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Poetry host Larissa Reid @Ammonites_Stars has been fascinated with geology since she was a child. She spent six years volunteering with the Scottish Geodiversity Forum (now @scottishgeology) and founded and runs the biennial Hugh Miller Writing Competition. #TopTweetTuesday
Poetry by our host from Scotland, Larissa Reid @Ammonites_Stars #time #memory #landscape #nature #poetry #scottishpoetry #geology 💎

‘I slip from dream to real to back’
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- "A Warning to the Hollow Men" -

In the cool shade of evening I saw them -
The Hollow Men.
They sloughed their skin and spineless
danced in the shadows that no one saw.

They were already dead though they live.
They were starving despite feasting.
Victims of their own design, they played
the very hand they had dealt themselves.

And who can awaken the Hollow Men?
Sound the alarm! Fire! Fire!
Can they hear us with a head full of straw
and a heart full of law?

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1/ #Trump goes #poetry
by Julia Ballinger Dalton
/2 Ich habe nie den Wind verstanden.
Weißt du, ich weiß
Windmühlen sehr.
Ich habe es studiert
besser als jeder andere
sonst noch. Es ist sehr teuer.
Sie werden in China hergestellt
und Deutschland meistens.
/3 - Sehr wenige hier gemacht, fast keine,
aber sie werden hergestellt, enorm
- wenn du auf das stehst -
enorme Dämpfe. Gase sind
Spucke in die Atmosphäre. Du weißt es ja
wir haben eine Welt
Stimmt 's?
So die Welt
ist winzig
im Vergleich zum Universum.
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The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name
--James Kirkup
#Poem #Poetry

In 1976, Mary Whitehouse sued the editor of Gay Times Denis Lemon) under blasphemy laws for publishing this poem. He was found guilty of libel against Christianity, received a suspended jail sentence & a £1k fine
As they took him from the cross
I, the centurion, took him in my arms-
the tough lean body
of a man no longer young,
beardless, breathless,
but well hung.
He was still warm.
While they prepared the tomb
I kept guard over him.
His mother and the Magdalen
had gone to fetch clean linen
to shroud his nakedness.
I was alone with him.
For the last time
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#TopTweetTuesday host @miksimum is pictured her as a child on his Dad’s farm in upstate NY and in costume as ‘Link’. Jesse now lives in the Hudson Valley, a lush stretch of luminous landscapes and picturesque towns along the Hudson River. ImageImage
@miksimum Jesse writes all his poems by hand in notebooks, in batches of 50-80 poems, and then transcribes the whole batch to prepare for editing. Each batch yields a handful that he deems submittable. #poetry Image
In 2011 @miksimum married the girl he'd been dating, who he met on OKCupid. In 2015, they had a daughter, who is possibly the coolest person in the world. This is around when he moved out of New York City, which will forever remain the ravishing ghost in the rearview mirror. ImageImageImage
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Amongst the many little pleasures of life that are so underrated , #gardening tops my list .

It is astounding as to why I never tried my hand at it prior to 2019 despite being a #nature lover !
Oh! The joy it brings is unfathomable mostly! :))
+ ImageImage
From tending them with love to methodically pruning & feeding them , at times singing to them almost cajoling them to grow quickly to watching them dance ....

Life seems much more beautiful being around my tiny lil garden playing peekaboo my plants !!
+ ImageImage
The sweet scent of that freshly watered soil , the friendly banter I have with them whilst sipping on my morning tea , at times admonishing myself ; sometimes others ' ....
Sometimes just being ....
At times staring at the soil waiting for the shoots to appear !!
+ ImageImage
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Poetry. # 2
I wrote this in anger/sadness after the Badaun gang rape in 2014. Was meaning to polish it before I posted.. but .. oh well. FB just reminded me...


I am the Mango tree, standing tall, standing free.
Witness for the prosecution,

Burdened by my fate, burdened by the girls.

Because on this barren parched earth, they had the audacity to take birth.

The audacity to walk freely, to giggle and to live easily.
Until that day when they were torn, and then left behind like they were never even born.


And then the circus came to town.
The crowd, the activists, the media, the politicians.
A circus, where everyone was a clown.

"It was the Yadavas," said one with a glint in his eye.
"Must be the lack of toilets," said another, adjusting his tie.

