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Speaking at the #PhD 3rd Year Forum @CamUniGeography @Cambridge_Uni. Main focus is #governance of #conservation related relocation in
@mytadoba #Tiger Reserve tho it considers socio-economic (v brfly #ecological) outcomes) #Wayanad #Wildlife #Sanctuary is a satellite site Image
Grateful to my co #travellers @Krithikasampath
@SamirTadoba who made it easier & FUN! Also
@jituramgaokar @nandkishorkale1 and his incredible team @PrajaktaDH #PoonamDhanwatey. the generosity of the villagers🙏 @bhask286 for his support
And the funders who made it possible -shukriya
@stjohnscam @CamUniGeography
The @ruffordgrants #SMUTSGrant @RGS_IBG
2 more years to go.... #university #team #phdlife #research
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On 23 November, staff and parents at Bright Start Council-run Nursery in #Brighton, were suddenly told the nursery was closing, so @BrightonHoveCC could make cuts and 'protect and support the city's most vulnerable'. A🧵on #austerity, local govt & the #SaveBrightStart campaign:
The initial reaction of parents and staff was bewilderment. As the council's own equalities assessment shows, 38% of Bright Start kids have special educational needs or disabilities #SEND. Those kids *are* vulnerable; private nurseries often turn them away because of cost of care Equalities impact:  Child Poverty –17 % of the children at
We were too late to get any questions in to @BrightonHoveCC's Policy & Resources Cmttee, but spent the week emailing councillors, some of whom answered by pointing to Tory #austerity impacting council budgets, while others had no idea Bright Start was tabled for closure at all
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CA Bishops Respond to Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Ruling

#RoeVWade #CAleg #CaliforniaCatholics
The California Catholic Conference of Bishops is fervently committed to ensuring women in California know they are supported and that there are options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.
We challenge lawmakers to provide equitable assistance and commit new funding and resources for maternity and childcare. California needs to be a #sanctuary for women, children, and families struggling to thrive in our state over those seeking #abortions.
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🧵👏: On day 1 Report Stage of the #NationalityandBordersBill yesterday, the House of Lords voted with compassion & defeated the Government in order to:
1⃣ Allow British nationality rights for descendants of Chagos Islanders denied #citizenship due to historic injustice (237:154)
2⃣Omit #Clause9 which would have given the Home Secretary sweeping powers to deprive people of British citizenship without giving them notice (209:173)
3⃣Ensure Part 2 of the Bill does not authorise policies & decisions that fail to comply with the #RefugeeConvention (218:140)
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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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The Reason We Do What We Do….
This little 6 month old boy was at Kaufman Killpen all alone, scared & unhandled. When we saw him we just couldn’t look away. We knew we had to get him out of there & fast. Once we got him out of there he spent time in quarantine & has made it home.
I had the opportunity to meet this sweet boy this past weekend where he and I formed a bond of love and trust. I am humbled by the bond I formed with him. The peace and calm I felt from bonding with him was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
I walked into his pen with another member of the rescue and he handed me his lead rope. I stood there quietly waiting for him to see that all I wanted was to love him and not hurt him. I stood next to him, waiting for him to feel the love I had for him.
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Another flagship and large collaborative #ConservationBreeding project that Taronga is involved in concerns the #CriticallyEndangered #PlainsWanderer, a bird that few people have probably heard of and even fewer have seen. #ScienceWeek
The #PlainsWanderer has no living close relative, which places it top of the @EDGEofExistence list. Remnant populations of this small ground-dwelling bird are mostly in Victoria, eastern South Australia and in the western Riverina region of NSW.
Though excellently camouflaged, #PlainsWanderer are just the right size to be eaten by invasive foxes. Taronga is working with @ZoosVictoria to establish an insurance population & recently built a #ConservationBreeing facility at Taronga Western Plains Zoo #sanctuary, #Dubbo.
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But this is only part of the #bilby story. How did #bilbies behave once they were released into the Taronga #sanctuary, and did this affect overall success? To find out, we attached GPS devices & radio-transmitters to bilbies to track their movements post-release. #ScienceWeek
GPS devices collected incredibly detailed data on nightly #bilby movements, and radio-transmitters allowed us to locate #bilbies underground during the day. This track shows how bilby “Charlie” used the sanctuary just after release
Tracking data revealed hidden #bilby behaviours, such as their little-known social lives! It turns out that #bilbies have quite complex #socialnetworks and that bilby sociality may help explain some of the story behind their post-release success.
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Once #feralpests were removed and undetected on #cameratraps or other surveys in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo sanctuary for some time, it was time to cut the ribbon, and the apron strings, and release the #bilby founders. #ScienceWeek
Of course, all #bilbies underwent thorough health checks with the Taronga Western Plains Zoo veterinary professionals prior to release. #WildlifeHealth
“Allow me to reintroduce myself”… some #bilbies were super keen to get on with the program, digging out of the pre-release yard into the #sanctuary. Fortunately, their radio-transmitters allowed the team to locate, catch and return them, ready for the official release.
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A flagship project for Taronga is the greater #bilby #conservation breeding program at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in #Dubbo, which is a collaboration with multiple partners, including the @NSWDPIE #SavingOurSpecies program. #ScienceWeek
While the ultimate aim is securing the species in the wild, producing animals fit #ForTheWild and a sanctuary fit to house them in, constitutes a significant amount of the work towards achieving this goal.
To prepare for the #bilby release, introduced predators (#foxes) and herbivores (#rabbits) were detected, removed, and excluded from the 110ha fenced #sanctuary. Detection involved #cameratraps, track plates, and thermal cameras
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MiSC's Laura Briggs (@LjbriggsLaura), Maria Cristina Garcia (@ithacamcg), Yael Schacher (@YaelSchacher), Lynn Stephen, and Elliott Young (@elliottyoungpdx) comment on the Feb2 Executive Order on regional #migration and #asylum in this annotated guide
Now, there's a lot to unpack here, and as the MiSC members have illustrated through their annotations, you really do have to "read between the lines." For example......(thread)
@YaelSchacher (@RefugeesIntl) flagged that the Trump admin refused to distinguish between those fleeing gangs and those in gangs. Key issues to watch for the Biden admin is whether the work of ICE Investigations and information sharing with Central American Govt.s truly changes.
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I have no idea what this face is, but im gonna hashtag #Gameface anyway #StateOfTheUnion #SOTU Image
Congresswoman Jackie Speier @RepSpeier brought one of Jeffrey Epstein’s first victims as her #StateOfTheUnion guest #SOTU #NEXSTARDC @kron4news Image
As expected POTUS touting black/hispanic unemployment, focusing hard on economic numbers #SOTU #StateoftheUnion #NexstarDC Image
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2019 in Review📅Article by @charlottecuthbo (Thread👇)

