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10 Steps to Pathology 2022 -Immunohistochemistry. This is the only way you will see it. Follow for more. Share to tell the gold standard must be upheld. You cannot miss the science. Image
It doesnt just stay here. We see it clear now. Image
Now we understand how to find it. Lets look at what it does. The Expression of the SP. ImageImageImage
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1. How do we tell primary lung cancer from metastatic cancers from other sites?

It’s correct to say we should use all available clinical, radiologic and pathologic information, but that’s too vague to be helpful in a practical sense.

Here I offer some tips. #tweetorial
2. This #pathtweetorial is applicable mainly to #pulmpath . The principles in each organ are different. A carcinoma in a lymph node is a metastasis by definition. Not so in lung or colon.

IMHO it’s a mistake to approach a carcinoma in the lung as carcinoma of unknown primary
3. Most metastatic carcinomas to the lung occur after the primary carcinoma has already been diagnosed in another site.

💥Clinicians: give your pathologists this information! If you don’t, this is substandard, dangerous patient care.

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Age: 14-year old female
History: Proptosis & pain
Specimen: Exenteration
#pathology #PediPath #BSTPath #orbit

(*Image courtesy: Dr. Sayed Hashim)
3 main questions:
Q1. Is it benign or malignant?
Q2. If malignant - differentials?

DDx of orbital tumors in children:
1. Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)
2. Neuroblastoma
3. Synovial sarcoma
4. Chloroma
& so on
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How about a #Tweetorial on immunotherapy in quiz and answer form? Let’s try it! I’ll post a quiz in one tweet and then the answer in the next, and so on. Scroll down to follow the thread!

#pathology #pulmpath #ihcpath #pdl1 #Immunotherapy #pathtweetorial
First question. When PD-1 on T cells binds PD-L1 on tumor cells, what happens to the T cells?
The correct answer is that the binding of PD-1 to PD-L1 INHIBITS T cell killing of tumor cells.

See nice tweet on this by @kis_lorand

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A mini case: sections from the wall of the gallbladder with the following diagnosis 🎯
Questions in the thread...
#pathology #IHCpath
Q1: How do you interpret the p53 IHC stain? (hint: if you say "positive" then I failed as a teacher 😀😱)
Q2: In what other instances do you perform a p53 IHC?
It turns out that it is not a clear cut case in the provided pictures...AIS extending in Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses has to be considered... not a gallbladder guy 😀 At the same time I would have a hard time signing out an AIS extending in RA sinuses diagnosis...
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30♀️ posterior chest wall mass. Good example of this entity. IHC in next tweet. #dermpath #pathology
#IHCpath: CD4 is also a myelomonocytic marker, so weak staining is expected in macrophages. Only strong CD4 positivity is counted as genuine for T-cells.
Full #IHCpath:
➕ Pan T-cell markers (CD3, CD2, CD5, CD7), CD8, perforin, TIA, beta-F1 (TCR beta)
➖ CD4 CD30 CD56
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#GUpath puzzler time!
(for those of you familiar with this case, please keep 🤫!)

middle aged M found to have bilateral breast enlargement. Work-up revealed elevated serum PSA. MRI-guided prostate biopsy done of abnormal area seen on imaging.

my DDx:
▶️Gleason 5+5 prostatic adenocarcinoma (for all new bx cases, I always do confirmatory prostate #IHCpath)
▶️plasmacytoid urothelial carcinoma
▶️signet ring GI tract adenocarcinoma
▶️metastatic lobular carcinoma
not shown but negative were:
NKX3.1/PSAP, CK20, uroplakin2
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Are you new to Twitter? Are you a pathology resident or a pathologist? Are you wondering what to tweet about or where to start? This brief tutorial is for you. Pathology on Twitter is awesome 👍🏾❤️✅

#Tweetorial = Tutorial of tweets

#pathtweetorial = Pathology version
First step, check out this awesome guide to social media for newcomers. SUPER useful.…

It had great tips, like this one: ALWAYS include a picture of yourself on your profile. He’s right: please do it NOW! It’s essential. Just use a selfie 😊
Follow a few pathologists. Use this handy guide created by @RoseannIWu to begin with, and then just follow people whose tweets you like. Following is a friendly gesture on Twitter, and conveys that you are interested that person’s tweets.
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Tweetorial on carcinoid tumor of the lung. I’ll add to it little by little every week 😊

#pathology #pulmpath

Carcinoid tumor is the lower grade end of the spectrum of neuroendocrine tumors in the lung.

Caution: lung terminology is different from GI tract terminology
In the lung, the terminology is
✴️ Typical carcinoid tumor
✴️ Atypical carcinoid tumor
✴️ Small cell carcinoma
✴️ Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma

We don’t terms such as “well differentiated NET” because...this is #pulmpath and we are special 😜
Carcinoid tumors are very similar on H&E to low grade NE tumors in the GI tract or pancreas. Nesting, odd patterns, bland cytology, granular chromatin (“salt and pepper”)

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