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Hallo! Menyambut Hari Pancasila berkolaborasi dengan Total Politik akan menggelar Webinar yang digelar secara gratis dengan tema "GENERASI MILENIAL, GENERASI PANCASILA"
Pada dasarnya Indonesia sudah memiliki Pancasila sebagai dasar negara, hanya saja implementasi pada nilai-nilai Pancasila bisa jadi berbeda di setiap individu, zaman, dan kondisi. Termasuk dalam penggunaan media sosial yang didominasi oleh kalangan milenial.
Ruang media sosial seharusnya menjadi wadah pemersatu antar anak bangsa, namun seringkali jadi tempat adu domba. Nilai-nilai Pancasila pun dipertanyakan implementasinya.
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IFF and @AshaKisanSwaraj are hosting a webinar "Understanding the Government's Digital Push in Agriculture". We'll be analysing the #AgriStack and the impact of privacy erosion on farmers’ lives. Join us at 3 pm on 28th May, Friday!
The Government has begun increasing digitisation in agriculture. The thrust seems to be to develop #AgriStack, a platform which has data about farmers integrated from various sources. In this webinar, we seek to better understand what exactly the implications might be.
Our exciting line of speakers includes @drvandanashiva @Ajayvirjakhar @farmernomadic @FarmerMehra @logic and experts from @WGWLO1 @Krishak_Samaj among others! The event is estimated to take 2.5 hours, and it will be translated into Hindi as well.
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Supreme Court judge Justice L Nageswara Rao delivers keynote address at the International Webinar on "Redefining Legal Profession and Legal Education Contextually with Pandemic"
Justice Rao: Lawyers who are doing well please stand up for your brethren. Govt has started e Seva Kendra in all High Courts and district court
#webinar #supremecourt
Justice Rao: We have been very ambitious in our programs dealing with broadband and see it as essential service. Why can't we have broadband facility with every gram panchayat #webinar #supremecourt
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Join us in an hour for an enthralling webinar on Open Banking- A game changer for the Financial Ecosystem with @Spire__Tech, @AionDigital Company.

To register for the Webinar click on-…
Today at 2:30pm IST.
Meet the Speakers for the Webinar who will take you on an insightful journey into the World of Open Banking.
Sanjeev Kumar, @whitesight_
Aamir Janjua, @aiondigital
Tanja Imamovic, @RBI_Presse
Richard Koch, @UKOpenBanking
Jennifer Lau, @spire_tech
Richard Koch from OBIE @ukopenbanking speaking about the emergence of Open Banking in the UK. Emphasising on consistency and performance of APIs by the OBIE.
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Happening NOW: Google Core Web Vitals webinar with @russjeffery and @jasonmbarnard…
The three Core Web Vitals Google uses to measure user experience are LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) #corewebvitals #webinar
What is the reason behind measuring LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)? "Google wants a web page to show *something* on the screen as soon as possible." -@russjeffery #corewebvitals #webinar
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1/ I welcome you all to this important #MSMEs #Webinar which is build-up to #WIPDay2021, Ahmed Issack Hassan, @kipikenya Board Chairman @NairobiChamber @KENIAupdates @KenyaCopyright @ACAKenya @nacosti @KIE_Kenya @MSEA_Kenya @lawsocietykenya @IndustryKE @_ARIPO @WIPO
2/One of the events we are hosting to celebrate #WIPDay2021, theme is IP & SMEs: Taking your ideas to market, @ahmedissack7861 @kipikenya Chair @NairobiChamber @KENIAupdates @KenyaCopyright @ACAKenya @nacosti @KIE_Kenya @MSEA_Kenya @lawsocietykenya @IndustryKE @_ARIPO @WIPO
3/We decided to organise it before #WIPDay2021o that we can accord our #MSMEs ample time to learn from speakers, @ahmedissack7861 @kipikenya Chair @NairobiChamber @KENIAupdates @KenyaCopyright @ACAKenya @nacosti @KIE_Kenya @MSEA_Kenya @lawsocietykenya @IndustryKE @_ARIPO @WIPO
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Excited to share our (@BlakeJodian @kartc @hmaddd28 @BobbieLMcKee @chris_cogle) paper on #COVID19 #VaccineHesitancy in patients with #Cancer & caregivers, & impact of an educational #Webinar in Healthcare (@MDPIOpenAccess)! A #tweetorial... #MedTwitter 1/
-Pre-pandemic rising #VaccineHesitency (#PublicHealth threat by @WHO in 2019)
-April 2020, Fisher et al (@AnnalsofIM) reported ~57% of 991 reported the intention to receive a #COVID19Vaccine (⬆️since then)
-Limited data on successful interventions to combat #vaccine hesitancy
2/ Image
-Jan 8, 2021 @UFHealthCancer, @WellFlorida, & CCRAB hosted a Webinar to improve knowledge & vaccine enthusiasm amongst Cancer and caregiver populations in North/Central Florida
-264 participants
-205 completed pre-Webinar Survey
-105 completed post-Webinar Survey
#patientchat 3/ Image
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Webinar on “Criminal Defamation, Free Speech and Right to Equality” by the MNLU Mumbai Centre for Research in Criminal Justice will begin shortly.

