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Should we talk about taxes? 💵💸

A few people have asked about my tax strategy to grow and keep Mortimer happy, so I'll drop it here in this 🧵... (1/11) Image
First, let's see how SimCity budgets work at a basic level

You collect taxes from 🟢Residential, 🔵Commerical and 🟡Industrial zones.

The more zones, the bigger the tax base you have to collect from. And denser zones have more people, meaning more income potential 💸 (2/11)
I say income 💰potential💰 because you can also set the tax rates for each zone type. 7% is the game default, but I find Sims are willing to pay more, dramatically changing cashflow.

Live into the differences between these two budgets below... 👀 (3/11) ImageImage
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It’s true more time would have been great to implement this cashless policy. Payment companies have been attempting to digitize payments for retail merchants for years without success as people do not want a change in behavior
We are addicted to cash and it’s showing up now. The CBN did not anticipate an exchange for old naira cash to new naira cash. Their desire is for people to digitize and open accounts. Merchants are supposed to provide bank accounts for customers to pay into
Or use alternative channels. NIBSS works well. If you consider it’s percentage uptime annually it’s great. We financial services players also have a role to make things easier through ease of reversals when transactions fail.
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Nach den Ereignissen der letzten Tage zum Thema #WienEnergie sollten sich einige AT Twitter-Alphas lange in den Spiegel schauen und sich ein bisschen in das Thema "dog whistle politics" = "Hundepfeifen-Politik" #DogWhisteling einlesen, ein Thread🧵 1/x :
An dieser Stelle auch nochmals Gratulation an @ORF zum gestrigen #RunderTisch, hier zum Nachsehen. Ich erwarte eine weitere Klärung durch den #Rechnungshof (Bund & Land), möchte dennoch bereits jetzt die politische (Nicht-)Kommunikation analysieren. 2/x…
.#DogWhisteling ist eine bedeutende Manipulationstechnik, mit der Politiker Menschen dazu bringen etwas zu tun, was sie, wenn sie sich des Inhaltes voll bewusst wären, nicht tun würden. Es reicht, bestimmte Codes zu verwenden um #Shitstorm auszulösen.… 3/x
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Next time an interviewer asks you to "Explain this gap on your resume," REGARDLESS of why, answer,
"I decline to answer that question in #solidarity with those whose reasons are none of your business, or reveal information that it's illegal to not-hire them for."
#HotTake It's MOST important that those with more #privilege who would claim to not be racist/classist/ableist/misogynist/otherwise hostile to all marginalized groups refuse.
When YOU give an actual answer, YOU steal 💰 from all of them.
THEY don't get work, or get paid less. 2/
Especially someone who's been to prison, there's no good way to spin that story, especially for white-collar jobs with good pay.
People make mistakes, or get punished unjustly - YOU condemn them to poverty for life. 3/
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I honestly can’t be assed about radical feminists forming coalition with right wingers. I’d rather not but meh, the entire point of politics is building connections.
Our bad faith detractors are gonna try to discredit us anyway. Even if we don’t go and work with the right, “left leaning” opponents of radical feminism are still gonna point to the “overlap” in our views, opposition to the trans movement, to tar us with the same brush.
They’re clearly not in good faith and are gonna find any reason to smear, slander, and dismiss us. So why keep playing their game? Why keep jumping through their hoops? Even if we don’t touch rightists with a ten foot pole and take the high way, you think they care?
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Huh, it's finally here. You can now use Apple Pay for your bus/rail fare.

Android (hopefully?) coming, but no mention of it here. #wmata
A big warning to those that still like to use cards, not their phone to pay:

"Once you transfer your physical card to Apple Wallet, the physical card will be disabled and will no longer work."…

"Remember, a card is not shared between devices. If you wish to have a card on your phone and watch, you must purchase two cards."

