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I am THRILLED to finally announce that I was awarded a $400k @NSF CAREER grant! This is a five-year research and educational grant that will be largely focused on understanding and mitigating discrimination against #LGBTQ+ people. 1/ #EconTwitter…
The first study is of #discrimination against #Trans and #Nonbinary people and racial and ethnic minorities in access to mental health care. This is joint with @elben, @LFumarco + others. Pilot results here 👇 2/N
The 2nd study builds on the 1st, as we seek to determine how #COVID19 has affected access to mental health care. When the pandemic surges, does appointment access decrease? (Very early results from the start of the pandemic suggest yes.) Joint w/ @LFumarco + @elben + others. 3/N
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Does your creative team or content reflect inclusivity or feature diversity?

For example:
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Thank you SO much for the unexpected outpouring of support. It means so much.
People have shared their own experiences with racism publicly in replies & privately. Have also had several ask me how they can help not only me, but other #BIPOC who are in this position too often. /1
Here's some tips I have for ally/accomplices that want to really help #BIPOC in these situations, to prevent such harm and stand with us against racism-
(NOT an exhaustive list & in no particular order, & doesn't speak for all BIPOC):
1. Listen to & validate BIPOC when they share concerns re racism. Don't gaslight. It's not about intent (too much subconscious bias that people don't even realize it). Language and actions matter.
2. Racist harm is isolating-reach out to people who have been harmed.
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🚨Long thread alert!🚨

I have not been on social media much lately. I have been engaging in the work of cultivating, sustaining, and being part of healing communities alongside teachers who identify as #BIPOC. I have been disappointed in professional organizations... (1/13)
The professional organizations of which I am a member (and/or sections of such organizations) have, despite my urging (and I am sure others' as well), remained silent regarding the conditions being imposed onto #BIPOC teachers amidst a pandemic. This silence is violence. (2/13)
#BIPOC teachers--many of whom entered teaching to author a counterstory to the education they experienced--have been disproportionately affected. They have experienced ongoing gaslighting. Many live in the communities where they teach (not the rule for White teachers). (3/13)
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Jonathan D. Chang’s portrait (below, left) of Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, killed on the streets of #SanFrancisco has became a symbol on #socialmedia in the fight vs anti-Asian violence in the US. Join me, the Thai-American community & others for #JusticeForVicha #VichaRatanapakdee
Originally from #Thailand, #VichaRatanapakdee 🙏moved to #SanFrancisco to help care for his grandkids. After finishing his daily routine of prepping his grandsons for their day, he was on his usual morning walk when he was violently shoved & kicked. #RIP…
“Disgusted, angry & sad”: L.A. artist Jonathan D. Chang says about killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee in #SF.

Indeed. One more unprovoked attack against Asian Americans, many elderly.… #JusticeForVicha

🙏 @raburnreport @jdschang @danieldaekim @LondonBreed
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🧵1) I don't know if my view is appreciated or puzzling to the professor and students in my seminar course on the conquest narratives. It's been enlightening in some ways because it has started to prove my theory that there is a hermeneutic for those who are #ActuallyAutistic
🧵2) I have been quite appreciative of the voices I have connected with, especially here on Twitter (@robertjmonson, @JoLuehmann, etc) that have expanded the space of interpretation I take into consideration when approaching the biblical text.
🧵3) While one cannot be wholly objective about a text (Hermeneutics 101), it has helped me develop a stronger empathy for "interpretations from the edge," minority and philosophical interpretations. Admittedly, this also stems from my own baggage with Evangelicalism.
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This has weighed on me all day.
This is systemic racism upheld by an institution with power in society.

The continual harm that #BIPOC suffer by initial racist events, compounded by the ongoing trauma of having to PROVE or CONVINCE ppl in organizat'n that the harm is racist /1
must be addressed as part of dismantling #systemicracism

Who holds the power in this tribunal? Was there safety for the victim to speak/communicate with the tribunal of true harm?
At any point was it too personally costly for Dr. Onwuanyi because his safety was not assured?
Why does the onus fall on Dr Onwuanyi to "prove" that racist harm was inflicted upon him?
Did others on the Tribunal have safety to speak up in support of Dr. Onwuanyi?
Why does the institution in power get to have the final say as to whether racial harm was inflicted or not?/3
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Who knew that Capitol Police could exercise such great compassion, kindness and restraint in the midst of a rebellion and insurrection activated by #maga #domesticterrorists ? They literally tried to overthrow the government based on right wing Republican conspiracy theories
spewed by #trumptreason and #republican enablers Question, does the constitution still matter with the exception being when white people are upset at the election result because Black People & #BIPOC had the audacity to turn out and vote against white supremacy, racism, and
and Covid19 incompetence demonstrated by the 46-1 regime? But when we take a knee in protest (1st Amendment right to peaceable protest) we’re called thugs, SOB’s, N***ers and more. 😡 #amerikkka #dismantlewhitesupremacy #america #insurrection
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I just to say F you to every professor that I told this would happen to, and who critiqued my research and writing. Irrespective to the facts, historical and archival record, I had to fight to demonstrate what I knew would happen yesterday.
I have a certificate of advanced study in national security and counterterrorism law and policy and let me tell you the eye rolls I used to get when I would write or speak up. Now I see letters and statements and I’m like where was this energy last week when I submitted my final
I had to fight for every A I got! And to listen to people lecture about what they clearly continue to refuse to acknowledge: white supremacy is a severe threat to American democracy, and frankly global security
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1. I 100% support @DMMcFee on this but this has been tried before, with no meaningful outcomes. As I explain in @JeremyAppel1025's story, it must be coupled with strong deterrent disciplinary action ...
#Indigenous #bipoc #SystemicRacism #Police…
2. ... Examples. 2005 revelation of 2002 EPS Racist email eventually led to restorative justice measures... Image
3. ... In that case the LERB found it was not racist, just bad humour. Would that be the finding today?
Next, 2005 Sweatbox Incident. I disagree with the finding it was not racially motivated. I doubt that would be the finding today. At least it would...…
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Yay our #LongCovid paper is online!!!…