Senior Advocate Rebecca John will be the speaker at the event.

Follow the thread for live updates.

#FreeSpeech #equality #Webinar Image
Session begins.

Joint Convener of Centre for Research in Criminal Justice Utsav Saxena welcomes the participants. Image
Prof. (Dr.) Anil G Variath, I/C Registrar of MNLU, Mumbai gives the welcome address. Image
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Happy Thursday everyone! In the last month we have had several updates from members of our Advisory Board, the Silver Buccaneers so here's a handy roundup thread on what they've been up to in no particular order🔦⬇️
As one of .@DHRewired guests, .@HassanChaudhury has just written a blog for them on why digital tech innovators must have the evidence to prove their value and how #RewiredPitchfest21 can help 👏👨‍💻
Speaking of @DHRewired, .@malamawkin, Head of Market Development for @Cellenhealth has JUST been announced as speaker! We can't wait to hear your panel Mala 🥳👀
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#YearInReview Here is a snapshot of our interesting work on #policing this year!
The #COVID19 lockdown posed a unique law and order challenge, and the police were at the forefront. @_NehaSinha, @AvantiDurani, @priveda22 & @TveshaSippy curated a list of measures for #police and the prison administration during and post lockdown
Being at the forefront also posed operational and business continuity risks for the police. @_NehaSinha & @TveshaSippy addressed this risk in this blog post published by @IPF…
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En unos momentos más dará inicio el #webinar: “Tendencias y Oportunidades para el Sector Gasolinero en México y en el Mundo”, organizado por @Total_Mex, donde participará el Dr. Luis Serra, director Ejecutivo de la Iniciativa de Energía del @TecdeMonterrey.
Te invitamos a seguir la cobertura que daremos al evento a partir de las 10 am en @GlobalEnergyMEX

#webinar #TotalMéxico #ITESM #gasolina #gasolinas #sectorgasolinero #energía
Hoy en día @Total tiene más de 100 mil colaboradores a nivel global y en @Total_Mex somos más de 8,000 empleados, siendo el 2o grupo más grande de la compañía en el mundo, sólo por detrás del francés.

Cuahutemoc Iñiguez Dir. Adjunto de Red de Estaciones de Servicio @Total_Mex
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After our fantastic webinar with @Salesforce, we sat down, as a team, to collect our best #CustomerSuccess content ✅ 📝 (A thread)
First off, our free #Ebook is essential reading for #CustomerSuccess. It's a must-read for any new hire on our own #CS team 📘… (1/12)
Of course, we had to mention our #webinar with @Salesforce. They showed us how they use @ProcessStreet to efficiently grow their #ClientSuccess practice, especially #ClientOnboarding and #ClientExperience 🙌 📹 (2/12)
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How to choose between a #systematic review or a #scoping review. This is a common question with our network, so for #WorldEBHCday we wanted to break it down in a #tweetorial. #EvidencetoImpact @WorldEBHCDay (1/13)
There are three questions you can ask yourself to assess which review is right for you (here is also a fun way to do this: … (2/13)
Question 1: Do you want to use the results of your review to answer a clinically meaningful question? If yes, a #systematic review is likely the right approach. (3/13)
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1/ 💥Hello, #Nephtwitter 💥
⚡️Let’s talk a little bit about #ciliopathies today.
⚡️How are Nephronophthisis (NPHP), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), & in fact many cystic diseases (aka #ciliopathies) related?!
Join me in the exploration-
#tweetorial #MedTwitter #ASPNeph #NSMC
2/ 💥Let’s begin with Cilia-
📌Motile cilia- generate flow of mucus & CSF
📌Non-motile/sensory cilia (inner ear, retina, & olfactory epithelium)
- plays a part in important pathways [Hedgehog, Wnt (wingless-Int-1), & PCP (planar cell polarity) signaling]…
3/Now let’s move on to💥Cystoproteins💥
📌These are proteins in cilia when mutated → cystic kidney diseases in humans, mice, or zebrafish
📌expressed in primary cilia, basal bodies or centrosomes
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#Sundaybrief: This week @DataGovNetwork hosted a #webinar on the use of technology to improve #India’s social protection system with @VrindaBhandari, Shrayana Bhattacharya and Shilpa Kumar. (1/3)

Speaking with @fayedsouza, @_NehaSinha, Devika Nadig and D Shivanandan discussed the citizen-friendliness of the Indian policy in the context of the pandemic in a #webinar hosted by the @IPF_ORG and #WeLog
In their OpEd, @VasantDhar and @HelenaRosenblat discuss the urgent need for #socialmedia #regulation and threats posed to #democracy on the @businessinsider… (3/3)
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Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum to hold a session on "Seizing Opportunities And Not Focussing On The Glass ceiling".

