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I've got another #HotTake on the blog about #KindleUnlimited scammers. I'm posting a short rundown to make a moment, but if you want the full details, visit my blog.…
We really do need to 'gate' this. So #ScammerGate.

May I present the newest inductee into the ‘non-author’ Hall of Infamy.

Heather West, & she brought friends, Sophia Gray & Zoey Parker.

#NonAuthorHallOfInfamy See, they don't even get the dubious honor of #authorsbehavingbadly
To be an #authorbehavingbadly, I think we can all agree that you must at least *be* an author.

Buying manuscripts from people & repackaging then as yours, selling as new, all that makes you a book *packager*. Packaging & marketing does not an author make.

It's not complicated.
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Corsi seems terrified. As he should be.

"Sorry" won't cut it here. What these kooky asshats did to the Rich family was disgusting and premeditated.

And it was all based on an insidious SVR-scripted lie.

The "Hillary's death squad murdered Seth Rich, who was the real source of the leaked DNC emails" absurdity was cooked up by the Kremlin, as I told you ages ago.

You have to be Hannity-level stupid to buy this nonsense.…
Speaking of which, I can't wait for Gorka's #hottake on Hannity about today's HJC subpoena wave against pretty much everybody on Team Trump.

Anybody know when Seb's gonna be on @foxnews next?
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Alright, people...let's play a game.

I'm going to do another #HotTake on the blog in a bit but I'm going to let you see how I collect the info for this. Now bear with me, because some of this requires info gathering which can be slow.

I've laid out a lot of this
beforehand, but once I get down to the nitty gritty, it takes more time.

First... have you checked out the #WTF on Nora Roberts' blog?…

It stems from a comment made by one Mr. Frost.
Frost, you see, views books as 'assets'. That's it. Commodities to be bought and sold, and readers aren't really even considered.

Those aren't my words. See? MY words are in red. Frost is quite active on the forums at Kboards.
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Worth reading @tylercowen on Steven Pinker, slavery and the Enlightenment:…
Someday I'm going to actually deliver a long Enlightenment #hottake, hopefully. One boring placeholder thought is that the immanentize-the-eschaton aspect of Enlightenment thought gets you bigger moral successes *and* bigger moral disasters.
A certain style of Enlightenment thought took older Christian moral analysis and said "why can't we implement this more fully here and now, instead of tolerating so many for-the-time-being evils?" Abolitionism was a case where this worked. Communism was a case where it didn't.
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I'm working on three hours of sleep, so probably a good time fire off my election #hottakes 🔥🔥🔥🔥

thread below
#Hottake 1: D house performance in 2018 was comparable to GOP performance in 2010 for 2 reasons: overall pop vote margin was about the same and CRUCIALLY, D's had a much bigger majority in 2010 (257 seats!), so were overexposed. A GOP majority of 257 seats woulda lost 60 seats
#Hottake 2: The Democratic party's coalition is bigger than the GOP, BUT the GOP's hardcore, reliable voting base is bigger, and much more spread out across the country. Dems have to turnout lots of different kinds of voters, GOP doesn't really. Which leads to...
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