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Extremely heavy rainfall alert for #Chennai

Close to 200+ mm rainfall is expected in most places in the city overnight.

#ChennaiRains #ChennaiRain #ChennaiRains2021 #ChennaiFlood #Chennai1913 #chennaiairport #ChennaiCorporation #TamilNaduRains #TamilNadu #TamilnaduRainUpdate
I am still seeing messages where people are asking whether it would rain as it is being "hyped". Please note that if it doesn't happen we would be the happiest.

But unfortunately - the blogging community on the whole is of the same opinion that there would be heavy rains
Not only Chennai

#Kanchipuram #Chengalpattu #Kallakurichi #Villupuram #Cuddalore #Nagapattinam #Karaikkal #Pondicherry #Ranipet #Thiruvallur #Vellore and even #Krishnagiri should be on high alert as the system is expected to move inland
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Pachaiappas silks, Kanchipuram conducted Mahadev Shiva Abhishekam, Pooja along with Shiva Gana Vadhyam, Taalam, Shankh. Have a wonderful Darshan 🙏
Welcoming Utsava Moorthy inside Mandir along with Nadaswaram & Shiva Gana Taalam & Shank
@Indu70105786 @sowmiyasid @HiteshAwasthi89 @AnuSatheesh5 @Aravindh_partha @GunduHuDuGa
#HarHarMahadevॐ #Kanchipuram #Vayalathur
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Pachaiappas silks management going to do Abhishekam at Sri Mahalingeswara Kovil, Vayalathur near Kanchipuram. Details of this Kovil
This is 125th Kovil they are conducting Pooja, Abhishekam on 11th July 2021. This video depicts clearly about Kovil status earlier and present situation.
Credit: @rsatishinfy
#TamilNaduTemples #HarHarMahadevॐ #kanchipuram
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A few of us have come together to provide info on TN Covid helplines that actually work. We are verifying this ourselves & putting out only numbers that are being answered. This #Thread will keep getting updated. Pls ask those in need to refer. #Covid19IndiaHelp #TNFightsCovid
To check where hospital beds are available across Tamil Nadu. #Covid19IndiaHelp #CovidIndia #TNFightsCovid
Please share widely so people know where to go in case of emergency.
#Verified District helpline number for #Perambalur
Please amplify by sharing the image on WhatsApp groups. People need to know who to call in case of symptoms, help etc. #Covid19IndiaHelp #TNFightsCovid
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Sri Mahalingeshwara #Temple situated at a small village called #Vayalathur, a small agricultural village which is 15 km south of #Kanchipuram (Kanchi- the spiritual capital of South India), #Tiruvannamalai Dist., TamilNadu
Sri Mahalingeshwarar is present along with His consort Sri Brigu Sundaragujambal. It is a 9th Century #Temple built during the Pallava Reign. Over the years, due to natural & human negligence the Temple got depleted & left in shambles. @almightykarthik @Itishree001 @pujari_anup
It was in 2015, a committee was formed with the help of local villagers and renovation work started to reconstruct the Temple structure. On 10.06.2016 the Maha Kumbabhishekham was performed in a grand manner and on 31.07.2016 Mandal Abhishekham was performed.
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
Which is the World’s oldest Tape Recorder? by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya Mahaswami
Once way back in 1940s/50s someone was conducting an interview with Kanchi Mahaperiyava. That gentleman recorded the interview in a Tape recorder.
@justRamvenkat @KanchiMatham
Periyava then posed a question:
“Does anyone know which is the oldest known #tape #recorder?”
Nobody was able to answer. Then Mahaperiyava asked another question:
“How did #Vishnu #Sahasranamam come to us?”
Everyone said Bhishma Pitamah gave it.
All agreed. @Itishree001
Then #Mahaperiyava posed another query:
“When all were listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam, who took Notes at #Kurukshetra thousands of years back?”
Again silence.
Mahaperiyava started replying to everyone.
“When Bhishma Pitamah was glorifying Lord Krishna with Sahasranama i.e,
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Making a #thread of my series on the handlooms weaves of India - #9Days9Weaves series on @zindagiwidricha with @richaanirudh, so people can access it easily. First three episodes are about #jamdani #kanchipuram and #gadwal
Episode 1 - #jamdani. Do watch as I talk about the history, specialty, price points and places to source an authentic #jamdani of Bengal. Do watch and share widely. #9Days9Weaves

Episode 2 of #9Days9Weaves. Know all about the beauty of the regal #kanchipuram saree. 9 days 9 weaves - Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram via @YouTube
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1. #Thread Kailasanathar #temple
Main Deity: Mahadev Shiva. This temple is situated in #Kanchipuram. It is a temple closely connected with the life history of sage Poosalaar (a devotee of Mahadev). This temple was built by the great king Raja Simha Pallava @sattology
2. in 7th CE. It is a treasure house of #sculpture . Mahadev in the temple was worshiped by Shri Vishnu & Sage Naradha. The idol of Mahadev looks graceful with the presence of stripes on it. @Vaidyvoice @RajiIndustani @harshasherni @Itishree001 @Tanvangi17 @VipashaRanjan
3. The demons other than the thiripuraris were by nature very unruly, harassed the celestial to the greatest extent possible. Shri Vishnu, who wants to destroy the demons, came to understand that Mahadev was the only #Divine power who could destroy the demons.
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#Karana means 'action' and in the context of dance it indicates a coordinated action of the body, the hands and the feet. There are 108 karanas out of which i am depicting "lalata tilakam" which is the 50th karana

