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#SupremeCourtofIndia to hear plea by Telangana government seeking a direction to #Governor Soundararajan to give her assent to bills pending before her since September last year. Image
On the last date of hearing, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta had told the #SupremeCourt that he would be personally having a discussion with the #governor.…
#SupremeCourt to hear plea shortly.
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Why #Kwarteng should have sacked the #Governor of the Bank of England.

Kwasi #Kwarteng would not have realised, when he first announced his intention to be a tax-cutting, pro-growth, fiscally-responsible #Chancellor that he had immediately set in motion the daggers that would be thrust in his back 38 days later.
The Bank of England, guardian of the nation’s wealth and cornerstone of its economic management originally started life as a private company, funded by subscription under Royal Charter in 1694, as a means to finance the public purse, depleted by various wars.
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Fort -Manimajra Earlier Punjab Now Under Capital and UT Chandigarh
@CHDTourism @ChandigarhSmart @AwesomeChd

Ruins of Only Fort of Todays Chandigarh Capital of #Punjab and #Haryana
#Manimajra #FortManimajra #Chandigarh #ChandigarhTourism #Heritage ImageImageImageImage

#Jatt Chief Sardar Attar Singh Dhillon of #Manimajra who was the Chief of Faridkot State forces and #PrimeMinister to H.H Bijendra Singh and H.H Maharaja Harinder Singh #Brar of #Faridkot. Circa 1936 Image
The present condition of the #ManimajraFort is not good and it is deteriorating day by day. The premises is being used as a playground or for parking vehicles by people living in the adjoining area. The walls are decaying and #weed growth is visible on the walls ImageImageImageImage
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🧵Mysore Maharaja on the role of 'Guru' in one's life & their Guru Bhakti towards Sringeri Guru Parampara.
(Heartening to read that our ErstwhileRulers set aside their time for #AtmaVidya inspite of having umpteen things to do,while we mere mortals forever appear to be busy!)
H. H. Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur
(The below was written when HH was the Governor Of Madras)
I remember that while I was yet a novice in spiritual learning, I read #Sureswaracharya's "Manasollasa", the commentary on the #Dakshinamurti Stotra, and what impressed me was

a quotation found in it, which is contained in the Swetaswatara Upanishad :
यस्य देवे परा भक्तिः यथा..
This sloka has had a salutary effect on me so much that it has remained ever fresh in my mind. Its significance is that they who have as much reverence for the Guru as

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More Than 400k Texans Without Power Amid Dangerous Winter #Storm | Feb 2
- #Texas has been #frozen after an Arctic front rolled into the Southern U.S. Parts of central, west, and north Texas and nearby states Arkansas and Tennessee under ice storm warnings… ImageImageImageImage
Half Million #Texans #Freezing, No Power, Due to Private Grid #Corruption and #Lying #Governor | Feb 3
- The storm caused massive power outages and disruptions across highways and roads with central Texas stuck in thick ice since earlier this week…
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Bahmani Sultanate of Deccan 1347-1527.
This was the 1st Independent Muslim Monarchy of Deccan/South #India established by Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah.
180 years of complete Genealogical History of 18 Sultans.
#BahmaniSultanate #Deccan #History #Genealogy #Bahmani @HiHyderabad Image

Companion youtube video for #Bahmani #Sultanate - First Independent #Muslim #Monarchy of #Deccan - 180 years of #History 1347 to 1527.

