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@MondayNightIBD 4/#MondayNightIBD
19M presents to GI clinic as a new patient w his grandma. He was dx’d with pan-UC at 12 & has been on adalimumab with reported 6 BMs/day, occasionally with 🩸, but reports this is “his normal”. He has not had any labs, endoscopy, or imaging done in the past…
@MondayNightIBD 5/#MondayNightIBD
year since moving. He is running low on adalimumab so his grandma scheduled this appointment for him to get refills.
This patient has transitioned to an adult provider, but is early in his transition process. 👀the Transitional care (TC) in IBD🧵👇to learn more
@MondayNightIBD 6/#MondayNightIBD
TC is a PROCESS that occurs throughout adolescence. It is not a singular event. During this process, patients are:
✅ Developing an identity
✅ Becoming 💵 independent
✅ Acquiring skills needed for adult relationships and roles including abstract reasoning
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@MondayNightIBD 1/Differential of Non-infectious Non -IBD colitis:
🔆 Drug-induced
🔆 Common Variable Immunodeficiency
🔆 Behcet disease
🔆 Segmental Colitis Associated w/ Diverticulosis
🔆 Ischemic Colitis
🔆 Radiation Colitis
🔆 Malignancy

🤔Can you think of other dx?
@MondayNightIBD 2/Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Enterocolitis
📌ICI = monoclonal antibodies that reactivate immune response to tumor cells
📌Activation of T‐cells can cross‐react with host antigens
📌Enterocolitis ⬆️anti‐CTLA‐4 > anti‐PD‐1/PD‐L1 agents
⬆️risk perforation if unrecognized Image
@MondayNightIBD @SanjeevaniTomar @halesj126 @JosephHabibi_MD @RomyChamoun @MarcelYibirin @ifrahfatima @GroverDheera @dunleavy_katie @drsophiadar @Spencerkelley7 3/ICI + Diarrhea:
📐R/o infection
🔦C-Scope: appearance of IBD; but mucosa can look normal -> always biopsy; consider EGD +Bx
🔬Path can have chronic IBD changes, crypt apoptosis
💊Depends on severity: budesonide -> IV steroids-> Biologic
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1/📣#GITwitter last but not least
#ShortBowelSyndrome #MNIBDTweetorial🧵w @valcohranmd @DCharabaty

🤝Role of MDT 4 strongest 💪team
🏥Intestinal rehab. program breakdown

🏆#CME ℹ️
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📌Where r u in your career?
2/#MondayNightIBD #ShortBowelSyndrome #MedTwitter #GITwitter #MedPeds #BonumCE

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#IBDPoll 1️⃣

➡️50-yo pt w 1y hx of SBS after multiple short bowel resections for stricturing Crohn’s
Labs show dehydration & nutrient deficiencies
U discuss initiating #ParenteralNutrition

➡️You focus on educating pt on which of the possible complications...
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🔥Crohn’s Perianal Fistula - #MondayNightIBD w all🌟faculty 🔥 CME 👉 🔸Supported by an edu grant from @TakedaPharma 🔸…
2/#MondayNightIBD #Crohns #PerianalFistula #MedTwitter #GITwitter

✅Answer #IBDPolls👇
🗓 Mark your calendar - Live Q&A @ 8p ET/5p PT
📲Tweet your❓to be addressed Monday!

📸 Faculty disclosures & important CME info👇 Image
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Join⚕️@DCharabaty @AmyLightnerMD #DrMarlaDubinsky+ Brandon Pomish 4 #Crohns #PerianalFistula

🗓️#CPF #MNIBDWebinar Sat 2/11
🎯MultiD Mgmt
🎯Stem Cell Therapy

🔸Supported by an edu grant @TakedaPharma ImageImage
2/#PreConvo #IBDPoll 1️⃣
#MNIBDWebinar #Crohns #PerianalFistula #CPF


🟢The addition of which of the following to an anti-TNF agent is associated with a higher rate of #Crohns #PerianalFistula CPF healing vs the anti-TNF agent alone?
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📣#GITwitter #PedsGI

⚕️Join experts @valcohranmd @Subramanian1MD ⚕️& @DCharabaty addressing the long & the short of:

🎯Optimizing care of #ShortBowelSyndrome

🏆🆓 #CME 🔗
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2/#MondayNightIBD #GITwitter #PedsGI #MedEd #MedTwitter #MNIBDWebinar #BonumCE

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3/#MondayNightIBD #GITwitter #PedsGI #MedEd #MedTwitter #MNIBDWebinar #BonumCE

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🟠Make sure you answer the pre-polls! 👉

🔴 Where are you in your career?
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👋#PedsGI #GITwitter
🗓️Feb 6-Join @Subramanian1MD @valcohranmd @DCharabaty

⬆️⬇️ Safety & efficacy of med tx
🔑4 your practice

Support by an edu grant from @TakedaPharma

🗳️#PreConvo #IBDPolls👇
🟢Where are u in ur career?
#PreConvo #IBDPoll 1️⃣


🟢The GLP-2 analog teduglutide was shown in clinical studies to be associated w/ which of the following outcomes?
#PreConvo #IBDPoll 2️⃣


🟢Young adult pt w/ SBS is experiencing significant diarrhea (≥20 BM/day) despite tx w 8 mg/day loperamide.

