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#TradFi systems are based on outdated solutions.
They're slow, expensive, restrictive and fail to meet the needs of the world today.

@veloprotocol addresses these issues by merging the #TradFi infrastructure with #Web3 technology.

Let's take a closer look.

It needs to be said that completely uprooting the current financial system would bring more harm than good.

#VELO chooses to improve the existing infrastructure, make it more accessible, rather than attempt to overthrow it.

Cooperation over competition. Sensible and mature.
What solutions does #VELO intend to bring to the table?

1. #Decentralized settlement network
A secure and fast way for people to transfer value directly to each other without intermediaries or centralized control, which offers greater security, transparency, and speed.
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Let me start with #insulin. In the 1970s, insulin was extracted from the pancreas of animals. In the 1980s, @Genentech, working with Eli Lilly (@LillyPad), developed insulin using a new technology that I call #PrecisionFermentation. It wasn’t animal insulin. It was human insulin.
The mainstream would say: “health care is slow, it can’t be disrupted.”

Well, here’s the S-curve of #PrecisionFermentation human insulin. Human insulin disrupted animal insulin in about 13 years.
#PrecisionFermentation is a concept that I coined in my @rethink_x report ‘Rethinking Food and Agriculture’ with @CatherineTubb in September 2019.
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There was a time when a slew of B2B commerce startups - Inframarket, Moglix, Zetwerk and likes - got funded. That was followed by a dry spell when B2B was put on “Back Burner” and consumer-tech became the buzz-word - gaming, consumer social, creator-economy occupied all minds
Lately, the wave is turning

Introducing my sectors of focus to folks at VC events as “B2B commerce and consumer-tech” from “consumer-tech and B2B commerce” earlier, I witnessed the mood of ecosystem change first-hand
My interest in the sector goes back a long way. Having grown up in a through and through business family, “dhandha” companies dealing in on-ground operations, intricate networks of suppliers, distributors, and consumers, complex payment & WC cycles have always piqued my curiosity
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As you now know there are 110B of total supply.

But what is it🧐

🧵 Image
✅In these 110B, we've 90B which will never be put on the market !

They'll be used to implement the #Pov !

So YES these are marker tokens, like when you hit your jewellery🪙, mechanical car parts. In our case, these tokens are immutable! Image
Are they useful and for who are they ❓

They're provided for partners, companies that will use the #Pov. The #CEX who're partners, have been informed of the plans for this distribution of tokeneconomics.

Moreover, they are satisfied😆 that this will not impact the $VRA offer. Image
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Ok, let's try something different. Useful technical/business thread for #web #makers from me.

🔌 How to build @atlassian Jira App (in #React) and business around it and why you should actually think of it!

Thread: 🧵
@Atlassian 2/12 We started @testomatio (test management system for #qa) as a classical #SaaS app but at some point, we built a Jira plugin as a complimentary interface.

The feedback from clients surprised us. Some clients preferred to use @testomatio only via Jira plugin

Why? 👇
3/12 Jira is still the source of truth for many companies in the world. And if you want to win small & big you should adjust to business needs. And business works primarily on Jira.

One unobvious conclusion:

Business doesn't want to have another app or even leave Jira
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The best companies in #B2B or #Enterprize #Saas are there, you get to see what's cutting edge and trends in the market.
Amazing crowd. The attendees are often practitioners in Sales, Product, and Startups and you get to learn a ton and make great connections
Talks, I am surprised I am saying this, But Yes. SaaStr talks are practitioner talks, On producer, GTM, Growth etc, and hit deep insights into what you can do. The talks are solid
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A historical theme that has surfaced from time to time with the $QNT community.

"When marketing"

Let's break some down.

Some may scroll past things without realising.

