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Having a social media presence for your podcast is necessary (and can even be fun).

But PLEASE know that it most likely won't bring you large-scale conversions from scrollers to listeners.

Here's what social media DOES do:

✅Reminds your already-existing listeners that you have a new episode

✅Shows potential listeners that you're active on social, which is an indicator that your podcast is active

✅Gives a glimpse into the aesthetic of the show, visually, which is often an indicator of quality
✅If a potential listener stumbles upon your page and is served a well-placed link in your bio, it makes it easy for them to check out your show

✅Social is a big networking opportunity. Especially Twitter for podcasters.
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Kennt Ihr noch #Janko?
Es ist ruhig um ihn geworden.
Aber eine „alternative“ 😁 „Journalistin“ 😁😁 namens #AndreaDrescher hat auf dem #Schwurbel​portal #FrischeSicht eine Art #Interview mit ihm veröffentlicht.
Ein Thread.
Frau Drescher schreibt übrigens auch für das @zeitonline-Imitat des braunen Randes, #RubikonNews.
Aber hier soll es nicht um Frau Drescher gehen, sonder um #JankoWilliams.
Janko geht es schlecht, denn „die Behörden“ haben es auf ihn abgesehen! ☝️🤡
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ReactJS Interview (QnA) Thread 🧵

👉 Part - 70

#reactjs #interview
1. Is it ref argument available for all functions or class components?

Regular function or class components don’t receive the ref argument, and ref is not available in props either. The second ref argument only exists when you define a component with React.forwardRef call.
2. Why do you need additional care for component libraries while using forward refs?

When you start using forwardRef in a component library, you should treat it as a breaking change and release a new major version of your library.
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ReactJS Interview (QnA) Thread 🧵

👉 Part - 69

#reactjs #interview
1. What is a consumer?

A Consumer is a React component that subscribes to context changes. It requires a function as a child which receives current context value as argument and returns a react node.
The value argument passed to the function will be equal to the value prop of the closest Provider for this context above in the tree.
Lets take a simple example,
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ReactJS Interview (QnA) Thread 🧵

👉 Part - 68

#reactjs #interview Image
1 . What is the purpose of default value in context?
The defaultValue argument is only used when a component does not have a matching Provider above it in the tree. This can be helpful for testing components in isolation without wrapping them.
Below code snippet provides default theme value as Luna. Image
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Im #Interview mit @alicialindhoff @fr spreche ich über Themen, die mir unter den Nägeln brennen und Erwartungen an eine nächste #Bundesregierung.

Finde unser Regierungssystem braucht ein #Update auf verschiedenen Ebenen.
Ein Anliegen ist mir im Interview die Wahlauseinandersetzung zwischen #Maaßen& #Ullrich im WK in Thü: "Wünsche mir, dass es eine gemeinsame Erststimmenkampagne gibt, um zu verhindern, dass Herr Maaßen in den Bundestag kommt. Da droht langfristig eine Verschiebung des politischen
Koordinatensystems. Der thüringischen AfD-Vorsitzende Björn Höcke hat letzte Woche betont, dass es viele Überschneidungen gäbe zwischen Herr Maaßen und der AfD. Ich werte das als verdeckten Wahlaufruf für Herrn Maaßen. Wenn Herr Maaßen in den Bundestag einzieht, kann das Teile
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VIDEO: 🇦🇫 Taliban fighters celebrate with gunfire as they enter #KabulAirport Tuesday after the last US troops flew out of Afghanistan to end two decades of war. Images posted by Ahmadullah Muttaqi, chief of the multimedia branch of the Taliban's cultural commission
VIDEO: 🇦🇫 The Taliban celebrate the US defeat in #Afghanistan in the country's second-biggest city #Kandahar, the capital of the southern province and the hardline Islamist movement's spiritual birthplace
#BREAKING NATO chief says 'essential' to keep Kabul airport open
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Going for gold.

#Paralympics gets under way in #Tokyo2020 after a high-energy and poignant opening ceremony, with the first golds up for grabs in cycling, wheelchair fencing and swimming
Afghanistan's two Paralympic athletes have been safely evacuated from the country, the International Paralympic Committee says, declining to specify their destination

📸 The Afghanistan flag is carried by a volunteer at the #Paralympics opening ceremony
Track and road cycling.

