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@elonmusk @Twitter @TwitterBlue
First and foremost, I'd like to give props to Elon Musk for his Twitter game, I salute you for doing all the wrong things to this platform. 1/13
I am disappointed with Twitter's/Elons recent decision to revoke verified badges from users and make them pay for new ones. This is a slap in the face to the platform's users, and it will create chaos and mistrust among them. 2/13
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I'm excited to have the opportunity to serve as Acting Director of the @Fogarty_NIH International Center and Acting Associate Director for International Research at the @NIH...
2/ There are huge challenges and opportunities in global health research including unfinished agendas in infectious diseases, One Health, pandemic preparedness, ⬆️non-communicable diseases, planetary health include climate change, and the need for implementation research...
3/ All needs to be done with increased attention to promoting #equity in our partnerships, addressing health #disparities, and increasing #diversity in our global workforce.

Please share your suggestions or you can @ me.
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1/6 Interesting work from Dr. William Encinosa and colleagues, with #Black #children disproportionately affected...

#complications #adverse #drug #events #costs #disparities #multisystem #inflammatory
#syndrome #MISC #children #COVID19 #LongCovidKids…
2/6 "Did outcomes vary by the number of organ systems affected in #multisystem #inflammatory #syndrome in #children (MIS-C) in 2021?"
3/6 "In this cross-sectional study of 4107 #MISC #hospitalizations, as the number of #organ #systems affected increased from 2 to 6 or more, mortality increased from 1% to 6%, length of stay doubled from 4 to 8 days,..."
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I have never claimed to be fashionable and rarely do I ever match ☺️

I am wearing my heart shoes and my red dress tie from @HeartNews @AHAScience @GoRedForWomen

#AHA22 Day 1 Image
My shoe buddy and frankly the genesis for why I purchased these shoes @KnightSNPs

Stop by S3156. Dr Knights poster on #disparities in #research. #aha22

We need to fix it. ImageImage
Also, don’t miss Dr Horne’s poster on #statin and #etoh. S3063

If transaminases are elevated and statins are indicated: keep the statin, abstain from etoh
@Intermountain @KirkKnowlton
#aha22 ImageImageImageImage
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Last week, Census released 2021 data giving us our first look at the spatial distribution of the transition to working from home. A tale of two Americas emerges. Those who could adjust to work from home, and those who could not.
A quick deep viz dive into the data...🧵
We see major #disparities in the share of the population that worked from home by race/ethnicity with White and Asian Americans able to WFH at much higher share than Black and Hispanic Americans regardless of city. Here a look at how WFH share varied across cities over 500k.
Some cities - DC and SF - had relatively high share of population WFH and also were relatively equitable. Other cities, like LA, Boston, and New York exhibit large disparities by race/ethnicity. This begs the question if income or accommodations are factors. Let's look at both.
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@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD 1/🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️#LGBTQ+ includes many diverse groups.

🔖Helpful reference from @FenwayHealth:…

👥Definitions vary across communities
💬Terms change frequently
⭐️If unsure, ask what terms someone would like you to use.
@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD @FenwayHealth 2/Ask all patients verbally or on registration form:
✅Pts expect to be asked
✅Pts think it's important for HCP to know
✅Gender identity & sexual orientation affect care

⚠️Don't assume pronouns from appearances


#Genderbread👇 Image
@MondayNightIBD @JosephHabibi_MD @VictorChedidMD @ManuelBragaMD @doctornikkid @agoldowskymd @DougSimonetto @dr_chhabrag @DrMalSimons @TolgaGidenerMD @HowardTLeeMD @FenwayHealth @theNASEM 3/#LGBTQ+ health #disparities

-13% LGB+ ppl uninsured
-25% trans ppl had insurance deny gender-affirming care in last yr

-33% trans ppl had neg experience/harassment/refusal in healthcare in last yr
-LGBTQ+ ppl delay/avoid care b/c fear of discrimination Image
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People with HIV are living longer in age of ART.