Out of this dancer is depicting #Lalatatilakam - Image
ललाटे तिलकं कुर्याल्ललाटतिलकं तु तत् ।
पृष्ठतः कुञ्चितं कृत्वा व्यतिक्रान्तक्रमं ततः ॥

#Lalatatilakam images show #Shiva (not in the image) lifting his right leg straight upwards parallel to his torso and one of his left arms go up and the hand touches the crown.
One of the right arms of Shiva winds his lifted leg and makes the #abhaya gesture. Some of the earliest of these images are found at #kanchipuram , while some of the later figures of this dance form are from #Chidambaram ,
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1. Ambikapatheeshwarar #Temple
Main Deity: Bhagwan Shiva
His Consort: Maa Parvathi
This #temple is located in a small village called Kilambi in #Kanchipuram district #TamilNadu . which is around 7 Kms from Sri #Ekambareshwar Temple. Image
2. As per #ancient transcripts available at the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, the Kilambi village was earlier known as Ambikapuram. The transcripts in copper date back to the 13th century as per #Archeological director Sri. T. A. Gopinatha Rao. Image
3. The transcripts states that the Ambikapuram village was donated to the #Kanchi Mutt by King Vijayakanda Gopala Devan. The Adishtanam of the 60th Peetadhipathi (Pontiff) of the Kanchi #Kamakoti Mutt is adjacent to the Temple. Peetadhipathi of the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt Image
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#Thread #DidYouKnow
Arulmigu Sri Mahalingeshwar Temple is located at a village called #Vayalathur, on the banks of Cheyyar River, #Tiruvannamalai District near #Kanchipuram, #TamilNadu
Vayalathur, a small agricultural village which is 15kms south of Kanchipuram. Arulmigu Sri Mahalingeshwar...
(Kanchi- the spiritual capital of South India) Sri Mahalingeshwarar is present along with his consort Sri
Brigu Sundaragujambal. It is a 9th Century temple built during the Pallava Reign. (Kanchi- the spiritual capi...
Over the years, due to natural and human negligence the temple got depleted and left in shambles. It was in 2015, my father-in-Law & family formed a committee with the help of local villagers & renovation work started to reconstruct the temple structure. Over the years, due to natu...
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A Thread on "Trade Relations between Tamil Nadu and South East Asia as Gleaned from Inscriptions...!"

The Commercial and Cultural contacts between Tamil Nadu and South East Asian Countries seem to have existed even from the beginning of the Christian era!
#Sangam Literatures say that the import & export of articles between these countries had happened in great vigour through the ports located on the Coromandal coast, viz #Kollam, #Eyilpattinam, #Kaviripumpattinam, #Tondi, #Marungurpattinam (#Alagankulam), #Korkai and #Kanyakumari!
The author of the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea describes the ports of the Coromandal coast as follows. “Among the market-towns of these countries and harbour where the ships put in from Damirica and from the north, the most important are, in order as they lie, first Camara...1/2
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Child Birth in Ancient TamilNadu!

It is tried here to focus the attention of the Scholars on the method of Child Birth in Ancient TamilNadu. The earliest source material for knowing method is the Sangam Literature (5th CE BC to 5th CE AD) which have no direct bearings about it!
But it refers to the bathing of Mother after the delivery of a Child!

#MaduraiKaanchi (ll: 600-603) & #Natrinai mention the purificatory bath of the Mother after having delivered a Child!

#Natrinai (370: 3-4) also refers to the custom of a bath of Ghee by it delivered Mother!
🔹The Teeth of Tiger was tied around the neck of the Child - #Kurunthogai (161: 3-4)

🔹A Rattle like ornament was also worn to the Child - #Purananuru (198: 1-5)
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Iconography, inscriptions and grandeur inside the 10th century CE Chola-built Somanatha temple at Melpadi, #Vellore dist, TN. ImageImageImage
#Jain iconography carved into a natural overhang; 9th century CE. #Vallimalai village, #Vellore dist, TN. The state is dotted with numerous #Jain sites similar to this. Wonder if there is a book that explores the Jain history of the region? ImageImageImage
Perhaps the most unique structure in the Kanchipuram-Vellore-Arcot region, a monolithic rock cut temple at Mahendravadi, #Vellore dist, TN. Dates to the 7th century CE. Built under the patronage of Pallava ruler Mahendravarman, this Vishnu temple now houses an idol of Narasimha. ImageImageImage
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