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Unless you work at Zoom or Peloton, odds are your hiring plan has been downsized or halted this year. There’s no better time than a hiring freeze to apply a #DiversityandInclusion lens to your hiring data and the practices that shape them./1
Traditional recruiting metrics can reveal - and even incentivize - behaviors that are in direct tension with diversity and, thus, quality. Here are 3 measurements to rethink/2:
#1-Time to fill/hire. Time to fill/hire are the most popular recruiter KPIs. Time to fill answers how long a req remained open before somebody was hired. Hiring managers & the business need this number to be low so teams are operating at full capacity./3
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💡Dear Managers - If you found yourself completely unprepared or unequipped to discuss last month’s acute race crisis, it’s possible you haven't built strong enough interpersonal relationships with your employees./1
Let’s examine your 1:1s. The purpose of 1:1s is for employees to feel - and it to be true - that your job is to maximize their success. But odds are you’re using this touch point as a tactical meeting and missing a regular opportunity to connect with and empower your people./2
You can design 1:1s that build psychological safety, trust and camaraderie. Think of this foundation as crisis preparedness that will enable you to hone your intuition for how to respond during a "#DiversityandInclusion emergency."/3
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In 8 weeks, #Startwith8Hollywood has become the largest #DiversityAndInclusion initiative in the history of Hollywood and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Here's why this matters...

@TheJTCList @BiatchPack @manondereeper @Cheryl_CLBP

Before 2020, #Diversity programs at the studios & networks offered less than 10 spots per year for underrepresented creatives & crew to be mentored by those already inside the system.

Access to the access was nearly impossible.🔐

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

In 8 weeks, powered by just 2 volunteers, doors were opened for nearly 300 women of color. That's 300 talented, driven, experienced creators who had been shut out from their dreams.

This is holding Hollywood accountable. No more #LipService

#Startwith8Hollywood #TheJTCList

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I’ve been thinking about the racial demographics of the phase 1 moderna #COVID19 mRNA vaccine study participants since yesterday.…

A thread on #racism #healthequity #diversity in #clinicaltrials #blamenarratives and other stuff. 1/n
I’m an oncologist - so I think about clinical trials a lot. I’ve also been manipulating large health registry databases for my postdoc research.

Recently an interview panel member asked me about the racial/ethnic breakdown of one of the registries I use in my data analysis 2/n
A major issue (among many) with retrospective analyses of large registry studies is that these databases are not diverse.
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Let’s talk about workplace “microaggressions.” The term is vast and amorphous, which can stymie org & individual understanding of the experience of marginalized talent. Here’s my attempt to unpack the essence of microaggressions so we can remediate them, naming aside./1
Belonging is a feeling - the extent to which employees can show up to work fully without having to sacrifice meaningful aspects of their identity. I think of microaggressions as the everyday moments that cause belonging breakdowns./2
I was inspired by this popular graphic to map out the belonging breakdown journey for anyone who’s relatively “different” in a company. Different means non-prototypical, or not the norm. I see 7 stages in the journey./3…
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This week, I attended 2 very important engagements in the UK. One was a four-day journalistic conference- Innovation in digital publishing during the COVID-19 Crisis courtesy of @newsrewired.The other one a #PR conversation on Wednesday night under the hashtag #PowerAndInfluence
2. I am glad that we are being deliberate about our commitment to #Equality and #Diversity.
I am sharing some of the lessons I picked from both engagements @MissChisomo @amandacomms @Advita_p @EllaMinty
3. Though these conversations might have been very emotive we must engage our communities in discussing experiences of racism, racial injustices including discrimination while learning from each other. Inclusion means going out to look for all voices because #AllVoicesMatter
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HR/Talent/#DiversityandInclusion Leaders - Odds are the aspiring allies were at peak bustle last week. 🙌🏿 Here are a few tactical tips for harnessing their energy & mobilizing them in meaningful solidarity with their Black colleagues.../1
#1 - Give allies a place to go. Leverage Slack or other internal chat tool to give allies a dedicated place to share their feels, NYT articles and Robin DiAngelo quotes. Importantly, this space should not include your Black employees, whose peace should be protected./2
A member of your team should remain active in the forum to keep the momentum going, help broker ideas from your Black employee group and share your people expertise. (If *you* are Black, I’m sorry - it’s a lot and it's weird and I see you...)/3
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The #LEADatStanfordMed is hosting our graduation event tonight! Our scholars from diverse backgrounds and specialties have spent 10 months with us focusing on leadership capacity building and developing educational materials to advance #diversityandinclusion.
We've even adapted to #COVID19, and showed activism on campus in solidarity against #RacismInAmerica

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #LEADatStanfordMed #SoMeDocs
One voice can create a unified message
Why don't we speak up?

