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Pulling together resources shared during the powerful @CodedBias viewing & panel. Thank you!! 🧵 1/n

#CodedBias #MakeAIEthical #RecruitMeNot #ISupportTimnit
Popular media often portrays AI as "magic." But @m_c_elish & @zephoria argue that this idea masks the human labor required to make #AI function - @datasociety 2/n…
Jessie Daniels, @mutalenkonde and Darakhshan Mir put together this @datasociety guide on addressing racism in tech at a systems-level. 3/n…
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As members of the Labor Tech Research Network, we share concerns about @timnitGebru's exit in December 2020 from @Google, where she researched the #ethics of artificial intelligence. (1)… @nature @ASAnews
This has adverse implications for Black women working in #tech companies, which are already known for their lack of diversity. @ASA_SKAT @SSSP1org @datasociety @AINowInstitute @4sWeb (2)
The research of @timnitGebru and others has revealed the shortcomings of facial recognition for dark-skinned people, how #automation can both replicate and obfuscate #discrimination and how #algorithmic systems reproduce racial exclusion and environmental racism. (3)
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1/ If you call yourself an ally and you are at Google and want to effect change, you can organize/support a union or quit. Anything else you're doing is performative. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
2/ #Timnit and #Abril are casualties of a toxic culture that may not have it's roots in HR but is weaponized against Black people and Black Women specifically. Here's how I know this. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
3/ HR has the data that more than 50% of people who identify as Black categorize their experience at Google as negative. The only group at Google that has that distinction. Stats are similar at other #BigTech companies #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportBlackWomen
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I have news...

A thread! 🧵

The developments at Google and the cascading harms at Pinterest have been hard to witness, as a technologist, a Black woman and someone who cares for people...
Not surprising, but hard. The distinction is important. The hard is an exhaustion, a tiredness, a "Oh here we go again..." familiarity.

But I've also been enormously inspired by Black women in technology leading in spite of these hard conditions. I am so grateful they are here.
Last year, I created the #BoldPrize, a crowdfunded leadership award to celebrate the courage and integrity of MIT graduate student @RuMboya. I did not personally know Arwa then but I have come to know her since; she is a phenomenal leader who continues to lead groundbreaking work
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It's a shame so many people are learning @timnitGebru's name because a scared white man fired her from Google. While you’re paying attention, here are some vastly more important and interesting things to know about Timnit Gebru, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. #ISupportTimnit
(1) Originally from Ethiopia, @timnitGebru came to the US when she was 16-years-old. High school teachers expected her to fail. A guidance counselor nearly gaslit her into believing no university would ever accept her. She proved them wrong repeatedly.…
(2) Alongside @jovialjoy and @rajiinio, @timnitGebru is responsible for identifying racial bias in facial recognition technology. She plays a central role in what is now mainstream awareness of algorithmic bias and the danger it poses. More on this in #5.…
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1/ I woke up thinking about #TimnitGebru and how #google and @JeffDean used the flimsiest of HR bullshit to fire her. And let's be clear, she was fired. How do I know this, because I have been on both sides of that situation. Here's how it's done #ISupportTimnit
2/ Say you have an employee that the company has deemed as problematic. In this case it's the person who speaks up at all hands calling out executives or post internally about racism/issues that highlight unequal treatment of #BIPOC #ISupportTimnit
3/ This employee is extremely good at their job. Thwarting any attempt to 'performance manage' them out of the organization. Some high ranking people undermine the employee with senior leadership including HR. HR gives guidance to leadership that is basically 'look for a reason'
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My official, public comment on @timnitGebru's firing… .

#ISupportTimnit #BelieveBlackWomen

I strongly disagree with the way Dr. Timnit Gebru was fired and the firing itself. 1/6
The research community within Google and external to it needs to listen to marginalized voices when they speak and make space for them, even when it's something we don't want to hear. Particularly when it's something we don't want to hear. 2/6
Dr. Gebru has been that rare voice, courageously calling attention to the places we need to do better. I'm less interested in the most recent incident that transpired and instead would like us to focus, 3/6
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