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Black women are dying while giving birth at an accelerating rate and no one is doing anything about it. When the discussion of reproductive justice takes place, people discuss abortion rights and birth control, but can we discuss morality rates! #njcurj #blackmoralityrate
Over the years, the medical field is improving with modern day technology, yet the morality rates of black women and children are still increasing. The problem cannot go away until we take into accountability these factors are because of racism. #njcurj #blackmoralityrate
For black women to stop dying during childbirth, there needs to be a change in the treatment of black women. Economic hardship, oppression, stress, prenatal healthcare and genetics are the main causes I believe effect the life of a black pregnant woman.
#njcurj #blackmoralityrate
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Two days ago, someone called my son the ‘N’word. He was on the school bus. My son called me while I was leading a meeting for the residency program to tell me. He is 10 yo. The other boy is also 10. (This is a thread...)
I excused myself from the meeting to talk him through it. He was in tears. He was confused. The boy asked him, “what are you going to do if I call you the ‘N’ word, then proceeded to blurt it out.
After consoling my son I helped him create a plan of action with which he was comfortable. I hung up the phone and my eyes welled with tears.
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In the midst of this #KMichelle/#LilNasX/#WranglerJeans conversation about black people in Country music, I've heard several incorrect statements that I'd like to personally clear up. I'm glad everyone is excited and ready to be a fan and support, let's just have correct facts.
One incorrect statement that has been repeatedly made is that there hasn't been one black female to chart on the Country charts. That is NOT true. Here are the black women that have charted on @billboard in Country music:
Linda Martell was the first in 1969 with "Color Him Father"(she was also the first blk woman on the @opry. She was ironically signed to a record label called Plantation Records 😑)
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1. Thread on the relatively common practice of ignoring Black Historians within the public forum:
On December 28, 2018, @politico created somewhat of a scandal among historians when it announced that it had asked “16 top historians” to predict the future of America –
2. and out of all sixteen, only one scholar was a POC. But the Politico article was simply one of the (very) many examples of the near-erasure of scholars of color – particularly Black scholars – in mainstream media.
3. I’m not going to get into how detrimental it is to America to portray our history – and indeed, our future – as a white-centered history told by almost all white historians. And I’m not going to comment on why this is the perfect example of how, when diverse voices
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I’ve nearly doubled my followers recently so for everyone who’s new to me: Hello! Welcome! I’m a fat black queer femme nondisabled cis woman, an academic & a writer. Here’s what you’ll generally see from me on Twitter:
-Lots of racial, #gender, #sexuality & #disability justice stuff
-Updates on my lecture travel schedule (aka where to see me speak)
-Promotion of my book #BodymindsReimagined (@dukeup 2018) & other things I write
-My daily work #goals during the semester
-Thoughts on #teaching in #highered
-Appreciation for @Beyonce, @JanelleMonae, @rgay, @nicolebyer & other fabulous #blackwomen
-#Clapbacks at randomly selected folks who come for me when I’m in no mood
-Occasional rants or outfit pics
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We are so excited to a present this... A thread of businesses run by women and non-binary people of colour and other under-represented groups that you can support this festive season, by buying their products as gifts! 🎄✨ #TOBgifts
For #African inspired Christmas gifts and stationery, shop Bonita Ivie Prints at and follow on Instagram @ bonitaivieprints #MySweetPlantain
Shop @ayokadeco for art Prints and Phone Cases inspired by African & Black culture, designed by emerging Black Artists. Each sale supports an artist!
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@TheBeatWithAri You must be so desperate that you would give racist a platform. @MSNBC you contributed to the election of #RacistInChief, and you only care about filling your pocket.
With this administration’s atrocities, you choose to give NAZIS a platform

Apparently @TheBeatWithAri and @MSNBC love to give Nazis a platform, because Brannon’s ideas can help reunite the kids separated from their parents and caged #WhereAreTheChildren
Apparently @TheBeatWithAri having White supremacist Bannon on will resolve police brutality on black people and the forgotten #BlackWomen #blacklivesmatter
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Amber Ruffin, Dulce Sloan, Robin Thede and Yamaneika Saunders. Do you know who they are?! Comedians
Black women comedians got a chance to get voices heard on late night tv.
Amber Ruffin does regular recurring segments on @LateNightSeth. She talks about race, gender and pop culture.
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1. You’re Welcome @GOP, @SpeakerRyan and @SenMajLdr. You dodged a bullet in Alabama last night due to the outpouring of ground-level activism from #TheResistance and the consistently shrewd wisdom of #BlackWomen voters.
2. Thirteen months ago I wrote that the #GOP was embarking on a dangerous path by moving forward with an administration and agenda that was expressly against the will of the MAJORITY of Americans.
3. A #POTUS that is an abject embarrassment hangs around your neck in a slowly-suffocating choke hold, but you continue to spinelessly support his inane behaviors. Approval ratings of GOP leadership dip into the sewer mirroring those of the buffoon you put in office.
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Hello, Twitter! Congresswoman Terri Sewell here. I'll be taking over tweet duty for @TheDemocrats over the next little bit for some real talk on last night's big #ALSen win and the power of the #blackwomen vote! - @Sewell4Congress
I knew that black women could change the world long before the incredible headlines we're seeing today. My mom, a high school librarian with a master’s degree, became the first African-American woman elected to Selma’s City Council and served 11 years. - @Sewell4Congress
Decades later I sought office for the U.S. House and became the first black woman to ever serve in Alabama's Congressional delegation where I presently represent Selma, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and more. - @Sewell4Congress
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