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🚀 In the Age of AI, personalized customer experiences are crucial for competitive advantage. Companies like Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, and Starbucks are leading the way. #CustomerExperience #AI #Personalization @HBR

A quick recap🍿👇 Image
📈 Competitive advantage is based on the ability to capture, analyze, and utilize personalized customer data at scale. AI is the key to understanding, shaping, customizing, and optimizing the customer journey. #Data #AI #CustomerJourney
💡 Brands like Sweetgreen and Stitch Fix have designed transformative first-party, data-driven experiences as well. Personalization is the design target for every touchpoint. #ChallengerBrands #Personalization #DataJustice2023
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1/ Many of the activities we perform on the blockchain are invisible to others. There's a limited social graph to see what we and our peers are doing. Enter @phi_xyz, a unique addition to #Web3 that facilitates user engagement and understanding of the ecosystem's primitives 🌐✨ Image
2/ The new internet requires a fresh way of understanding on-chain events. Even legitimate ideas can be discarded as fantastical because they don't fit the current framework. Rethinking how we understand will flatten the adoption curve. #Innovation #AdoptionCurve 🔍🔗
3/ Web3 often focuses on utilitarian products, neglecting humanism. Phi's team understands the importance of creating products that "delight" users. Phi shares this ethos, aiming to onboard the next billion people to crypto in an enjoyable way. #UserExperience #Web3 💡🤝
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Après son adoption au Sénat en avril dernier, c'est à l'@AssembleeNat que ma proposition de loi transpartisane sur la #parité dans la #FonctionPublique portée avec @verienparent et @AnnickBillon a enfin été #adoptée ! ✅ Proposition de loi visant à...
Vice-présidente de la Délégation aux Droits des Femmes du Sénat, le combat pour l’#égalité et la #parité guident mon #engagement.

Notre constat de départ : 60 % de femmes dans la fonction publique et pourtant que 14 % occupent des postes de cadre dirigeant… Co-écrite avec mes deux col...
Pas loin de deux mois après nous, l’@AssembleeNat vient enfin d’adopter cette proposition de loi grâce au travail mené au sein de l’@AN_DroitsFemmes par notamment le rapporteur, @G_GouffierCha dont je salue le travail transpartisan pour plus de parité dans la fonction publique. 4 dispositions au cœur de c...
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Should we talk about taxes? 💵💸

A few people have asked about my tax strategy to grow and keep Mortimer happy, so I'll drop it here in this 🧵... (1/11) Image
First, let's see how SimCity budgets work at a basic level

You collect taxes from 🟢Residential, 🔵Commerical and 🟡Industrial zones.

The more zones, the bigger the tax base you have to collect from. And denser zones have more people, meaning more income potential 💸 (2/11)
I say income 💰potential💰 because you can also set the tax rates for each zone type. 7% is the game default, but I find Sims are willing to pay more, dramatically changing cashflow.

Live into the differences between these two budgets below... 👀 (3/11) ImageImage
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J2 des #DGA2023 🌱 !

Prêt.e.s pour une nouvelle journée de #creativite et d' #engagement avec le @DeauvilleGreenA ?

C'est parti ! 🤘🏾

🧠💭 Première activité pour bien démarrer la matinée : une #Fresque du #Film !

Inspirée de la Fresque du Climat, celle-ci sensibilise aux enjeux environnementaux des activités de l'industrie du #cinéma Image
#transition #environnement

Du constat aux actions concrètes, la #FresqueDuFilm, créée par #LaBase/@juvigoureux, s’appuie sur des rapports scientifiques (#GIEC/@IPCC_CH, @theShiftPR0JECT), des études sectorielles (@LeCNC) et des données empiriques de terrain 🔎
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There is no concept of Engagement in Islam :A Thread🧵 Image
Engagement is the time between acceptance of the marriage proposal (khitba) and the marriage ceremony (‘aqd). Once the proposal is accepted, the man and the woman are known as “engaged to be married or simply “engaged”. Engagement has no recognition in Islamic laws Image
Who Proposes?

#Traditionally in all #cultures, it is the man who proposes to the woman; and it is done either directly by the man himself or on his behalf by his family. In the
West, even now man is expected to get down on his one knee to propose to the woman he wants to marry Image
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New study on energy #communities in #France :…

The study analyzes the ownership structure and institutional logics of 164 #energy communities. Here are some highlights of our results ⬇️(1/5)

CC @EnergiePartagee @REScoopEU @ademe @Enercoop_SCIC Image
We identify the following four energy citizenship configurations:

✔ Full #citizen ownership
✔ Shared citizen ownership
✔ Citizen #crowdfunding
✔ Civic participation

(2/5) Image
💡 In 76% of energy communities, citizens hold the majority of capital shares.

💡 This indicates that models characterized by strong #citizen #engagement in ownership and a strong #community logic dominate the French energy community landscape.

(3/5) Image
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#IPL is spreading hate amongst the citizens and minting money.