Be part of the conversation. There are multiple ways to use your voice.

#LEADatStanfordMed #crucialconversations #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #BlackLivesMatter
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What corporate diversity stats don’t tell you 🤔
[2/10] Let’s assume Company X releases its #diversityandInclusion stats. These will often be in the form of two pie charts: one for race and one for gender. You can clearly see the racial and gender breakdown of the entire company. But here’s what’s missing:
[3/10] #Intersectional Diversity: Identities don’t exist in silos - for these statistics to make sense, we have to see gender and race together, not on two separate diagrams. There is no information on the percentage of women of color at Company X
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C-Suite/HR/#DiversityandInclusion Leaders - If you condemned racism internally and/or externally last week, 👏🏿. Thank you. We needed you.

As you plan next steps, please resist the temptation to commit to all the things you *could* do. Now is the time to FOCUS. A thread./1
The #1 question I get asked is “What do companies do wrong wrt diversity, equity & inclusion?” My answer: they take on too much. This leaves them solving problems they may not even have and spreads the most finite resources - time and attention - too thin./2
It takes Angela Lansbury-level investigation to suss out the root cause(s) of systemic inequity that are baked into org design. I know we’re all fired up in solidarity but I implore you to invest now in that inquiry. It will pay off later./3
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I am seeing a lot of people in #STEM and #chemtwitter making posts in support of protests and statements of commitment to #DiversityandInclusion in STEM. As someone who is #BlackinSTEM that has spent time in both industry and academia, I would like to say talk is cheap. 1/n
For those in academia, commit to increasing the number of Black students in your program by ACTIVELY recruiting black students. Build relationships with HBCUs that can serve as feeders for your program.
Commit to giving recruitment seminars at predominantly minority institutions. Recruit Black students fro REU experiences. Feel vested in the success of your Black chem majors.
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Dear #UX Community, tomorrow is Monday. From your tentative tweeting, it seems like many of you have finally discovered that anti-Black racism is alive and well in America. Don't know what to do? Want to move beyond the hashtag activism? A thread

1. Call out your asshole friends @js_tut: Dark Mode does matter
2. Don't know any assholes? Doubt it in this industry but if not call out your "all lives matter" friends. Call out your "apolitical" friends. "Neutrality" is racism. Silence is racism. Start the conversation on and offline.
3. Don't know how to articulate what you're currently feeling? Read, absorb, and share the work of others:
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I've been having the heartbreaking conversation with so many Black people who are dreading tomorrow and the Zoom calls or the ”How are you?” -

Your Black leaders and employees are not OK.

It's triggering to ask ”How are you”
I hope CEO’s & Executive Sponsors for Black ERG’s and other ERG’s

Head of Diversity and Inclusion have reached out and connected with your Black ERG leaders and your Black employees.

At the very least ensure all mandatory meetings have a ”No Video Requirement” please
The #Emotionaltax Black employees are going through right now is through the roof.

Many I've spoken to are feeling rage, fear, anger, resignation, exhaustion, defeat and more.

Be uncomfortable, put #Blacklives BEFORE your feelings @RachelCargle

It's the HUMAN thing to do.
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📜Dear Company Leaders - You might be shocked by #Floyd & the subsequent protests you saw in the US this week. I guarantee you not one of your Black employees is. So if you’re moved, angry, or concerned...good. USE THAT. Channel those emotions to propel you to action. A word.../1
Over the past few days, I’ve seen a flurry of corporate activity like tweets and donations to public causes. These external-facing displays of solidarity are great. Please keep them up. Please also know that they’re not sufficient for uplifting your Black employees./2
Racism isn’t just “out there” in police departments or rural Georgia. It’s hard wired into your organizational structures, team dynamics and individual employee experiences. How do I know? Because this is America./3
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PSA to anyone with the ability to hire. A short thread on why you need to consider culture in your hiring practices.
Organizations tend to put 100% of the onus on people to “sell themselves” on a resume and a job interview. Aside from the fact that women tend to not apply unless they meet most of the criteria... there are other cultural factors to consider. For example,
Downplaying achievements. Many people come from cultures that are more community oriented and the idea of demonstrating how one stands out is not practiced and in fact can be criticized by others.
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Aggieland, once a world class university tuning to Draggieland!…