Senior Adv Geeta Luthra, Adv Anjana Gosain and Ritu Bhalla, Partner, SAM Co to speak at the event.

#webinar Image
Session to begin shortly.
Advocates Suneita Ojha and Kritika Gupta to moderate the session.
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.@ADB_HQ Strategy 2030 Operational Priorities:

Poverty and Inequality
Climate, environment and DRM
Livable Cities
Rural Development & Food Security Cities
Governance and Institutional Capacity
Regional Cooperation & Integration

Join #webinar here: Image
.@ADB_HQ 2019 Urban Sector Portfolio...

Join the #webinar here: Image
.@ADB_HQ 2021 Urban Sector Group Proposed Pipeline

Join the #webinar here: Image
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Speaking at a #webinar on the Indian Health Financing Landscape, @CafeEconomics makes the following observations relating to 1) #FiscalCapacity 2) #PoliticalEconomy 3) #Federalism (1/n)

@dvararesearch @IndiaSpend
India's #PublicHealthExpenditure is well predicted by its income, however compared to neighbours and other #LMICS, its public health spending is lower. This is despite India's Tax/GDP ratio gradually rising over the years. (2/n)
The post-reform Indian fiscal agenda has been to switch away from #PhysicalCapital to #HumanCapital with increased reliance on the private sector to generate employment. Job growth however has been inadequate and the state's approach to #HumanCapital has been compensatory (3/n)
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Delhi High Court Women's Lawyers Forum to hold a session on 'Inspiring Court Room Stories'.

Justice Jyoti Singh, Judge, Delhi HC and Kavita Jha, Partner, Vaish Associates to speak at the event.

Session to start at 5 pm today on WebEx platform.

#Webinar #CourtRoomStories Image
Session to begin shortly.

#CourtRoomStories #webinar #DelhiHC
Advocates Amita Kalkal and Aditi Gupta kick start the session.

Kalkal welcomes Justice Jyoti and Adv Kavita Jha.
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Today I had a wonderful time participating in Bharat Niti's #webinar on 'EduTech - Changing landscape of learning process'.
The #EdTech space in India can serve a broad audience at a relatively lower expenditure. 37% of India's population is within the age of 5-24 years. ImageImageImage
With such a large young population and our dominance in the service sector, "#knowledge" becomes a key factor.
Life is an ongoing process of #learning, and many of us very commonly call every phase of life as an exam. So, we need a consistent evolution. As life evolves, so is the need for evolution of the education system itself. Image
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#Notícia | #Webinar
Amanhã (27), #MapaBrasil, @FAOBrasil, o @CABI_News e a @embrapa, realizarão o webinar internacional “Inovações e Estratégias no Manejo de Gafanhotos”. A transmissão vai começar às 14h (horário de Brasília). Image
A participação da Dr. Belinda Luke terá tradução para português, feita pelos demais participantes do evento.

O evento será transmitido pelas redes sociais do Mapa (Youtube e Facebook).


Saiba mais detalhes:
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#SundayBrief This week the @DataGovNetwork hosted a #Webinar to discuss the #NPD Governance Framework Report with @PandaJay, @ashutoshchadha, @NSNappinai
and @rajendraias. Link to the recording: (1/n) Image
.@PrakharMisra and @SharmadhaS analysed the definitions for community and community data in the #NPD report and argued that they need to be rethought from an implementation perspective. @FinancialXpress…
.@CafeEconomics discussed three important questions on the road ahead for India’s monetary policy framework, as the term of the first #monetaryPolicy Committee came to an end this month.…
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#VendaCasadanoAgro | #CréditoRural
Em #webinar, #MapaBrasil, @JusticaGovBR e @SistemaCNA vão apresentar as plataformas de denúncia contra a venda casada, orientando o produtor a escolher as opções de crédito mais adequada às suas necessidades.
🔔Assista: Image
Na programação, representantes das instituições parcerias vão apresentar as plataformas de reclamação e denúncia, e tirar dúvidas do público. Você pode participar escrevendo sua dúvida ou comentário antes ou durante a transmissão.
🔔Inscreva-se no canal: Image
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