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THREAD: For @sciam’s 175th birthday — which is today! — we asked some of our favorite thinkers to write about the evolution of science and technology since our first issue. We basically let them run with it, and we were thrilled with what they came up with. 1/x
.@NaomiOreskes and @ErikMConway wrote about which technological revolutions really were transformative, and which were…not so much.…
.@marynmck explained how a century of progress in stamping out infectious disease led to overconfidence, and our being devastated yet again by a completely predictable pandemic.…
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DOOM 2016 takes a little while to get fun, but then once it's fun it's pretty fun! Except for the parts that are less fun. #HotTake
i will face god and walk backwards into hell if the music there is this good

wait for the choir to kick in at 1:30

having played DOOM 2016 I now see, more than any 90's shooter, Prodeus looks like a DOOM 2016 demake

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Seminars in Nephrology has an entire issue devoted to social media in the discipline of nephrology.

The mastermind @kidney_boy highlights the contents here:…
First up is @aoglasser @RJmdphilly @michellebr00ks (all #WomenInMedicine) who highlight opportunities for community, advocacy, and connection.

They review the "anatomy" and "physiology" of tweets too. :D

Next up is @stones__ and @hswapnil who discuss Twitter journal clubs (#JClub). "Clubbing" on Twitter can certainly be a lot more exciting, and definitely an alternative until we can all stop #PhysicalDistancing…
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In preparing a sermon for this weekend I have developed a biblical #hottake: we should NEVER call the story Jesus tells in Luke 15 “The Prodigal Son” again. It is the parable of “The Lost Son”.
At this point, we probably don’t think about it because Prodigal Son is common terminology and the point of reference for the story. But that label is wrong. Like straight up wrong. Completely misses the point of the story.
How we’ve come to talk about The Lost Son story is a great example of how we completely misunderstand and interpret what Jesus was trying to say.
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Corsi seems terrified. As he should be.

"Sorry" won't cut it here. What these kooky asshats did to the Rich family was disgusting and premeditated.

And it was all based on an insidious SVR-scripted lie.

The "Hillary's death squad murdered Seth Rich, who was the real source of the leaked DNC emails" absurdity was cooked up by the Kremlin, as I told you ages ago.

You have to be Hannity-level stupid to buy this nonsense.…
Speaking of which, I can't wait for Gorka's #hottake on Hannity about today's HJC subpoena wave against pretty much everybody on Team Trump.

Anybody know when Seb's gonna be on @foxnews next?
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Worth reading @tylercowen on Steven Pinker, slavery and the Enlightenment:…
Someday I'm going to actually deliver a long Enlightenment #hottake, hopefully. One boring placeholder thought is that the immanentize-the-eschaton aspect of Enlightenment thought gets you bigger moral successes *and* bigger moral disasters.
A certain style of Enlightenment thought took older Christian moral analysis and said "why can't we implement this more fully here and now, instead of tolerating so many for-the-time-being evils?" Abolitionism was a case where this worked. Communism was a case where it didn't.
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I'm working on three hours of sleep, so probably a good time fire off my election #hottakes 🔥🔥🔥🔥

thread below
#Hottake 1: D house performance in 2018 was comparable to GOP performance in 2010 for 2 reasons: overall pop vote margin was about the same and CRUCIALLY, D's had a much bigger majority in 2010 (257 seats!), so were overexposed. A GOP majority of 257 seats woulda lost 60 seats
#Hottake 2: The Democratic party's coalition is bigger than the GOP, BUT the GOP's hardcore, reliable voting base is bigger, and much more spread out across the country. Dems have to turnout lots of different kinds of voters, GOP doesn't really. Which leads to...
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My #hottake on the NRA lawsuit: It’s Not What You Think
Despite breathless coverage from .@RollingStone, .@nypost and others, the NRA isn’t going bankrupt, although I’m sure it appreciates .@thegoodgodabove's and everyone’s #thoughtsandprayers.
Neither are #NRA's expressed economic concerns related to the recent criminal indictment of #MariaBukhina for illegal flows of #Russian money to the #GOP via the #NRA.
Instead #NRA alleges that #NYS governor and chief banking and insurance regulator are improperly pressuring #banks and #insurers not to do business with the #NRA, in order to carry out a political, anti-#gun rights agenda. But are they?
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