Please consider subscribing to my channel if you like my work.
Detailed thread below 👇🏻👇🏻
If you are finding it difficult to read the chart please load the image in 4K by clicking 3 dots on right or click this link to find high res. copy on my #reddit.…
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#Taliban's new #appointments include an acting Minister for Education, several provincial governors&deputy governors, provincial police chiefs& few other positions.
Among them, Makhdom Alem& Mawlawi Najibullah, are 2 suspected names which I think belong to the 2 controversial TB. Image
Here is the list of the TB's #appointments in English:
1. Mawlawi Habibullah Agha, the ex-Chairman of Kandahar Ulama Council, appointed as acting Minister of Education.
2. Ex-acting Minister of Education, Sheikh Mawlawi Noorullah Munir, as General Director of Central Dar-ul-Ifta.
3. Sheikh Mawlawi Maluk Shah, former Director of the Central Dar-ul-Ifta, as new head of the Ulama Council of Kandahar.
4. Mawlawi Faizullah Jamal, Ex-Deputy Minister of Policy and Strategy for the Ministry of Interior, as Deputy Minister of Procurement for the same Ministry...
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Yes! Thank You, @JeremyTN64 for being the example that proves this point! It’s doable we all see the efforts of Jeremy are proving the points I am making after seeing 4 spots, not just as uncontested Republicans for DA & Judges, with 0 candidates in District 11 all together.
So to recap from yesterday. #GOTV #EarlyVoting is here. Pick your pick for #governor. Rally behind @Campbell4TN, myself, Carson, @AD5NL, @JeremyTN64, as well as our D neighbors as (I), & the only mayor candidate that doesn’t scream self absorbed or here to help Butt.
Speaking of David Carson though, this isn’t a message for David to put out there, but it is a good 1 for @MauryCountyDems to discuss with our fellow #MauryCountians. We have a unique opportunity #HD71 gives us the chance to have 2 #StateReps from Maury County.
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The link from @thedailyherald & conversation in @AD5NL’s 🧵 I understand, but I want to know from @MauryGOP followers on this. Does it bother you that the Mayor made a grandstanding gesture for some bogus fundraising quotes delaying @MauryCoSchools budget for the upcoming year
Just to fundraise off of something he knows can be overturned with a simple majority? Are you okay being used as a prop for his campaign as Andy demonstrates that he doesn’t care about the issues, and Andy refused to give an explanation on the actual issues inside the budget?
Has Andy ever shown that he cares for anything besides Andy? Ask yourself those questions as we enter Early voting.
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Sad day. My brother #Governor Mutebile has Rested. Our paths crossed at Makerere when we vied for student leadership in probably the hottest election the Makerere Guild has ever seen.
At that time, Amin had come to power and banned political activities in the country except
@Makerere. He, I and others were running for Guild President. Our Campaigns got the attention of the whole country and beyond. We were offered Open roof cars in motorcades to drive around the Campus and Kampala city . It was a Campaign of two students that startled, galvanized
and thrilled the nation. At the time,It was a campaign like none other. It was a two man horse race. It excited the country. He was branded a Socialist and Pro-Obote and I was branded a Monarchist/Capitalist agitating for the return of the Kabaka and the restoration of kingdoms.
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A division bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni of #BombayHighCourt is hearing a petition by Ratan Luth regarding delay in nomination of 12 MLCs by #Maharashtra #governor @BSKoshyari as recommended by Council of Ministers.
Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh argued for #UnionGovt that Governor has "discretionary power" to nominate MLCs based on the recommendation.

CJ- But "duty" is still there (to act/speak). Can't escape from this (noimination), something has to be said.
Justice Kulkarni pointed out that Governor was expected to act "independently" devoid of any "political influence".
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How #American #Elections Work: A Thread👇

The #TrumpCampaign and its allies have filed #lawsuits to try to block some key states from certifying #Election2020results results that show #Democrat @JoeBiden defeating President @realDonaldTrump.
After #ElectionNight , certifying the #results is a step #states take so that winners can be officially #confirmed. The @AP and other #media outlets on Saturday declared @JoeBiden the #WINNER of the #PresidentialElection2020
after analyses concluded that @RealdonqldTrump couldn’t gain enough votes from remaining ballots to surpass @JoeBiden.
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Alert/Vigilance - incident: A suspected #BokoHaram #ISWAP faction riding on 5 motorcycles are spotted in #GADARAM #KANGARWA village, #Gubio 1 ward, Gubio LGA rustling cattle from vulnerable villagers @HQNigerianArmy @NigeriaAirforce @local #CJTF @PoliceNG — action required.
The rustling of cattle from locals has become the easiest source of survival for desperate #BokoHaram #ISWAP factions -the #Northern #governor’s #forum should regulate the transaction of cattle to frustrate their use by jihadist to raise survival funds.
Update - Blue on Blue Fire in #Gubio LGA response attack from local hunters & vigilantes. 4 First responders went missing in action. 1: Earlier today an attack to rustle Cattle by a suspected #BokoHaram #ISWAP faction was reported in #Gadaram #kangarwa village, #Gubio #LGA.
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Oop, found the fascist! Imagine running for governor with a fucking bitmoji avatar. #Washington #governor #Election2020 ImageImage
“Let’s just do the TWP, but somehow even more fucking stupid.” -David Voltz probably
Like, this is seriously this fucker's campaign page.…
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Let me tell you a story about buying goods from "Communist China."

When we first developed our prototype for our pillow, Mr. Pillow spent MONTHS trying to find a US mfg who would work with us. They would either laugh at him (via email) or never return his emails or phone calls in the first place.

If we weren't looking to give these outfits a $100,000+ order off the bat, they had no interest in us. (And keep in mind that TO THIS DAY we have 100% bootstrapped this thing. We have no investors. And no trust funds. BELIEVE THAT.)