#AFPGraphics highlights some of the events at the #paralympics
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/16/2021…
Scientists Pin Down When Earth’s Crust Cracked, Then Came to Life…

#geology #PlateTectonics #life #evolution #origin
Next generation electronics: Expanding the possibilities with silver nanowires…

#electronics #nanowire #TechnologyDevelopment #materials
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#EXCLUSIVE: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Greek #Patriot missiles deal with #SaudiArabia will bolster the Kingdom’s defenses, secure global energy supplies |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News #Greek participation in #Saudi development projects is not about money — “this is a project that has a historical component.” |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: #Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Turkey “unintentionally” made #EasternMediterranean & #Gulf countries realize they have a common understanding based on international laws |
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What score are you targeting in #UPSC #civilservices #PersonalityTest (PT)?
Follow my Target200 strategy & 180- will be an exception. Else, 160+ will be a rarity. I have faced PT thrice with score 201,193 & 176.
Read Thread on my Target200 ingredients
Prepare for PT, not viva/interview.
❎Viva: Discrete unrelated Qs. check technical knowledge. No importance to personality
❎Interview: Technical & situational prob-solving. Some imp to personality
✅PT: Personality trait focussed, even while answering technical Qs

How exactly?
First, have own agenda list
☑5-10 aspects of profile/life you prefer to discuss
☑Prep Qs and 3rd level Ans on them
☑Include them in answer to golden Qs(explained later)
☑answers/pts must convey required personality traits
☑Your responsibility that your agenda get discussed
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NEW 📰 IPES-Food & @ETC_Group launch the #LongFoodMovement report | What would 2045 look like if it's still "agribusiness-as-usual"? Or can civil society & social movements prevail for healthy, equitable & sustainable #foodsystems? 🌍

Discover more at 🌱
"Agribusiness-as-usual" means a powerful few control #food tech & farming #data.

But civil society can fight back.

A #LongFoodMovement can boost post-pandemic resilience, slash emissions in ag. by 75%, & shift $4 trillion to sustainable food & farming:
A 'Long Food Movement' can boost post-#pandemic resilience, slash emissions in #agriculture and food systems by 75%, and shift $4 trillion to sustainable food & farming.

🔎 Find out more

#LongFoodMovement #biodiversity #OneHealth
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#INTERVIEW: Houthis misinterpreted terror delisting as green light for escalation: Coalition Spox. Al-Malki…
#INTERVIEW: Coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Malki explains how #Houthis responded to #US terrorist delisting by upping hostile acts
#INTERVIEW: Houthis are common threat to the international community, explains Coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Malki
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#INTERVIEW: Dassault Group has an India software services unit offering defence #MSMEs a digital ‘trial room’ where they can test their products to bag more contracts

@3DSIndiaLab @Ravikiran_tweet…

By @pabsgill Image
@3DSIndiaLab @Ravikiran_tweet @pabsgill Everyone in India knows that French fighter jet maker Dassault Aviation clinched the deal with India to deliver #Rafale, despite all the controversies surrounding it.
@3DSIndiaLab @Ravikiran_tweet @pabsgill But, did you know that its parent company, the Dassault Group, has a subsidiary that provides engineering software, much like #Microsoft and #Oracle — and has an office in India?

@3DSIndiaLab @Ravikiran_tweet
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/10/2021…
Why is Biden proposing a massive stimulus plan for ... Chinese manufacturers? A brief history of the new trade wars…

#EconomicStimulus #china #manufacturing #TradeWars
Public Health Interventions, Epidemic Growth, and Regional Variation of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Outbreak in a Swiss Canton and Its Greater Regions…

#PublicHealth #PandemicResponse #SpanishFlu1918 #variants
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☝क्या आप जानते है की जब #काँग्रेसियों_की_मालकिन😠 #एंटोनियो_माइनो💀उर्फ"सोनिया गाँधी"का जन्म हुआ था,
☝तब इसके पिता पिछले #4साल से जेल में बंद थे?
☝हालांकि ये #मेडिकल_साइंस का चमत्कार ही था😂
☝वैसे है न आश्चर्य वाली बात???

