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Based on the above images, what is your first impression?

* Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
^Pleomorphic dermal sarcoma
S100 and SOX10 ImageImage
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Based on the images only, what is your initial impression?
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Based on the above images only, which of the following combination of immunohistochemical stains would you predict to be POSITIVE✅?
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Based on the initial images, which of the following do you favour?

* Gastrointestinal stromal tumour
**Gangliocytic Paraganglioma
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Based on the initial images, what is your first impression?
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📢 #Pathology #tweetorial alert!
⚕️ Dx: Plexiform #Schwannoma (aka neurilemmoma)

🔬 Multiple (2-50) nodules or foci of fascicular expansion.
🔬Biphasic: dense hypercellular areas (Antoni A) + loose hypocellular areas (Antoni B)

Scroll down ⬇️ #dermpath #BSTPath ImageImageImage
A plexiform multinodularity is typical of plexiform schwannoma on gross examination.
Usually sporadic (90%)
NF2 associated (5%)

NF2 gene on 22q12 ➡️ merlin.
Plexiform neurofibroma is associated with germline mutation of NF1 (17q11.2 ➡️neurofibromin)…
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Skin, Young adult

#Dermpath #BSTpath #pathtwitter
Based on the above images, what is your initial impression?

*Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans

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So the tumor is completely encased in the muscle, not contiguous with the compact bone.
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1. #Breastpath Hey all, myofibroblastomas are really sweet. Let’s learn about them. @ADamronMD @TheKarenPinto @KRoSlideReview @Chucktowndoc @jennpincus @LizaMQuintana @drkennethtang @dr_MPrieto
2. Clinical: Uncommon tumors. Well circumscribed, may slowly enlarge over time. Size usu. up to 4cm. Historically (and on boards/RISE exams presently)more common in men, but now seem to occur equally in men and women.
3. A couple annotated low power pics.
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Age: 14-year old female
History: Proptosis & pain
Specimen: Exenteration
#pathology #PediPath #BSTPath #orbit

(*Image courtesy: Dr. Sayed Hashim)
3 main questions:
Q1. Is it benign or malignant?
Q2. If malignant - differentials?

DDx of orbital tumors in children:
1. Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)
2. Neuroblastoma
3. Synovial sarcoma
4. Chloroma
& so on
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🍪🍪Giant Cell🍪🍪
🍪🍪🍪Rich Tumors🍪🍪🍪
🍪🍪 of Bone 🍪🍪

#BSTPath @ariella8 @VijayPatho @Path_Matt @AbhijitSurgPath
Remember this case❓

🔬 Yes! GCT of 🦴
(micro features in view of location + age + radiological/gross features)

Answer to Qs:
DDx based on epiphyseal location alone:
🦴GCT of bone
🦴Clear cell chondrosarcoma

#BSTPath @kriyer68

GCT of 🦴 continues....

☠️Secondary changes:
ABC, storiform fibrous histiocytoma-like, foam cells, focal osteoid

☠️H3F3A gene mutation (encoding histone 3.3): p.G34W

☠️IHC: G34W antibody staining the mononuclear cells

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🍪🍪🍪🍪Giant Cells🍪🍪🍪🍪


What better way to kick-start the new year🎇than with a tweetorial/#RolaCoaster ?
Specifically made for the #pathtwitter family💝
Hope you enjoy the🎢!

#BSTPath @kells108 @natasharekhtman

Can you tell these 2 giant-cell rich lesions apart❓🧐

Answer is coming in Part2️⃣ of this #Tweetorial

#BSTPath @kriyer68 @Histopatolomon @HENRYY_MD @ADamronMD @D4L14H @AlanPath @padmapathology1 @DrMarkOng @MBBS_Pathology
@Chucktowndoc @RunjanChetty @pembeoltulu

▪️Why is this distinction difficult❓🤔
- Location is unknown
- Architecture not appreciated
- Age unknown

- Radiology is 🔑
(closest thing to gross
specimen is the black/
white ‘negative’ image!)
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Painless hemiscrotal mass in a child, complex hydrocele on ultrasound.

Testis mass + smear... Fight!

#pedipath #gupath #cytopath
Rhabdomyosarcoma is indeed the top-level diagnosis... but more importantly, what type??

Note: several H&E patterns here that correspond nicely to the patterns on cytology.

#pedipath #gupath #pathology
Note the multiple patterns here - and see how they relate to myogenin staining.
This is an uncommon example of mixed-histology rhabdomyosarcoma.

Classic Embryonal - variable myogenin
Dense Emb/Solid Alveolar - strong, diffuse myogenin
Sclerosing - Weak/absent myogenin

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Last night I posted this lovely gross picture; I’m now adding a couple of histologic images. Kudos to @kriyer68 and @DrAldehyde for being the first to submit the correct answer- this is indeed a synovial sarcoma! Not a bad time for a #Tweetorial #BSTPath
Synovial sarcoma is actually uncommon in joint cavities & does not recapitulate synovium in any way. Its rare amongst soft tissue sarcomas, representing only 5-10% of the cases. The disease is most prevalent in teenagers & young adults; 50% of cases are seen in pediatric patients
These most commonly present as pain in the affected site with an associated mass. In many cases the duration of symptoms is 2-5 years. They are seen most commonly in the extremities and are often associated with tendons. #BSTPath
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Are you new to Twitter? Are you a pathology resident or a pathologist? Are you wondering what to tweet about or where to start? This brief tutorial is for you. Pathology on Twitter is awesome 👍🏾❤️✅

#Tweetorial = Tutorial of tweets

#pathtweetorial = Pathology version
First step, check out this awesome guide to social media for newcomers. SUPER useful.…

It had great tips, like this one: ALWAYS include a picture of yourself on your profile. He’s right: please do it NOW! It’s essential. Just use a selfie 😊
Follow a few pathologists. Use this handy guide created by @RoseannIWu to begin with, and then just follow people whose tweets you like. Following is a friendly gesture on Twitter, and conveys that you are interested that person’s tweets.
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A to Z alphabet in #ENTpath #oralpath #endopath

A: angioinvasive fungal sinusitis, adenoid cystic carcinoma, ameloblastic fibroima and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

@smlungpathguy @aakasharmand @VijayPatho @TheKarenPinto @histolover @Histopatolomon @luishcruzc @kriyer68
Basal cell adenoma
Biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma
branchial cleft cyst
Clear cell carcinoma
Clear cell odontogenic carcinoma
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