link to the ABC YouTube live stream of today's update.
#covid19nsw #nswpol #auspol
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COVID, Kids MH & School- an alt view of the Aussie study of Kids and COVID in NSW
Let’s discuss this study used to preach return to school for kids MH, inc by the authors.
1.Not peer reviewed- ie no journal willing to print it. So, publish in SMH. 1/…
2.Says 1.26% kids in hosp for COVID June to Oct 2021. Show me what else sends 1 kid in every 3 primary classes to hospital. If it were paint fumes, the school would be shut down. 2/
3.A further 2.46% in hospital cos they have no one without COVID to care for them. Let’s stop and think about the trauma of that. I know someone who is caring for these kids and she is a…TRAUMA specialist. Brought in from the TRAUMA unit cos this experience is… TRAUMATIC. 3/
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Catching up with the #LetItRipDom presser. Brad Hazzard & Dr Chant stressing that people should wear masks indoors to protect themselves & others.
So why remove the mandate? 'Just cause Dom wants to?
Shame Dr Chant isn't prepared to be far more up front...#COVID19nsw #nswpol
2/ Gather outdoors as much as possible, small groups, don't let your Christmas be messed up by getting sick.
The messages are totally contradicted by setting changes.
PS: The modelling is for 25K new cases each day by end Jan. Merry Christmas from Dom...😱
#nswpol #Omicron
3/ Then we move on to, we want to protect people in aged care & disability homes (cue Dom & Brad with choreographed synchronised nodding), so masks will be required in those settings (cue D &B choreographed synchronised vigorous nodding).
#nswpol #Omicron
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If you think @Dom_Perrottet is as competent as @GladysB, think again. I spent most of late last year exposing the icare scandal. Here is how NSW’s new Premier ran it into the ground. #nswpol #icare (1/25)
Premier Perrottet founded iCare in 2015. It started with a $4 billion surplus. But after four years of Mr Perrotett’s management, the money is gone. It now has a deficit of about $300 million.… #icare (2/25)
iCare’s management of its finances deteriorated so much that Mr Perrotett had to rush to secretly authorise a $4b bailout.… #nswpol #icare (3/25)
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Plenty of blue ticks in #auspol & #nswpol media world who are slamming Jordan Shanks right now, but not one of them can name a journalist or reporter from a major outlet who is extensively covering Barilaro's corruption. Not one. Gaps in a market will always get filled, 1/5
& right now, that's been filled by #FriendlyJordies. Am I a fan of his delivery every time? No, I'm not. But it's the content that's important. Can any blue tick media reflect enough to understand that if THEY WERE COVERING IMPORTANT STORIES, there would be no need for Jordan 2/5
Is there any blue tick media reflecting upon why Barilaro inappropriately used #nswpolice Fixated Persons Unit to try intimidate the Friendly Jordies team into silence? Is it because you already have been intimidated into silence? Because from average punter here on the couch 3/5
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@FarrellPF Any idea why the NSW State Records Act was amended to allow those in parliament to destroy state records w/out prior notice or penalty? Further does the timing of the amendment coincide w/ the Badgery Creek rort? @nswicac @MichaelWestBiz…
@FarrellPF @nswicac @MichaelWestBiz An adviser to the premier in October told a parliamentary committee she shredded “working advice notes” showing Berejiklian “signed off” on $141.8m of council grants. The staffer also deleted electronic copies. #nswpol #auspol
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Advance notice that the Education Committee of the NSW Parliament will table a report at 10am today into Mark Latham’s “Parental Rights” Bill - a bill which attacks teachers, students, and families in the name of a warped right-wing ideology #nswpol
To the young transgender people who have had the misfortune to be exposed to this bill and the inquiry around it, I want to assure you that you are not alone. The Greens NSW join with all of those who will fight against this bill.
This report is a sham and an embarrassment to the NSW Parliament, it ignores the great majority of the evidence before the committee that staunchly opposed the Bill. The report such that it is is here:…
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Many timely reflections in this recent article re the capacity of health systems and workforce now and into the future… #AusPol #COVID
On the importance of timely lockdowns & continuing other sensible public health measures, Prof @JBraithwaite1 says: "I would argue for prudence and holding the course. We risk unprecedented cases, deaths, and economic mayhem otherwise...
"I’d go for 90 percent, not 70 percent, vaccination rates, and counsel continuing public health measures, as stringently as possible," says @JBraithwaite1
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Just yesterday Brad Hazzard told me that no one had raised concerns with him that ICU capacity in NSW was at risk. How strange that I was getting pleas for help from doctors and nurses working on the frontline in our ICUs, but the Health Minister wasn’t? Thread. #nswpol #covidnsw
ICUs in our hospitals at the epicentre of this outbreak like Westmead, Liverpool and Nepean are at breaking point. I’ve been told that one of the main issues is that there aren’t enough nurses to care for the number of Covid patients in ICU who need 1:1 care most of the time,
and that ambulances transporting Covid patients are having to be turned away.
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I'll be joining @AbigailBoydMLC and asking questions in the Treasury Estimates hearing today from 9.30am - we'll be live here: #nswpol
@AbigailBoydMLC Treasury are telling us they don't know the current financial position of Icare. They don't know how many covid related claims have been dealt with by icare.
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Can we ask some different questions? #NSWpol

Here’s some suggestions:

1) Is any analysis being done about those who are breaching orders to see if other measures would have prevented these breaches? (extra financial support, clearer communication due to language issues, etc?)
2) What’s being done to address overcrowding in communities as a result of housing affordability crisis - given most spread is in larger family grouping living in same home?
3) What’s the data on covid cases versus breaches? Is it the people who are breaching the orders causing the infections or are infections happening even though people are following the orders?
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I’ll be asking questions in the Estimates hearing with the Premier’s department today - it’s so important to not let accountability disappear during crises like these! You’ll be able to watch this live on the Parliament YouTube channel from 9.30am:… #nswpol ImageImage
Video is live here now:
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