👇 let's begin with @DigitalEU 👇
GÉANT and Latin American research and education network RedCLARA has signed an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) contract with EllaLink for spectrum on its subsea cable system linking Europe to Latin America.
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@MondayNightIBD @Spencerkelley7 1/

👋 to this week’s #MondayNightIBD with the #Back2Basics #B2B team

🦠 Today we are discussing #Cdifficile infection in #IBD

Stay tuned to 📝 more about #CDI :
➡️ #IBD vs. general 👩👨‍🦱
➡️ diagnosis
➡️ treatment options Image
@MondayNightIBD @Spencerkelley7 @dunleavy_katie @SanjeevaniTomar @yaransarkis @RomyChamoun @BassiMehak @JosephHabibi_MD @DCharabaty @DSTEINGIMD @BeniwalPatelMD 2/

#CDI in #IBD compared to general 👩👨‍🦱

⬆️⬆️ common (5-8x 🔺)
⬆️ community-acquired
⬆️ w/o antibiotic 💊 exposure
⬆️ colonization
⬆️⬆️ recurrence ☹️
⬆️ colectomy risk 🔪

🚨 often no pseudomembranes on 🔦
🚨 can happen post-colectomy 🔪 in #smallbowel or #IPAA
@MondayNightIBD @Spencerkelley7 @dunleavy_katie @SanjeevaniTomar @yaransarkis @RomyChamoun @BassiMehak @JosephHabibi_MD @DCharabaty @DSTEINGIMD @BeniwalPatelMD 3/

Testing for #CDI ⬇️

💩 GDH:
✅ detects organism
⬆️ sensitive
⬇️ specific

💩 PCR:
✅ detects genes that code for toxin
🚫 detect toxin
⬆️ sensitive
⬆️ specific
🚨 can over-diagnose

💩 EIA for toxin A/B:
✅ detects toxin
⬆️ specific
⬇️ sensitive
🚨 can under-diagnose
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@skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial and @cryptpad could be the next #Gmail alternative in the #web3 space and here is the big WHY

#web3community #web3ashewovibes #Crypto #Crypto #BTC

A thread
While #Gmail and #Proton is currently the most trusted of all communication apps based on their past records, @skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial @cryptpad are not doing bad with their development in few years,they are Innovations that have credible usecases and possible adoption
@skiffprivacy is a privacy first end to end encrypted and open source collaboration mail with massive development going on the project .

Here are some of the #usecases, limitations and possible adoption level I can spot ,there are may be more

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🧵New investigation into e-commerce giant We uncovered a huge range of child sex abuse dolls including replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual purposes on @madeinchina_b2b
#madeinchinaDOTCOM #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #endsexploitation Image
We found numerous listings for the replica female children designed with penetrable orifices for men's simulation of child rape. @madeinchina_b2b #madeinchina #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #EndSexploitation #CSAM #CEM #EndSexploitation #b2b #ecommerce Image
The products are listed with descriptors including 'young', 'child', 'girl', 'flat chest', 'real' and 'loli'.

The number of penetrable 'holes' - mouth, vagina + anal orifices - is usually listed.

@madeinchina_b2b #MICchildsexabusedolls Image
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@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty 1/12
📣#GITwitter #IBDTwitter

Welcome back to #MondayNightIBD #Back2Basics w @dunleavy_katie @john_damianosMD

🎯How do you approach a pt w #IBD in remission who has new or persistent #GI symptoms?

Check out our review📜…

#NeuroGI #GastroPsych #DGBI
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @john_damianosMD 2/12 #MondayNightIBD #B2B

👩🏼‍⚕️have been studying “IBS-type symptoms” in #IBD for 30 yrs. But there is more work to be done to help characterize cohort & dz mechanism!

It’s important bc:
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Affects pts QoL, mental health, sleep
🥼Causes ⬆️HC utilization, ⬆️MD visits & 💊narcotics Image
@MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @john_damianosMD @MarcelYibirin @VictorChedidMD @LauraRaffalsMD @Spencerkelley7 @RomyChamoun @JosephHabibi_MD @ayshaslam999 @GroverDheera @yaransarkis @BassiMehak 3/12 #MondayNightIBD Persistent/New GI Sx in #IBD
1⃣R/o active🔥/#IBD complication (abscess, stricture):🔦, 🩻, CRP, FCP, ⚠️R/o infx like C. Difficile!