Appropriate mgmt includes _____
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Live Q&A: Best of UEG Week 2022…
#GITwitter #MondayNightIBD
⭐️⭐️⭐️NOW - Best of #IBD @ #UEGWeek Q&A w all-star faculty ⭐️⭐️⭐️
In collab w @my_ueg
TWEET your❓❓❓below ⬇️
Supported by edu grants from @abbvie & BMS⭐️⭐️⭐️

Join now w/ @CharlieMuz @DCharabaty @Iris_Dotan @MRegueiroMD

📲Tweet your❓below Image
3/#MondayNightIBD #UEGWeek

📍Where are you in your career?
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🙌 @my_ueg X #MondayNightIBD 🙌◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦🎯 Best of #UEGWeek ◦◦◦◦ CME🔗 ◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦ Support by edu grants from @abbvie & BMS…
2/#MondayNightIBD #UEGWeek

📲Tweet your❓for Mon LIVE Q&A @ 2p ET/ 7p GMT/ 8p CEST

📍Where are you in your career?
3/ #MondayNightIBD X #UEGWeek 2022 Best in #IBD

✨Faculty @Iris_Dotan, @CharlieMuz, @MRegueiroMD, & @DCharabaty

🤝 In collab w/ @my_ueg, @BonumCe


📲Tweet you questions👇🏽to be answered LIVE by the experts Monday Jan 30 2pmET/ 7pmGMT/ 8pmCEST
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 2/ #MondayNightIBD #ShortBowelSyndrome #MedTwitter #GITwitter #MedPeds @BonumCe

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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 3/#MondayNightIBD

💊💉Meds = important 🛠 in mgmt of #ShortBowelSyndrome

💎Antimotility & antisecretory agents frequently used to control stool loss
💎Incl loperamide, diphenoxylate w atropine, codeine, & tincture of opium
💎Most effective ~30 min B4 meals & @ bedtime 🛏
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @TakedaPharma 4/Growth factors also available for #ShortBowelSyndrome
🚦Somatropin (rhGH) approved in SBS
🛑Use largely discontinued due to unacceptable toxicity & modest long-term efficacy

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@BassiMehak @MarcelYibirin @MondayNightIBD @kzhuangmd @agoldowskymd @IBD_FloMD @IBD_Afzali @babudayyeh @BolandBrigid @amjohnsonMD @PopovVioleta @RobertoSimonsMD @LauraChiuMD @PDulaiMD @HealthyLivingGI @oridamas @kehutchins77 @ven_satyam @MichelleKimMD @Chris_Velez_MD @traceyg_md @khalili_MD @ingrid_hickman @EdwardLoftus2 @ReemSharaiha @gutdoc18 @ThereziaR @CherylharrisRD @DBadurdeen @KellyHathornMD @GIdietitian 9/ Wt loss #Medications.
✔️ ➕➕ for wt loss.
✔️ Safe in DM2 in IBD; may improve IBD activity
💥SE- nausea, 🤮, 💩🚽. Monitor closely
💥Orlistat- 🚫in IBD pts, esp with active small CD +/- chr malabsp syndrome
💥Phentermine-topiramate, Bupropion-naltrexone-⏬ efficacy Image
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @TakedaPharma 2/ #MedTwitter #GITwitter #MedPeds @BonumCE

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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @TakedaPharma @BonumCe @jantchou @NavreetChowlaMD @BattatMD4IBD @dr_rdvenkatesh @StacyKahn_MD @ashishpatelpch @ConradCole10 @Leicnut 3/ #Parenteralnutrition is used in cases w GI dysfunction
➡️replace nutrients ➡️essential components pt would otherwise be unable to absorb from their 🥪🍜🍱

In pts w #ShortBowelSyndrome, PN is given @ home🏠 usually @ nt🌛
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @TakedaPharma @BonumCe @jantchou @NavreetChowlaMD @BattatMD4IBD @dr_rdvenkatesh @StacyKahn_MD @ashishpatelpch @ConradCole10 @Leicnut 4/@AmerGastroAssn Clin Practice Update on #ShortBowelSyndrome #ParenteralNutrition

🌟Best practices
💎 Pref of tunneled CVCs
💎Micronutrient deficiencies monitoring
💎PN volume/contents based on pt weight, labs, stool/ostomy & urine output, signs of dehydration
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⌛️#GITwitter #PedsGI - the wait is over!
🎆 Join @valcohranmd & @DCharabaty
📽️#MNIBDWebinar🎞#ShortBowelSyndrome Consult w the Expert

#CME👉 🔗…
👇#PostConvo #IBDPolls

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2/#PedsGI #GITwitter #GIFellow #IBDTwitter #MedEd #MedTwitter

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#MNIBDWebinar #BonumCE
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3/#MNIBDWebinar #MedTwitter #GITwitter #GIFellow
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🔴 Where are you in your career?
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 3/ Social determinants of health #SDOH
👉Conditions in places where people live, learn, work, & play shaped by 💰wealth, power, & resources that affect a wide range of health risks/outcomes
📌SDOH can lead to unfair & avoidable differences in health status w/in pops #disparities Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 4/ #SDOH impact health outcomes
📌Unemployed >6yrs👉2x⬆️mortality
📌Chicago area👉16yrs⬇️ life expectancy
📌Social isolation👉2x⬆️ risk of CAD
📌Unsafe childhood👉5x⬆️risk mental health disorder
📌Dual M/M ins👉24%-67% ⬆️readmission
📌Language services👉60% ⬆️risk ED utilization Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 5/ How do #SDOH impact pts w/ #IBD?