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Things about me I do not apologize for:
-I use a lot of words
-I take up a lot of space
-I am "too much" for many
-I don't stay neatly within boxes
-I do not accept others' labels or definitions
-I have emotions sometimes
-Other times I communicate very factually & directly
But I balance it out with rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies.
And, no, it is not selfish because, first of all, in a world where women, especially woman of color, especially Black women, are not taking up enough space, have not had their contributions recognized, not had voices heard, not had labor paid...then what is "too much" anyhow?
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Some #poetry for the weekend .😇

(My take on William Henry Davies's classic )

A poor life this is , filled with selfies and numerous check in's ,
We make no time for those in despair , including our kin. +

#HenryWilliamDavies Image
No time to spare , or even share a few words of care ,
For those who need our time ,we gift them a solitaire .

No time to soak in the beauty of #nature and let ourselves free,
For we are too busy posing and posting , akin to a wannabe! +
No time to fathom what one ought to do with one's life,
For we all are preoccupied in proving ourselves right ;thereby causing others strife.

No time to extend a helping hand , but tweeting aplenty ,
For we all secretly wish to be labelled as a "cognoscenti". +

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He wasn't a emperor,
Who could afford a taj!
An unmarked grave,
Filled with roses,
Was how he let go,
His past!

Splinters of his cane,
They poked his skin!
As he tried to balance!
The pain he felt,
On a lost loved one,
He now felt so challenged!
Those were the days,
He said to himself!
Oh those wonderful,
As they could be!
My love you shall,
Always remain,
In me and my memories!

Now he was,
Standing there!
His age too seemed now over!
Little left,
But to sigh in grief!
Gone now was his lover!

They had together,
Lived happy,
Those were some fancy times!
Filling their life with melodies,
Though they had no dime!

Smiled the old man,
Said to himself,
My love u have to go,
May be once we are reborn,
We shall continue the show!

#writerscommunity #poetry #life #death #love
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Hello everyone! Sharing one of my old poems titled
* Happiness dwells in the soul ! *
Hope you like it !

A kind word ,a loving hug ,
Works way better than any sort of drug.

A beautiful smile on sight with sparkling eyes,
What else could give a better high ?

Cont'd Image

All we need is somebody to lean on ,
Who doesn't use us as a pawn.

Materialistic things bring us temporary joy,
Once we realise it's just a decoy!

True happiness stems from helping others,
For our healing begins ,as we soothe others ' blisters.


Inner peace they say stems from within,
The quality to accept life ; howsoever bad; with a cheeky grin !

I think inner peace is nothing but happiness derived by our soul,
In reaching out and pulling "OTHERS" out of their hellhole.
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When we were looking for a critic with serious credentials to look over Black Bough: Deep Time volume 1, we headed straight for the distinguished A. M. Juster. Our 1st volume ‘gets off to a great start [...] You’ll enjoy Black Bough’s subterranean journey.’ @amjuster #poetry Image
This was a risk. @amjuster cares about poetry and pulls no punches but you’ve got to put your work out there and face scrutiny. The full testimony is in the book 💎 🖊 We’re grateful for his comments.
@RobGMacfarlane @SeaGoatScreams @jackbedell @wainwrightlj @jackbedell
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May Murr (1929–2008) was a #Lebanese #professor, #historian, #writer, #poet, and #political #activist.Before taking up writing, May Murr taught several subjects at several universities and institutions in #Lebanon such as the Lebanese University and the Lebanese Military School.
She began professionally writing and publishing her works in 1967, as well as founding and presiding many cultural and social associations. She was a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres de #France and of the Société Teilhard de Chardin, headquartered in #Belgium.
She was also the President of the Academy of #Lebanese Thought and was a founding member of the political party the Guardians of the #Cedars. She figures among the #woman #poets in the Anthologie de la Poésie Féminine Mondiale. Many international critics have praised her #poetry.
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1. Without support, yet well supported,
Though in pitch-darkness, with no ray,
Entirely I am burned away.

My spirit is so freed from every
Created thing, that through the skies,
Above herself, she’s lifted, flies,
#poetry #PoemADay #poem #God
2. And as in a most fragrant reverie,
Only on God her weight applies.