While we had a few thousand more fill in the survey, this paper focuses on 3,762 #longhaulers (sick >28 days) who got sick between Dec-May (to look at an average of ~6 months of data).

Some key findings:

We looked at 205 symptoms over 10 organs systems (Neuropsychiatric, Pulmonary, Head Ears Eyes Nose Throat (HEENT), Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, Immunologic, Dermatologic, Reproductive/Genitourinary/Endocrine).

On average, 9 in 10 of these were affected!
2/ Image
Of the 205 symptoms, we looked at 74 over time, looking at Weeks 1-4 and Months 2-7.

These graphs show the % of respondents who have reached each month who have these symptoms. Some of them go down (fever*, dry cough) while others don't. (*tho some have fever for months!) 3/ Image
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This is why I rarely block people, except if flat out and repeatedly abusive or manipulative and not acting in good faith.

Super important to avoid overly curated feeds or echo chambers.

Keep feeding your mind new content. Challenge your assumptions.
I am quicker to block anonymous accounts who engage in ad hominem - latter signals weak argument. Plus, if you dish it out, be ready to take it. If you lack the gonads (of any gender) to put yourself out there, I don't really respect you and have limited interest in your content
I do appreciate people who introduce me to new sources of data or new ways to look at data. Show me articles, evidence, analysis, and we have a conversation.

I don't (try not to) get elitist/snarky like some do to assert dominance/superiority.

I like to learn how others think.
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Big news! I got a #COVID19vaccine c/o @_HealthPartners!

And on the same day as @JoeBiden!


@ChomiloMD's thread on vaccination made me want to share as well!

See here:

Here's some COVID-19 vaccine FAQs in following tweets!

/1 Image
Vaccines are near and dear to my heart.

Truly fortunate to work as an investigator on the Astra-Zeneca #CovidVaccine trial at @_HealthPartners.

Being an "early adopter" of a new vaccine during this global pandemic is my responsibility as a public health professional.

Glad I waited to post about my vaccination.

I have done a lot of #COVID19 media outreach recently.

Talking w/ @afrockin c/o @MNSpokesman last night really primed me to share more! See here:


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I have a few thoughts I'd like to offer about #vaccine acceptance. To my fellow (esp White) clinicians who are asking, "What are your strategies for convincing #BIPOC communities to take the #COVID19 vaccine?" this thread is for us…
First, I'd suggest that this is an unhelpful question & is racially problematic. It centers the holder of the mistrust as the target of the problem & intervention, not the system & history that caused the mistrust in the first place.

For more context on appropriately framing the source of the problem (system, history not mistrust), See the following thread from @DrJessIsomMDMPH:

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Yes a thousand times yes. I've gotten pushback from men (and women) because I started using Dr. In my email signature & on Twitter a couple years back. I spent 8 years earning a PhD, which meant passing 2 comprehensive field exams, learning Arabic, and writing a dissertation.
I spent years on the ground and helped pioneer virtual ethnography empirically researching the political impact of blogging & social media in Egypt beg. in 2006, contributing theoretical understanding of social movements, citizen journalism and technology. While working full time Image
My husband was actually the one who pushed me to lay claim in the public sphere to my hard earned title. And in an era of #FakeNews why wouldn't we make use of markers of expertise like this? Obviously not a fail safe and recognizing there are other forms of knowledge & expertise
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I want to share my story with you; I think given my last post it is important. I am a participant in a Phase 3 clinical trial for a #COVIDVaccine. I did not make the decision lightly; I am a wife and a mom to two young kids. Admittedly, my husband was not happy! #COVID19 1/18
I know that communities of color, and in particular, my community, the black community, has a myriad of reasons to not trust medicine, and to not trust this vaccine. My ancestors have been experimented on and have been hurt by doctors in the name of science. 2/18
For me, this was the most profound reason to join a trial; I wanted to be able to show my community that the vaccine is safe, and that this is a step we can all take to help curb the spread of #COVID19. I reached out to someone who was able to connect me with a study PI 3/18
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1/ I woke up thinking about #TimnitGebru and how #google and @JeffDean used the flimsiest of HR bullshit to fire her. And let's be clear, she was fired. How do I know this, because I have been on both sides of that situation. Here's how it's done #ISupportTimnit
2/ Say you have an employee that the company has deemed as problematic. In this case it's the person who speaks up at all hands calling out executives or post internally about racism/issues that highlight unequal treatment of #BIPOC #ISupportTimnit
3/ This employee is extremely good at their job. Thwarting any attempt to 'performance manage' them out of the organization. Some high ranking people undermine the employee with senior leadership including HR. HR gives guidance to leadership that is basically 'look for a reason'
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Starting a thread describing my research to address the #DeafEd #TeacherShortage