This is not a new analysis and it's known for most people but after watching yesterday's incident between #RCBvLSG this is the right time for all the cricket fans not to fall into this trap. 1/n
IPL has always been everything about #MONEY and #entertainment. The teams were based on most popular cities in #India so that each team will have larger fan following and representation, just like #football leagues. 2/n
The people behind #IPL were/are biggest #businessmen, #Celebrities from various fields and #politicians. It gathered enough attention when it got started as new league in 2008. Just because IPL has celebs backing doesn't mean it's gonna be a superhit league in the long run. 3/n
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Right. There are THREE separate processes that take place #ONTHEGROUND in an Election, and we on the #Socialist side are as yet not too clear about what exactly the are, or what they are really for! 😊😊😊🤔

A brief thread.🧵 Image
Firstly, there is #LEAFLETTING.

This is the simple #DISSEMINATIONOFINFORMATION: message, manifesto or major campaign issue.

Pros: simple, can be achieved by few, good coverage.

Cons: goes straight in the bin, also can annoy.

🧵 Image
Secondly, there is #DOORKNOCKING.

This is #ENGAGEMENT; all-out proselytisation - the #SELLING of the policies of the party, the qualities of the candidate and basically reaching out to each member of the electorate! 😊😊😊🫱🏼‍🫲🏻🫱🏼‍🫲🏻🫱🏼‍🫲🏻

🧵 Image
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1/ 🧵 In today's era of fast-paced social media and the internet, it's easy to be inundated with misinformation and fake news. However, social media grifters and even #MSM news orgs intentionally use misinformation and sensationalist opinions to increase their reach and exposure. Image
2/In the world of politics, the power of information and ability to sway public opinion is crucial for gaining support and popularity. That's why many pundits and movements are using people being more prone to correcting information they believe is incorrect to their advantage.
3/ By spreading lies and half-truths, these “influencers” can generate controversy and encourage engagement from both their supporters and detractors. This leads to conversations/arguments in comments which spreads the lies even further, becoming more polarizing in the process.
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.@JeroFeno "un grand événement universel peut véhiculer des valeurs différentes du climat actuel, des valeurs humanistes, que nous voulons porter au sein de notre Groupe"
"c'est notre rôle de couvrir toutes les dimensions de #PARIS2024. Cela intéresse toutes les générations, et cela tombe bien, notre Groupe a diversifié son lectorat notamment par les réseaux sociaux avec 46% de lecteurs de moins de 24 ans" @JeroFeno
"nos titres sont attachés très fortement aux questions du respect de l'environnement, c'est une évidence. Nous portons en nous un journalisme humaniste. Nous porterons ces valeurs dans une couverture multiforme de #PARIS2024" @JeroFeno
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Emily, a sweet 7-year-old girl, was experiencing symptoms of PTSD, making it difficult for her to sleep and behave normally. Her parents took her to a child abuse specialist, John, who used play therapy to help her overcome her fears.

#MentalHealthAwareness Image
John created a safe and welcoming environment for Emily to express herself. Through play therapy, John gradually helped Emily overcome her trauma and regain her confidence.

#childmentalhealth #therapyworks
#Psychotherapist #PlayTherapy #ChildTherapy: A psychotherapist shares his journey to becoming a specialist in play therapy, from his own expressive therapy to working with children.
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"Grammatical error VS Digital Making"
( ⚠ Warning! - This is an Interesting Read)

Just like you wondered what that subject was all about, the same way prospective clients find it hard to understand your #Sales content when you make typographical and grammatical blunders while..
crafting your #content. Without further ado, let's dig into the impact of grammatical errors on digital marketing.
These errors can have a significant impact on the #success of #digitalmarketing efforts. Hence, attention to detail is more important than ever before.

Consumers expect professional, high-quality content that engages and informs. Therefore, errors can quickly turn them off.
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Honored to be cited by @iandenisjohnson @NewYorker:…

"Andrew Erickson, a professor @NavalWarCollege & a visiting professor at @Harvard, said he’s seen no evidence that #China..."

For further background, see:…
...wants to reciprocate, citing #China’s refusal to discuss meaningful arms control. “I don’t see a basis for deep coöperation” with #Xi’s China, Erickson said. “I’m sad to say that.”…

KEY: In what areas is the #PRC under Xi willing to accommodate the US?
•To make the first move in doing so?
•Can anyone name one specific example?

Moreover, in the #PRC under #Xi, is there anything like an equivalent to this high-profile conference @Harvard, w a concluding panel on the subject of “Toward Coexistence 2.0: What Should #CHINA Do?”
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This mornings rant is dedicated to all the folks doing #community designed policy. I see MANY ppl talk about this in #copolitics & very FEW tangibly do it successfully.