The thing which most my faith esteems
For this one fact will be reported –
Because my soul above me streams
Without support, yet well supported.
3. What though I languish in the shades
As through my mortal life I go,
No over-heavy is my woe
Since if no glow my gloom invades,
With a celestial life I glow.
The love of such a life, I say,
The more benightedly it darkens,
Turns more to that to which it hearkens,
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.@poetrymagazine It’s pretty unacceptable that you would publish this, especially during a time when so many POC are grieving/being targeted. Shouldn’t you be focusing on amplifying Black voices right now? (Scholl’s Ferry Rd. by Michael Dickman) #poetry
@PoetryFound How is this in line with the community statement you made?
@PoetryFound @poetrymagazine I'm a Japanese-American who has always loved receiving poems in the mail. Reading these lines was an absolute shock and I had to put the magazine down. Do better.
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This is the email I wake up to from one of the longest sitting board members of the national literary organization I am in. This is why #publishingsowhite #PublishingPaidMe #bookcriticismsowhite #BookReviewingsowhite
This is the person who is directly deciding what books win prizes, what books get reviewed and who reviews books. This directly affects how much money authors can negotiate for their next book. This is why #publishingsowhite matters. #BookReviewingsowhite
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(by St John of the Cross)


1. Out of the love immense and bright
That from the two had thus begun,
Words of ineffable delight
The Father spoke unto the Son:

Words of so infinite a rapture...

#HolyTrinity #God #TrinitySunday
2. Their drift by none could be explained:
Only the Son their sense could capture
That only to Himself pertained.

What of them we can sense the clearest
Was in this manner said and thought:
Out of Your company, my Dearest,
I can be satisfied by nought.

#poetry #Christianity
3. But if aught please me, I as duly
In You, Yourself, the cause construe.
The one who satisfies Me truly
Is him who most resembles You.

He who in nought resembles You
Shall find of Me no trace or sign,
Life of My Life! for only through
Your own can I rejoice in mine. #poem
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I’m at a crossroad.
Far away from my grassroots.
Left to choose between the bar and the stage.
Performing before an audience or defending souls before a supposed sage. Image
Left to choose between intermittent bows to a person or curtain calls.
My heart bleeds for both but my soul is monogamous.
I wish I could at this stage be polygamous
But nay ! Shift me to neutral. I’ll rather take free falls and feel marvelous.
I’m at a crossroad.
Far away from my grassroots.
Haunted in my sleep at day and night.
Flutes sooth me to bed. Pianos take me along the journey.
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~ We are the cities, we love ~

It’s 1989 — Monsoon in Multan
A city, known for its heat and dust storms
A city, in the middle of plains
Where sun reigns with its full might

It’s early morning, I am laying under a roof
Where arches, let the morning breeze flow

#Poetry #Multan
I’m still very young, hugged by my mother
I can feel the wind ruffle her hair, and she’s holding me in her embrace — cuddled in her heart
And the thunderstorm comes in, the morning goes dark
And the the first shower is hitting the ground
The wind now carries soothing fragrance
Earth-kissed fragrance of Multan’s core
And the little rain droplets are now covering my mothers face
She whispers and wakes me up, saying — wake up
It’s your favourite monsoon — the sky’s bosom is covered
Under the chalet of dark monsoon clouds, there’s little
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The poetry host for #TopTweetTuesday this week lives behind the camera. To be revealed soon. Get ONE ☝️ poem ready for Tuesday. #poetrycommunity #poetry #amreading
@1annecasey - have you recovered from last week’s stint as host? Over 100 poems 🔥 😲
How are you @IanRich10562022 - legend of the #TopTweetTuesday hosts’ temple?
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Our host of #TopTweetTuesday this week @AnneCasey is originally from the west of Ireland and lives in Sydney. Anne is an award-winning poet and author of two critically acclaimed poetry collections— ‘where the lost things go’ and ‘out of emptied cups’ @salmonpoetry #poetry ImageImageImage
Anne is an inspiration - a phenomenal workrate and talent.
Her poetry has won/ been shortlisted for awards in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the USA, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. Former Senior Poetry Editor of @othrtrnjournal and @bckstoryjournal (Swinburne University)
Prepare a poem for Tuesday and tweet it using the tags @1annecasey #TopTweetTuesday and @blackboughpoems. Anne will comment on your poems! 🌟 😃 🖊
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Day #6

Magnets Holding Down Memories
On Refrigerator Doors

One drawer at a time
I reacquaint myself
With my home

Memories come back
Gifts, photos, coins, notes
Birthdays cards
Years old

Time has flown
I think to myself
Presence of people
Waxed and waned 1/3
Like the the phases
Of the moon
The refrigerator door
Remembers more
About my life
Than I do

Holidays merged
Into workdays
Into weekdays
So many
So many lines
And timelines
A life

Slow down
Erase those lines 2/3
Relish, while you can...
Let time merge
Bake that cake
Beat that coffee
Put those feet
Today... ☕ 3/3

#StayHome #lockdown #rethink #reboot #baking #brooding #poetry #lifelessons
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