(Photo has alt text description)

@ace_dhh @AACTE @ceasd1868 @NAD1880 Screenshot of the title pag...
2/We know there’s a #DeafEd #TeacherShortage...but what do we DO?? #scicomm

My research comprehensively looked at all teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing (TODHH) in one state. Where do they work? Where were they trained? What are their challenges?
3/ What are THEIR ideas for addressing the #DeafEd #TeacherShortage (hmm...asking teachers their opinions on education issues. Novel concept🧐)
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It is abusive to teach children to find "positive experiences" in #apartheid, #genocide, and other #CrimesAgainstHumanity.

Thanks to Lynda @steeletalk for inviting me to share. Thanks also to her listeners.

A few extra thoughts that exceed the limits of a live radio program...
Abbotsford School District deserves minor kudos for quickly bringing an investigation.

However, most of us want a plan to prevent this happening again.

I hope @AbbotsfordSD is prepared to rise to the occasion.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of actions they need to take...
.@AbbotsfordSD needs to acknowledge that this conduct is harmful to kids, particularly #BIPOC kids.

ASD needs to communicate that they:
1⃣ understand the risk & harm to all the kids;
2⃣ will take steps to undo the damage done; and
3⃣ will prevent this from happening again...
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Organizations can be dangerous places for #BIPOC bc no matter how intense the organizational violence is against them, there are not policies and ways of doing business that will address issues facing the BIPOC.

This means that professional deaths occur as people watch. 1/
Orgs that are violent against #BIPOC are full of folks who either do nothing or ask permission do something.

If someone was being beaten within an inch of their lives, why wouldn’t a person DO something?

What makes people not DO something against workplace violence? 2/
Systemic oppression continues when folks wait for someone to be the 1st to address organizational violence, but what happens if no one has courage?

What happens if everyone looks the other way? 3/
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I don't go to standard DEI talks anymore because I can't tell what the purpose is.

Is this real talk? Is this performative? Is there a purpose? Is this a check box? Will we have action items?

I need my DEI talks to be classified before I sign up.
Also, can we ask real questions? Is this a safe space to speak? Is this for #BIPOC? Are we teaching basics? Are we changing policy? Are we calling past wrongs out? Is somebody going to be humble? Are there going to be reparations? Are there going to be tears? Whose tears?
Is there going to be a scapegoat? Is it me? Are y'all meeting after to discuss the meeting? Are you going to try to cover up what was said at the meeting? Are you plotting something? Is someone going to get punished? Am I the one who is going to get punished?
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Transparent #latex is sexy.

But it's impossible to find a photo of #BIPOC with darker skin tones in transparent #rubber from major vendors.

How can we possibly know how transparent latex will look on us without seeing ourselves in these photos?

#fetish #kink #bdsm #gay

1/3 A screenshot set showing ph...
Photo after photo of white men in transparent #latex, but no Black, Brown, Latinx, or Asian men.

Could you help us #BIPOC customers see how we'd look in your #rubber? @invinciblerubbr @SimonO_Latex @101Latex @Butcherei

And let's see if we can't sweeten the deal a bit.

If you DM me a link to a new product photo featuring #BIPOC in transparent rubber, I'll place an order with you.

I'll also tweet some free advertising for you.

Thank you to @MrSLeather @LibidexLtd @PolymorpheLatex @Mister_B_Ams for showing #BIPOC in gear in their catalogs!

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A year ago, I met transgender migrant Mayela Villegas, 27, in a Mexican border tent camp before she crossed legally to claim asylum in Texas. At the end of May, a friend contacted me to say Mayela had died.…
2/ Mayela’s friend had a question for me after she died: “Is there any way you can help us find what happened to her?” Here’s what I found.…
3/Mayela’s friend Deisy Polanco told me she had struggled since arriving in Houston. Mayela lived with conservative, religious family members who called her by her male birth name and male pronouns. “For me, you’re Mayela,” Polanco would tell her. “I don’t know any other name.”
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Keep this on your radar, folks. Especially watch the language used to describe what's happening. @businessInsider #ForcedSterilizations…
Usually, "unwanted" is a dated term to describe an untimed, or unexpected, pregnancy. #SRHR #SexualHealth
Usually, it covers a lot of agency on the part of the person who became pregnant. In other words, someone who is able to become pregnant had a consensual sexual encounter, and that encounter resulted in an unexpected — or "unwanted" — pregnancy.
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