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1/Με αφορμη την συζήτηση για το #ΤΟΜΑ του #ΕΣ ας δουμε την συζητηση που γινεται στο Βρετανικο κοινοβουλιο που ζητησε εναλλακτικες για αντικατασταση του #Ajax. Το Think Tank Henry Jackson κατεθεσε την παρακατω προταση για το #CV90 με λεπτομερη & διασταυρωμενα στοιχεια
2/H λογικη αποκτησης αριθμου 245 οχηματων #CV90 για το ρόλο των αναγνωριστικων #ΤΟΜΑ με πυροβολο 40mm ειναι αυτη που αξιολογηθηκε. Τα πλεονεκτηματα της επιλογης αυτης είναι:
-Συνολικα 2.2 δις κονδυλια R&D εχουν διατεθει απο τις χωρες πελατες του #CV90
-Κοστος μοναδας 4-6 εκ $
-Αν η παραγωγη γινει εγχωρια θα οδηγησει σε μεγαλες καθυστερησεις
-Υπαρχει ηδη γραμμη παραγωγης της ΒΑΕ εκτος Αγγλιας που μπορει να παραδωσει συντομοτερα
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Obiecana nitka (poniekąd #pancernanitka) o tym, co IMO powinien zrobić #Scholz w sprawie #Ukraina dla dobra 🇺🇦🇪🇺🇵🇱, ale też... 🇩🇪. Bo wydaje się, że na jego i #SPD stanowisku #Niemcy tylko tracą (i mogą stracić jeszcze więcej). Pokrótce sobie omówimy kwestię GER pomocy dla UA 1/X
🇩🇪 udzieliły pewnej pomocy 🇺🇦 w odróżnieniu od np 🇭🇺 (#Orban jednoznacznie stanął za #Putin). Czy to duża pomoc? No nie, najprawdopodobniej bezwzględnie mniejsza od 🇵🇱🇨🇿, a proporcjonalnie to też od np 🇱🇹. Słabo to wygląda jak na 1 potęgę ekonomiczną i 3 militarną Europy 2/X
Z samą pomocą też było masę pożałowania godnego ambarasu. W skrócie:
Szerzej sprawę opisałem w "Wojsko i Technika" 3/22, a na bieżąco uzupełniam na @ZBiAM_news . Nie ma sensu tu omawiać historii: jest za mało, dziwnie i źle, co budzi kontrowersje. 3/X
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A few tweets recently had people raise usual objections around the point of #Boxer’s modular ‘pod’ design, with separate mission and drive modules, so I thought an educational journey on some of what this approach brings to the table that other vehicles don’t might be interesting
(𝟭) 𝗨𝗽𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲𝘀: Users should be continuously enhancing their kit through life to maintain capability. Some might be full platform upgrades (MLU type stuff) but most are smaller component level or variant specific. Maybe a new transmission, or a new set of IFV sights
So when that upgrade comes along, you normally end up expensively (rime + money) requalifying a staggering number of often notionally irrelevant components and systems because of their adjacency in the vehicle.
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So I have been a bit critical@of @nicholadrummond fantasy fleet of #Boxer vehicles for the @BritishArmy . Thinking about it today it occurred to me there might be a better option that would also appeal to the lads and improve retention. Surely @thinkdefence has written on this! Image
Motorbike battalions! No need for armour, low cost and it will be popular with the troops! Image
Deep strike has been proven and it will fit over the bridges in Europe! Image
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1/ Dear #SocialJustice warrior,

You are #woke but you're not awake.

Since the beginning of time there have been those who seek to gain power or maintain power. This is a sad fact of life. There is truth to the #GameOfThrones
2/ For those of you who are #woke yet asleep-

There are those who powerless & become bitter.
There are those who are powerful & become greedy.
There are those who fight for the powerless & become caught in the powerful's web.
3/ You say you're #woke because you fight for #SocialJustice -causes that seem fair and equitable

-against inequality, rich vs. poor, white vs. black, male vs. female...

That sounds great.

Until the light filters beneath your lids & you begin to ask questions...
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omg #BOOM Following '10 Haiti earthquake & w Bill Clinton co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, Rodham & some partners proposed a $22 million deal to rebuild homes in the devastated nation, w funding to come from the Clinton Foundation…
MARRIED to Nicole Boxer in 1999 at the White House. #BARBARA #BOXER #SUNANDLAW #Haiti #RIPTony #LockHerUp
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(1) #BillClinton granted a #pardon to #MarcRich, who was convicted of #racketeering and #taxevasion and was on #FBI 's #MostWanted list.
(2) The pardon followed donations by #DeniseRich of $1M to the Dems, $100K+ to #Hillary 's campaign and $450K to the #ClintonLibrary .
(3) #Obama granted #clemency to 1,927 criminals, more than any other President . He released to the public 504 inmates w/ #LifeSentences .
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