📌 Low socioeconomic status (SES) in pts w/ IBD 👉
⬆️ICU admissions
⬆️hospitalizations 🏥
⬆️mortality risk
⬆️use of steroids >2,000mg/yr
⬆️outpatient visits
⬆️narcotic/psych med use

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@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 📣 #IBD patients & caregivers:

#IBDPoll 1️⃣

📊Thinking abt your IBD needs, what's been the biggest hurdle to your care?
📝 In the replies, elaborate. What’s helped your care?

Please share your #PatientExperience w #MondayNightIBD 👇🏽

@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita #MondayNightIBD #PatientExperience
#IBDPoll 2️⃣

🧐Thinking about your culture’s expectations

📊 Have you tried Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Therapies (ex: ayurveda, homeopathy)?

What drove you to try these therapies? Please share your experience.

SE=side effects
@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita Thank you @MondayNightIBD for shining a spotlight on 🌏 #SouthAsianIBD pt experience!

I'm Madhura from 🇮🇳, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on #MondayNightIBD!

We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍 through @SouthAsianIBD.
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @JanssenUS @pfizer @TakedaPharma 2/ 📸 Faculty disclosures & CME certification ℹ 👇
#CME certificate 🏅 → ℹ️ Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @JanssenUS @pfizer @TakedaPharma 3/ 👌let's 🚴

In addition to 💉, pts w #IBD should undergo regular #PreventiveHealth #HCM:
📌Cancer Screening 🦀
📌Bone Health assessment 🦴
📌Mental Health 🥺
📌Treatment specific Testing 💉💊
📌Smoking cessation 🚬

#ICYMI vaccines #MNIBDTweetorial 📎 @🔚 of 🧵 Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @JanssenUS @pfizer @TakedaPharma 4/ 🧩Who is IS? #IBD pts on or had within last 3 months:
🚩 Prednisone > 20mg/day >2wks
🚩 AZA >2.5 mg/kg/day
🚩 6MP >1.5 mg/kg/day
🚩 MTX >0.4 mg/kg/week
🚩 Cyclosporine
🚩 Tacrolimus
🚩 Tofacitinib, ozanimod

🚩 Significant protein-calorie malnutrition
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @janssen @pfizer @TakedaPharma 2/ 📸 Faculty disclosures & CME certification ℹ
Want a #CME certificate? → ℹ️
#MondayNightIBD Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @janssen @pfizer @TakedaPharma 3/ 😭 most pts are NOT getting safe 💉 like flu, pneumonia & HepB.
🤷‍♀️ Why?
🚫Many GIs won't/can't give 💉
❓Many PCPs don't know what to give
📞 Better communication is needed

Who do you think should make vaccine recs & where should pts w/ #IBD get 💉?
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @janssen @pfizer @TakedaPharma 4/ pts w #IBD , esp if on ⚠️immunosuppressants (IS), at ⬆risk of (preventable) infections, so #vaccination is 🗝️
Infection in IBD = ⬆hospitalization ⬆ 🏥 stays ⬆costs & ⬆mortality.

Despite their benefits, vaccination rates remain LOW.

#MondayNightIBD Image
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@MondayNightIBD @SobiaMujtabaMD @DuekerJeffrey @DCharabaty 25y/oM quit🚬3 mos ago, now 3🩸loose BM/day,mild abdo cramps;Cousin w Crohns;Stool➖for infection;CLN: erythematous granular mucosa rectum+sigmoid, superficial ulcers;BX:Acute cryptitis,crypt abscess,crypt architecture distortion. What helps most dx UC vs Crohn’s?
#B2B #IBDPoll
@MondayNightIBD @SobiaMujtabaMD @DuekerJeffrey @DCharabaty UC and CD:

🔻Chronic inflammation of the GI tract

🔻Affects all ages: Typically starts between age 20-39

🔻Second peak of incidence age >50

🔻Flares of GI symptoms +/-systemic symptoms +/- EIM
@MondayNightIBD @SobiaMujtabaMD @DuekerJeffrey @DCharabaty 3/ CD:

💡Skipped lesion, any part of GI tract

💡Most common:Colon+ileum
Hallmark➡️ulcers: aphthous,deep large/linear/serpiginous

💡Transmural inflamm -> stricturing, perforating dis.

👉🏼Rectum can be involved in CD;➕anorectal ulcers → ⬆️risk of perianal disease
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