(By:- #SubramaniamSwamy)
👇👇👇 ImageImageImageImage
☝आज आपको "सोनिया गांधी" के जीवन से जुड़े कई #रहस्यों को उजागर कर देते हैं...
☝सही मायने में कैसे इन्होंने हवा बनाकर हमारे भोले-भाले देशवाशियो को ठगने का #कार्य किया है

☝आखिर ये हम सभी का सिरदर्द"सोनिया गाँधी"कौन है???

#सरकारी या #अधिकारिक रूप से कोई भी"सोनिया गाँधी"नहीं है
☝इन मोहतरमा का वास्तविक नाम #अन्तोनिया_अल्बीना_माइनो(#AntoniaAlbinaMaino )है...जैसा की हमें सभी को पता चल चुका है कि #सोनिया_इटालियन है और इसका #पासपोर्ट भी #इटालियन है,
☝जबकि इसकी शादी "#भगौड़ा_राजीव_गाँधी "😠 के साथ हुई थी...
☝लेकिन फिर भी इसने कभी भी #अधिकारिक_रूप से आजतक
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President Joe Biden’s planned US$1.9trn fiscal support package for the US economy may provide a metaphorical shot in the arm for at least some emerging markets, partially offsetting the negative economic effects caused by the delayed rollout of actual coronavirus inoculations.
With US consumers likely to spend much of their cash handouts on imported goods, Biden’s package is good news for Asia’s emerging market exporters. Meanwhile, domestic demand in the emerging world is set to remain subdued through 2021.
In this video interview, Udith Sikand assesses the conflicting forces affecting emerging economies, and identifies this year’s potential winners and losers. #assetallocation #em #emergingmarkets #interview #asia #exporters
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I spoke with @NicoAFerr, founder of @JoinTomoHQ and member of @genzmafia, on founding 3 startups by 22, paying the bills while working on his projects, and advice to his younger self.

#podcast #Entrepreneurs #interview #startup #saas…
Also available on Apple Podcasts.…
Also available on YouTube.

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#MarkusHaintz ruft auf der aktuell stattfindenden #Querdenken Demo in #Nuernberg #n0301 auch zum zivilen Ungehorsam auf. Er begrüßt die Aktion #WirMachenAuf und fordert auf für die Freiheit zu kämpfen. Keine Abstände, wenig #maskeauf & viel zu viele #Schwurbler...^^
#KarlHilz vorhin noch mit "Zusammenbruch", bläst nun natürlich ins gleiche Horn. Ziviler Ungehorsam, man möchte den #Politikern zeigen, dass es keine #Pandemie gibt. Ab in die #Altersheime, #Krankenhäuser, etc. Die #Coronazis wieder mit Hetze in #Nürnberg #n0301
Was macht die #Polizei warum wird hier nicht aufgelöst? Der Versammlungsleiter gibt selbst schon zu, dass die Abstände nicht eingehalten werden. Was für ein #SuperSpreaderEvent in #Nuernberg in #n0301.
#noQuerdenken #noCoronazis
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Worüber sich die #Querdenker in #Berlin #b3012 am Brandenburger Tor so freuen können. Christiane freut sich im Livestream über ihre Nennung auf #indymedia der #Antifa.
Lothar von #BerlinBerlinTV scheint recht erfreut, dass er diesmal keinen Eintrag hat. ^^

Ca. 20 #Querdenker und #Verschwoerungstheoretiker haben sich vor dem Brandenburger Tor versammelt und wollen nun zum #Alexanderplatz spazieren. Die #Coronaleugner der #Sekte wirken sehr verwirrt. #b3012
Inzwischen ist der #Schwurbelzug #b3012 von #Querdenken auf ca. 60 Personen angewachsen. Im Livestream verrät eine #Aktivistin die Pläne für morgen #b3112 ab 20 Uhr vor dem Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Hier wollen die #Coronaleugner offensichtlich Unfug machen.

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