Join me in yesterdays presentation to @DePaulU students & some good local examples - a 🧵
Whether it’s small p or big P #policy how we design initiatives, how we write bills, how we engage testifiers, how we build coalitions & organize - can perpetuate inequities we’re trying to disrupt. #copilitics

white supremacy cultural characteristics love policy & advocacy
We’ve got incredible #leaders that stray away from white supremacy cultural characteristics in advocacy & lead with #integrity

Like the @ColoradoSPC @elephant_circle @S2SSisters @9to5Colorado @DenverTaskForce#community designed #leadership & #policy [great CO give list]
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Do you know how to hook your audience from the beginning of your presentation? Don't waste that precious moment on "hellos" and "thank yous".
Here are 7 tips to get them at hello without even saying the word.
#PublicSpeaking #engagement #presentation #communication Image
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#FamilyCentric #PatientCentric #ConsumerCentric planning/care thread 🧵
Even prior to my career I was interested in care that was #centric to the person, re of scenario (#homelessness, #mentalhealth, #health, #disabled etc). In every position I’ve held I’ve always centered on 1/
Before anything listening to person and or family, planning being centric, based on strengths & needs of Ind and or family. People (those working in system) found it radical but it worked it was effective. It pushed systems, thus in many places the process retreated back to 2/
‘Business as usual’ which is exactly where the problem is. We have mounds of research on #engagement we know the benefits that could be produced yet going from point A to B, is ‘too difficult’. Yes, implementing authentic #engagement would come with changes and yes they are 3/
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📣Todos somos conscientes del poder de las #redessociales.

Pero debemos tener en cuenta que no todas funcionan igual y no todas sirven para unos mismos objetivos.

¿Utilizas alguna red social nicho?🧐
#SabiasQué Una red social nicho es una plataforma que se centra en un grupo de interés o grupo específicos.

Son una comunidad con un mayor interés, lo cual se traduce en un mejor #engagement 💬.
Esta exclusividad ofrece grandes beneficios, entre ellos:

✔️ Compartir diferentes formatos
✔️ Mayor interacción
✔️ Compromiso
✔️ Visibilidad
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🧵On Wed, I launched The Impactful Academic. I organised a panel re. impact and higher education (feat. @lisagiven @hillandy @kentheknight @lisa_grocott). Generally, panels are boring, so I tried to mix things up. I think/hope it worked. Here are some #Engagement tips for panels.
Preparation: Prepare panellists by providing a few broad questions outlining the scope of the desired conversation. Encourage them not to over-prepare. Planned recitations rarely inspire or connect. Brief them at the event; when they'll be on stage, how long, how to hold mics.
Intros: Giving five panellists two minutes each will eat up 15-20min without getting to the meat of the discussion. People go long. Short and sharp intros from the facilitator are often best. If you want to be really adventurous, have panellists introduce each other.
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Organic & Strategic Engagement places you directly in front of the eyes of your ideal clients...
...but sadly many of the online entrepreneurs do not know how to utilise engagement effectively.

Here are 3 essential steps to be considered while drafting engagement strategy👇🏼
1. Having a Product Clarity
2. Analysing your Audience
3. Networking & Nurturing

I discuss these point in detail here 👇🏼…
A timely & a well planned engagement strategy..

...(obviously combined with a strong content marketing plan)

..holds the power to change the path of your business.
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The Taipei City Government should establish an International Affairs Department, and if I am fortunate enough to earn the Mayorship from the people of #Taipei, this will be a high priority.
In the past two days, @SpeakerPelosi of the U.S. House of Representatives visited Taiwan, capturing the attention of the international community, which in recent years has paid more and more attention to our country. /2
As the capital, Taipei City should play a more important role in Taiwan's global #engagement. /3
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Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten eine #Regierung die die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen würde. Ein Thread!
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein #Tempolimit! #VerkehrswendeJetzt
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein bedingungsloses #Grundeinkommen! #BGE
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Les député·es #NUPES (et autres) ne sont pas seulement des élu·es qui portent un projet politique, ce sont aussi des employeurs à la tête de petites TPE… et iels ne sont pas toujours exemplaires ! Alors comment être un bon #patrondegauche ? Petit thread 👇👇👇
Pour mon livre « C’est pour la bonne cause » j’ai étudié des petites associations employeuses. Un univers professionnel particulier : ce n’est pas seulement un monde du travail, c’est aussi un monde d’engagement. Tout comme le monde du travail politique. Quelques enseignements👇
Les salarié·es associatifs, comme les collaboratrices et collaborateurs parlementaires, travaillent « pour la cause ». Iels sont intrinsèquement motivé·es, font « don de travail » et acceptent des conditions de travail dégradées. Attention au #Burnout
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„Und meint eigentlich irgendjemand, ein Freier würde vergessen, dass er gerade über eine Frau drübergerutscht ist, von der er nicht wissen kann, ob sie wollte, oder bei der er sehen konnte, dass sie NICHT wollte, und er hat es trotzdem getan?
Warum sollte diese erlernte Regel dann nicht auch für andere Frauen gelten? Warum sollte man sie nicht auch auf andere #Frauen anwenden?

Ja. #Prostitution ist #Gewalt. Und das #Stigma sorgt dafür, dass wir nicht darüber sprechen. Weil wir uns schämen sollen.
Aber es ist nicht das #Stigma,das uns tötet, es sind die #Freier,es ist die Prostitution.“
aus: „Warum ist Prostitution Gewalt?“, @HuschkeMau anlässlich des internationalen Hurentags 2019… #FreierSindTäter #ProstitutionistGewalt
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