Over 50% of them are now >50y, and many aging into Medicare.

In new @Health_Affairs work, we take a close look at how HIV affects $$ in Medicare patients.

@EmilyHyle @IngridKatzMD @ashishkjha… Image
Key Findings:

1. Medicare patients with HIV spend more than 3 times as non-HIV pts (~$50K vs ~$16K/yr) across Parts A, B, and D.

2. Over half (~$26K/yr) of spending among HIV pts is on antiretroviral therapy (ART)!

@Health_Affairs ImageImage
3. ART appears to be associated with *less spending* related to other chronic conditions and mental health disorders.

In other words, ART is potentially leading to savings in Parts A and B.

The more months on ART, the bigger the Medicare savings (excluding drugs). Image
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 3/ Social determinants of health #SDOH
👉Conditions in places where people live, learn, work, & play shaped by 💰wealth, power, & resources that affect a wide range of health risks/outcomes
📌SDOH can lead to unfair & avoidable differences in health status w/in pops #disparities Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 4/ #SDOH impact health outcomes
📌Unemployed >6yrs👉2x⬆️mortality
📌Chicago area👉16yrs⬇️ life expectancy
📌Social isolation👉2x⬆️ risk of CAD
📌Unsafe childhood👉5x⬆️risk mental health disorder
📌Dual M/M ins👉24%-67% ⬆️readmission
📌Language services👉60% ⬆️risk ED utilization Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @BonumCe @pfizer @JanssenUS @TakedaPharma 5/ How do #SDOH impact pts w/ #IBD?

📌 Low socioeconomic status (SES) in pts w/ IBD 👉
⬆️ICU admissions
⬆️hospitalizations 🏥
⬆️mortality risk
⬆️use of steroids >2,000mg/yr
⬆️outpatient visits
⬆️narcotic/psych med use

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#idweek2021 @IDSAInfo Implications of #COVID19 in African-American & Latinx communities by Dr Hewlett Jr #idtwitter #medEd
#idweek2021 @IDSAInfo #disparities
Implications of #COVID19 in #BLM African-American & #Latinx communities by Dr Hewlett Jr #idtwitter #medEd #pregnancy #obgyntwitter
#idweek2021 @IDSAInfo #disparities Implications of #COVID19 in #BLM African-American & #Latinx communities by Dr Hewlett Jr #idtwitter #medEd #diabetes #obesity #race #FrontlineWorkers vascular disease
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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When you want to know why
-women & minorities leave medicine
-why research lacks data to serve needs of anyone not white & male
-why different mortality rates in patients by gender, race, SES

this is why

This is #MedBikini#professionalism” again

Is insidious
but highly effective
-different access

As women, LGBTQ, minorities, disabled enter or advance in medicine, this professor’s public stance will be cited to mislabel having #ethics as “lacking #professionalism…
#medbikini is not one article
=attitude of many physicians
=drives this

We saw this happen with @ayshakhoury and @uche_blackstock and so many others. It especially happens at midcareer to WOC, especially black. Also if Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled, #mentalhealth

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Doctors, especially female doctors, are rushing to defend Dr. Birx

“male-centered” world is problem = latest knee jerk “feminist” defense

Men cause female doctors to not speak on scientific facts in public?

Why isn’t female doctors saving lives of WOC part of “feminism”?
The same doctors who will jump on the “racism!” bandwagon vs @JAMA_current if vs a *man*

will rush to cover up for a woman/peer who *operationalizes* structural racism

The face of structural & medical racism is female

And women will defend women rather than be held accountable
@DrJRMarcelin published this in @JAMA_current. Women of color, specifically black women, need to be leading the conversation on #COVID19 in America because when #publichealth systems fail on top of medical racism, you get exactly the results we got.…
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Trump was propped up by everyone standing besides him. Birx has blood on her hands.

“Leaders”, sadly, often sadly, women, like her are exactly why I left public service. Why would I rubber stamp death?