2⃣🤔Consequences of✂️: adhesion, bile acid diarrhea

3⃣🤔 #DGBI
🚩25% pts w #IBD in endo remission have #IBS @LancetGastroHep Image
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👩‍💻Vous avez manqué notre dernier article de blog “#Banque & #Assurance : 3 bonnes raisons d’ouvrir une #marketplace #B2B” ?

Voici un résumé sous forme de thread ! ⬇️ Image
👉 La digitalisation du secteur bancaire est une réalité, en témoignent les nouveaux acteurs 100% digital comme @shine_tools et les changements de comportements des consommateurs ! Image
💡 Les banques proposent aujourd’hui de nombreux services non bancaires, pour se positionner en tant que “Bank-as-a-Service” grâce au #cloud et aux #APIs, qui permettent d’intégrer à l’offre initiale celle d’autres acteurs de la chaîne financière. Image
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@MondayNightIBD 1/📢#GITwitter"There are two main mistakes in treating #IBD pts - the undertreatment and the overtreatment"-Prof #Rutgeerts!

Let’s talk about surgery & post-op surveillance in #crohns

@GroverDheera and I will #MakeItSimple in prep for #MondayNightIBD w @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty Image
@MondayNightIBD @GroverDheera @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty @JosephHabibi_MD @KanikaGargMD @Spencerkelley7 @BassiMehak @jalpa_devi @Empoweringpts9 @ayshaslam999 @RomyChamoun @JHaydek 2/ #MondayNightIBD
Journey of #Crohns disease:
🎢 Relapses & remission
🔥 Inflamm can leads to fibrostenosis, fistula and abscess
🚧 25% have complications at dx
✂️ 26% require surgery despite biologics Image
@MondayNightIBD @GroverDheera @BattatMD4IBD @DCharabaty @JosephHabibi_MD @KanikaGargMD @Spencerkelley7 @BassiMehak @jalpa_devi @Empoweringpts9 @ayshaslam999 @RomyChamoun @JHaydek @BettenworthDb @MaiaKayalMD @IBD_FloMD @APandT @debby_keller @ibdseb @IBDJournals @ezzatali64 @PracUpGastro @TwittyWhitty22 3/ Today’s focus is on surgery for #Crohns ileal #stricture

🌟 Indications: obstructive symptoms, stricture associated with abscess, suspicion of malignant stricture
🪄 Surgery🚫curative : #Crohns often recurs above IC anastomosis

#MondayNightIBD #Back2Basics
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What should your digital marketing strategy include?

December is all about preparing for the next year's digital marketing strategy and before it's too late, I thought to share this.

Most of the marketers miss out on many of the below.

A Thread...

1. Results achieved in this year vs previous year

- Number of MQLs generated, from which channels
- Number of SQLs converted, from which content
- Channel-specific traffic
- Impressions
2. SMART goals you decided for this year