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The fear of disease is far worse than itself. People feel lost, frustrated, spirit down…leading to depression& ultimately suicide/reported in radio shows.
@POTUS @VP @seanhannity @marklevinshow @NIHDirector @CDCDirector @NikkiHaley @NIH @CDCgov @TomFitton @FoxNews @USATODAY
2/NONSENSE scientifically-BASELESS political “stay-home ordinance” for everybody MUST be changed to just those who are susceptible to infection (elderly& people w/underlying disease&feel sick) who NOW have to go shopping in hotspot stores without protection. Instead, an ordinance
3/to provide their needs at home is a MUST #governor. It is as ridiculous as “stay-womb ordinance” for babies! Either one, the intruders NEVER knock the door to get permission! Just to remind that >10M babies are annually killed by #PlanParenthood
NEVER underestimate the role of
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Here — I added editorial to WSVN’s testing location guide. point out the obvious. Without testing there is no accurate data. FDOH and the #governor have failed. The press has a responsibility to ask these questions and not parrot what a state agency says w/ wrong. Image
they don't bring up that its over three weeks since they ran a story where desantis says tests will be available. They aren’t. The delay is deadly. Exponential growth is a fact. We have no way to know without correct data where to send resources. Without data we are flying blind
My pointing this out loudly is appropriate because a.) the public has a right top know — and b.) we must change behaviors for the better of everyone and the numbers tell story. THE PRESS NEEDS TO ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS. EVERY DAY IS EXPONENTIAL. WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WAIT. #SCIENCE
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If you are a #StateLegislator or #Governor, now is the time to start planning for how you will make decisions over the next few months - especially since, as a whole, you tend to be on the old side.

We risk the normalization of authoritarian actions by the executives, the mayors, the governors, the health authority directors if legislators do not authorize their actions and appropriate funds in advance.

An example is what just happened in Ohio. Gov. DeWine sensibly wanted to postpone the election but rather than follow the law and convene a special session to get the legislature to do that, he tried to do it through the courts. When that failed, he defied Court via health dept
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#SupremeCourt hearing in #MaharashtraGovtFormation case begins with Kapil Sibal expressing apology to 'disturb' judges on a #Sunday. Justice NV Ramana replies saying it is their duty.
Sibal is mapping out the facts of the case along with developments at various stages. He presses for a floor test today itself.

Sibal calls Governor's decision as 'bizarre', adds nothing is in public domain as to how the majority was shown to the Governor since no document is in public domain. Judges ask Sibal to stick to the pleadings in the petition.

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My #hottake on the NRA lawsuit: It’s Not What You Think
Despite breathless coverage from .@RollingStone, .@nypost and others, the NRA isn’t going bankrupt, although I’m sure it appreciates .@thegoodgodabove's and everyone’s #thoughtsandprayers.
Neither are #NRA's expressed economic concerns related to the recent criminal indictment of #MariaBukhina for illegal flows of #Russian money to the #GOP via the #NRA.
Instead #NRA alleges that #NYS governor and chief banking and insurance regulator are improperly pressuring #banks and #insurers not to do business with the #NRA, in order to carry out a political, anti-#gun rights agenda. But are they?
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“Krish holds the distinction of being one of a few candidates who achieved a perfect score on our questionnaire. [She] understands that the growing Asian-American population of Maryland ... is an asset to the state that cannot afford to continue marginalizing.
This is why she is aiming for a more inclusive Maryland, where all of us have a voice at the table, as opposed to a handful of token members.” Thanks to @aademsmoco for the kind words.
Having experienced both #racism and religious #intolerance firsthand on the campaign trial, I intend to fight for Maryland’s #Asian American and #Muslim American communities as #Governor. #mdpolitics #RepresentationMatters
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Today is Alana’s 1st #birthday. Unfortunately, with #ElectionDay just a week away, we had to spend several hours today #fundraising to get our second TV ad on the air. Dialing for dollars to beg for money absolutely sucks.
But for #women candidates it's a necessary evil to compete with candidates who are millionaires or funded by special interests. I need your help! I’m the only woman running against 7 guys for #Governor and big outside #PAC money is flooding into the state.
Every $1 you give helps us reach 113 additional #Maryland voters who are looking for change. Please #donate as much as you possibly can and share this message so that #WethePeople can win back the reins of power!!
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I'm pleased to announce that the #AnneArundel Circuit Court dismissed the politically motivated #lawsuit attacking my #eligibility today in less than 30 minutes! As I've said many times before—and the judge affirmed—I am absolutely eligible to serve as the #Governor of #Maryland. Image
As confirmed by today’s clear ruling, you can be 100% sure that a #vote for me on the ballot will count and that I will be well positioned to defeat Governor #Hogan in November. #mdpolitics #KrishforMD
As women win elections across the country in the #YearOfWomen, it’s no surprise that a frivolous lawsuit was filed against the first all woman of color ticket. #womeninpolitics

Please see our full press release below:…
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