Birx and others like her are responsible for my mother’s #COVID19 death.
Compare Birx, who is on a reputation management tour, to a true #publichealth #servantleadership role model like Dr. Hasan Gokal

Is Birx defending him, her peer?

No, she’s playing victim exactly per the playbook of American-style feminism.…
It was evangelical “science” that ruled the last administration - Birx included.

Where was Birx’s loyalty?

To vetted, verified facts and preserving human life?

I judge by actions and outcomes, not by “narrative” spun after a change of administration.…
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All of this. #MyStanceHasNotChanged.
The fact that we willingly expose our kids to #COVID19 is beyond me. Opening schools knowing full well structural racism exists preventing adequate social distancing & the lack of proper ventilation is a setup for further #RacialDisparities
▶️ 25% of Black 9th graders are in classrooms w/ >40 students: 2x rate of Hispanics, 3x rate of Whites
▶️ Urban vs Rural, 12.5x more likely to be overcrowded
▶️ richest 10% of districts spend 10x more than poorest 10%: literally use old buildings w/ poor ventilation & high lead
The impact of #SystemicRacism has been far reaching and long standing in #Education.
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Not only experience, which is important, but clinical #research does not parse out the Japanese man or woman from the South Asian man or woman on heart disease risk, epidemiology, treatment.

#EBM lacking for us then

#MedTwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
And then there is the question of who is white.

Iranian/Persian & Arabs are white on census.
Does the rest of America agree?

Racists & xenophobes tend to use loophole to say being anti-Muslim (whom they consider to all be Arab) is “not racist.”…
Proving again: race is a social construct

Not until 2020 Persians really started to call selves “POC” (for self protection)

Have lots of Persian friends
Urdu culture has Farsi roots

But let’s be honest: Persians have seen selves as superior race, apart…
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Grateful for my 1st amendment rights. Grateful my country is again a country of rule of law & due process. Yes, we are still striving to be a more perfect Union. As a country we must embrace #learningmindset as the Founding Fathers intended

A 🧵 of my exercising right to speech
Sometimes you make demands and let them know you are not going anywhere and not shutting up about injustice.

There is due process and violating the Constitution by a single paper signed by one man is not the government envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
Sometimes you sing about inclusiveness. Frankly, advocates need to mix it up for own wellbeing. It is a form of self care to affirm values & vision

It also helps one stay within one’s own personal boundaries of ethical behavior. Such groups are often wrongly called “mobs”
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1/ This past Thurs, I was honored to ‘emcee’ a grand rounds @HofNorthwellDOM, presenting the Candee Award for Education Excellence in Medicine 2our beloved Ron Rosen of @NorthwellDGIM

Ron is a 50 yr general internist who has taught no less than 40 yrs worth of learners -> 🧵
2/ Ron had so much to tell us about his aunt and uncle, who were early family medicine practitioners in the Bronx/Manhattan. Ambulance drivers would take them to a patient’s home. A beautiful sepia tone showing his aunt going to a call, and another of his uncle in the office
3/ We heard about Dr. Rosen’s medical school yrs @nymedcollege in the early 60s &how he knew the civil rights movement, the movement for reproductive rights, the attempts to mitigate poverty and the birth of Medicaid and Medicare would affect all his future pts &his work ->
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Advanced #diabetes care over the past decade has actually increased disparities. We have excluded #PwD who would have benefited the most. We need to reduce #inequities and #disparities - @GoDiabetesMD

#dedoc° #EASD2020 #EASD #genderbais #racialbias Image
L'avancée des traitements liés #diabète au cours de la dernière décennie ont accru les disparités. Nous avons exclu les #PwD qui en auraient le plus bénéficié. Nous devons réduire les #inégalités et les #disparités - @GoDiabetesMD