1. Reach 300K traffic by December 2022
2. Generate 3000 MQLs by December 2022
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The Embassy of Israel in the Philippines & Israel's Economic & Commercial Mission to the PH, in cooperation with the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) held the Davao-Israel Business Forum to boost the #trade and #economic relations b/w #Israel and #Davao.
Ambassador Ilan Fluss said during the forum that Davao is an ideal city for Israeli #businesses to venture being the “#foodbasket” of the Philippines.
The forum featured an overview of the Israel #AgroTechnology Sector presented by Mr. Tomer Heyvi, Israel’s Economic Counsellor and Head of Mission.
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(1/) #unicorns and where less obvious opportunity in #AfricaTech might hide…
#India produced +35 #unicorns in 2021. While the number is staggering, it's much more interesting to see in which verticals value was created and what one can learn in relation to. Hold on #deepdive:
(2/) 38% #eCommerce. Many in #B2B (not just food and retail). Starting to see some unique & alternative models in continent, but a long way to go. Weaker manufacturing infrastructure and fragmentation makes it more challenging. Could be huge wins for those who crack this one up.
(3/) ~14% #fintech. Not just flashy #neobanks. Helping small merchants accept cash, SMEs and services manage subscriptions and of course access to credit shine above.
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Looking at Blend Labs $BLND. I knew a bit about them a while ago, and then I saw $SOFI and $UPST came out from nowhere? The difference is it seems the latter 2 is B2C, vs the former is B2B. Btw, the CEO interview during Blend IPO.…
I bought a bit $BLND shares. After reading its S-1 filling.… /2
There is a motley fool article (…) and a youtube video ( 46 mins) as well. #BlendLabs $BLND #fintech #B2B /3
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What is a #decentralized world without decentralized connectivity? @Syntropynet is the missing key part of #web3 where all blockchains should be run on a blockchain-powered internet. Syntropy is compatible with the current infrastructure and protocols for easy interoperability Image
Imagine being an #Enterprise where your own IT-department is screaming for interoperable and seamless automation of the infrastructure @Syntropynet takes away the bottlenecks for having that automation process where as you can manage your whole infrastructure on @SyntropyStack Image
In the next decade our digital world will transform into something we have never seen before where data is the new earning model of modern institutions and corporations. Ensuring privacy, data encryption, optimized performance and governance by the user. Image
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A couple years ago @miketrap and I had this exchange about #B2B #brand and #marketing. Since then in my work as a fractional CMO, mentor @mitvms, and in my reading/research, I've looked into this. And now I’ve decided that he is right. 1/95 (in-depth thread)
But not all B2B marketing should be brand, of course. So what’s the right balance for optimal growth? That’s what this thread is about, and fortunately we have a lot of data to use to sort this out. But first, how did we get here? 2/
Over the past decade-plus marketing has gone off the rails. In part this is because of the explosion of martech that @chiefmartec has documented with his annual martech landscape supergraphic. 3/
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As a #sales exec, you always want to be top-performing and crush those sales quotas, and exceed expectations.

To be this type of salesperson you need 4 key ingredients to become a top-performing salesperson.
Thread 🧵👇
🎯Discipline: Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence. By persistently following sales methodologies, you create and develop the much-needed skillset, mindset, and toolset around the sales process.
🎯Drive: Consistently having the drive to create great sales plans and using sales tools to execute them well, is a vital part of becoming an effective sales leader. Wanting to achieve a sales goal is one thing, but having moved a step further in achieving those plans is what...
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Stop. Building. Rapport.
'Build rapport' is at the heart of #communication skills training and #CX

It's obviously good to have good conversations, but what does ‘building rapport’ look like ‘in the wild’ – and does it 'work'?
1. Thread. 🧵 Getty Images
2. What actually counts as rapport building – in terms of words and phrases and 'tone of voice' – is "amorphous” and “nebulous”, says G.B. Rubin (2016) in her thesis on crisis #negotiation

'Active listening' and related concepts sound good but they're also imprecise.
3. One common piece of advice (and instruction) to ‘build rapport’ is to ask, “how are you today?”

‘How are you’ have also been called “the three most useless words in the world of communication"🤔

Let’s have a look at some salespeople ‘building rapport’ in #B2B conversations.
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@ACVauctions, un Marketplace B2B creado en 2014, realizó su IPO en el Nasdaq esta semana con una valoración de más de $4,6Bn.

Los datos que hizo públicos en su IPO dan una buena hoja de ruta a fundadores y VCs en el espacio #B2B #Marketplace .

¿Cómo lo hizo? Hilo 👇
El primer punto interesante, es que la salida a Bolsa de ACV confirma que muchos de los marketplaces B2B verticales de hoy pueden alcanzar la escala necesaria pasa una IPO, en contra de la tesis de muchos de un exit via M&A o Private Equity.
Cuáles fueron sus claves? Algunos ratios :

1. Ingresos y GMV

ACV siguió un patrón de triplicar sus ingresos en los años 2018 a 2019 y duplicarlos en los 2019 a 2020.

Su Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) también siguió el mismo patrón de crecimiento, de 3x a 2x YoY
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