#BorderCrisis Peak, #Mexico Cooperation, and Judicial Wrangling

The year began with President Trump declaring a #NationalEmergency at the southern #Border.…
The #BorderCrisis escalated, and in May, nearly 133,000 #IllegalAliens were apprehended by #BorderPatrol, with a further 11,000 presenting at ports of entry without legal documentation.

By the end of fiscal 2019, almost 1 million people had entered the US illegally.
Over 600,000 of them were either individuals within a family unit or unaccompanied minors—both vulnerable populations that often arrived sick and required more care than #BorderPatrol was set up to provide.
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The Dream Chapter: MAGIC - Concept Photo 'Sanctuary'

▶ Website:

#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #TheDreamChapter #MAGIC #Sanctuary
The Dream Chapter: MAGIC - Concept Photo 'Sanctuary' - #수빈 (#SOOBIN)

▶ Website:

#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #TheDreamChapter #MAGIC #Sanctuary
The Dream Chapter: MAGIC - Concept Photo 'Sanctuary' - #휴닝카이 (#HUENINGKAI)

▶ Website:

#투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #TheDreamChapter #MAGIC #Sanctuary
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“This is ground zero in the battle against illegal alien sanctuary," says @michellemalkin at a rally against Montgomery County’s #sanctuary policies that have contributed to 8 rapes by illegal aliens in recent weeks.
@michellemalkin “Follow the money. Find the truth. … The fact is, we have to hold government officials accountable at every level,” says @michellemalkin in Montgomery County, Maryland, where local #sanctuary policies have contributed to 8 rapes by illegal aliens in recent weeks.
@michellemalkin “To save America from destruction, we have to stop our own tax dollars from being used to subsidize the destruction of our country and the endangerment of our people.”

@michellemalkin at a rally against Montgomery County’s #sanctuary policies.
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I present the beginning of a thread in which I react to and pluck quotes from @AuthorSAMcAuley's #TheBordersWar series 🤓📚.
"Face to face, and rifle to rifle. The time and location change, but never the circumstance."
"It was the memory of his laugh—a cold and yet raucous rumble of dominance—that echoed in my head."
I mean, am I supposed to find this attractive? Because I do.
#TheBordersWar #OneBreathOneBullet
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She's baaack. BREAKING LIVE: #LauraLoomer & illegal aliens seek #sanctuary on the lawn at @speakerpelosi 's CA mansion ==>
Illegal aliens under a canopy with #LauraLoomer in Pelosi's yard.
Paying tribute to victims of illegal alien crime - starting with Californians Cpl. Ronil Singh & Kate Steinle - #LoomerCrashesPelosi

Illegal alien trespassers chanting "Everyone is welcome here" at Casa de Nancy ==>
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Yesterday @POTUS said that #Immigrants trying to enter the US are #animals, not people.

Let's look at who he's talking about.

#Trump will separate children from parents to discourage #Immigrants, even those legally requesting amnesty. 1/6 #sanctuary
Not people? So it's okay to separate children from their parents indefinitely?

Does that @CBP officer look proud of his job? 2/6 #dehumanization #RacismInAmerica #SanctuaryCities #sanctuary
This mother and son look like #people to me.

For some reason the @CBP officers don't seem to want to be in the picture. 3/6 #prisonreform
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Disturbing statements as usual from our chimpanzee client Kiko's "owner." Beware the pseudo-#sanctuary @BSC_Record… Image
.@BSC_Record Learn more about Kiko and his court case here:
.@BSC_Record Learn about the difference between true sanctuaries and pseudo-sanctuaries here (@napsaprimates):…
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