#dedoc° #EASD2020 #EASD #genderbais #racialbias Image
Cost matters particularly in the US. Using #diatech to solve problems. We need to have better products. #Covid19 had taught us is that time matters to #PwD. Time is a currency. People with #diabetes are on their own - @GoDiabetesMD

#dedoc° #EASD2020 #EASD #integratedcare
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1/ Had a really interesting day on #medtwitter today, re: #advocacy #activism #primarycare courtesy of @MParshleyMD @sagar_ankita @EricLast3 @gabrieldane @meggerber @mmteacherdoc @sulane7 @SusanHingle @dhpomerantz @UREssien

... and of course that made me think #baseballcards ->
2/ I was reminded that one hobby I have to relax me when pandemics, hubris, RVUs and #disparities are driving me bonkers 😜 = old ⚾️ cards.

On my recent B day my nieces/nephew bought me a pack of 2020 (?lost season) cards. Decided to open them ->
3/ they are new, shiny, the photography is awesome. Look at that Bryce Harper! The Laureano catch!

Rizzo for the Cubbies. Alfonzo of my Mets. -> getting back to the #advocacy in the environs of our institutions, promise ... Image
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Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room RE #CompassionateRelease of persons incarcerated in #prisons in the midst of #COVID19. A [long] thread with thanks to @briewsf @DrNovisky @GeriPowerMD 1/21
While a partnership between @FAMMFoundation @NACDL @WashLaw4CR is tackling petitions in the @OfficialFBOP Why don’t we see governors and other leadership extending release to many of the #vulnerable housed in state #prisons? 2/21
By #vulnerable, I mean those persons who meet #CDC guidelines for greatest risk of serious illness due to #COVID19 -- persons over 65 (#olderadults), those with #chronichealth problems including severe #asthma #liverdisease or are #immunocompromised (#hepatitis) 3/21
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Thank you @ColleenKraft for being consistently vocal 💪🏼💪🏿💪🏽

Let’s work on #tweetiatrician #advocacy training by @AmerAcadPeds to have more robust & effective strategies vs increasing backlash & #bullying
as experienced by @NicoleB_MD @DrToddWo, worse for #minoritiesinmedicine
From @bfrist on #LinkedIn: concerning loss of scientific #integrity by political agendas

#scicomm teaching has been to “avoid politics” = sitting in sidelines

why engaged #tweetiatrician were a separate species apart from other #STEM professionals…
We need to be multidisciplinary like work with school nurse leader @RobinCogan

When I have taught official @AmerAcadPeds guidelines to trainees in hospital settings & staff member has walked by, they assumed “political” & “unprofessional” when per AAP
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THREAD: Our new #COVID19 disparities study now on @medrxivpreprint! *CAUTION: Preliminary findings; not peer-reviewed* We explored variation across states in race/ethnic disparities at the population level. #healthequity 1/n
First, as of late April, we found substantial variation across states in % of pts with missing race/ethnicity data. *Reporting race/ethnicity is not a simple yes/no* Quality matters, and it needs work. 2/n
Even among states that do report #covid mortality across race/ethnic groups, a large source of bias is often ignored: Black and particularly Latinx population skews younger than white. Check out data, via @uscensusbureau Census: #disparities 3/n
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Umbereen S Nehal MD MPH: who is this person? Several people have been asking

A thread

Where am I from? Hooboy.
Let’s say, citizen of the world, human ping pong ball. Third culture kid. Genetic mutt

Born: 🇺🇸
🇵🇰 parents - when my parents born colonial rule, pre-Pakistan
To thoroughly annoy my Twitter bestie, @DrvanTilburg

Am an ENFP - a cross between Snoopy, Robin Willians, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Seuss, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair

I border on ENTP - love new info and love to challenge in order to break through barriers or limitations
My great-grandfather was given title "Khan Bahadur" (brave). As a judge, a brown man under Colonial rule, he threw the book at a British attorney. "Learn the law" if in his courtroom. Hence my stiff moral backbone

My mom & me:

(She loves this song)
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