Email the University President Michael Young. LET'S FLOOD W CALLS AND EMAILS!! (979)845-2217

I am an aggie, our family will no longer donate to any Aggie initiatives!! #ShameOnYouTAMU
. @TAMU Drag is hypersexual, full of sex and erotica, fetishism and a gateway to adult sex industry!!! How does this uplift the student body or the University! Is this what "Diversity is our strength looks like???
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Thread: I’m a huge advocate for representation in the media, and the telling of usually marginalised or ‘othered’ stories but often this is so badly done it does more damage than good. So here’s some food for thought...
How to tell an inclusive story; some things to consider...
1. What is the purpose of telling this story? Why do you want this story to be heard?
2. Is the subject’s voice at the centre of the piece? Are you speaking for them? Are u imposing your own world view on their experience? What assumptions are u making?(even in the Q’s you ask)
3. Can the story be told through them? Can you amplify their voice?
4. Are you recreating harmful narrative tropes (even if your intentions are good)? E.g. ‘the good news’ story, white saviour tropes etc
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I hear a lot from leaders that they want to encourage “calculated #risktaking” in their orgs/companies. My perspective might surprise you, but I believe it's all about whether you build a culture of "Psychological Safety"... 1/n

#leadership #management #psychologicalsafety
I believe you get more risk taking when your organizational culture values and promotes psychological safety as compared to a focus on rewarding risk takers when things pan out. So what is psychological safety and how do you create it in your culture... 2/n

Wikipedia defines it as "a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking." & evidence shows that people are more willing to take risks when they don't fear blowing up their careers for saying/doing one wrong thing... 3/n

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Looking for best practices on Diversity and Inclusion. What are you all doing in your communities and workplace that has made a positive impact. There's too much negativity and would love help to change the script. #DiversityandInclusion

Please Retweet For Reach
My preferred approach to #DiversityandInclusion
4⃣Support and attend events that celebrate different cultures
5⃣Speak up/ Walk out / Cancel person/product/thing who make/tolerate persistent unacceptable behaviours
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Such an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate and be mentored with amazing coauthors Drs @maraantonoff @OuzounianMD @ebender001 @ArieBlitzMD @drnikkistamp @TomVargheseJr @DavidCookeMD on our latest papers on #TSSMN

@maraantonoff @OuzounianMD @ebender001 @ArieBlitzMD @drnikkistamp @TomVargheseJr @DavidCookeMD @WomenInThoracic @tomcnguyen @purviparwani @STS_CTsurgery @AATSJournals @AATSHQ @annalsthorsurg @AASFoundation1 @UnivSurg @TSRA_official @tssmn (/2) #TSSMN @TSSMN has since garnered lots of digital attention globally with a total of (at the time of publication) 10,900 tweets, with an average of 243 tweets per month. The combined followership of all TSSMN delegates was 52,983, with representation from across the world
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Amazing session at #ASMicrobe on increasing DIVERSITY in the workplace:
1-Everything about maintaining diversity needs to be deliberate
2- Institutions need to review their mission statement
3- Draw awareness to biases
4- Work towards maintaining diverse workforce
There are examples of underrepresented groups/people not being treated fairly in the workplace. Their efforts are not recognised and acknowledged similar to others and unequal responsibilities are given to them. We have to work towards creating an inclusive culture. #ASMicrobe
Recruitment process also needs to be fair. Selection starts from filtering applicants based on school attended. But this is not the only factor which reflects the skills & experience the person has. The Q should be what this person could bring to your organisation? #ASMicrobe
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At #MSBizAppsSummit trying to give this #CringeWorthy #WomenInTech panel the benefit of the doubt. They chose a white actress #GinaDavis to #keynote a #DiversityInTech chat. Hmmm. #refactrtech #womenwhocode #DiversityAndInclusion @RefactrTech @Microsoft
Gina Davis: we don't have enough #female #rolemodels [in tech] so we need to make them up [in film]. If she can see it she can believe it. Me: #BS there are many awesome #womenintech who could be speaking here. Still trying to give this keynote a chance.
Gina Davis on #metoo: Just don't take your dick out and we'll be fine. Me: that's a pretty low bar. #Refactrtech #womenintech #womenwhocode #DiversityInTech #MSBizAppsSummit
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